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I will be taking days off from the computer and this includes from posting my daily message. On those days I will make a post with that day’s date that says; day off, or traveling, or whatever the reason may be. That way you are not all wondering when and if I will be back. 

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March 24-2017
Did you know that our thoughts create sound waves? Another way of saying this is that our thoughts create energy waves. This is how we communicate with everything around us, both seen and unseen. When we add our physical voices to the world, this energy becomes much more powerful. This is why what we think and what we say has an impact on our lives, as well as the people around us. 

Sound is a very powerful tool that humanity is only beginning to understand. It has the power to create or destroy. A simple example of this is when a high pitch sound causes glass to break. Highly evolved spiritual beings understand how to use this energy. Chanting, singing, praying, these are examples of tools to harness the creation energy from the unseen world and bring it into this world. 

In the last few years, science and mystic researchers are beginning to understand the power of sound. Look at this Youtube example of sound making shapes HERE.  Here is another Youtube example of using sound to levitate HERE. The way that sound can be used is as endless as Creation itself.  

Physics is actually the understanding of particles and how they interact with each other. Sound is one of the main manipulators of these particles. Electricity, for example, is a form of sound that is created when protons and electrons come into contact with each other. This creates a sound that becomes electricity. Have you ever been around a huge power source and heard the buzzing? This is electricity in abundance.  

Sound can also help heal people. Healing with sound is only at the beginning stages of being understood by humanity. At the same time, sound can harm not only our physical bodies but the world in ways that humans do not fully understand yet. HERE is one article on sound healing. What music you listen to has an impact on our health, thoughts and overall lives. Brain waves respond to sound in powerful ways. What we hear creates or destroys brain pathways. What we say, think and listen to is creating or destroying something, even we can not see it. 

This is a technology that is very powerful and every human being has it. This is why we need to be careful of how we use our energy of words with the world around us. 

Be aware of what you are listening to, what you say and what you think. It is what creates your surrounding world. Change your thoughts or words, or tone when you speak and you will quickly see changes in your life. Small steps of awareness can grow into big waves of change. Love Miriam 

March 22-2017
In terms of looking at the world through spiritual eyes, we know that time does not actually exist. It is an illusion. In saying this, we still have the global view of time as past, present and future. This helps us to have an anchor point within this illusion of time and space. It allows us to view moments that have an impact on the present moment of our illusionary ‘time’. 

Live the moment, is not just a way of saying pay attention to what your experience is at that ‘time’. It is a deeply spiritual understanding of the universe and existence itself. 

Many Master Teachers have told us that life is an illusion, but does this make it ‘not real’? To understand the concept of life as an illusion, we must understand the concept of ‘time’.  

Spirituality is knowledge of self, knowledge of our place within the existence, and how we interact with everything that exists. 

Taking the concepts of being spiritual and learning to live in the moment, we begin to understand that ‘time’ is an illusion, as is life on this planet earth. Many people have twisted the idea that because life on earth is an illusion, that somehow we are not responsible. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

These are core teachings that connect the existence of all life, in all realms of the seen and unseen worlds. Although this message is physically short, there is a great deal here to contemplate and help further your spiritual understanding and knowledge of who you are. Not in this world, but within the existence itself. 

A few of the questions we contemplate as spiritually awakening beings are; What is my purpose? Why am I here? How did I get here? Where did I come from? Why am I here? WHO AM I? 

These questions are closely linked to ‘time’ and life on earth being an ‘illusion’. 

Once we connect with who and what we really are, this is when we realize that no only are we responsible for ourselves, we are responsible for ALL life. This is when we understand how we connect to everything we see, and how we connect to the unseen worlds. 

Take time to contemplate life and not look elsewhere. Look within because everything you seek is there. 
Love Miriam

March 21-2017
Happiness does not rely on anything exterior of self. Happiness is a state of being that is created when spirit is content. One can only be content when not following the demands of others, but the natural state of self love. Miriam Delicado 

In today’s world, there is a great deal of chaos in the lives of almost every human being. We all have challenges of some kind. At the most difficult moments in my life, I look for something to be grateful for. This gratitude is how my spirit has remained strong and balanced, to the best of my ability and always growing. 

Being grateful also helps to make forgiveness and compassion possible. When someone or something has happened to make us upset, hurt or angry, it is being grateful for life itself that has the power to help heal us. What are you grateful for in your life? What makes you happy? What are you seeking to heal? Remember who you are and have gratitude, it has great power to support life itself to be in balance with all life.  Love Miriam 

March 20-2017
All my life I have been connected to the spirit world and this connection is truly a gift. Being able to walk up to a tree and communicate with it is something that goes beyond words. When I was in Brazil at one of the parks in Sao Paulo for example, I saw a tree and it spoke to me in a profound way. It told me its history and shared images of indigenous people doing ceremony to honor the tree. It told me that it was feminine and helped to ground in the feminine on the planet. After I lay in the cradle of the roots of the tree and was held in its energy, I spoke with my friend who told me the story of how this tree was honored by the indigenous. She continued by saying they often came to the park to do ceremony for the feminine. This was one example of the kind of confirmations I receive when communicating with the other worlds. HERE IS A LINK ON INSTAGRAM OF THE TREE

This is my life, this is who I am, this is the way humans are moving towards spiritually. For now, I accept that many people do not live with this connection and respect each person on the journey of enlightenment. I also fully understand that it is impossible to ‘give’ this gift to others. What I can do however is share with people insights along the way. It is up to each individual to find these connections for themselves. It is difficult for us when we first awaken to accept that sharing these connections and experiences is not needed. Some experiences are meant to remain private and by doing so, they become sacred and more powerful. 

So when you feel the need to share every detail of your experiences, stop and ask yourself if it is really necessary. Often, when connections are made and those connections are held as sacred, meaning you did not share them with others, they become more powerful. They will give you strength, clarity and show you a clear path to follow. 

Remember this as you walk through life as a being who is awakening to the unseen worlds. Not everything is meant to be shared with others. Keep some things for your own spirit and cherish each and every gift you receive from spirit. Be thankful, say thank you, be humble, be silent, and the gifts will continue to be shared with you. Love Miriam

March 19-2017
It has been four months since I posted here in the daily blog section of my website. I apologize for not being here for all of you who came by to visit. The last few months I have been focusing a great deal of my energy on having treatments that are called Prolo Therapy to help heal very damaged areas of my body from 10 years ago. The good news it that I am coming close to being healed from all the work I had done.  I am going to make a video to talk about this experience. If you are in any kind of chronic pain and want to be healed, Prolo Therapy can help! It is not effective for everyone, but I think that is because they do not see the therapy through to the end. When the video is done it will be on my Youtube channel as well as my website. LINK TO YOUTUBE HERE

Although you may not have seen much of me the past few months, here on my website, I have been working on other things behind the scenes. Princess Kaoru Nakamaru and myself have been collaborating for the past two years on a massive project. In fact, when we met in 2009 and traveled to see the Hopi together is when our initial agreement to work together formed. We are currently waiting for some things to clear so we can move forward with our plans. In the meantime, we work on smaller details so when things do fall into place we will have the ability to move forward quickly. 

Feel free to check back from time to time here for new posts. Now that my treatments are coming to an end, I will have more time to work online and update you on what is happening in the spirit world and in my life. 

Have a beautiful day, wherever you are in the world. Love Miriam 

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