MIRIAM DELICADO with Ibiatan Upadian: Brazil 2015

Brazil 2015: Miriam Delicado meets with a very special UFO group in Sao Paulo. This was a remarkable meeting and I personally recommend taking the time to listen to the whole video. It is [...]


JustBernard Radio: April 26th. Exclusive Conspiracy Program.

Miriam Delicado (Blue Star Prophecy) joins Bernard for a very special and intimate talk about the state of American politics and conspiracy culture around the world. This is the first and only [...]


UFO Caught On Film Dec 24 2015 By Contactee Miriam Delicado

Ufo sighting caught on video and it is remarkable! Shifting colors and shapes. At one point it looks like a being standing in the center of an energy circle.


UFO landing? Miriam Delicado Photos.

UFO landing? As some of you may remember, I shared a story last year of an amazing 'dream' where an alien came and got me from my bed. We went to the empty lot beside my house and entered a UFO. [...]


Please join Miriam Delicado in a Live Quantum Conversation: April 20th

You’re invited to this free Global Summit Series to take a QUANTUM LEAP in transformation and truly EMBODY Love and Your Truth! Stand in your Mastery and Find your Power through living in the [...]


Beyond Reality Radio with Miriam Delicado April 4th.

Beyond Reality Radio is the Brain child of Jason Hawes. Guest Miriam Delicado Over 10 years in Radio and Voice Over work and 25+ in the Paranormal field, Jason has vast experience and knowledge [...]