A Message from the Star Beings ‘coming out’

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The world is changing rapidly and with each passing day we are being challenged to find our direction in life, both individually and collectively.

According to the Star Beings, this is part of the natural evolution of human life at this time as we continue to grow and expand our spiritual connections to the other worlds.

This time has been foretold to us by prophecies around the world and by many of the contactees that are coming forward to share with us their insights and experiences with the extraterrestrials.

In the next year, I have been told by the star beings, whom I still have telepathic connection with, that many people who are famous or figure heads of our society, will begin to come forward to claim they have had UFO and extraterrestrial contact.

It is time for the shift to find it’s way into mainstream life and we will be seeing this in every facet of our societies. We will gain clarity about who people are and what they stand for like never before seen in our history. It will be an enlightening process for the world. This begins to take a strong hold this year and will continue to grow with each month and year now. Get ready…..people will begin to “come out of the closet” with their personal UFO and extraterrestrial contacts. Miriam Delicado

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  • Al Ien

    It is too late, they are not coming as planned. Humanity is way too violent. Too much going on now on this world. They fear us now.

  • kiri ringrose

    I look forward to the revelation re aliens. I have seen a huge UFO so know these beings exist

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