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Our Guests: Miriam Delicado of BLUE STAR PROPHECY & Bernard Alvarez (of GIC and Tribe TV)

TOPIC! Hopi, Water Grab, Original Colonizers Agenda and an important gathering/Seminar in Tucson, Arizona

As we approach the date December 21, 2012 ( which is the most widely discussed date in the history of humanity), we find that not only are we witnessing the “end of a year”, but that we can clearly see this as the end of an ERA. What does this imply for most of us who are living on the planet? Is there opportunity in this crisis, and can we unify the world in time? Is it our job to unify humanity? Or will this date pass just like any other day?

Our guests today, Ms. Miriam Delicado of Blue Star Prophecies & Dr. Bernard Alvarez of the GIC (Global Illumination Council) have observed humanity as a species headed into what could be the most amazing change for all of humanity to date. Is it possible that we are ready and able to evolve, perhaps even a Quantum Leap? Both Miriam and Bernard serve our planet in countless areas, including working with the indigenous Hopi Tribe, Aztec, and Dogon; just to mention a few.

In this radio interview with host Roxy Lopez, Miriam Delicado and Bernard Alvarez simply report the facts of their past observations as well what to prepare for in the coming months. If indeed you have come here to listen to the interview, we ask that you not be afraid. These truly magical times on the planet, and we can all serve a positive timeline if we chose to. The choice is up to you!

Enjoy the interview!

Roxy Lopez
The Truth Denied

The Truth Denied Radio Interview

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