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May the message here today bring us all one step closer together as we walk the path towards a new tomorrow filled with spiritual awareness.

Many people from around the world have asked me the question; “What can I be doing to help change this world?”

Meditation and prayer are one of the most powerful tools we have to change this reality and restore balance and harmony to the existence here on earth.

Here is a very simple technique you may choose to use to create this very powerful and specific energy for change;

The color of light that I have always worked with is white as this contains all the colors within it. Although, for specific purposes I do use the GOLDEN light as this is the CREATOR energies of light. For the purpose of this meditation, I suggest you use the GOLDEN light but please, use the color you are connected with, blue, green, purple, violet, pink.

The most powerful way to do this mediation is to be touching the earth. Take your shoes and socks off and walk on the earth. Reach down and touch your hand or hands to the earth itself. You may do this as a walking meditation, sitting, laying down, even as you talk with other people.

Since I was a child I have always allowed the energies of the universe and the earth to flow through me.

Begin Mediation:

Since my first meditation, I have imagined the light of the universe entering into me through the top of my head. It travels down my body, through every cell in my being. This energy then enters into the earth and travels deep within, until it reaches the center of the earth itself.

From this center in the earth, another light begins to travel upward following the same path and then enters my body through my feet, the base of my spine and my whole body where I am sitting. The light continues until it reaches out into the universe and simply continues …… towards the unseen.

When these two energies are flowing between the earth and the universe, my body is the space where the energies become combined with my ‘god spark’, that which gives life and creates us as an individual here on this planet earth.

SEE these rays of energy and breath the light into them. With each breath imagine it becomes clearer and more bright. Any level of light flow is good so be gentle with yourself. Even if you cant see this energy then KNOW that it is flowing and this too is powerful.

Once you see, feel or sense the flow… its time to share this creator energy with the world, the existence here on earth, with earth itself and the universe, with the seen and unseen worlds.

Allow this energy to expand now with each breath you have, allowing it to move out of your body from the center of your chest like a burst of light as these energy rays move through every cell in your body. See this light come out of every cell in your body in all directions allowing it to expand bigger and brighter as you see it wrap all the way around the world through the air. Imagine it is like a tube of light that just keeps expanding bigger and bigger until it fills the space around the world.

This light will expand through the ray of light that reaches into the earth. This will expand and then fill the space within the entire earth itself. The light above you reaching out to expand into the universe filling the entire universal space as it too fills with this golden light energy.

Remember not to HOLD onto this energy; your greatest strength comes from allowing this creation energy to FLOW THROUGH YOU……. as it communicates with all life in all dimensions and all existences in the seen and unseen worlds.

The key to this, is being able to use your mind to SEE this and by doing so it CREATES it and then MANIFESTS it. This is where the practice and patience is needed.

Now that you have the energies moving through you and flowing in all directions…. maybe as you walk upon or touch the earth…… or lay upon your bed, in whatever way you are comfortable with….

You may choose to send the following messages through the earth and the universe……….

“I only allow love and light to flow through me and to me as I live my life in the light of God. I live my life with spiritual, mental, physical and emotional balance and only allow these energies to flow through me with divine perfection.”

(God being what you believe, God, Gods, Buddha, Creator, Ancestors, Jesus, Allah…etc. All beliefs are respected by the Source of all life….)

“I now send gratitude to all that exists in the seen and unseen worlds. May I ask the EARTH to carry a message to all of humanity through the soles of their feet as they walk, may I ask that the energies of the UNIVERSE carry a message to enter into humanity through the tops of their heads.”

“May humanity awaken to who they really are. For each and every human being to recognize the truth of all spiritual energies in a way they will accept. May they see the truth of life in any and all forms and accept this into their hearts and minds. May all of humanity awaken to the need to take steps in the physical world in a peaceful way to create change through actions. May humanity become peaceful, strong and clear, respectful and honoring of all life as they live in this existence here on earth.”

(Find your words within your heart and mind for what you would like to see humanity to awaken to and then use this in your mediation.)

THANK the UNIVERSE and EARTH and YOURSELF for allowing the energies that are in balance to move thought you, sending gratitude in ALL directions for a balanced world to be restored. THANK your guides, protectors, and those who lead you in your spiritual path for supporting you and supporting you in this life both in the seen and unseen worlds.

You are now done…….

Remember that you can do this as you are walking through the grocery store, in a classroom, falling asleep at night, out at dinner with friends, walking in your yard or forest, touching the earth with your hands, gardening… ANY where, ANY time….. it is powerful. Take an hour to do this in complete focus or take a few breaths and do this in a matter of one minute. Both will and do have a powerful effect on humanity, the earth and all that exists.

Share this page and this meditation with the people around you. Begin to create prayer/mediation circles to create powerful change. We the people have the power within to manifest and restore balance.

You may copy this meditation to share with others as long as a link back to this page is given.

With great honor and respect to all life… in all directions,
Miriam Delicado

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