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Here is where you have your chance to ask Miriam a question about her contacts with the
beings she calls the Great Ancestors.

Known by many names: Great Ancestors, Star Beings, Extraterrestrials, Aliens, Inter-dimensional Beings, Time Travelers, Nordics, Blonds, Pleiadian, Arcturians, Lemurians, Atlantians hmmm did I miss any?

The name of the group of beings that I have contact with and saw that fateful day in 1988 was the Tall Blonds, although they are somewhat interrelated and connected to the names listed above. They are not to be fully categorized with the list above. There is a lack of understanding of the true history and knowledge of this subject matter. This is why people often try to understand this topic through attempting to group them together with one or another. This causes confusion and is often misleading.

The questions that I will try to answer come from my DIRECT experience and DIRECT knowledge that was shared with me by these Tall Blond beings. None of what I share with you came from hypnosis. It comes from remembering my direct physical experience of 3 hours of missing time along a highway in Canada.

The most asked question: Do you still have contact with them? The answer: YES!

To this day I do not read books on this subject matter, nor do I research, read or investigate other peoples experiences.

Remember, it is important to not follow blindly what anyone says as being an answer. We all have a responsibility to question everything and everyone. This includes me.

Use your inner guidance and rational thought to determine what you believe truth to be.

For now, we are all seeking answers and guidance to what is happening in our world as we have begun to interact with these beings in todays time.

Look forward to hearing from each of you!

Remember who are……
Miriam Delicado

Questions will be chosen each month to answer and post through the website on the Q&A blog page.

Miriam simply does not have enough time to reply to all emails or questions individually but does read all emails and appreciates the interest in this subject matter and her life.

Ask Miriam your question.

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