Be Careful Who We Trust?

By godaddy on October 7, 2008 at 12:44 pm under Misc Comments
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Perhaps many people have never seen the words grigori and nephilim and I wonder if stuff has been covered up and covered up for a reason… perhaps we should not be real surprised if devil following angels and demons show up publically in flying crafts claiming to be benevolent primate evolving aliens and elohim saviours during time of disaster… perhaps you have seen more and more alien stuff and UFO stuff and cavemen stuff and dying planet stuff and stuff subtly and not so subtly against scripture in the media. So called Daniel 2:43, Daniel 11:38-39, Obadiah 4, Isaiah 24:21, and Jeremiah 10:10-15.

Miriam’s reply: I could choose not to publish this but I felt it was important to show how FEAR is made within people. No matter the message we are taught to fear! Respect one another, respect the planet and ourselves….. this message is of love. I choose to follow love and not fear an control. With respect and gratitude for this post. Miriam

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