2015 Year of Manifestation Your Mind is Powerful.

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2015 goals

A New Year has finally arrived and as always, we ask ourselves what will this year hold for me? What will it reveal for humanity? How will life change and what will our experiences be? How can I prepare myself or watch for what will come?

Every year humanity goes through a ritual of questions and answers at this time of year. Have you ever asked yourself why it is such a natural and deep contemplation? Even when we don’t want to pay attention to such dates we each still find ourselves asking, contemplating, calculating…. what will come.

All this being done on a conscious or subconscious level and we try with all our strength to LOOK into the future and at the same time we find ourselves reflecting on the past. We contemplate the past year and how it transformed us, how it changed the world, what have we learned? So many questions…

Some people, maybe your one of them, try to seek out help in determining answers to these questions.

The fact is that within us this is a natural process and part of our life rituals as we exist on the planet together. We analyze our history to look at the direction we are headed and then make a determination if that is the path we want to be on. If not, what will we have to do in order to change the path back to where we want to be?

The Universe, the Existence is created from constant movement. Where we are in relation to the rest of the existence can give us glimpses into understanding what the future holds. It can even give us more understanding into why certain experiences have taken place for us as the individual and as a planet by looking at the past.

In many Indigenous Cultures they have Ceremonies for this process that helps guide them into a new year. They hold prayers to help clear away any energy they see that is stopping them from staying on a good path and give prayer of strength to the path they are trying to build. So what do YOU do to support the release of your past and give strength to YOUR future?

This is a very important question and one that each and every human being can benefit from. Successful people are masters of this process, although they may not use prayer as their way of giving strength to what they want. Looking at them as an example, we can see that with close attention to details we are able to build what we want for the future; releasing past mistakes, learning from them and continuing on towards our goals with clarity and strength.

Using this technique we can build a spiritual, physical, financial or mental path. The choice is ours. Our inner and outer reflections determine what those successes will be and how hard we are willing to work on those details to build our future.

Back to where we are in the Universe. Does this have an impact on what we want? What we are able to accomplish for ourselves as individuals or collectively? The answer to that is, yes, where we are has an impact on each of us. Since we are all part of the whole of existence, unless we are meant to become a fully enlightened being and then we see life with clarity and truth, we are all held responsible for those around us and the existence around us. This all has undetermined impact on each of us and THIS is what we try to calculate.

The whole of existence is in a state of change, so how can we as one drop in the ocean of this existence make a difference? How can we, and are we able to, make changes that shift our planet or personal lives. Do we really have free will? Do we really have any control at all? Yes!!!!!

There is a feeling of hopelessness that many people feel about their lives today and about our future, and this is an aspect that is being contemplated by literally billions of people in today’s out of balance world.

Every action or lack of action can and does effect us as we live our lives as a global community and as individuals.

Looking at our past we can clearly see that at specific times we have evolved. Some great examples of this are: the creation of fire, use of the wheel, trains, electric lights, cars and computers, to name a few.

With each one of these inventions there was a social and environmental change that had impact on the physical, mental and spiritual human.

Where we are today is not about those new inventions, although there are too many to list that are having impact on us as well, the invention we are working with NOW that is impacting us and changing the course of our future …. is …. spiritual.

Spiritual, meaning the awakening and release of limitation on the human individule to see, think, feel and be free. (I will write about this in a future post with more detail.)

So….. where are we going into 2015 you ask?

We are evolving as a species with both positive and negative aspects. These aspects are becoming stronger and more focused because of where we are in the universe as well as where we are in our spiritual development.

Intense emotions have been taking place with all of us for the last few years which forces us to LOOK at ourselves in every way. Is the life we are living what we want? Are we happy? Do we want to continue on the path we are on, or do we want to change? Do we want to surround ourselves with the people that are currently in our lives?

Time itself has changed as well and it appears to be speeding up. Years ago we could accomplish a great deal in one day. Now, time seems to slip by much more quickly and we have to really push ourselves to be as productive as we would like to be. How could this happen? Is this really possible?

There was a great deal of misinformation that was released to the public about the now infamous 2012 scenario, what it meant and how we were supposed to miraculously change. Ridiculous! (I took a stand on this and tried to share my thoughts on this subject to say that nothing was going to happen.)

If the Creator was going to make it that easy on us then all this work would be for nothing. We would all be rewarded and enlightened with the blink of an eye….. well…. I would stop trying and just wait for this change to happen…… WRONG !!!

We have been moving through a ‘space’ in ‘time’ that is causing many shifts in our reality. This has been building and taking place for several years now as it gradually builds intensity with the effect it is having on us. This comes in the form of planetary changes, such as earthquakes, mentally, emotionally and even physically. For example, some of you may have noticed that you ‘look’ different; maybe even looking younger? Looking younger is a phenomenon that has been taking place for some people who have been working in the spiritual planes a great deal.

Still, what about 2015 you ask?

This is an important year for humanity and earth. It is the year we Manifest, manifest, manifest……… this will be the year that ‘manifestation’ takes its first steps for what we have created from our past.

We will need to be very careful with our thoughts, actions and emotions in 2015. This year, we are moving into a time and space that requires us to focus on what we want and manifest it. The past several years we have been learning about ourselves with deep emotion, thought and spirit. This all leading us to have the ability to control the gifts that will be coming to us now…. slowly… coming….

Some of you may have noticed that what you ‘think’ suddenly appears? Well if that is the case, those who have been receiving this gift already will notice it will be much stronger this year, so be careful what you think!!!

What we THNK will impact us on a personal level and manifest more quickly than ever before. As a global society we need to also be responsible with our thoughts for the world. Now when we pray or meditate for this world we will ‘collectively’ have more impact than we have in the past. Does this mean we can change the world back to a balanced state? No, not yet, but we DO have an impact so don’t be discouraged. We HAVE made an impact already and if you take a moment to really LOOK back 10 years, you can see how much we have changed.

Rapid changes will take place in 2015. As we enter into this time, we will notice that there will be rapid changes in our world’s global society. How this will manifest is still unclear. However, like everything else, what those in power do, good and bad, will be manifesting more rapidly.

If you have spiritual work you are doing with your self, then it will manifest more quickly than in the past; so now is the time to work on what you want, and YOUR inner self —  to be happy, productive and to enjoy life in every way.

Many people have been working hard to create positive change; creating an impact on ourselves, family, community and the world. This year, 2015, will be the first year that the intense struggle to create and manifest will begin to become easier….. thats right…. it will begin to ease. The flow will, now more than every before, be in our own minds. Create with your thoughts what you want and let the Universe Manifest it for you!!!

Pay close attention to what you are doing and how you are doing it. Pay attention to what you think and say. Pay attention to what you want…. and let it manifest. This will be hard for those people who are not in the current flow but falling behind…… don’t give up!

There are always those that are far ahead of the pack, those in the middle and those who trail behind. Each one is still on the Creator’s Divine path.

Each one of us that have been practicing our inner skills of connection with the divine energies of Creation will be held accountable more than ever before. We are responsible for our thoughts and how they manifest. This includes what we think of others and this world. It impacts EVERYTHING, so be responsible!

Thank you for being part of the world community seeking answers, creating change and seeking truth.

Please consider making a donation to support the work done through this site. It is only with your support the work is able to continue.

May each of us find our own inner truth and follow it without fear but with love in our hearts, allowing us to reach into the unknown and be free…….

With love and gratitude,

Miriam Delicado

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  • Julia Weiss

    Beautiful well said- I agree and have heard this about 2015 from many sources- we will all win- we will manifest the good together-

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