Vegetable Growing Information

I found this great site that has loads of information on planting, growing, harvesting and storing vegetables.  Also has some cooking tips and information about cross polination etc. [...]


Orbs in the sky that look like stars

So….here we are sitting at a pool-deck in the back yard having a barbecue. It’s hot and we are all relaxed and enjoying the afternoon together.  Now…we are all doing what we do [...]


Orbs in the sky–that look like round floating balls can be different colours

This type of Orb is the kind I talk about in my book and lectures. They are PHYSICAL orbs. What I mean is…… you don’t need any device to see them. If we were having a back yard [...]



Here I am Miriam! (finally) Here is collection of web sites that sell or trade seeds in Canada. Prairie Garden Seeds www.prseeds.ca Seeds Of Diversity – Canada’s heritage seed [...]


SEEDS FOR SALE IN USA/world site to learn and trade

I wanted to let you know a great site for people in the USA to buy seeds!  www.landrethseeds.com ******************************************************************* Also this site is AMAZING and [...]


International UFO Congress Laughlin Nevada

Big news today……… I will be attending the 17th annual   International UFO Congress in Laughlin Nevada Dates from: February 23 – March 01 You can still attend this great [...]


Map of the safe lands

I would like you all to know that I was specifically told about the four corners area as being one of the safe lands in the end times. This is Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona of the USA. By [...]