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June 12-2017 The Machine Called the Internet
We are living in a world where the internet has become our guide for what we consider to be normal or acceptable. This touches everything from politics, sexuality, religion, beliefs, parenting, everything we are as social interacting beings that are linked to us in life. It tells us if something is true or false, good or bad. We are following a false state of self that is projected onto us through a machine.

Propaganda is the new normal for the Internet. We need to pay attention to what we think we are seeing or hearing online. A lie, for example, is not always told outright. A lie, misrepresentation or misinterpretation happens when not all the information is shared in order to manipulate the follower to thinking or concluding a specific thought. This is the power of the machine. It is easy to work with in order to cast doubt or outright change the outcome of your own judgment of what they want you to think the truth is. This is social media today.

Lies have become rampant as more and more people learn how to use the machine to cast doubt on anyone who questions a lie. People are using it to manipulate what you believe, what you think and what you know. Time to wake up!

The minute you take a side in an argument, a fight, a discussion, a debate, is the moment you lose your ability to see, hear and know the truth. The only path to enlightenment, or knowing the truth of any situation is to remain neutral. This does not mean you can not favor one side over another. What it means is that once you favor one side over the other, it becomes crucial that you not allow your preference to cloud your ability to see and hear the truth. One must remain open to receiving information that further explains the situation to the point where all the facts are clearly laid out. Only then can we make an informed decision as to what is right or wrong, good or bad etc.

In order for us to know the truth and see through the manipulation, misinterpretation or even outright lies, we must also be prepared to admit we were wrong in our conclusions. This is where people have the most difficulty. Once they pick a side, they generally feel the need to justify it and protect it, even if they learn it was wrong. As a global society that is being led by ‘the machine’, we need to understand the danger of following anything or anyone, blindly.

It is a disgrace to the UFO community the number of people who manipulate, lie and mislead the public for different reasons. Some for money, some for fame, some to spread disinformation. Remember that the greatest teaching the Great Ancestors (Star Beings) told me was; Things are not as they appear to be.

Just as Fox Mulder said, “The truth is out there.”

Never stop looking for the truth and most important, listen………. it is in the whispers we find the most valuable knowledge of life.

Love Miriam

April 30-2107 Is it really your job to ‘wake people up”?
The world is awakening to injustice of all kinds. Waking up to political, humanitarian, gender, race, religious, economic, environmental and financial injustices, to name a few.

People who are able to see the truth of what is happening in our world, are often compelled to try to verbally share this with the people around them. If we begin to see clearly that we are participants in those injustices, then we change our lives to support a more balanced way of life. This restored balance must first come with our own actions in how we choose to live our lives. This is not only what we do physically, but also spiritually.

I am often asked by people how they can ‘wake people up’ by sharing these insane injustices. In fact, a more powerful way to educate the people around you is to be the ‘living example’. When people see how you have changed your life to be more in balance with the earth, they will ask you why or how you did it. This will then be your opportunity to share with the person the verbal explanation of what you are observing in the world that needs to change. It is also an opportunity to share with them your spiritual viewpoint.

It is not our job to ‘wake people up’. It is our job to awaken within, and then use that knowledge to change ourselves with our actions and choices.

Be comfortable with who you are and others will want to follow your lead. Be thoughtful with your actions in the world and others will want to know more about your life. Be the example…..
Love Miriam 

April 26-2017 A world of entitlement.
Humanity has built the world where we have access to so much technology and ‘things’, that we are programming our youth, and ourselves, to have a sense of entitlement.

This entitlement goes far beyond physical ‘things’, but also creates a demand for knowledge as well. I know from personal experience, that people have been outraged with me when I refused to share Sacred Knowledge with them when they demanded it from me. What makes this interesting, is that had I of shared the most sacred piece of knowledge with them, they may not even understand or recognize it. Yet, that person may feel they are entitled to whatever I have learned or been given in this life. How have we come to be so selfish, ego driven and arrogant as a species to feel so entitled?

Humility, honor, and respect, is a great equalizer to entitlement and ego. It will access doors that otherwise would be closed.

When we have a level of humility and honor, we then can understand what is required of us to respect the gifts that enter into our lives. Only then, will the most powerful and beautiful gifts of Creator and Creation enter. Once we learn humility, honor, and respect, then…… the doors of ALL knowledge begin to open, seeding your life and path for great things to enter.

If we truly were all ‘entitled’ to everything, then there would be no point in walking a spiritual path to enlightenment. There is a reason why the path is difficult. Once you open the doors of knowledge, it becomes clear how and why.

Put away the technology, stop looking to other people for ‘secrets’, and begin unlocking the most powerful doors available to you that lay within. View the world, yourself, and the people around you, with humility, honor, and respect. Contemplate how these attributes can support you on your path and begin the journey of the divine.
Love Miriam 

April 25-2017 Spring teaches us life.
Spring is upon us here in Canada and I am always infused with the energy of the awakening life around me. The trees budding, grass growing, tiny flowers opening up to greet the warm sun and earth. A reminder that life has cycles. Life is constantly changing and growing, expanding to become something more than it was the day prior, the months prior, the years prior. As human beings, we too are growing and expanding.

Looking at nature and contemplating how it moves is one the best ways a person can evolve spiritually. There is so much to learn and understand from the way in which everything in nature grows, dies, is reborn or transformed for example.

Other than the spirit world, my greatest teacher has been nature. Look, listen and contemplate any piece or ecosystem and it will inspire and enlighten your soul and spirit.

The earth and all life upon her is waiting to speak with you. Time to listen.
Love Miriam 

April 22-2017 Earth Day
Do you remember the first time you heard about Earth Day? I do. I was confused as to why people had to be reminded to pay attention to the earth and to be grateful for all the blessings we receive from her.

As I got older, after hearing about it as a child, I came to understand that we are bombarded with messages that tell us the earth is not important. We are educated from birth to become consumers, and those of us who are awake to truth know that the world revolves around consumerism. We are constantly being told to BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY …. things. Things that are not even of value or use. Just to have them.

When I think of Earth Day, I think of my mother. Now she was an environmentalist! I learned a great deal from her. She shared with me her wisdom and guidance regarding what caring for the earth was really all about. Not one environmentalist that I have ever known or met could truly come close to her dedication to the earth. I strive to follow her wisdom when it comes to how to live with respect for the earth.

The system we live in demands that we participate in the consumerism that surrounds us. It is necessary for us to be able to function and live in the world’s societies. So how can we support the earth without harming our life and the life of our families?

Plant a garden. This is the number one way to support the earth! Simple, right? No, not at all. It is rather a complex and radical move to plant a garden. It impacts everything imaginable in the system of consumerism and plundering of the earth. Think about this. Contemplate how planting any food at all, impacts the earth and life here.

Buying organic? You’re still participating in the plunder of the earth. It still requires oil, plastic, paper, tin, to name a few things, that are necessary to package and transport that food. For every tomato plant you grow, every herb, every garden, we SAVE the earth from all that packaging and transport. This does not even touch on the chemicals that go into our earth and air that are being used to create our food supply.

How can you help the earth? PLANT FOOD. Live in an apartment? Grow a herb in your window. You can make a difference. The question is, do you want to? Remember that we have been taught to want ‘things’ now, and this includes food.

Are you awake and aware? Are you spiritual? Are you concerned about the earth? Are you wanting to make a difference? Stop looking for a path that will put you in the spotlight and start looking at what is needed to make our world beautiful. Plant a garden.

May your gardens be filled with love of the earth and Creation itself. Sharing life and energy with you.
Love Miriam 

April 21-2017 Having patience in an impatient world.
In the world of technology, we are rapidly forgetting that patience and dedication provide results. How to become rich, how to find enlightenment, how to find a mate are only a few examples of what technology has completely changed how society seeks out, creates, and finds results for. We are destroying our ability to truly find and have what we want because we are forgetting patience and dedication.

If you look at some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world they will all tell you that you must not give up. You need to keep trying, and this requires patience.

The world is creating a master illusion that everything should be available NOW. This is harming the human soul by not allowing it to truly evolve. It is causing anxiety in people because they feel that they are not successful enough, fast enough. It is producing failure.

Being patient is a requirement of anything that is of great value. Dedication to time is required to commit your soul and spirit in allowing your hard work and vision to manifest through Creation itself.

The greatest secrets to this life, held by many past and present caretakers of knowledge such as clans, tribes, gurus, religions etc, all required life-long dedication and patience to learn. To learn and then understand is altogether another step in itself which required both attributes.

People often ask me how I came to be close to the Hopi people whom I associate with. Not an easy task. I tell them that one of the keys to opening those doors was dedication and patience. For eight years, I never asked a single question from any Hopi I met. Not one. Still, to this day, I only ask questions that require me to have a piece of information that is necessary for me to fulfill my work for them.

Patience is a key to unlocking doors to almost everything around us. Dedicate your thoughts and actions with these two factors and watch your life unfold around you. It will manifest your dreams and guide you to the path your soul longs for.

Patience and dedication is a form of a spiritual test. Do you have them? Are you prepared to give yourself the gift of them? If you can and you do, then your life will be rewarded.

Never give up on your dreams. ACT on making those dreams come true and be patient with yourself as you work towards your goals. They will shift and grow over time, but the core will always remain. You can do anything you set your mind to. One step at a time with patience and dedication.
May Creator, your soul and your spirit support you. Love Miriam

April 01-2017 Giving and receiving with respect.
Giving in our society has become ego driven. We give gifts at Christmas and birthdays, on special occasions and anniversaries. We give gifts when people make us happy or helped us in some way. We give gifts to people when we think they will give something back to us. But is this giving with respect?

When we receive something from someone in our society it has become an expectation. This is based on ego as well as the feeling we deserve everything in this demanding world. If we receive a gift are we accepting it with respect?

Spiritual teachings show us that caring for others is part of our responsibility. Giving and receiving is part of our spiritual path to enlightenment. Sadly, in our world, the gift of giving and receiving is becoming corrupted. It is also being destroyed by our global society that is based on who owns the most ‘stuff’ and how can we get more. The balance of giving and receiving is not only misunderstood, but it is being used to manipulate and become demanding of others.

How the act of material or physical giving and receiving affects our reality is complex and yet very simple at the same time. This is a very serious subject that individuals and society would benefit from if this practice of respectful giving and receiving was used.

When we are in any kind of relationship with friends, family, groups or even strangers there is always a constant exchange that is taking place. This is called giving and receiving at every moment. It is about sharing our time and/or energy of all kinds. For example; money, volunteering, physical support, talking with someone, listening to someone, to name only a few.

I would imagine that when you started reading this post your mind automatically thought of gifts when I talked about giving and receiving. It did not even contemplate the giving and receiving in terms of how you communicate for example. Our minds have been programmed to think from a place of materialism, ego and selfishness. We need to adjust the ways in which we give and receive if we want to make this world a positive place to live in for future generations.

When giving of yourself to others, or giving them a gift of some kind, ask yourself if you have an expectation of receiving something in return. If you expect something in return, then it was not a gift, it was a manipulation tool to feed your ego or to gain some kind of material gift in return. This is not respectful to either party because it is dishonest.

We must remember that when sharing or giving of yourself in any way to others it needs to be done with respect and without expectation. If, what you are sharing or giving to others is not being respected by the person in their receiving, or, how you are sharing, then stop. Neither is respectful to anyone. Neither supports a balanced way of giving or receiving and breaks the balance of natural law.

If you begin practicing giving with respect and receiving with respect, your life will change. Immediately you will see how the flow of universal energies will support you in life. When you give from your heart and without expectation, you will have gifts return to you in every way.
Love Miriam

March 29-2017 What is your life purpose?
What is the purpose of our lives? This is a powerful question that many people ask themselves on the path to enlightenment. In fact, this question remains a constant in our lives, even when one becomes a Master. Why is this? The purpose of our lives is always changing from moment to moment, day to day, year to year.

People often come to me, asking for guidance on what their life purpose is. It would be irresponsible for me, or anyone else to answer that question for you. We can not find or accept the truth of our purpose in life until we find it for ourselves. If we listen to what others tell us about what our purpose in life is, we will never fully accept or find our true destiny. People can guide you in finding your path, but by telling another person what the purpose of their life is, we only cause harm to them. You set them on a path of never truly finding themselves because they are following someone else.

One aspect of the ‘spiritual community’ is the search for purpose in life. Often, people feel lost in the pursuit of an answer to this question. My advice is to stop looking for an answer that you “think” is the right answer. Many people look for purpose through the ego. Take a moment to think about this. The EGO is causing pain to people who want to know what their life purpose is. Why is this?

If you are looking for your purpose, ask yourself if what you think your purpose is comes from a place of ego or a place of humility. People have been taught that what they do is never enough. They search for paths that will build their ego. Life’s….. purpose…… is…. simplicity….. from your spirit and soul. Through respecting life. Enjoying life. Being grateful for life. THIS IS PURPOSE.

Human beings have lost their way in the search for why they are here. Stop looking outside yourself. Stop thinking that you have to DO something that will change other people or change the world. The only true way to help others is to know yourself. This is the start of the path to knowing your purpose.

If and when something comes across your path that you feel connected to, ask yourself, is this ego or humility. Look within and you will find your answers. Love Miriam 

March 28-2017 Communication is a powerful tool.
Communication is a very powerful tool that human beings have forgotten how to use. What we learn in today’s world is how to use our language to manipulate others. We also learn how to ‘stay silent’ so we do not cause ‘problems’ for someone or something. In fact, these two learned ways are partly why our planet is in so much trouble. How, why, for what purpose and what we want from that communication is also important.

The other half of speaking is knowing how to listen. Often, people have a reaction to what is being said to them because they immediately take it personally. This is what we have learned to do. Make everything about us in this egoistic world.

Example: Two people, both with completely different intentions, can give me the same criticism and I will understand it two ways. One of them said what they did out of respect, caring and wanting to support me and them. The other wanted to manipulate and support themselves, and, they wanted me to feel pain.

The next time someone gives you criticism, for example, listen carefully to the language they are using. Listen, not with your emotional self, but your inner true self. Listen to the self that knows if what they are saying is true or false. Then ask yourself if what they said, with all the language and word choices they used, was to support you, manipulate you, or hurt you. In order for you to benefit from what is being shared here, it requires you be honest with yourself.

Some people are unable to accept what you are trying to say to them unless you speak in a way they understand. For example, this means having to be more forceful in the delivery of the message to them. This is reflecting what is being shared with you.

There is a reason why, when a person wants to attain spiritual enlightenment, they join a group or a monastery of some kind. They do this to surround themselves with people who speak and think as they do. The language we use in daily life can and does create our energy and our reality. It attracts a certain type of energy. Like, attracts like. So if you’re using gangster language to communicate, most likely, you will attract gangsters into your life. Understand?

When people communicate with you and they do not realize the power of their words, be kind to them. If people use their words and you see that they clearly know what they are doing to hurt you in some way, then walk away. Not out of anger, but recognizing that they do not want to change. Certainly, give people time, love patience with their actions. But at some point, you may realize that they simply want you to remain in their chaos.

Communicate and listen……. with an understanding that this is a daily sacred task of life. Give and receive with respect and the Creator and Creation will build on that energy.

Be who you are meant to be. Love Miriam 

March 27-2017 Who’s goals are you trying to follow?
Be gentle with yourself. Society has created our world that teaches us that unless we reach our goals, we are failures. The first question is what is the goal? Who sets it? How can we attain a goal that is somehow beyond our reach? I see this every day in almost every person I know, including myself. By trying to reach goals that the outside world sets for us, we become disconnected from our true self. Every person is unique and in our society, we have created a system that does not want to allow our unique self. This is our downfall.

Physically, unless we are perfectly fit we are a failure. Spiritually, unless we are fully connected to spirit, we are a failure. Monetarily, unless we are rich, we are a failure. Emotionally, unless we are always happy we are a failure. Mentally, unless we interact with people and the world the way we are expected to with each situation, we are a failure. The truth is, we are creating our world that teaches us that we are not unique and must follow the standards set for us by media and our systems such as our schools.

As a person who has been ‘unique’ my whole life, I can say that trying to maintain my unique state is very difficult. Everyone, at their core, is a divine being. Perfect in every way. However, we also have our unique self which is what helps create our human spirit, our human life. Each spirit holds the energy that each of us has chosen to experience in this physical world. It is, unique. A line from my favorite poem, Desiderata: “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.” LINK TO FULL POEM HERE 

What is your true nature? Try answering this for yourself without all the external expectation that is listed above.

Next time you find yourself comparing your life to other people in any way, ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish? Are YOU happy, or are you trying to make other people happy? What goal are you trying to reach?

The only standards all humans need to try to follow are to be loving and caring of all life. Simple. This path leads to everything.

We make life very complicated. We try to create standards that very few can attain. I see this not only in the world of money but now I see it in people working to attain spiritual enlightenment. Even with spiritual enlightenment, everyone is unique!!!! We will not have the same gifts from spirit so accept that the gifts you receive are yours and have gratitude for each moment and gift you receive, no matter how small they are. This is what will grow your connection to the spiritual world.

Be gentle with yourself. The next time you feel you are not living up to an expectation of some kind, ask yourself if you are following your true nature, or trying to be someone else? Love Miriam 

March 24-2017 Sound waves are sacred energy.
Did you know that our thoughts create sound waves? Another way of saying this is that our thoughts create energy waves. This is how we communicate with everything around us, both seen and unseen. When we add our physical voices to the world, this energy becomes much more powerful. This is why what we think and what we say has an impact on our lives, as well as the people around us.

Sound is a very powerful tool that humanity is only beginning to understand. It has the power to create or destroy. A simple example of this is when a high pitch sound causes glass to break. Highly evolved spiritual beings understand how to use this energy. Chanting, singing, praying, these are examples of tools to harness the creation energy from the unseen world and bring it into this world.

In the last few years, science and mystic researchers are beginning to understand the power of sound. Look at this Youtube example of sound making shapes HERE.  Here is another Youtube example of using sound to levitate HERE. The way that sound can be used is as endless as Creation itself.

Physics is actually the understanding of particles and how they interact with each other. Sound is one of the main manipulators of these particles. Electricity, for example, is a form of sound that is created when protons and electrons come into contact with each other. This creates a sound that becomes electricity. Have you ever been around a huge power source and heard the buzzing? This is electricity in abundance.

Sound can also help heal people. Healing with sound is only at the beginning stages of being understood by humanity. At the same time, sound can harm not only our physical bodies but the world in ways that humans do not fully understand yet. HERE is one article on sound healing. What music you listen to has an impact on our health, thoughts and overall lives. Brain waves respond to sound in powerful ways. What we hear creates or destroys brain pathways. What we say, think and listen to is creating or destroying something, even we can not see it.

This is a technology that is very powerful and every human being has it. This is why we need to be careful of how we use our energy of words with the world around us.

Be aware of what you are listening to, what you say and what you think. It is what creates your surrounding world. Change your thoughts or words, or tone when you speak and you will quickly see changes in your life. Small steps of awareness can grow into big waves of change. Love Miriam 

March 22-2017 Time is the illusion that connects us.
In terms of looking at the world through spiritual eyes, we know that time does not actually exist. It is an illusion. In saying this, we still have the global view of time as past, present and future. This helps us to have an anchor point within this illusion of time and space. It allows us to view moments that have an impact on the present moment of our illusionary ‘time’.

Live the moment, is not just a way of saying pay attention to what your experience is at that ‘time’. It is a deeply spiritual understanding of the universe and existence itself.

Many Master Teachers have told us that life is an illusion, but does this make it ‘not real’? To understand the concept of life as an illusion, we must understand the concept of ‘time’.

Spirituality is knowledge of self, knowledge of our place within the existence, and how we interact with everything that exists.

Taking the concepts of being spiritual and learning to live in the moment, we begin to understand that ‘time’ is an illusion, as is life on this planet earth. Many people have twisted the idea that because life on earth is an illusion, that somehow we are not responsible. Nothing could be further from the truth.

These are core teachings that connect the existence of all life, in all realms of the seen and unseen worlds. Although this message is physically short, there is a great deal here to contemplate and help further your spiritual understanding and knowledge of who you are. Not in this world, but within the existence itself.

A few of the questions we contemplate as spiritually awakening beings are; What is my purpose? Why am I here? How did I get here? Where did I come from? Why am I here? WHO AM I?

These questions are closely linked to ‘time’ and life on earth being an ‘illusion’.

Once we connect with who and what we really are, this is when we realize that no only are we responsible for ourselves, we are responsible for ALL life. This is when we understand how we connect to everything we see, and how we connect to the unseen worlds.

Take time to contemplate life and not look elsewhere. Look within because everything you seek is there.
Love Miriam

March 21-2017 Happiness is how your spirit reacts to the world.
Happiness does not rely on anything exterior of self. Happiness is a state of being that is created when spirit is content. One can only be content when not following the demands of others, but the natural state of self love. Miriam Delicado

In today’s world, there is a great deal of chaos in the lives of almost every human being. We all have challenges of some kind. At the most difficult moments in my life, I look for something to be grateful for. This gratitude is how my spirit has remained strong and balanced, to the best of my ability and always growing.

Being grateful also helps to make forgiveness and compassion possible. When someone or something has happened to make us upset, hurt or angry, it is being grateful for life itself that has the power to help heal us. What are you grateful for in your life? What makes you happy? What are you seeking to heal? Remember who you are and have gratitude, it has great power to support life itself to be in balance with all life.  Love Miriam 

March 20-2017 Not all spiritual gifts are meant to be shared.
All my life I have been connected to the spirit world and this connection is truly a gift. Being able to walk up to a tree and communicate with it is something that goes beyond words. When I was in Brazil at one of the parks in Sao Paulo for example, I saw a tree and it spoke to me in a profound way. It told me its history and shared images of indigenous people doing ceremony to honor the tree. It told me that it was feminine and helped to ground in the feminine on the planet. After I lay in the cradle of the roots of the tree and was held in its energy, I spoke with my friend who told me the story of how this tree was honored by the indigenous. She continued by saying they often came to the park to do ceremony for the feminine. This was one example of the kind of confirmations I receive when communicating with the other worlds. HERE IS A LINK ON INSTAGRAM OF THE TREE

This is my life, this is who I am, this is the way humans are moving towards spiritually. For now, I accept that many people do not live with this connection and respect each person on the journey of enlightenment. I also fully understand that it is impossible to ‘give’ this gift to others. What I can do however is share with people insights along the way. It is up to each individual to find these connections for themselves. It is difficult for us when we first awaken to accept that sharing these connections and experiences is not needed. Some experiences are meant to remain private and by doing so, they become sacred and more powerful.

So when you feel the need to share every detail of your experiences, stop and ask yourself if it is really necessary. Often, when connections are made and those connections are held as sacred, meaning you did not share them with others, they become more powerful. They will give you strength, clarity and show you a clear path to follow.

Remember this as you walk through life as a being who is awakening to the unseen worlds. Not everything is meant to be shared with others. Keep some things for your own spirit and cherish each and every gift you receive from spirit. Be thankful, say thank you, be humble, be silent, and the gifts will continue to be shared with you. Love Miriam

March 19-2017 Returning from healing.
It has been four months since I posted here in the daily blog section of my website. I apologize for not being here for all of you who came by to visit. The last few months I have been focusing a great deal of my energy on having treatments that are called Prolo Therapy to help heal very damaged areas of my body from 10 years ago. The good news it that I am coming close to being healed from all the work I had done.  I am going to make a video to talk about this experience. If you are in any kind of chronic pain and want to be healed, Prolo Therapy can help! It is not effective for everyone, but I think that is because they do not see the therapy through to the end. When the video is done it will be on my Youtube channel as well as my website. LINK TO YOUTUBE HERE

Although you may not have seen much of me the past few months, here on my website, I have been working on other things behind the scenes. Princess Kaoru Nakamaru and myself have been collaborating for the past two years on a massive project. In fact, when we met in 2009 and traveled to see the Hopi together is when our initial agreement to work together formed. We are currently waiting for some things to clear so we can move forward with our plans. In the meantime, we work on smaller details so when things do fall into place we will have the ability to move forward quickly.

Feel free to check back from time to time here for new posts. Now that my treatments are coming to an end, I will have more time to work online and update you on what is happening in the spirit world and in my life.

Have a beautiful day, wherever you are in the world. Love Miriam 

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