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In todays world in chaos it seems there is so much going on that when important moments arise we are so distracted that we dont even pay attention. NOW IS THE TIME TO PAY ATTENTION. Traditional People around the world are coming forward from communities that have chosen to never interact with the world…. that is until now. The question is why are they coming forward now to speak to us and what does this mean to each of here on the planet today?

This message from Radford Quamahongnewa is on behalf of his Leadership of High Traditionals from the Mother Village of Shungopavi of the Hopi people. Its an important message and one that we would be wise to listen to.

Time for the people to come together and protect life….

The issue of the water in Hopi and Navajo lands is complicated. It is NOT over until Senator Kyl pulls the bill from the Senate floor. Until that happens the Bill is still very much alive even though the Navajo voted it down as well as the Hopi saying NO to the bill.

Listen to and interview with Radford with Host Rob Simone who traveled to Hopi to speak with Radford in person. YOUR support of the work through this website allowed for all this work to take place with more to come. Thank you all and thank you Rob for taking the time to come out and spend time with the people prior to speaking with them.

Here is the hour long interview:

Radford Quamahongnewa: 7 minute message for the world. Here is their warning:

Hopi Message 2012 – World Waters at Risk – Prophecy

If you would like to support the Hopi Go to their new website:

Sign the Hopi Avaaz petition:
Protect Hopi Water: Hopi and the World: Stop Senate Bill 2109

Thank you for supporting the work being done through this website. It is only with contributions from people in this community that the work is able to continue. With three months of travel in Arizona/Hopi funds are still needed for operating costs and future travel. From my heart… thank you!

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