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Miriam Delicado
Miriam Delicado (Renata Chede Photo)
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Miriam Delicado
Extraterrestrial Contactee
Tall Blonde Extraterrestrial
Tall Blonde Extraterrestrial(Art by: Corey Wolfe)
This site is dedicated to all those people who are working to bring about positive change in our world for humankind as well as our great Earth. It is an honor to have this opportunity to share my story with you.

“I held hands with aliens as I was led on board an alien craft in 1988 along a highway in Northern British Columbia Canada. I spent three hours with Tall Blond humanoid aliens/extraterrestrials/star beings/ Great Ancestors, as they shared information with me regarding who they were. Some of this information was warnings about the future of our planet. These Tall Blond extraterrestrials taught me a great deal and through my book, videos, blog, seminars and speaking engagements I hope to share as much as possible with the public about these encounters that have been taking place since my birth.” Miriam Delicado 

(The Tall Blonds are NOT the Nordics or the Tall Whites. They are a separate group of beings that are highly evolved and spiritually enlightened.)

Remember who you are....

Sorry is not acceptable.

Sacred Lands. Sacred LIFE.

Dr Oz on GMO foods!

As many of you know, I addressed my critics in last Thursday's show. If you missed it, you can watch my response here.

Posted by Dr. Mehmet Oz on Monday, April 27, 2015

BERKLEY will now begin looking for Extraterrestrial life. That life does exist and I have experienced it. READ MORE HERE

Disclosure of Extraterrestrials on this planet is happening, slowly. One only needs to looking back 20 years in our history to see how much we have learned. Alien life? UFOs? Star People? Are they real? My answer is YES!!! Having had direct physical contact and a number of sightings in my lifetime, I know this is real. My hope is that more people that are rational, balanced and clear come forward to share what they know about this subject. (As the public strives to understand this phenomenon, I would caution them to look for people and material that are balanced in their approach to this subject.) Miriam Delicado July 20-2015

Interested in attending a Seminar with Miriam Delicado? Register now. READ MORE 

LINK suggestion: The Great Gathering


MUST WATCH this video with Richard Dolan and Peter Robins. Thank you to both for the clarity and professionalism.

Join me in Brazil: Aug 29/30 Workshop Sept 03
Join me in Brazil: Aug 29/30 Workshop Sept 03

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May we all continue to free our minds as we awaken our souls to walk upon the earth with clarity and truth.   Miriam Delicado

Now is the time for humanity to take actions to live in closer alignment with our earth. Miriam Delicado

The more we awaken to ourselves, who we are, why we are here and what our purpose is, the more we are able to BE creators of our own existence. Miriam Delicado 


My book is available for free through this website. I live from the generosity of others and without your support I do not have funds to pay for my basic life needs or the many expenses it takes to keep the websites and work moving forward. Please consider becoming a monthly donor, or make one time donation.

June 30-July 12th total donated: 6 people $579
July 13-31 Total donated: 15 people $942 (500 from one person, 200 another) Thank YOU everyone who gave the past two weeks. Helped me pay my life bills and further some of my work. 

CURRENT NEED June 30:  Hire an attorney (for usa visa) $1000, buy computer equipment $350, pay phone bills $220, buy food $250, pay backed up bills $300, buy a pair of shoes $140 and pay for about 5 hours of office work $150-200. Total: $2460     


Thank you for being part of our world community of people who are waking up to the truth that life is not as it appears to be. We are making a difference.
With graitude, Miriam



(Cover art by: Corey Wolfe)

The views expressed on this website are the personal views of Miriam Delicado and not associated with any other organization or group.

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Touching the Earth around the world.

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Join the Movement

For my mother who is no longer in this world, her favorite flowers.

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