EXTRATERRESTRIAL DISCLOSURE – Miriam Delicado and Neil Gaur on The justBernard Show Jan 05

Contactee Miriam Delicado and Disclosure Event Producer Neil Gaur will join Bernard to explore the history of the disclosure movement, ancient history, extraterrestrial technology and [...]


I had my blood changed by extraterrestrials at the age of 4.

Many people who have extraterrestrial contacts, began having contact at birth or early childhood. Many of us around the world who are having these experiences find out that our family members [...]


I met a Nordic extraterrestrial, they do walk among us!

I met what is referred to as a Nordic alien and three tall blond extraterrestrials in Hopi land and Vancouver. In this clip I talk about these experiences and what I think they mean.


Archive: Extraterrestrial Disclosure Online Summit: January 2016

Archive: Miriam Delicado joins Portal to Ascension, along with speakers from around the world to discuss Disclosure. January of 2016. Here is the archive video of that event.