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My contacts with extraterrestrials began at birth and continue to this day. People are always wanting to learn more about these contacts and through this section of the website I hope to try to answer some of your questions.

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Thank you for being part of the community that is creating peaceful change on the planet. Protecting life in all its forms.
We are all connected…..           
Miriam Delicado 

Blue Star Prophecy

Video suggestion for you.

John Edward Mack M.D. (October 4, 1929 – September 27, 2004) was an American psychiatrist, writer, and professor at Harvard Medical School. He was a Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, and a leading authority on the spiritual or transformational effects of alleged alien abduction experiences. (Read more) : Wikipedia

Miriam: The subject of UFOs, Aliens, Star Beings etc is a serious matter for humanity. We need to pay attention. Read up on who John Mack was and then watch the video. The time is now for the people of earth to stand up and demand answers.

Miriam answers questions from the public in posts here.

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