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Tall Blonde Extraterrestrial(Art by: Corey Wolfe)

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This site is dedicated to all those people who are working to bring about positive change in our world for humankind as well as our great Earth. It is an honor to have this opportunity to share my story with you.

“I held hands with aliens as I was led on board an alien craft in 1988 along a highway in Northern British Columbia Canada. I spent three hours with Tall Blond humanoid aliens/extraterrestrials/star beings/ Great Ancestors, as they shared information with me regarding who they were. Some of this information was warnings about the future of our planet. These Tall Blond extraterrestrials taught me a great deal and through my book, videos, blog, seminars and speaking engagements I hope to share as much as possible with the public about these encounters that have been taking place since my birth.” Miriam Delicado 

(The Tall Blonds are NOT the Nordics or the Tall Whites. They are a separate group of beings that are highly evolved and spiritually enlightened.)

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Above is a message from Vrillon of the Ashtar Command in 1977. Very interesting that this incident took place such a long time ago. LINK HERE for a Wiki on the incident with some more details on the incident. Personally, what I find fascinating about this message is some of the wording and how it was presented. I just stumbled upon this the other day and listened to it for the first time. I was amazed! Why? Well, in 1988 when I had my telepathic communication with the beings, they would use some of the same language. For example, they would say; Thank you for your attention, we must leave now. I always found this rather strange. Now all these years later I find this message on youtube. No, I do not think this is fake. In fact, I think it was very real! You decide.

~ Spiritual Tools: Techniques from the Great Ancestors ~

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Transform your life through expanding your energy to facilitate awakening and empowering your spirit to connect with higher consciousness.
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May we all continue to free our minds as we awaken our souls to walk upon the earth with clarity and truth.   Miriam Delicado

Now is the time for humanity to take actions to live in closer alignment with our earth. Miriam Delicado

The more we awaken to ourselves, who we are, why we are here and what our purpose is, the more we are able to BE creators of our own existence. Miriam Delicado 

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April 22-2016: The world is changing rapidly and the disclosure movement is part of that change. Although, within the ‘truther’ movement of ufology there is a massive amount of propaganda and misdirection. The number one most important thing a person can do to find answers is to use discernment! As a person who has had some of the most extraordinary direct contact with extraterrestrials, I have watched many people manipulate information regarding this phenomenon. It concerns me that people like Steven Greer in his latest advertising is calling himself the father of disclosure. Billy Meir claims no other human alive has had contact except him. These are two examples of people that make claims that I question. Please be careful of whom you follow blindly and remember, things are not as they appear to be. Miriam




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