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The Dream World Seminar Archive
A special webinar with Bernard Alvarez and Miriam Delicado
(Originally broadcast November 26, 2016)

Miriam and Bernard discussed how to use one of the most powerful tools in working with your dreams; how to find answers to questions in your physical life or your spiritual life. Learn basic tools that everyone can use to tap into the Dream World for spiritual growth.

– Understanding personal dream symbols and universal dream symbols.

– How to make contact with your guides and healers in dream time.

– Learn Bernard’s technique to interpret dreams.

– How to create space for dream travel.

– Understanding lucid dreams.

-Also, how can we carry a prayer from this world into dream time to help us grow spiritually?

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  • Betty Plummer

    Dear Miriam. I’m glad to find you on YouTube and to join your list of like minded clear seeing friends! The airwaves around Washington DC, what they say Trump is doing, are too confusing. I will listen to your vids now. To find truth speaking, clarity, to join w folks who care to save the planet in good will and love, is the desire. Thank you, thank you, beautiful soul!

  • Melyssa

    When I hear about dream world or meditation, I feel afraid to try and I don’t know how to get pass it. I’m afraid of the negative spirts and I become jumpy. I would like to try and move past my fear.

    Thanks Melyssa

  • Jenny

    Thank you i vil work on my dream now.

  • Lois Knight

    Good morning Miriam. I stumbled onto your site two days ago and halve been listening to everything you have to say. Twelve years ago on a clear December evening my husband and I witnessed an incredible sight out our front door. We lived at that time in the country with only a few houses near us. I noticed lights in the sky not far from the house. I went outside and was amazed to see a craft hovering about half a kilometre away with red, blue and white lights blinking around it’s perimeter. There was no sound that you would expext to hear from a conventional aircraft but it remained in the same position for the longest time. Throughout that week we saw the thing flying around our area usually late at night. Sometimes the colours of the lights and the speed they were blinking changed but I knew it was the same craft. Nobody we knew saw it and there was nothing in the news so I really have not talked much about it, however in the last few months I have had a compulsive need to find out everything I could about UFO’s and end of days.
    It was such a relief to read about you and find out what’s happening. I actually saw your strange looking star in the sky outside my home this past December and watched it with binoculars. I too believe it was some kind of spacecraft.
    I would love the opportunity to discuss this with you. There is something that I am supposed to do but as of now, I don’ t know what that is. Lois

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