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October 07-2016
Yesterday I had a very strange experience that I would like to share with you. The last time I saw an extraterrestrial in their physical form was in 2004. The last incident occurred in Vancouver while I was a passenger in my friend’s car. Although it may seem strange, I saw an extraterrestrial driving a Jeep alongside our car. While I was looking at this being, all I could think in my mind was that no one would ever believe me. Before I could even say anything to the other people in the car, the little girl who sat next to me said, “Look at that man driving the car, he doesn’t even look human.”  This was the last time that I physically saw an extraterrestrial and it was also the pivotal moment where I stopped questioning my own sanity and simply believed.

There are some very beautiful and powerful transitions that are taking place in my life at this time. Some of them are in direct relation to my work and will be shared with the public at the appropriate time. This transition is in direct relation to the messages and directives of the star beings I encountered in 1988. These directives also have a direct link to what is happening around the world with our awakening, unifying and changing our world to be more balanced in respect to natural law.

I am a very rational and down to earth person. When it comes to my own personal experience I tend to look for the more rational explanation to things first, then if there is no answer I look for a more esoteric answer.

Yesterday for the first time in 28 years I physically saw an extraterrestrial. Encounters like this are what make this phenomenon sound crazy and difficult to explain. But I’d like to share with you what happened on my walk home yesterday.

I was simply walking along, not really thinking about much of anything when I saw a black truck approaching me. It caught my eye initially because it was so shiny. As I watched it approach I noticed how clean the truck was and how shiny it looked, like it came out of an indoor sample room. TOO perfect. Then the truck got closer to me and I could see a person driving. At that moment I noticed something very strange that I almost can’t describe. It was as though the inside of the truck looked different than the rest of the reality that surrounded me. Almost as though I was looking into another dimension. It almost seemed to be misty, somehow, inside the cab of this truck. By the time I could see the driver clearly, I was shocked because the driver did not look human! He looked 100% identical to the being I saw in 2004 driving the Jeep in Vancouver. He had blond hair, strange skin, strange blue eyes and a very long face. What makes this even stranger is that as he drove past me he tilted his head to the left slightly and then bowed to me. No smile, no facial expressions, but I recognized him as being identical to the being I saw in Vancouver.

This is very significant because this encounter is demonstrating that these beings are clearly still with me and watching over me. For me, it is also an indication that part of my work that has been slowly building since I was in Hopi is about to manifest. Once this happens it will make it possible for my work that is being done behind the scenes to be presented to the public.

I’m very grateful that I had this experience and I know that it was real. Absolutely nothing has happened like this or even similar to this since 2004 when I was in Hopi and in Vancouver. If you want to learn more about these experiences with more detail please download my book for free.

Now is the time…
It has begun….
With love, Miriam

October 03-2016
Every day is a gift. Being young, I remember thinking about who I would become later in life and what I would do to help people. Knowing that one day, I would do something for the planet but had no idea what or how I would do it. Deep thoughts for a very small child. My inner world was very focused on how we as human beings interact with each other. I was always questioning why we were hurtful to each other and why people would choose to be nice to each other. I would imagine how a person would be different if they had people being nice to them instead of being mean. I saw the deep effect that both love and hate had on a person and how that rippled out of them into the world. Today, I am 50 years old and I still think about it. When I look at the state of the world I see a great deal of pain. In that pain, what I have been observing is that most often people who are criminals, for example, do not want that life for themselves. It began as a result of pain. They have pain from  the experiences they have had in life. Stemming from how people interacted with them and how the world viewed them. It all comes down to trying to survive in many different forms. The criminal is trying to survive and lives in a world of harming self and others in order to survive. Learned behavior through people and circumstance. Once pain is rooted deeply in a person, it is difficult to break the deception they have been taught by people around them and society. We are all breaking through our pain and our programming to walk in the path of love.

In my experience, there are times when it has been possible to defuse very dangerous situations by sharing my own pain with someone and asking them for kindness, with love from my own heart. An example of this was years ago when I was on a long bus ride in Canada. There was a very rowdy group of people who were at the back of the bus where I sat and they were all getting drunk and being very rude. Things escalated and the most agitated and drunk man was digging through his bag for a knife to stab another guy. I knew that there would not be enough time to leave or to protect others who would have been caught in the knife fight. I took a deep breath and let it out with love, gently touched the man’s arm and talked to him. I said his name, which I heard earlier, asking him to please look at me. I then begged him to not do what he was about to do. Explaining how I had almost lost my life in a car accident and fought to get my life back, that if anything else happened to me in the middle of the fight, I may not be able to survive. I asked him for compassion. Telling him that I respected him and his choice and to LOOK at me and please not destroy my life. He listened. He put his knife away. The bus went straight to the police and I was brought in and questioned about the event. They thought I knew the man because I had said the man’s name, touched his arm and spoke to him. What I did was connected with him, without fear but with my own compassion for his pain. I found out that he was a hard core criminal that had just been released from prison only weeks prior and was a very violent man.

We need to begin to have compassion in our world. Where do we begin? With self…. and share with others the light. Remembering, we are all trying to survive. Some of us,  are also trying to grow and expand with heart, compassion and love.

Before we judge each other we must first know one another. Breaking the cycles of pain.

September 24-2016
Last night I had a profound dream that I would like to share with you. In my dream, I received a phone call from Hopi, asking me to come and meet with them. When I arrived in Hopi, in the dream, I was taken to a very big meeting that was taking place with Hopi people from all the villages. The Leaders of Hopi were present, along with young and old people from all over Hopi. It was a very powerful meeting, where we talked about the issues of water, and protecting the water and land of Hopi for its present people, as well as for future generations. The dream was very powerful because of the spiritual energy that was present for protecting water. However, there was also someone in the meeting that was not being honest with the Hopi. They claimed they were there to help and support them, but they were lying and I knew the truth. This person was claiming to be from South America and a traditional person. Somehow, I found out they were only trying to use the Hopi to make a film and make money and a name for themselves. In this dream, my job was to help them see that this person was not being honest and protect the Hopi and the water from their corruption. The positive energy of the dream, tells me that that Hopi is protected. It was a good dream because I saw all the villages and people gathering together for the protection of water. I see this as a very powerful dream because it was so detailed and realistic in nature. Good things are coming to Hopi for the protection of the water. Thankful for this blessed dream. Miriam

August 14-2016
This upcoming week I will be speaking about disclosure at an online event. This is a fascinating subject from my point of view, that view being someone who has physically seen an extraterrestrial. No matter what anyone says, disclosure will not be taking place yet. If it is done, it still will not be complete and will once again be a manipulation of what we think we know or are being told. It is a huge concern to me because there is so much that could be manipulated to further agendas that the public may not be aware of. I do not want disclosure. Not the way many people are talking about it. For example through Hillary or Obama disclosure will only be pure misinformation and misdirection in my view. Also, who will be the go-to person? Who will be the one telling the entire world what the truth actually is? Will that person actually BE TELLING THE TRUTH? I doubt it. There are stacks of lies, upon lies with this subject and no one is ready for the reality of truth that would be required for true disclosure to happen. The way that it is happening is through people like me and YOU. Those of us sharing the information as we learn it and share it with other people when possible, we are the disclosure. You and me, we are at the front of the line, making the path for others to follow. The world is not ready for the full truth but we are making progress. Time will be the true disclosure and only then will people realize….. I was not crazy. Love Miriam

August 10-2016
Today has been an intense day of constant roller coaster emotions. Ups and downs all day. Positive news and news that has made me sad. What I know is that usually when there is this much movement happening, there is a great change coming. It means the universe is trying to make a shift for my life. For some time now, I have been healing my body from old car accidents. This was necessary so that when I began working with Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan, the work would not be hindered by issues of pain in my body. That healing is almost complete and I am grateful because the last few months have been really difficult. Not only for me but for the people around me having to help me through the treatments.

Now that most of this is behind me, the universe appears to have plans for my future. I will be moving in the next couple of weeks from where I currently am, into another room in the house I live in. In fact, I do not see myself in this location for more than another month before I relocate altogether.

It feels as though my life has been on hold for the last year. As if I have been waiting for all the pieces of life around me to fall into place so my work would fully blossom. My body and mind feel like they are holding back a dam that is ready to burst with the flow of energy in regard to my life’s work. Princess Kaoru Nakamaru is one of those pieces that needed to come into place and Hopi is another.

Now that everything is shifting and all the people and pieces are coming together, I also find myself reflecting back. Looking at the past few years, I can see where I have grown as well as seeing where I still need to grow further. This is a great point to be at!

Many people forget that if we sit quietly and really listen to our inner mind and look at our actions we can learn a great deal from ourselves. Since my back treatments have released me from a great deal of pain, I feel and see with more clarity. It is the beginning of stepping forward once again. Just like when I first came forward with my story to the public, this moment, feels like another big step is about to take place.

I am ready. I have worked hard to prepare in every way. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Also, I have focused on my work of building networks, relationships, physical plans and procedures and much more. All of this preparing for the next phase of life.

My life, my journey, is about to take the next step forward for my life and work. I welcome it with an open heart, mind and body.

Have a beautiful day or night wherever you are and remember to share your heart with the people that surround you. Love Miriam

August 07-2016
Extraterrestrial contact is not about seeing the beings. It is about what they represent and why we interact with them. Big questions surround these contacts and there are as many explanations, as there are people who interact with them. For 28 years now, I have observed this phenomenon slowly unveil itself to the public. It is a very complex phenomenon, as complex as debating God or the creation of the Universe itself. Every once in a while, I meet people who are close to understanding the deep spiritual and interconnected reality in relation to these beings. When I was in Santos Brazil last week, I met someone that appears to have aspects of truth, that I find hard to find in the UFO community. They present a view that connects to God, Jesus, history, UFOs and Star Beings. Although I was not able to learn a great deal about their views, since they spoke Italian, I was still able to connect deeply with some of the information they share. When we begin to bring God and Jesus into any conversation it can be a heated discussion. Now bring in ET contact on top of that and most people would prefer to stay away from the topic all together. However, in my experience and knowledge, contact with these more spiritual beings, does connect to all ancient scriptures and teachings in some way. The reality is, that until we can scientifically look at the phenomenon to encompass the spiritual aspects of it, we will never find ultimate truth of what is really going on. The name of the person who was presenting information in Italian is: Pier Georgio Caria. Love Miriam

August 05-2016
Today is my first post since returning home from UFO conference in Brazil. Even though the conference was only three days, it was worth the long journey to get there. People from all over Brazil attended the three day conference in Santos, a beachside city just outside Sao Paulo. I took advantage of every minute of my time to speak with as many people as possible. I made some incredible contacts and connections with people from different parts of the world. In fact, it was a remarkable synchronistic meeting that took place with some of the people from South America. With the help of a friend, I was able to speak with researchers from Bolivia, Chile and Peru. This meeting was extraordinarily important for the future of my work. We agreed to continue speaking with each other and collaborating on a specific project to unite indigenous peoples. I also connected with people from Italy and strengthened my relationship with several people from Brazil. I will be sharing a lengthy report with photographs and video on my blog about the journey to Brazil. Today, I am still recovering from lack of sleep from my 31 hour journey home. A special thank you to everyone who donated making this journey possible. Love Miriam

July 25-2016
Looking at the world today, what I see is many people who are struggling to survive. I believe this is why many of our wars and conflicts start. In daily life, humanity is trying to find a path to follow that allows for personal growth spiritually, as well as taking care of physical needs. In our spiritual yearning, many are searching for new concepts and ideas, to see if they fit with their thinking and current belief systems. Today, even the most religious person, is more likely to be open to incorporating spiritual methods into their lives, like meditation. We are becoming a world society where Catholics are accepting the idea that extraterrestrials do exist, where politicians are talking about being compassionate (Canadian Prime Minster), where the idea of SELF realization has become the norm, rather than the exception. These things were unimaginable 20 years ago. We are changing, and with this change comes responsibility. As we enter more deeply into the time of transition, both as individuals and as a collective, we will be challenged. We are using a system that was created without any thought about our future, and now we are attempting to replace and build a world that always has future generations in mind. A future where humanity is able to thrive and not have to struggle to simply survive as we do now. What I know as my truth, is that no matter how difficult life becomes, those souls that chose to come here and support this transition will never give up. We are the light that is building and working towards creating a world in balance. We are focused on small changes, like hugging strangers, building eco communities or working on new energy devices, to name a few. This movement is reaching a tipping point. Each month, each day….. we become louder, stronger and more focused. Keep your focus on being heart centered and remember that we are the builders. Our job is to create a new path, a new world so future souls will also be able to experience this divine planet. Be love….. share love….. Love from Miriam

July 23-2106
Today has been a very busy day with last-minute preparations for my upcoming travel to Brazil.  Most of my day was spent returning emails. I must admit that the least enjoyable aspect of my work is writing  emails and texting. I much prefer to speak to a person directly. We are creating an incredibly technological society and with that, comes the shaping of our thoughts and daily lives. From what the Hopi have shared with me, it was technology that destroyed the Third World. According to them, it was technology that distracted the people and caused them to become detached from the natural balance of life. Today, I look around and wonder if we are repeating history. There are certain types of technology that are very useful to humanity as a whole. An example of this would be solar technology. Regardless of what our position, or role in life is at
this time, we most likely are using several different forms of technology integrated into our daily lives. Spiritually as individuals we need to find balance between technology and nature. Many of us have learned to appreciate the Internet because of how it has expanded our connection to the rest of the world. However, at the same time, is very easy to become disconnected with people that are in our immediate world. Balance is always a key to remaining spiritually clean and clear. If we educate ourselves with  information and also spend time in nature, we remain in balance with our spirit. When we do both, we can continue to grow and connect with our inner self, our higher self, with the Creator as well as our spirit guides. Sometimes, even I have to be reminded to step away from my technology and get out into nature. Remembering to be in balance with what we put our focus on supports our overall spiritual growth. Enjoy the nature that is close to you and remember to give thanks to the elements, such as water,  that give us life. Enjoy your day, wherever you are in the world. Love Miriam

July 21-2016
Today was an interesting day. It began with challenges and is ending on a positive note. What I have learned about life, is that nothing is permanent. Change is the only constant. This is one of the lessons taught to me by my ET contacts. Still, knowing this does not make life easy to navigate at times. The Masters will tell us to let everything flow through us. This does not pertain to only negative energy, but positive energy as well. When we learn to let the energy flow through us and not try to hold onto it, or control it, we have a greater ability to be the observer of life. Today, I was reminded to let energy flow and allow the universal energies to clear what was stuck and be open to allowing new energy to flow into me and around me.

On a completely different topic; I keep dreaming about New York. Last night I had another dream that I had to pack my bags and move to New York on very short notice. In the dream, I was putting all my belongings into bags and they were going to be put on a flight with American Airlines. There were two other people with me helping me pack. I think tonight when I go to sleep, I am going to ask my guides to come to me and send me messages through my dreams. I often do this to ask them for guidance in my work and personal life. Sometimes, the messages can be very powerful and clear. It may take a few nights before I see the messages from them, but it will come as long as I keep asking. Dreamtime work is one of my favorite ways of communicating with the other worlds. For tonight, may you all hold light in your hearts as we connect around the world and into the other worlds. Thank you for stopping by, Miriam

July 20-2016
There are so many changes that are currently happening on the planet on a daily basis. What we, as a global community have learned, is that many things in our reality are not as they appear to be. Over the last several years, we have been educated about the level of manipulation that is going on in our news media. There have been many mass protests all over the world in different countries that are never talked about unless you search in alternative websites and online social media. It is clear that globally, humanity is asking for change. The question is who will build that change, and how is that even possible? Many of the things that are unfolding today were shared with me through my extraterrestrial communications years ago. What I want to stress to you, is that there are solutions that are based on balance, honor, respect and an interconnected reality that are coming. It is my understanding, that we have always been in charge of what our reality is based on, with free will. There has to be a willingness on a global scale to participate in the darker agendas that we have been immersed in for it to continue. At this point in our evolutionary process, we are beginning to awaken from a dreamlike state. Now, we are beginning to see the reality we have created, as well as participated in and we are demanding a change. There is a movement on a global scale, with people of all walks of life, who are building a new system of participation with the world. What I mean by this is that we are growing more of our own food, buying organic, teaching our children at home, protecting nature, demanding alternative fuel sources etc. This also includes a spiritual awakening that is the fire within all of us to do our part in the building of a world that looks at future generations and what we will leave to them. Together we are growing in numbers, in clarity and in strength. Always in a peaceful way. Thank you for being part of the global movement….. the earth is telling us….. thank you from the waters….. thank you from our souls. Love Miriam

July 18-2016
Today was another interesting day, here at Blue Star central. Last night I dreamt I was in New York with two of my friends. One of my friends from the dream is currently living in New York and the other lives in Toronto. In the dream I was being taken to a very expensive restaurant to talk about the three of us working together. It was a very detailed dream. So vivid in fact, that I can see the details of the embroidery on the white linen that was in the restaurant. I often have premonitions that come to me in dreamtime. What I find interesting is that the type of premonitions I have are almost cyclical in nature. For example, when I was younger my premonition dreams would usually involve things that were going to happen to close friends or family. That rarely happens to me today. For the last couple of years however, my premonition dreams often show up to inform me of upcoming travel. Dreamtime is such a beautiful way to communicate with our inner soul, spirit and the rest of the existence. Recently in the last few weeks I have had several dreams about returning to New York. I do know that I will be returning there at some point, the question is when that will take place. For now I am here in Canada focused on behind-the-scenes preparation and documentation for upcoming projects that will involve Princess Kaoru Nakamaru from Japan. Looking forward to a bright world future. Sending love around the world and thank you to everyone who stopped by. Miriam

July 17-2016
It was a very hot summer day today. Encouraging me to take advantage of the sunshine and work outside for a couple of hours. I love being out in nature, even if it as simple as walking on the earth with bare feet. The smell of the earth, the rustling of the leaves on the trees, the birds singing, it all supports a deep connection with the soul. After all, the soul is connected to all the worlds and dimensions and nature can help us to tap into that energy. The thought of living in a big city and never having the opportunity to be surrounded by nature is something I find myself thinking about for our future generations. As much as we need to preserve nature, we also must do so without cutting off humanity from having access to it. This is why new energy technology, eco building and food production are all very important subjects around the world right now. Looking for ways to support building that positive and balanced future is the main focus of my life. This is why I am so grateful to those of you who support this work. I am sure you are also doing your part to make it a reality in your own communities. Have a beauty filled day. Love Miriam

July 15-2016
Hello to everyone around the world from here in Canada! My posts here have been limited the last few months and I thank you all for your patience in waiting for me to begin blogging again.

This morning I was speaking with my friend and colleague, Dr Bernard Alvarez. He has agreed to begin creating an exclusive interview with me where we will be focused on my relationship with the Hopi. This is going to be a wonderful opportunity to talk about some of my history with them that the public may not be aware of. Very honored to have this opportunity with Bernard’s support. This project will take time to create. Most likely it will be a minimum of a month before we begin filming the interview. Taking this time to organize questions, photos and film clips to insert into the interview. Once this interview is completed it will be shared with the public here on my website as well as my Youtube channel. If you want to take a moment to have a look at the great work Bernard is doing here is his website link. www.bernardalvarez.com Love through the earth to each of you around the world. Miriam

June 15-2016
Recently I had the opportunity to spend time with a friend that I have had for over 30 years, but have not seen for awhile. During our time together, she shared a few stories she remembers about my ET contact from 1989. She said that I was telling people that I was being followed, by whom, I did not know. One day, two men with dark suits and dark glasses did start to follow us when we were out in Vancouver. Once she saw and experienced this for herself, she became a believer. The last few weeks she has repeatedly said to me that it is really amazing how everything I shared with her 27 years ago is now coming true. People who have been close to me my whole life have seen and heard all the stories of my experiences with the star beings. At this point, all the things I told them for 27 years, is, or has, come true. It has made them pay even more attention to what the beings share with me now. The point for me and for the world in my view is; we need to listen and support the healing of our planet and humanity. This is at the core of the message of the beings I have contact with. Remember to plant your gardens and support the healing. Love Miriam

May 29-2016
Today is a very interesting day for me personally and for my work. I have seen cycles in my personal life, in my work and the world. Very interesting how clear these cycles have been. If we stay on track this will mean that a big change is about to happen any time now for all these areas. I am looking forward to seeing the unfolding take place over the next few weeks and few months. Let’s hope that the cycle gets past the glitch that has held things back the last 5 years of this cycle. Holding the light and holding open space for positive work to unfold for everyone in the truth and spiritual movement. May 30-2016: Today I received a phone call that indicates the cycle may have broken through. I will know within a few days if the cycle was broken and we move forward with light. Once all the pieces are in place, the work and more details on this cycle will be revealed. What I can say is that it is VERY exciting and many will benefit from this movement. Love Miriam

April 13-2016
Hello everyone, sorry I’ve been absent from the daily messages for the past few weeks. It can be difficult trying to post here on my website when I’m traveling and also when I’m focused on my humanitarian work. Thank you for your patience and understanding in my absence.

Ever since I had my experience in 1988, seeing the tall blond extraterrestrials, people have always wanted to know what they said to me. As I reflect on this, 27 years later, I still hear the exact same question. The most profound information these beings shared with me was in regard to how we are connected to them, to the earth and everything that exists. I remember the girl I was at 22 years old before I had this experience. I was always questioning life around me, even as a young child. Immediately after being on board the UFO in 1988, I had a gift of understanding these beings and what they shared with me. Even today, all these years later it is impossible to convey in words what I now understand. Poets, philosophers, scientists, researchers and seekers of all kinds and all faiths ask the question who are we? Where are we from? What is the purpose of our being? This was the gift of understanding these beings shared with me. Struggling for 27 years to convey in words to people what happened that day on the side of the highway in 1988, I now realize it is impossible to fully express the profound and divine gift that was shared with me by these beings. The gift of understanding how we are connected to every molecule of life that exists. Not only in this world, how we as human beings are connected, but also how we are connected to the earth, the air, wind, the flowers, the bees, the oceans, the universe and everything that we cannot even begin to imagine, we are connected.

Why does one person choose to share what they have with others, while other people choose to keep everything for themselves? When a single soul, a single human being, awakens spiritually they simply understand that we are connected. What we do, affects everything in the existence, not just here on earth. This is the divine gift of knowing the secrets to life that everyone seeks. In today’s world however, many people believe that paying money for a book, or a seminar, or a lecture you will give you those “secrets”. These are powerful tools that people can use to find the doorways to enter into and finally have these secrets of the universe. This requires work through dedication to focus on your inner self. I guarantee that focusing inward looking towards the divine spirit of creation will give you every answer you may be asking. Focus on the Divine Creator/God/Source and through this doorway divine truths will be shown to you. With love, Miriam

February 13-2016
Hello everyone and thank you for your patience since I have been away from the website blog and daily post. The last few weeks for me have been very busy. Last week I traveled to see the Hopi and was blessed to be able to watch them dance the buffalo dance. It is very touching and powerful to see the small children participate in these dances. Their small rattles giving good energy to the ceremony itself. As I stood on the rooftop of one of the houses and looked down on the dancers, (this is where they stand to watch) I was deeply touched at how the Hopi are still so strong in belief and culture. Not for tourism, not to prove anything to anyone, not for attention but because is who they are; they are a people of ceremony and interconnected ways. It is always good for me personally to have the opportunity to see the ceremonies as a reminder of what the focus of my work and life is. It is to support, protect and honor what is sacred in life. Meaning, it is to honor and respect the natural balance of all things.

I went to Hopi to meet with a few people there to ask them for guidance on some upcoming work. From there I traveled to New York where I made plans to meet with Princess Kaoru Nakamaru. We spent four and a half days together here in Manhattan. It was a busy and intense few days together. Many meetings took place over skype and physically with different people to discuss upcoming plans and work. We focused on how we can collaborate on projects together and support each others paths towards a balanced world.

Since I could not get a flight to go home for a few more days, I was invited to stay with a friend here in Manhattan. Tired from all the travel and meetings I find myself wanting to just sleep and rest! When I fly home in a few more days I will have to jump back on the computer and work some long hours to get caught up again.

This journey holds great potential for the future. It feels like I have been waiting forever for the next step of my work to unfold. Right now I am reminding myself to be patient because the next step is only moments away. Myself and the Princess have been saying we will always remember this time. We fully recognize that it has taken a small group of people committed to being in service to others and working in unity that made everything possible!

I am thankful to each and everyone of you who supports this work!!

With love, Miriam

January 19-February 02.
Due to a backlog of work that needs my attention,
I will not have time to post daily during these dates.

When possible I will submit a daily message. 
Thank you for your support and understanding.
New Seminars dates will also be posted soon so keep checking back.

January 18-2016
It has been an interesting two days. The last few years I have been working hard on building this website, adding more content and trying to share as much as possible with the public. Recently, I began my new video blog and I am very pleased with the response from the public. Many people have been commenting on Youtube with positive statements about their own experiences, or they are asking questions. I do enjoy this type of interaction with the public, however, keeping up with all the work can be a challenge. There are many small projects and one larger project that I am working on that is not displayed here on my website. So, the reason I am sharing this with you is because I realized yesterday that in order for me to complete some necessary tasks I will need to limit my time on social media and my websites. My main focus will be to create my next seminar dates, complete some accounting and packing (I am preparing to move soon.) to name a few. I will do my best to pop in and post a few daily messages but it will not be ‘daily’. I am grateful to everyone for your support and understanding.

On a spiritual note: Over the past year I have had some very powerful visions and dreams. A few of those dreams I have shared here in my daily blog. Although I have been having visions of future events since I was a young child, I must admit that I am always in awe of them when they unfold exactly as I first saw them from spirit. For example, I had a dream that a family with three small children moved next door to where I am living and shortly after that happened I would move away. Well, one day after they moved in, I have begun to pack my things in preparations. This was not planned, nor could it have been, it is simply unfolding exactly as I saw it. I love the divine world and how it can prepare us for what is to come into our lives. I am moving into a place of peace today, knowing that this move is the beginning to something that was meant to be. A new path is about to come to life. I know this because I have seen it for 27 years, slowly, day by day unfolding and manifesting into reality. I have had several dreams that have all come true in the past year with great accuracy. I am still waiting for a couple of those dreams to manifest but I know they will. After 27 years of waiting, the time for my greatest work is about to unfold. I am ready, I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to serve humanity and all life in any way possible. It is what gives me my joy in life. Keeping my faith and holding onto what I know, my spirit is open to the new path now. Remember to keep your eyes to the skies because you never know when you might see a ufo coming to visit. With love, Miriam

January 17-2016 Having a no work day. Need a day to relax. I will be back tomorrow! Thank you for stopping by.
January 16-2016 Taking the day off from posting on Daily Messages.

January 15-2016
I made my life story public in October of 2007. Since then, I have walked many paths, with many people and through it all, I have learned a great deal. Mostly, I learned about myself and my inner being. Coming forward and telling the world that I was abducted, or taken by ‘aliens’ onto a UFO has made me face many challenges in my life. Some of the greatest gifts I have received from the last few years of my life, is my ability to be the observer in highly charged situations. Certainly I still have emotional reactions to things, but overall, I have learned to not take on the emotional state of other people into my own life. Another great gift has been truly learning how to be patient. Challenges that I have been confronted with as a public person has helped me to grow spiritually. Each one of us is simply living life to the best of our ability. Most of us want a peaceful and happy life and what separates us is how we conceive peace, happiness and a good life. These differences are also what cause us to have conflicts if we are emotionally charged. From the view of being the observer, it becomes clear that there is no need for judgment since we are all doing our very best! I honor all the people from my life that gifted me with the challenges they have. It is these challenges that all my greatest gifts in life have come from. Daily I remind myself that we are all here as a group of collective souls for the experience of life on this beautiful planet. Love, honor and respect the life we have today because tomorrow may not exist. Sending love around the earth to each of  you, Miriam

January 14-2016
Everything in this life has a purpose, even if we are not clear as to what that purpose is. This does not mean we are not meant to try to change something that we see as being a problem. What it means is that when faced with challenge, how we chose to overcome it, or learn from it, will determine the final purpose. With all the challenges so many of us face in today’s world, a world out of balance, how we chose to view those challenges and overcome them is really still up to us. This is our free will. What I know from living on this amazing and beautiful planet for the past 49 years is that each day is a gift. I don’t have to search to find something to be grateful for each day because I recognize the gift of life itself. I know that I can stop for a moment, any moment, and see beauty around me. See the beauty of a person smiling, a tree blowing in the wind, a blade of grass, most life that surrounds us….. truly is….. beautiful! What we choose to see is what builds our lives, our future our lives. I choose to see the light and beauty, while still being aware of what needs to change. Once we commit to opening our eyes to see the beauty around us, life changes and we begin the process of enlightenment. Sending a wave of love around the world to each and every one of you reading this today. Love Miriam

January 13-2016
Every day, around the world, more people are realizing that as human beings we are not the only intelligent life that exists. The subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials is always, in some way linked to spiritual or religious beliefs, making this subject very complicated to understand. In the past, researchers left portions of people’s experience out of their research because it did not fit their understanding. This is still being done today with many researchers, while others are advocating for more precise documentation of these encounters. Let’s face it, when someone says they are a “researcher” what qualifies them to do this type of work? Nothing. They are a dime a dozen. It is similar for “contactees” or “abductees”. What proof do they have that they really did, or are, having the experiences they claim? Nothing. Most of us do not have the level of proof that would be required to actually prove our experiences to the public. So how do we know who to believe, or trust, when they share information on this subject with the public? Sadly, I must say, that I see people every day, sharing information that I know is not truthful or clear. In fact there are several that I think are doing the entire alternative community harm by their claims. There is very little that can be done about this. My strongest advice to people regarding who to look towards regarding this subject for information; listen to your inner voice and if you feel that the information is not right for you, then stop listening. Please take a moment to touch the earth where ever you are and thank her for providing everything we need in this life. With gratitude and love, Miriam

January 12-2016
Today has been a day of pure gratitude and giving thanks for all the blessings in my life. Gratitude with humility in understanding how small each one of us is in the construct of all life, of the the universe and of the multidimensional worlds we all coexist in. David Bowie left this world and went into the next on January 10th of this year. His passing made me think of my own mortality. What he did in one lifetime, most could not or would not do in 20 lifetimes. He was a powerhouse of change on the planet. Through his music and what often seemed like radical views, life and lifestyle, no matter what one may think of Bowie, he did change the world with his life. Each one of us here on the planet is given the gift of life and each moment, each breath, each day, is a new opportunity to experience life, support other people and all life that surrounds us. I sometimes think about what the conversations will be like when I leave this world once I arrive on the other side. The only way to ensure we do not bring any regret to the other side, is to live this life to the best of our ability. To hold the light of God/Creator/Source within our hearts and walk through life knowing we are all connected. Remember we will not be judged by others, we will not even be judged by God, but we will most assuredly judge ourselves. To take a line from one of my favorite poems, Desederata; ‘You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here, and whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should, therefore be at peace with your God, whatever you conceive Him to be.’ It is my belief that we must be at peace with the God that is within each of us and as we travel from this world into the next, it is this God/Creator energy that allows us to hold light and love of the universe. Until tomorrow, thank you for stopping by and have a beautiful day. Love Miriam

January 11-2016 
I took the last two days off from posting my daily message so I could get some work done that needed my attention. This may have been a great plan, but it did not work out as intended. My website had some problems due to a recent update and that took a great deal of my time to fix. Then on sunday I was unable to complete my list of tasks due to unforeseen circumstances. Mostly because I live in a house with other people and with them all being home, it was impossible for me to work without being interrupted. Today I made my next video as planned, but am unable to sit and edit it. My back has gone out of place on me again and I find it painful to sit. I feel confident that it will be ok by tomorrow. I need to lay down with some heat on it and let it rest so it will not get any worse. I do apologize to everyone and ask for your understanding. See you all tomorrow. Love Miriam

January 10-2016 Taking a day off from posting daily message. (Back on the 11th.)
January 09-2016 Taking the day off from posting on my daily message.

January 08-2016
Today was a very positive and busy day. I had a meeting today with the head of an organization that I would like to collaborate with. After two hours of speaking with this person both of us were ready to start the process of working together. Working towards collaborating with others is some of the work I have been doing over the years. I have been working on slowly building relationships with people in the alternative community and indigenous people. This network of people are the ones changing the world! In order for us to have a positive and larger impact we need to collaborate. What I have witnessed is that many people are not wanting to, or even willing, to collaborate. They are not in service to others, but in service to themselves. Our world has changed, and one of the ways it has changed, is our ability to see more clearly and more quickly what a person’s true self is. Everything I have been working on will be shown to the public soon. When it is, it will have a positive impact for many people. Nothing makes me happier than helping and supporting other people. The last three days, through this website, we were able to collect enough donations to send to the KhoiSan in South Africa for a historic gathering taking place in the Kalahari at this very moment. We sent enough donations for them to purchase food and water for the people. Last count there were about 175 people and more coming! Indigenous from all over South Africa coming together to unite into one voice. Simply remarkable! Some photos were sent to us via Facebook today. LINK HERE Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Love Miriam

January 6-2016
Wow. This year is already holding some amazing energy of change and it is happening faster than lightening! January first I had an amazing day with some deep personal insights that have been healing and transformative. Over the past 10 months I have had several beautiful and profound dreams and messages that came from the Star Beings. Since the start of this year, these messages are finally being processed into my being. This is something I have spoken about often in regard to making contact with these beings; how it takes time to process the experience. I have also talked about seeing signs and interpreting them in some of my past interviews and my latest seminar. (Available here.) It is clear to me more each day that certain things are manifesting in regard to my commitment to being in service to others. What is slowly physically manifesting is my ability to be able to support many more people around the world through collaboration with others. The spiritual signs are all around me as well as the physical things that are taking place and all of them pointing in one positive direction, the direction of global positive change. Although life can be and has been a challenge, my faith in my commitment to this path is stronger than it ever has been. I am very much looking forward to this year as it appears that my ability to support more, do more and create even more positive change in the world will be possible. Years of hard work are coming into a single moment, the moment that all the messages of the Star Beings from the past 27 years….. will converge and take shape. Until everything is complete it is difficult to convey all the details with you. In saying this, I am happy you are here as part of the global movement of positive change in the world. The world is shifting and with this comes dark and light, our personal job is to hold the balance and share that with others. As a large group of people around the world, we are doing this and together making positive change. I am excited to see how things will unfold in the coming days. Peace to you in your part of the world. We are one….. Love Miriam

January 05-2016
Today was a very busy day! I have never worked harder than I have the last few years since I came forward into the public regarding my ET contacts. Each year has held its own challenges and rewards. As we are entering into 2016 I can feel a shift coming for the planet. My visions have shown me some of what is coming for us as a collective. 2015 was a year of building a solid foundation for the future. 2016 and 2017 are pivotal years for us as a collective and whatever we do in the next two years, will literally build the path to balance or the path to destruction for our future. This has been shown to me since 1988. Now, the time has arrived. What makes this fascinating through my personal observation, is what I see happening with a massive movement of people behind the scenes who are building networks, relationships, organizations and projects, all to support a healthy and balanced world. I have never been more optimistic about our collective future. Not saying that it is going to be easy, it will continue to be a struggle, but we are making great waves of change. Change that is coming from the heart. Hold your light, wherever you may be and share it with others around you! Much love and gratitude to each of you who, together, through the connected energy of life itself, we are ONE. Love Miriam

January 04-2016
This year appears to have started with new paths being built upon solid and positive ground. In the last few days I have had the opportunity to speak with several women who are all committed to the spiritual path of awakening for themselves and for the planet. When women are committed to this type of work it is not like work at all, it is rather like nurturing and caring that births positive light. It is simply different than the way in which men build a path. It is very important that as a society we look at the relationships we have as human beings with one another. The masculine and feminine are both needed to build this positive and balanced path for the future. We all have a roll to play and at this time in our development the roll of women has become the topic of much discussion. We are finally seeing clearly that women are not seen as equals on the planet as a whole. We do not have to be the same, but we do need to respect each other in our positions. Delicate matters in some parts of the world. Even here in North America some people believe that discrimination or equality is not a problem. However, that is mostly still stated by men and I am witness to the fact that it is still a problem. How do we overcome this? How can we repair the balance? We respect each other as human beings. As equals, not as man and woman, black or white, red or yellow, rich or poor, we view each other as HUMAN and as EQUALS. We have a long path ahead for the balance to be complete. I do also see that we have improved this situation and there are many men who acknowledge women with honor and respect. Together with all those men and women working on restoring this balance, we are making progress. Thankful for our collective to be rising up to see what we need to do in order to shift us all back to a respectful world. Love Miriam

January 03-2016 Taking the day off. 

January 02-2016
Last night I had a very difficult time falling asleep. It was close to 5am before I finally drifted off to dreamland and still, I woke up early. In my dreamtime, even though it was short, I had very long and complex dreams about being in New York. This is a reoccurring dream I keep having over the last few months. My spiritual energy was very open yesterday as a result of the many calls and conversations that took place throughout my day on Friday. Change is upon us as a planet and for me as an individual. I need time to integrate those conversations. The spirit and soul needs time to sit quietly, reflect and be quiet enough to listen. I will be taking time off tomorrow to do just that. Taking care of the self in physical body is as important as taking care of spirit and mind. I will see you all on Monday. May our Creator bless our collective path for a bright and balanced future. Love Miriam

January 01-2016
Welcome to the new cycle of our calendar year everyone! The year began for me personally in a deeply spiritual way.  For the past three weeks I have been thinking of a certain person who I wanted to contact. Making the decision to wait until after Christmas at first. Then deciding I would call them in the afternoon on January first, after New Years. Understand that I have not spoken to, or had direct contact with this person in possibly over a year. Today, right on time, they texted me a greeting of welcoming the new year, even though they do not celebrate this time themselves. It was beautiful. Our conversation centered around a very delicate spiritual matter. By them contacting me as they did, I felt that Creator was sending a message that they were the correct person to communicate this delicate issue with. By the end of our conversation my entire energy felt rejuvenated and full of light. After we spoke, I felt a huge shift in energy in my surroundings also. Later as I went about my day, I felt that now it was time for certain aspects of my work and my life to manifest. Sure enough, I received a phone call from someone informing me that future plans for some specific work I have been focused on are about to unfold. Still remaining in a place of patience and gratitude is required. I am ready now for the next phase to begin. Thankful for all the support and guidance along the way. Much love and gratitude, Miriam

December 31-2015
Another year is about to finish as we enter 2016! May we, all as a collective, continue to grow and expand our consciousness of the Divine World. Moving deeper into the center of the universe. We have been experiencing new energies on the planet that are awaking people to their true selves. The last 10 years this has been very apparent and with each year that passes, we feel and see the results of this energy taking hold further. I am looking at the upcoming years as being transformative for us as a planet. I will be making a longer blog post on what 2016 will bring to us as a planet and what we can expect in the new year. In the meantime, I send my very best to everyone around the world who is focused on being in service to others, to the planet and to enlightenment of inner self. Sending light into the hearts and minds of all those who are in darkness, so they may awaken. Love and gratitude to the earth and all the elements, our guides and protectors as well as God/Creator itself. Hold light for 2016. Love Miriam

December 30-2015
Today was a wonderful day because I was able to visit with a childhood friend. We shared laughter and even some tears over life and love, family and friends, past and present. We sat together for several hours and part of our conversation was regarding an event that I have shared in my book, Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy, where I healed her of warts on her hands as a child. Her memory of this event is so clear, that as I listened to her tell the story of me holding her hands doing this healing, it was as if we transported back to being children again for just a moment. I am so happy we were able to find time to see each other! I have asked her for permission to interview her regarding this event and she said she would think about it. So many moments in my life that I would love to share with more detail with the public, but as always, protecting people’s privacy is of the highest importance to me. I hope she will choose to come forward and share the story with all of you. I am actually looking forward to seeing her again because our time together was really easy and light and filled with that energy that is only possible with life long friends of youth. There is something special about childhood friends that makes a bond that is unshakeable. For example, there was a young man who was in my grade one class in school and I always felt badly for him. He often had no lunch, not dressed properly and overall, you just knew he was neglected. I always tried to be nice and talk with him to be compassionate. Remember, I was only 6 years old. That young man still has my caring thoughts for him, wondering how he is and how his life turned out. In fact, I saw him the other day for the first time in over 30 years! We did not speak, but if we did stop to talk, the conversation would have held genuine care about each others lives, even if it was only for an instant. That is the energy of childhood friends. It is as if we create energy as we grow up and our energy molecules somehow bond to each other, imprinting on the energy around us as we continue to grow and manifest our full selves into this world. This is the special ‘bond’ we create. This is also why it is so important for parents to give children guidance and love growing up, our schools need to be better at educating ‘people’ and not just as a student with a number. There are a few other special times in my life where I have this kind of special bond with people. My time in Vancouver when I worked at a restaurant just off Robson street. I formed some friendships there that will hold a special place in my heart and soul for the rest of this life. Today, was a really great day and a wonderful gift to my spirit. Looking forward to more days with this type of playful and light energy in life as we welcome 2016 into our world. Love to all my past friends who will and are friends for life! Miriam

December 29-2015 
Today I woke up after having a very powerful premonition of something that may happen in the world. The last three times there were terrorist attacks I had dreams about them before they happened. The first was the plane that was bombed, the second event was about the terrorists who were on the way to bomb the airport and the third was when a bomb threat took place in the subways in a major city. Each one was deeply disturbing and very detailed. All my life I have had dreams of things that were to come and these messages are never easy to process. It is about a collective energy that is being sent out that I pick up on. Like a wave ahead of the event and as a sensitive I sometimes pick up on these energies and have visions of some kind from them. I still remember the first time I ever had a premonition that involved many people, it was in regard to a plane crash where over 220 people died. Sometimes when what I see involves people in my life, I have been able to share it with them to alter the outcome. This does not always work as I learned when my brother in-law passed away. Another time, I shared in great detail the vision to a co-worker who’s life was saved as a result of them heeding my warnings to them. They never questioned me again regarding my visions! What is the purpose of seeing such things? Can it be changed? Should it be changed? Is it right to try? Many questions come up when something like this comes into my field of knowledge. This is where being very clear in my spirt and soul, understanding Universal Law and being non-attached is very important. Finding your way through this type of experience takes a lifetime of learning and it never ends. Even the most highly evolved beings are still learning because the Creator and Creation is so vast that it can not be contained in any one soul. We are here on this earth experiencing a collective experience as much as we are an individual one. I see and feel positive premonitions in similar ways in dreams and visions. In the beginning I felt out of control when the visions came to me. Now, after a lifetime of experiences I am able to allow them to flow through me with more ease. May we all awaken to our true self and reach higher to towards the light of Divine Consciousness of God. Freeing ourselves from the darker side of our restricted souls. With love, Miriam

December 28-2015
I have had a difficult time this week focusing on my work. Feeling exhausted and needing time to rest. My sister has had a very bad flu for the last few weeks and my nephew had it as well. I think I may be fighting it off. I do not normally get as sick as others but I think this one may have a small grip on me. Sigh…. very tired and there is no reason for it. Tomorrow I will pick up some super juice and see if it helps to fight this off. Please forgive me if my daily posts are rather short. I need to work and also take time to rest and fight off this flu bug. With love and gratitude, Miriam

December 27-2015
It was one year ago that I rebuilt this website. I have been reflecting on the past year, my accomplishments, what I would like to work on moving forward and most important, what to let go of that no longer serves me. There are some very interesting things that are happening that have the potential to change not only my life, but the lives of many others as well. For six years, I have been waiting to work with Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan. Ever since we first met in 2009, I have known that we had a destiny that was tied together. For the last few months I have been focused on taking time to rest, heal my body from working the incredible hours I have over the last three years and putting together a strategy of how we will be working together. Every day, is a day that requires patience for our work together to begin. 2016 is going to be the year when everything changes. It will be the year that my dedication to being in service will begin on a much larger scale. I am ready and honored to have this opportunity. Let 2016 be the new beginning….. Love Miriam

December 26-2015
On Christmas eve, here in Canada, I had a late night UFO sighting! I saw a bright object in the sky that appeared to be out of place in the night sky and took a closer look. First, I took a photograph of it to see if anything strange showed up and I was rather surprised by what I saw. It looked like a shape with dots above it. I then took out my video camera because I knew it had more of a zoom lens on it. As soon as it began to film, it was clear that the bright object was not a normal ‘star’ in the sky. I will be doing some edits of the 55 minute video and photos to put on my website here and on Youtube. I had a man on my Facebook wall comment that he too saw something strange that he caught on video on the 23, the day before me, in Tijuana, Mexico. LOOK HERE at his video. It really was remarkable to have the opportunity to film this light for 55 minutes! I am also going to contact a researcher to see if they will give some feedback on what they think it may be. Also, a film editor friend of mine said they may be able to help with the edit as well. Hope they can it will be remarkable!  See you all tomorrow! Love Miriam

December 25-2015 Happy Holidays everyone have a Merry Christmas! 

December 24-2015 Taking the day off
December 23-2015 Taking the day off
December 22-2015 Taking a day off.
December 21-2015 Taking a day off.

December 20-2015
Today has been another interesting day. I woke up after have a very powerful dream about the Hopi. Here is what I shared on my Facebook page: Last night I had a dream that I was with the Hopi. It was really powerful because I was with them and helping many of them to levitate. I was floating above them and giving them energy and support for the work they were doing. Powerful, considering they are in Ceremony right now. Letting the energy float through me and into the world. With so much love and gratitude to Hopi for all the work they do with their Ceremonies for the world and all life. They are my family, the land there is my home and today, I feel connected to them. With honor to serve them in any way possible to support and preserve their culture and teachings from the Ancestors. Love Miriam
Also today I took time to make two new videos for my new video blog. They will be edited and shared in a few days. Then, I started working on trying to transcribe my videos with a program I have with Dragon Dictate. It worked fairly well, but I will have to take time to listen to the video and make corrections. I am doing as much as possible to share with people the knowledge, experiences and information shared with me by the Star Beings. It is ironic that today I received a really harsh message on youtube from a woman who says she is part of a “private” group of experiencers that I was not welcome to join. She went on to say how horrible I was and how I was using this experience to make money, I was apparently a liar and a fraud. Wow. Interesting I thought. So, the reason I am sharing this here is to demonstrate that this type of behavior is why the world needs to change. She has no personal information that says who she is, so she hides her identity, says she is in a ‘private’ group, meaning she takes ownership to ET information and she is not willing to share it. She actually said no one on the planet was allowed to come forward except one contactee. This is what makes the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials so complicated. We need to slowly and rationally listen to people, ask questions and be open to hearing what they have to say. I always say, don’t look at what people say, look at their ACTIONS. My work is so much more than a few videos. It is working in service to people all over the world. I started a nonprofit, work with indigenous people, give 99% of all my work to the public for free. My life, my actions, speak for themselves. Sigh….. never an easy job to come forward, but it is what my spirit calls me to do. There is much more to come, and when everything falls into place, it will be possible to give much more to the world than is possible today. I look forward to that day. When the real work for the world will have a greater impact for all people. Thank YOU….. for being here on the journey with not just me, but with all of us who are having awakenings of our souls, our spirits and connecting with the other worlds and with the star beings. I want to keep this real……. this is my life….. this is who I am…… thank you! With honor to be of service, Love Miriam

December 19-2015
The world appears to be falling part, at least that is what some people see. Instead, I see change manifesting. I see the darkness, but at the same time and equally as strong, I see beauty transforming our planet every day. More truth is being revealed to us all the time because of dedicated people sharing information through the internet, emails and group meet-ups, to name a few. It is because of a small group of dedicated truth seekers in every corner of the world we are making change happen. Peaceful, caring, loving and respectful but …… we are strong and clear with what we want; change through freedom and truth. Every day, month and year that passes we need to focus with more precision on our own inner selves, our own inner light and enlightenment. It is only with spiritual enlightenment and a connection to the Creator itself, within us and all around us, that we will create the world we all wish to live in. WE are making progress! Love Miriam

December 18-2015
As a spiritual person, is it wrong to make others aware of peoples behavior that you know is not right? This is something that many people struggle with. There is a false perception that if you are spiritual you must always be forgiving and simply allow people to make their own decisions. When we know that harm is being done to others and we stand silent, then we are supporting that harm. This is why at times you will see me stand up and make a statement regarding certain people or groups that are harming others. If a statement such as this is made, we need to be VERY careful that we are not creating bad karma in making false statements. So, be aware that how we make the statements, and the reason why we do it, must be clear and in light. It is really upsetting to see so many “spiritual” people stand back and support people with full knowledge of the harm that is being done to others. Sadly, I have seen this far too often and each time it is revealed, I am shocked. For example, a few months ago a woman was sexually attacked by a man who claimed to be a traditional leader. (This man was from South America.) Everyone knew this attack took place and not one person did anything about it. They simply supported the “elder” because he would give them standing in the community. Wow…. and these people claim to be such loving people. I immediately distanced myself from these people and will not work with them or support them again. It is one thing to do harm unknowingly, but when people do it with full knowledge of what they are doing, this is very different. We need to speak up when we see wrong being done. The world will never change if we continue to be silent. Just remember to be peaceful, use your voice through words and create actions to support a balanced world. Send a prayer of light to those that need to wake up and see what harm they are causing. Restore the balance with light. Love Miriam

December 15-17
Sorry I have not posted. My left rib went out of place and I was unable to sit at the computer and work. I will be back tomorrow. Much love, Miriam

December 14-2015 Taking a day off. See you all tomorrow.

December 13-2015
Ever wonder why good things happen to people that appear to have ‘good luck’. Well, it is not entirely luck, it is partly the energy they have. If we walk through life with dark thoughts, we attract darkness. If we walk through life with light thoughts, we attract more light. We must constantly remind ourselves to be conscious of our thoughts throughout our day. This is where mediation and mantras can really help to reprogram the brain to think and BE positive. When we notice a negative thought about ourselves, or others, we can simply stop, and begin the thought again with more light. This will help send our energy out into the world and into the divine world with light. Please know that life is difficult. Being in light does not make us immune to negativity, however, how we deal with that negativity through our thoughts is very important. Everyone has someone that is really negative in our lives that we can not get away from. Not allowing yourself to project negativity back to the person who is sharing it will help to keep your spirit and soul at peace. What we think creates the way we interact with everything and everyone. Learning this, has the potential to change your life! Love Miriam

December 12-2105
My day has been fully charged with spiritual energy! I have been speaking with people regarding changes that are coming into our collective and conscious lives for the planet in the coming years. The energy is building and I can literally feel the manifestation of our focused minds at work. The focus of the indigenous, the spiritual, the light bearers, all of us coming into alignment. We are in a very unique time, a time of great change and as we go deeper spiritually, the further we go physically in creating change. Positive change that is!!! Love Miriam

December 11-2015
Although I spent my entire day on the computer, I was still able to take time to allow my spiritual side to be supported. Listening to beautiful music and saying mantras during my computer work. There is always time for our spiritual side of life. People think that if we do not have hours upon hours to meditate then we are not able to work on ourselves spiritually. This is not true. With each moment, we can focus our thoughts and attention towards the divine world and connect more deeply with everything that exists. By acknowledging our inner spirit and the universal energies, we strengthen our connections to the other worlds and enhance our daily lives here on earth. Awakening is not about running away from who we are as human beings, it is about finding the beauty and love of being human and living life on this remarkable planet. We are all blessed. Now is the time to remember this. Love Miriam

December 10-2015
Today has been a challenging day. Twice today I have been insulted by someone who is in such darkness that they are completely blind. I have learned over the last few years that when people are like this, nothing can be said or done to support or help the person to see anything other than what they choose to see; darkness. This is the choice of some people, to remain in a state of hatred, anger, resentment, selfishness etc. What I can do, is support MY self and not engage in this behavior. Lack of respect by some people is really difficult to resolve or overcome in this chaotic world. Earlier today this person said some things to me that are the most ridiculous and cruel thing a person could say to another person! When I did not ‘engage’ with them by lashing out and speaking with anger and hatred in return, they were also ‘upset’. Now, they sent me an email with another statement that is equally insulting, cruel and unwarranted. As I sit here and contemplate this as an observer, it is easy to see how this person will simply continue to unjustly insult me in an attempt to have me ‘react’, at which time they would then have what they wanted, the argument. Spiritually, this is being played out all over the planet in our relationships. In conflict situations, it is important to remain respectful, non judgmental and calm to the best of our ability. Becoming the observer will allow for greater clarity into what the person or people are trying to do and why. This person, who is attacking me, is in pain. It is unfortunate that they do not see that they are creating their pain by attacking not only me, but everyone around them. Blaming everyone and everything for the fact that they are not happy. Moving into this changing spiritual global time of awakening, some people are simply unable to connect to the divine energy of life. It is a choice. The more some awaken, the darker and more anger filled others become. Our goal as awakening souls, is to hold the light and love in our bodies, hearts and minds. Love Miriam

December 09-2015 
In day to day life we can easily be caught up in the details and the mundane. Things such as work, what is happening on the news and socializing. The fact is, what humanity seeks is knowing who they are, where they are from and what they are truly connected to. For true knowledge to enter our lives we must pay attention to the divinity that surrounds us every day and every moment. Being the observer of our own lives through the inner and outer world. Meditation is about connecting with God/Source/Creator energy. Once we put our attention towards the divine energy of spirit, energy and God, we then make our connections to Source stronger and more clear. Taking a moment in the middle of a hectic day to simply acknowledge the divine world, strengthens our connection to it and welcomes this positive energy into our lives. Love Miriam

December 08-2015
Sorry for not posting earlier today. I was unable to access the admin section of the website. With a really slow internet connection and also a few glitches on the website, it has been almost impossible for me to work online. It is now almost 10:00pm, time for me to rest. See you all tomorrow. Good night everyone! Love Miriam

December 07-2015
This weekend I was in deep reflection on life. It is important in today’s world that we take time out and sit quietly to allow our spirit and soul time to rest. I also took time to meditate and was sending energy to different people to support them in their lives for healing and strength. When doing this type of energy work we must be careful that we are not sending our own energy, but the energy of the divine world. The energy that does not have judgment, ego or attachment to outcome. We also need to be aware that the person we are sending it to may not want the energy. When sending energy I always send it and share it as a gift that they can accept or reject, without attachment on my part. When accepting energy from people we can make sure that it is ‘clear and clean’ energy by making a simple statement that you only accept divine healing energy, for example. This way, without having to say it, you will not accept any personal energy of the person you a receiving from. There are many amazing healers out there that are clear and strong, however, there are many who do not know what they are doing and we need to be careful of who we accept energy from into our mind, body, spirit and soul. This is what the energy will touch and affect so be aware of this. Accept and share energy with clarity. On another note, I have been speaking with Princess Kaoru Nakamaru this weekend. It was good to hear from her as she has a very busy schedule. She informs me that it looks as though we will be meeting sometime in January for some work we will be doing together. We both have had to be patient for this work to begin, recognizing that once it does, it will be amazing! It will be the next chapter of the divine blessings from the Great Ancestors. Enjoy your day, wherever you may be in our beautiful world. Remember to take a moment and touch the earth, sending gratitude for all that it provides for us. Love Miriam

December 06-2015 Sunday: Taking the day off.

December 05-2015 Saturday: Taking the day off. 

December 04-2015
Today was a great day. Packed with phone calls, emails and my seminar this morning. We have been discussing energy and seeing signs and symbols. The feedback from some of the participants so far has been really positive. Once the seminar is complete the 6 hours of dialogue will be transcribed so people are able to work with the material presented. Looking forward to tomorrow when we will begin to interact with the participants and learn how to integrate the information into daily life. Giving thanks for such a positive event! Love Miriam

December 03-2015
Yesterday I talked about seeing a bald eagle. I immediately recognized that this was a powerful message for me that was deeply connected to spirit. Not only my spirit, but to the spirt of other people as well. Every time I have seen bald eagles circling in the last few years, they have always represented something that creates great change and it is always positive. Today I had a phone call and shared the message that I thought it related to. They confirmed that seeing the eagle at this exact moment had great meaning to them also. As we walk through life we tend to not think, not truly see what is right there in front of us. Being able to connect symbols and signs to the spiritual world takes practice and hard work. It takes courage to step forward and have your instinct confirmed. Love Miriam

December 02-2015
Today was an interesting day. Someone came to my home to pick something up that was outside. When I went out to meet her, I immediately noticed a Bald Eagle circling directly above my home. It was huge! Myself and the woman stood there and watched it as it circled four times and then flew away. This is not the first time eagles have come to my home and circled above it. This is a sign that something is coming and to be prepared for some kind of change. For me these signs from the eagles always represent something positive and something I consider to be a true blessing from the spirit world. I came inside the house and began to get ready to make my newest video. I opened the curtain in the room I was in and as I did, the eagle feathers I have that are sitting on a shelf fell and landed in front of me. THEN…. I don’t even know how it happened… but a necklace that I have had for many years now, (because of direct contact with the star beings) fell off a shelf and was laying on my bed. Something….. is coming. I am sure it will become clear in the coming days and weeks. What I will say is that usually these messages from the eagles are messages to prepare me that change is about to happen. This change is always spiritual in nature although they may be supported by physical things. Thankful for the blessings the eagles spirit is communicating. Thank you Creator and Spirit. Miriam

December 01-2015
Being open to receiving guidance from the Creator is part of awakening. There are so many ways we receive this information. The most difficult part of awakening is to recognize what surrounds us, what is within us and what we are a part of. There are signs all around us all the time, the key is can we recognize them. An example of this is when I made my 11:11 video and explained what this symbol means. LINK HERE TO VIDEO  The day after I posted the video I began to see 11:11 everywhere! Wow…. …! I have not personally seen the symbol this strongly since 1988! What does that mean? Why did it all of a sudden appear this strongly for me personally? The last few years have been intense spiritually for all of us. Collectively and individually we have been experiencing a great deal of change in our lives in direct relation to the spirit world. The veils have become thinner and we are in a time of adjusting to our new connections. No matter where we are in our personal spiritual development, we always have a collective cycle we are all experiencing at the same time. Over the last two years I have been experiencing a personal change that is bringing me back to the core of own soul.This is also true of many people experiencing the collective energies as well. We are being forced to look at ourselves and our lives. What do we want? What is our purpose? Look at your own life and the people who are close to you. We have all been making drastic changes in our lives in order for us to be in alignment with our soul and with the universal energies.  Back in 1988 after I was with the Tall Blond beings, I was so open to universal energy that it was as if I had a direct link to the other worlds. Then, in 1991 that direct line was shut down, not completely, but it was closed. I made a conscious decision to shut the door in order to slow down the energy coming through me. It was an intense time for me. Now, that energy is coming back not only to me personally but to the planet as a collective. It is really beautiful. Seeing the 11:11 as much as I have since making the video, is like having a direct line to the other world again. A constant reminder to my own self, that the Creator, my guides and the universal energies are supporting me, watching over me and guiding me. We are all supported, all the time. As human beings living the lives we have, we need reminding of this fact. Whenever I have a blessing of any kind in my life, I send love and gratitude back out to the person, place or thing that the blessing comes from. Always giving thanks to Creator for my life here on earth for all my experiences both good and bad. Signs are everywhere and being able to see them, helps us expand and connect to the oneness. Love Miriam

November 30-2015
It seems like only a few weeks ago when we entered into 2015. Time is moving quickly now and it will only continue to speed up. As a collective on the planet we can see and feel the changes that are taking place both physically and spiritually. The star beings told me that 2015 was the year of great changes coming to our planet. The mass movement of spiritual energy would be shifting and we would begin to have global rise to truth and conscious understanding. Over the next two years, reaching into 2017 some really significant changes will be taking place. These changes will be in the form of power figures making sweeping change. Will this be for good or for bad? That is yet to be determined fully. Wherever there is light, there is darkness so we must continue to work hard at holding the light in place so we are not overwhelmed by the dark. It is easy in today’s world to be overwhelmed by all the destruction that is taking place on the planet but we must remain focused on the work people are doing that is positive as well. The movement towards wanting change is growing and the more education we can put out into the world that supports peace, truth and light, the closer we become to making it our collective reality. WE are making a difference and the world is….. awakening. Love Miriam

November 29-2015 
Taking the day off. See you all on Monday. Thank you for stopping by. Love Miriam

November 28-2015
I live far in the North of British Columbia, Canada. It is cold but remarkably beautiful with the snow capped mountains and crisp blue sky. Today I walked from the center of town to my home and enjoyed every moment. (I live in a small town and do not own a car.) When I had my contact in 1988 the star beings taught me about energy and meditation. They explained to me that in order to reach God/Source/Creator or Self, it was possible to meditate while walking. Really, the act of meditation is available to us at any moment of our lives. Meditation is a form of freeing the mind to simply be and allowing self to listen and connect with the divine world. The practice of different mediation techniques is a tool that allows us to connect within and this energy opens the door to the existence itself. Today, I walked while concentrating on my breath and this always helps me to release the random thoughts that clog our minds in today’s world. Today was 30 minutes of blissful walking meditation. It is sometimes hard to get away from technology in todays world and simply breathe….. and listen….. and be…. This was a great day listening to my soul communicate within my own self. Thank you self. Love Miriam

November 27-2015
I was asked in a recent interview if I have had any sightings lately. Although I have not had any physical sightings, meaning; seeing a UFO in the sky, I have seen them in my dreams a few times. Sometimes my dreams are really powerful as most people know, dreams can affect us as much as being in our waking life. When I held my recent workshop in Sao Paulo Brazil I was able to share some great techniques I use to connect with my dreamtime to ask questions I need answers for. This kind of information is what I am now focused on sharing. For years, everyone has been asking me what I know about the ‘aliens’. Well, the fact is that  the most important information I can share is about energy. Energy is what creates our reality, how it connects to other kinds of energy, how these energies interact and how to use this to connect to the extraterrestrials is what they taught me. In order to appreciate this type of information one must want to learn and be open to learning about spirit, soul and self. What I find interesting is that when I was very young and I had no idea about how it worked, I was still able to work with these divine energies of life. For example, healing people when I was a child and doing remote viewing to name two types of energy. It is clear that what holds us back is ourselves. As human beings we have a tendency to overthink as we try to make sense of the world around us. Meditation for example teaches us to not think, but to allow and simply be in the present moment. This emptiness is what allows for divine energy to flow through us in a way that will and does make sense in a natural way, not a forced way. Over time, we have changed our global views towards ‘energy’ with all the spiritual teachers we have had in the past and those we have today. This includes masters we have had on the earth as well as teachers from all faiths and beliefs around the world. I remember the first time I watched the film; What the Bleep Do We know? This is one of the best examples of how the energy of our reality works. This film explains in very simple terms some important understanding of the divine order of energy and how we tap into it. I highly recommend watching it. When I first saw the film I was excited that others would be able to see a glimpse into my world of how I saw the world around me. We have come a long way in our global understanding of oneness and interconnection over the past 10 years. We are on the path to the next layer of understanding. I personally look forward to the next step in our development and evolution. Love Miriam

November 26-2015
I completely lost track of time today. My day was really busy creating and editing a new video as well as working on some tech for my website. Tomorrow I will return with a new post. Thank you for checking in! Love Miriam

November 25-2015 
Every day is an adventure when living life with knowledge of extraterrestrials. The search for answers of who the ETs are, where they are from and why they interact with us here on earth is as complex as life itself. I think it is important to always keep an open mind and not get bogged down by any one concept, belief or part of ufology. There are two main types of information; fact based information that is verifiable and spiritual information that is subjective. What is interesting is that science, history and facts are slowly verifying the spiritual information that surrounds ufology. I would like to see more research into the spiritual messages of these beings and that information then shared with the world. I am sure we would have disclosure and find answers more quickly if we did this. What we need is more people to come forward and talk publicly about what they have seen and experienced. Sadly, people who have not had any contact at all are usually the ones that become the ‘experts’ or voice of the movement. We need everyones voice and opinions if we want disclosure. I know some fairly famous cases that researchers chose to completely ignore parts of the encounter because they were not willing or ready to look at those aspects of the contact. Now, years later, those people want full disclosure of their contact to be told to the public. This subject is much larger than what most people realize. Being a contactee/abductee/experiencer makes it possible for me to have conversations with people that otherwise would not feel comfortable in sharing their experiences. The truth is far more strange than what most people think it is. Disclosure is here and we are all a part of that process. I personally am doing all I can to share my experiences with others to support that process. Soon, my video blog will begin and this will be another way for me to share my experiences with the public. I look forward to sharing more of the smaller details of my experiences, insights and knowledge with the public that has not been shared in the past. Due to the vast number to topics I could cover and the sheer number of encounters and experiences I have had, trying to find the starting point will be interesting. I am reminding myself that I simply need to begin and let the information flow. It will all come together and I can always add more information later. Love Miriam

I wanted to let everyone know that I will be taking days off from the computer and that includes from posting my daily message. On those days I will make a post with that day’s date that says; day off, or traveling, or whatever the reason may be. That way you are not all wondering when and if I will be back. 

November 24-2015
In the field of UFOs and extraterrestrial contact I have always been vocal about my personal views and opinions regarding what this community is presenting to the world. After having face to face contact with beings that are not human, I think this gives me the right to have an opinion on this subject. For example, it is very difficult for me to watch people who claim to have knowledge of extraterrestrials lie to the public. I also know of certain people who lie about their contacts with the Hopi people. There are others in the public that claim they are supporting the community with their organization when in reality they have been disrespectful to many contactees and abductees. No one is without some kind of fault or error. However, what I am sharing here is about people who knowingly lie on a daily basis. Trying to find the truth about extraterrestrial contact is hard enough without these kinds of people causing confusion. This is a serious subject and it deserves to be taken seriously by educated and intelligent people. This phenomenon is very complex and in my opinion, this is why some people think they can simply lie there way through the topic when they speak to the public, thinking no one will know the difference. Well, I know the difference and it is hard to watch. This is why I ask everyone to question everything and everyone in this field. It is important that we not follow blindly. This has been a constant message from the Tall Blond ETs as well, to question everything and know that things are not as they appear to be. My life is dedicated to bringing more clarity to this subject from the view of someone who had direct contact. It is time for the truth to be told. It is up to us as a world community to keep asking and demanding truth and clarity with the answers people give. So much deception taking place in our world today in everything that surrounds us. I choose to keep it real…….. and continue to share my experience in the hope we find answers together. Love Miriam

November 23-2015
As a person who has come forward to the public and shared my experiences regarding being onboard a UFO and speaking to extraterrestrials, I want the public to know that this is a serious subject. I am concerned about people who claim to have had contact that use this complex subject to try to make money, become famous, look for attention or try to make it into a joke by making up stories that are complete fantasy. Although I wrote a book, have this extensive website, have done many interviews around the world, blog, write and share all I can…….. I must admit, what is in the public is a fraction of my experience. I want to share more, much more, and finally I feel ready to do this. Today I created a video that will begin a series that will document and share more of my spiritual experiences, insights and knowledge that relates to the Tall Blond extraterrestrials. This is exciting and I hope people will be patient as I must learn how to work with cameras, lighting, editing and all the technology that makes it possible. I have wanted to do this for a long time and now the moment has arrived to share more of what I know and what I have experienced. I will be focused on my personal experiences and how they relate to my life, the world and to existence itself; looking at the hardships, the challenges, the miracles, the beauty, the gifts, the amazing events that now shape my life in every way. It is this deeply personal journey that some will not like, they will want me to be scientific and non-emotional. To those people, I would ask them to really contemplate what it would be like to have your entire reality broken down and rebuilt with a completely different reality in a matter of hours. I am excited to share with the world more of this amazing journey. My goal is to share as much detail as is possible, for the public to begin to see how this experience relates to our world and in the end, relates to the world that we all live in. With love, Miriam  LINK TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

November 21-2015
Today was a long and busy day. I had an interview today, finalized and uploaded a video, read a short instructional book, worked on my youtube account, and now I am ready for sleep. Tomorrow I will be back here to share insights and thoughts into life with extraterrestrial insights, knowledge and understanding. Good night world…. be at peace. Love Miriam

November 20-2015
What is the purpose of alien contact and seeing UFOs in our skies? Who are they and where do they come from? Why don’t they make contact? These are questions I am often asked. The fact is, they have made contact with us for thousands of years. In more recent times they have been making contact with many individuals around the world. They have told many of those individuals who they are, where they come from and what their purpose is. The subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials is very complex. It goes to the very heart of who we are as human beings living on the planet today. It touches the heart of where we all came from as souls. This phenomenon is part of this world, even if we think we do not see it, know it, or understand it. There is no way to run from this subject anymore. The awakening has been taking place for thousands of years and today, we as a world community are aware of their presence. The next step is to begin understanding who they are, where they came from and the purpose of their presence here on earth. With information of any kind being subjective, even people who have had contact are faced with the challenge of remaining neutral and speak from a place of clarity. As the world awakens to this subject, more people are coming forward to share, ‘their opinion’, or their ‘experience’. This has both positive and negative effect. After 27 years, I have seen and heard many stories being told of contact along with explanations of who they are and the purpose. If you interview 100 people who have had contact, you will hear 100 different stories. However, there are similarities that have always remained constant. There are people in every sector of society that have had contact. The next phase of disclosure will come from the contactees and experiencers themselves, whose voices need to be heard! We have come a long way in the last 50 years in regard to our understanding of our existence through science and spirituality. This understanding and knowledge allows for us as a human family to accept the answers to who and what these extraterrestrials and UFOs are. People have the ability to literally ignore the facts and truth if it does not align with their personal beliefs on life. No matter how much science or facts are presented, if it is not part of a persons reality of normal understanding, they will not be able to understand it or accept it as truth. This is why it has been so important for sightings and extraterrestrial contacts to happen all over the world, preparing humanity for the next wave of information to come forward. Let’s keep on sharing and demanding answers. Write to your favorite UFO conference and demand to hear contactee stories, they always have been where the rest of the community gets their information.  Much more to come….. Love Miriam

November 18-2015
God/Source/Creator energy of the universe, of life, moves with natural laws. These are fixed laws and part of a system that cannot be changed because of an individuals interpretation. Only the understanding of it and explanation can be interpreted through different levels of true understanding of this energy. These fixed natural laws are what science has attempted to map as part of physics that build our reality. As human beings we are able to connect with this source energy and work with it’s energy to connect with the rest of the universe, the dimensional worlds and the existence itself. How? Every human being is able to tap into this source energy that is a part of everything that exists. As we awaken to understanding who we are and where we came from, the more we move from belief and thinking to knowing and understanding this creator energy and how it flows with natural laws. It is important to know how to recognize this energy when it makes it’s presence known to us as individuals. This energy is literally a part of everything, from rocks, water, air, our skin, bodies, the sun, universe, planets, dimensions, our thoughts, our dreams, our souls, literally…….. everything. Learning the patterns that create this reality allows us to work more directly with the energy in order to connect with all of the realities we exist in simultaneously. Being open to seeing this energy is what we seek to do when we awaken. Love Miriam

November 17-2015
Every minute of our lives is a new moment to experience and express life. This means that every moment is a new opportunity to follow old patterns or create new ones. Being ‘spiritual’ and what this means to me; To be open to learning more of the truth of our existence as human beings as well as our relationship to God/Creator/Source. I want to share a story from my difficult past. I was 13 years old and living on the streets in my small town. If you read my book, you know I had a very difficult childhood but I never gave many details of what that meant. Well, my father had a very bad temper and was often violent in our home. I want you to know that much later in life, my father realized what he did and explained to me why he did what he did. It was the most heart centered moment of my entire life in relation to my father. It was the only time he spoke from his heart telling me he loved me and asked me to forgive him. A new moment for him. This moment took place when I was approximately 42 years old. Going back to being on the streets when I was 13 years old, as you can imagine life was difficult. Often I did not eat for several days at a time. I would sleep in a cabin in the forest that the teenagers in the area built. They would bring me food when they could and this is how I lived for four months. I was out on a logging road in the middle of nowhere. Chopping wood for the small fireplace and waiting for someone to bring me food. It was hard! Every once in a while I would go into town (I live in a small community). My life was very painful in my spirit, my soul, my being at that time in my life. Yet…. I had the instinct and understanding that if my life was hell, I had to change that hell into what I wanted.  I FELT horrible but how could I change how I felt? I knew I needed to change the energy in order to change my life. From 12-14 years of age, my life was riddled with hardship and still I knew that all these experiences made me into the person I was. If I could change MY energy then I would be able to change the energy of how the world was interacting with me. This was the first time I really……. began working with energy. Even though I was not able to articulate what I was doing as I can now, it was still very clear to me then, that this was what I was doing. The mind is a machine that produces waves of energy that we release into this world, reaching into the other worlds. It literally changes the physical. Being in a small town, many people knew me and so when they saw me, they also knew snippets of what I was going through. I remember this moment very clearly because it was a pivotal moment for my life. It was the MOMENT I decided to change my life. A friend of my mother saw me and she asked me how I was. There I stood, no food for three days, starving, no shower in at least a week or more, tired and wanting to fall into a heap of tears. Instead of telling her how I really felt…… I told her I was great that things were getting better in my life. Let me be clear, I do not think lying to people when you need help is the answer. You have to be truthful to yourself and to others. I did not lie to her, I simply did not go into the negative energy as much as in the past. I told her I was not at home, that life was difficult but I was getting better and feeling good. I knew……. that if I re-patterned my BRAIN to not always think super negative, then that energy would touch the world around me and people would interact with me differently. I began to rephrase how I was expressing myself and my life.  Soon, those new pathways were being reaffirmed and I began to FEEL better. Once this happened I was able to deal with life and the hardships I was having with far less stress and pain. Understand that our brain, helps us to destroy ourselves, or it helps to support ourselves. The point of sharing this intimate story is to share how no matter where we are in life, what we think and what we say, creates our reality. Even I need to be reminded of this from time to time. When we recognize how powerful we are with our thoughts, THEN we will change the world. Think good thoughts to retrain your brain into a life of beauty. Love, Miriam

November 16-2015
We are living in the age of information, a time when access to information is possible in many forms. We share what we know, what we think, what we see, feel, understand, perceive, the list is endless. We search for knowledge, answers, truths. We demand information on all the secrets of the world, to our lives, our very existence. UFOs, extraterrestrials, religions, ancient knowledge, technology, banking, corporations, our environment and life itself in all it’s forms is what we want to know, to understand, to have. The star beings were always very clear, nothing is as it appears to be. Today, we have wars on terror, which create terror itself. Wars for oil, land, minerals, water. Still, we want more information, information on how to stop the wars, to break down systems, to repair the harm that has been done. Information on everything that is happening in our world, both good and bad. From how to make a beautiful cake to how to tap into God energy. Information…… what is this? Information….. from social media, books, blogs, newspapers, television, documentaries and again, the list is endless. As a person who has had contact with the Tall Blond Extraterrestrials, through my own experience , I know that energy…… literally….. changes our reality. In my history at one time, I held a stone in my hand shortly after I was on the UFO in 1988, I thought about the energy changing the molecules of the stone for it to change color. When I opened my hand, the stone was changed and the two witnesses to this began screaming they were so frightened. They told me I completely changed my appearance to them as I worked with this energy and they were shocked to see the stone looked different. So, energy and connecting to God, Source, Creator, Creation, Light, can and does have the ability to change our reality physically. If we can connect to this light energy and SHARE it with the world, with the people who are harming others to help them wake up, then we can begin to have peace. Connecting with this energy of source, also allows for us to ask any question imaginable and receive answers and insight of knowledge. Information, knowledge, answers to the secrets of THIS world, and the other worlds, can be found not through others, but from our own inner self. Who the extraterrestrials are, what angels are, how to see through the confusion of this world, to see TRUTH and have answers to your questions, all this lay within our own self. Breaking bankers, breaking governments, creating “natural law” tribunals,  breaking anything….. will never give humanity what we truly seek, answers for knowledge, understanding and peace. With compassion for all the pain in this world, we need to remind ourselves, and others to go within. Share the light and create the world we want to see. Love Miriam

November 15-2105
It was one year ago today when I received a skype call from Princess Kaoru Nakamaru from Japan after 4 years of silence. During this time, both her and myself always had each other in our thoughts and prayers for our unified future. (HERE is an article regarding our meeting in Los Angeles earlier this year.)  Recently the Princess received a world peace award in Myanmar. HERE is a link to that event. There are moments of my life that have impacted me in deeply profound ways. It is not hard for me to look back and see how these moments shaped me and guided me throughout my life. Meeting Princess Kaoru Nakamaru is one of those moments. The star beings always say, “Nothing is as it appears to be.” In 1988 this was a very important part of their message not only to me, but for humanity as well. Now, 27 years later, it is clear what they meant. Most of what we see is an illusion of some kind. When I met first Kaoru in 2009 I knew that we would be working together in the future. Our work would be for the planet, for humanity, for the elements, and we would support change to a more peaceful world. How the images I saw flash before me when we first met would come to pass, I did not know exactly, and yet, I had faith they would. As of this moment, today, one year after we re-established contact, my soul is in a state of contemplation and self awakening for the next phase of life. Soon the Princess and I will be working together and when this begins, life will unfold as it was always meant to. With the support of the star beings and the Creator itself supporting the path. I am grateful for all the support, faith and belief from everyone over the years that have helped bring all of us to this point in our awakening and evolution on the planet. I personally am ready, open and willing to begin the next phase of life on the planet, united as one. Love Miriam

November 13-2015
When horrific crimes take place on the planet, such as the terrorist attacks in Paris, we all feel somewhat helpless. In fact, there is something we all can do. Pray, meditate and send LIGHT to the people of Paris. Send golden light to the people who have been harmed and send this light to the people who are doing the killing. We need to start sending LIGHT to the people and souls that need to wake up spiritually. We can send them this positive light energy and ask for the light to help awaken these souls to realize the harm they are doing. Working with energy since I was a child, I know this type of energy does have an affect. Holding light and peace today for all humanity. Love Miriam

November 12-2015
Every day of life, is a new opportunity to learn, to grow, to change. The existence is always changing! How we choose to see the world and what we chose to do with our lives, reflects what our surroundings become. An example of this is how over the last three years I have been transforming my world, just as many of you have been. My insights and experiences have caused me to look more deeply at myself and at others. Being more mindful of who I work with and become friends with. This process has gifted me with feeling really positive about my life and it’s direction. Choosing to let go of people from my life because they constantly chose to live in a very frightened or negative world with their thoughts. Love them, but had to let them go. Sometimes people think the best thing to do with negative people is to “be supportive”. This is not always true, not to the point where they become destructive  to your life. Everyone has free will and we need to remember that. Being open to strong, independent, like minded souls who are also focused on service to others, this….. is who I am opening the doorway into my world to. Balanced and heart centered people. With love, Miriam

November 11-2015
Let’s talk war. After all, today is a day to remember war, remember those souls that gave their lives to protect what they believed in. This has become a hostile topic to even bring up in the public, with friends or anyone who has a more broad understanding of what is taking place in the world. The reality is, war kills life. Not only human life but environments, animals, waterways, everything. It also involves millions of people around the world who have been harmed by war, it is not only soldiers whom we remember, it is everyone! Both my parents, who are now gone from this world, lived through World War 2 in Europe. Both had horrific tales of what they had to do to survive. My father, long criticized for “being on the wrong side” was literally stolen from his family and forced to be a killing machine. My mother was in camps in the war and lived a nightmare. In order to understand why people fight, we must first listen to their stories. Sadly, this is why wars begin, the inability to listen to the concerns of others, to be respectful and to show love and compassion. I often think of the people in Rwanda who were killed in horrific ways and the world literally did nothing until it was almost over. Has humanity learned? Learned what? It must learn about spiritual connection to “God”. Not Christianity, Islam, Judaism and all other ‘religion’ or ‘faith’ based views. Humanity must learn about GOD. This is not an evil work in itself either, as many have tried to make it out to be. It is the overarching of a word given to describe what every molecule of life in all dimensions and realities is. How can any single person, present or past truly know what God’s true intentions for human life is? What we do know is that all these religions and beliefs have threads of truth that are the same. It is this thread, where we find the ability to connect to God. As a person who has been connected to other realities of life, seeing, feeling, connecting to other worlds, my view is not from a singular view or belief. It comes from an understanding beyond belief. What I observe is that many individuals who talk about God or Religion, are not in fact connecting with God but with belief of God. Knowing God and believing in God are very different. This is what I personally have learned; Once a soul begins to open up to the true source of what God is there is no possible way to do harm to others, such as in war. In saying this, it is also important to understand that most wars are as a result of what someone thinks God is. It always becomes a large factor in the war, even if if looks like it started for monetary reasons. It is important to say that we must also sometimes stand and literally fight to protect life. Meaning, faced with protecting life, if someone was coming towards me with a weapon, I would defend not only my life, but also the life around me. We can NOT sit quietly and allow those who want to destroy and kill all life to do so. We must act to support peace. War is complicated and it is almost never clear why it began, who started the fight and what it’s real reason and purpose is. Peace is possible, first we must listen, learn and understand an issue at its core in order to find the peaceful path to unravel the usual hatred, anger and violence that the issue creates.  So today, I honor all the lives lost in war, past, present and future. I honor the lives lost, broken, tortured, scared and maimed, that have lived in war torn areas. On a recent journey while traveling trough the USA in an airport in Houston, I watched a soldier at a restaurant where I was having breakfast. He was looking at some photos on an ipad and I saw such joy in his eyes. As I was leaving I walked up to him and told him, “You know, many people have such conflict over the wars that are taking place in the world. If they knew I said this to you they may not understand, however, I thank you, from my heart for protecting life.”  He was so grateful to me and said he just returned home. He told me that he really was grateful for my comment and off I went. We must remember, that every life involved, right or wrong, are human beings. Show love and compassion above all else. Miriam Delicado

November 10-2015
Dreams, are they real? If I remember correctly, it was approximately the beginning of March of this year, I had a dream about an alien coming to my bedroom as I was sleeping and asking me to go with him to a UFO that was parked beside my house. It was such a clear dream! In fact, the next day I went to the empty lot beside my home to see if the earth there was somehow affected. I did not see anything out of the ordinary at the time. However, I was walking past the empty lot a few days ago and thought, wow, the spot where the UFO was in my ‘dream’ has completely different plant growth than the rest of the area. (READ BLOG POST HERE) When we think of reality, there are so many variables that are a part not of what we think reality is, but of what LIFE and the EXISTENCE is. The language, dream, implies that what we experience is separate from us.  That is not true. The questions are, is the dream in another reality or dimension or possibly the astral world? Is it simply the brain trying to deal with stress or even happiness, which can also be the case. Dreams are complex and not all dream explanations are the same for everyone. There are parts of the dream that have the thread of ultimate truth, that part which is universal and applies to everyone. Other parts are there for you alone, the experiencer. Since I was young I have had premonition dreams, astral dreams and many others. The key is to learn how to see, and read, what is happening in your dream time. Recently I had a dream that had an affect on me and was also disturbing. When I have this kind of dream I normally only tell people close to me, or it would create panic. Unless, it was a premonition of something that I see was gifted as a warning that creates a moment for choice. A few weeks before the plane crash that killed over 200 people, I had a premonition dream about it. I was one of the passengers and I could see every detail, feel the panic, the emotion, hear the screaming and the moment that, as a passenger, my life was about to end. These kind of dreams shake me up but there is nothing I can do. When many souls are involved at one time on the planet in events like this, large groups of souls leaving for example, the energy of the future event will become present here on earth and it can be felt. At that time, people pick up on that energy, some more clearly than others. This comes in dream form, visions, feelings etc. In truth, I have been having some visions of a few possible future events that are deeply upsetting. What can be done? Hold light for self, hold light for all life. I also believe that holding light for these future events when I see them, helps the souls to transition into light. Everything is connected. Sending love out to the world… …. and beyond. Love Miriam

November 07-2015
Another week of life here on earth has passed and it seems life is moving at light speed. It has been moving quickly the last few years but recently there was a shift to the way we are interacting, or, perceiving, time. Although the feeling that time has somehow sped up, my mind and soul and spirit have slowed somehow. Looking through my eyes I have more ability to take in information from my life and the world. It is as if I am in a movie, and the everything around me is light speed, but my spiritual side…..it can see it all in slow motion, allowing for me to take in more information. I see this as being the observer of life, my life and the world. This has been a guide to me in the last few years. Gifting me with great accuracy regarding certain situations. Being the observer helps me to be able to look without judgment, even of self, and simple see what is being played out. Being in the public, anyone in the public eye, must live with the judgement of others constantly. This is why, learning to be the observer is so important with a life in the public eye. In this very moment, even as I share this with you, I am having a deeper realization as to why certain people and situations have challenged me over the last few years, helping me to let negativity simply be, not to engage or continue to support that type of energy. When I find myself engaging in that type of energy, I step back and try to refocus my thoughts. Realizing that thoughts create reality. Time to create….. time to shift…. time to live….. with love…. Miriam

November 06-2015
Every night when I go to sleep, I give thanks for my life. Every morning that I awake, I give thanks for my life. What an amazing life it is! Although I struggle with hardship due to lack of funding, I have chosen this path to be able to share as much as possible with the public for free. If I remove this one factor from my life, (money) I easily see how amazing and blessed my life is in every way. Spiritually, I am rich in my heart and soul. I am rich in my connections with the people in my life, to the other worlds and…. to MY inner world. The most incredible adventures and meetings with people both physical and spiritual take place in my life. For many years now I have been in awe of my own life. Miracles literally take place around me and they always lead me to be grateful and humbled by the omnipresence of God itself in my life. Ever since I was young, teenage years, I have had a particular gift of being able to almost hear people’s thoughts. I say this in the most basic and simple term I can to describe something very complex that takes place in my life. It does NOT mean I read minds and hear people talking all the time! It is a connection that takes place with friends, family, coworkers and sometimes strangers. It is the knowing when they are thinking about me and sometimes even word for word what they are thinking. Recently this has been a powerful presence in my life with Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan. We are friends and have been waiting for many years to begin working together. For the last year, the Princess and I have been in constant communication organizing how we will begin our work together when the appropriate moment comes.

Yesterday, I was not feeling well and needed to lay down and rest for a short time. I was giving my usual thanks and then thought, stop Miriam…relax just rest now and be quiet. It was at that moment I heard the Princess speak to me, she shared with me a message and then she repeated it. I thought to myself, she is going to call and say this to me. Well, about 20 minutes later the phone rang and I knew it was her. I was really not feeling well so I did not answer. A second time the phone rang and I knew it was her also. The second time, she left a message and told me almost the same message I heard moments earlier as I lay in my bed resting. When we spoke a few hours later it was confirmed. This happens to me all the time, in fact this kind of gift is so strong in my life that it happens every day to some degree. I love my life…. and what I want you all to know is that YOU TOO can learn how to have these kinds of gifts. We all have them, the question is, do you want to recognize them. Hope your enjoying my daily thoughts. Much love, Miriam

November 05-2015
Woke up today remembering one of my dreams. I was with a being in the other world that could hold a stone and change the color of it by holding it. When they opened their hand, I looked at the stone and it had small spots of change within it. At that point I took the stone into my hand and worked with the energy to change the color to green. When I opened my hand the stone looked like it had rivers of green running through it. Wonderful dream! Today, I began to organize my workspace by looking at old documents and papers, throwing away what was no longer needed. I had a feeling that something was coming and I would be traveling soon. This was at the back of my mind, floating past me as I worked. A few hours later after I was doing this I received a phone call that indicated possible upcoming travel. This will be confirmed later. Hmmmm possibly New York? We will see…. Love Miriam

November 04-2015
Today, I was speaking with one of my best friends and guides in this world who is a Hopi. It was such a beautiful conversation. We were discussing difficulties and how being the observer in a negative situation allows for us to remain clear in our own personal energy. Very uplifting conversation. In the last few years I have taken on this roll of observer much more than ever before in my life’s history. In doing so, it has supported my spiritual growth and understanding because it allows me to recognize the mirroring that takes place in people. It also allows me to recognize when there is chaos, that it is often not mine. That my only involvement is my agreement to be involved in that chaos. The ability to remain as the observer and to respectfully walk away, has made the greatest positive impact on my life in the last three years. This is one of the spiritual tools I strive to live by that are simple, and yet can have such a strong impact.I am grateful for all the challenges I have experienced in my life, always viewing them as the building blocks that shape my life and my view of life. Even when I was as young at 10 years old, I was able to recognize these difficulties as blessings. There are changes coming in my work and personal life that I have been spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically preparing for. Using the observer viewpoint it is easy to see how all the challenges, as well as all the miracles and blessings, have given me the opportunity to gain as much knowledge and understanding as possible. Thus, sharing with me everything that will be needed in the upcoming stages of my life’s work. One thing I know for certain in all these teaching moments; Remain humble in my heart. With gratitude to each of you who are on the path to enlightenment. We are one. Love Miriam

November 03-2015
I had another dream about being in New York last night. Seems the Universe is trying to tell me that I will be there soon! The Great Ancestors (Star Beings) have been my guides for the past 27 years. My life for the last eight years, since coming out into the public, has been guided by them in profound ways. Trust and faith in my work and life in relation to the star beings is what keeps me strong. I also recognize that no matter what we do in life, we are always growing spiritually, because God, the Creator and Creation, are forever expanding according to our own ability to see. Deep contemplation of life is always how to find deeper connection to the other worlds. No matter what we think we know, there is always more to learn. My mind, spirit, body and soul are open to learning, with humility and honor for life, for all that is sacred. After 8 years of working nonstop for others, I look back and see the value of the work that has been done for the world and why my spiritual guides, the star beings, have asked me to do it. It has only ever been with a group of committed souls who also feel the call to serve others that everything that has been accomplished has manifested. I am grateful! With humility and gratitude, Miriam

November 02-2014
More powerful dreams last night. All involving travel and meeting people in New York. I really like it when my dreams are so clear. I have been focusing on self recently as some of you know in order to complete the healing of my body. Hard work I must say! Today there was another breakthrough! I was so overwhelmed that I began to cry with relief and awe. My eyesight became clear! As I began to read my book, Autobiography of a Yogi, I noticed that the words were perfectly CLEAR! Feeling blessed. Due to not having as much pain recently, I have begun to go into deeper meditations. Another blessing to enable the connection to the other worlds. Yesterday I was able to see my guides and sit with them for a short time. We spoke of my healing, my place in the world as well as what is coming for me in my personal path. Thankful that I am able to live this life. Being in service to others and the gift of life itself! By the way, I received a beautiful message from South Africa yesterday in regard to my volunteer work there. The message was uplifting as they shared how grateful they were for the support of the KhoiSan people. When we live in our hearts, it does not mean we are perfect… it means we have the potential to affect others in a positive way. I love life! Thank you again to everyone who makes this life of being in service to others possible. Love Miriam

November 01-2015 part two.
Since coming forward into the public eye I made a promise to myself to keep it REAL. This website, my life and everything I share is done so from a place of truth. We have far too much deception, distortion and manipulation out there to sell things in todays world. I choose to keep it real. Keep it in truth, and show how amazing life really is, even with the imperfections I/we have. No guru or spiritual teacher in the world is without fault. In today’s world however, they try to make you think otherwise. Keeping it real. Miriam

November 01-2015
After a period of ten years of dedication in service to others, beginning with caring for my mother in the last years of her life, I have recently begun to fully focus back onto self. Self care for my physical health. Happy to share that my health is now rapidly improving. My spiritual inner self is lifting with this process as well and I am connecting more deeply into the other worlds. My life is filled with blessings and this is part of the spiritual understanding that has guided me, protected and supported the path I have followed for years. My private life is also shifting into having more clarity with my relationships with friends and family. Remaining in balance physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, it all takes work! After years of working in particular areas of being in service, it is clear that in order to move forward, more work needed to be done on a deep spiritual level. For MY self. This journey is taking me to places that even 5 years ago, I did not think possible. My view of the world is changing and with it my role in it is also changing in the most positive ways. For the last few years, this has been a remarkable journey of reawakening spirit and following with faith and love. The spiritual world has so many tools to help guide us to greater inner knowledge, not only of ourselves, but of the existence itself. This is where answers to EVERYTHING can be found. Yes, everything! Nothing can be hidden, the key is how to not only see the answers, but to recognize them! One key, is to recognize that sometimes the answer, is the ability to see the next question! The beauty of the Creator and Creation. With love, Miriam


October 31-2015
Deeply reflecting on what the future holds for me personally and for this planet. There is so much good that has grown stronger in the world and with that the opposite as well. What I can do in this life is be responsible for my actions. Recognize that all my actions will have an affect on life around me. I have been feeling very grateful for all the beauty as well as the challenges of my life the last few years. My spirit and soul are stronger and more clear because of what I have been open to learn from. My heart, my soul, my spirit, my being itself is ready for the next step of life to manifest now. It is interesting for me to look back on my life. It is almost as though I have lived several lifetimes in this one life. Feel that I am about to move into a new life…. within this life now. I am open and ready. The key to manifesting is to allow and be grateful. Today, I have both in balance. Have a beautiful day… and remain open to the flow of the natural worlds. Love Miriam

October 30-2015
Today began with remembering a very powerful dream. One of those dreams that are very detailed and logical. These dreams are often premonitions for the future in my experience. Cut to the highlights: I was able to open unlock a safe that held gold and silver bars inside. I opened the locks and was able to distract the people in the room I was in while my friend was able to retrieve the bars of gold and silver. In fact, all the gold belonged to my friend, but the people who were holding it would not let it go, trying to freeze the bars to keep it away from her. We finally got access to the safe and the bad people could not do anything once the safe was opened. We were safe. Powerful dream! Also, I heard from my contact in South Africa whom I work with. He named his daughter after me, little Miriam. He came home after being away for two weeks for cultural exchange purposes to find that little Miriam broke her arm. I send him support from time to time to help his family so he can continue to keep working for the KhoiSan people. Today I sent him what I could and pray they will be alright until she heals! Days like today I gratitude for my life! Thank you to everyone who makes it all possible. Love Miriam

October 29-2015
Today was a great day! Allowing the blessings of life to flow! Healing is taking place for my back and neck, with gratitude to the angels for helping as well as the support of this community.  The last few months my dreams have become more intense and vivid. In fact, at the start of this year is when they seemed to become more powerful. I just got off the phone with a friend of mine whom I speak to almost every day. She is my rock, my confidant, my guide and one my best friends. A few weeks ago I had a dream where I saw an alignment of planets and asked her, as an astrologer, if she knew about anything like this coming. Well, today she informed me that in November just such an event will be taking place. My dreams often give me vision into what is coming and this is why learning how to work with dreams can be such a valuable tool. Personal clues for my future as well as clues for the future of planet can be found in dream time. What we do there, affects us here. I love my dream time! Have a great night everyone and thanks for stopping by.

October 28-2015
Today was very busy and my thoughts have been focused on technical work for the two websites I maintain, here on Blue Star and as a volunteer for TGG. On days like today, I also find my mind drifting and moving in a million directions at the same time. No time to focus on anything other than the task in front of me. I was able to sneak in a phone call to a very good friend who encouraged me and gave me strength. I am very blessed to have friends that support me with love, honor, respect and friendship. Today, when I had time to take breaks I was focusing on all the blessings in my life. Friends, family, a house to live in, a bed, food, clean water, everything!! Even though I have chosen a difficult path at times, I have a blessed life with light all around me. Today, I send gratitude to all my guides, protectors, Great Ancestors, friends, family and supporters. Without each and every one of YOU… I would not be here to share the amazing journey with the world. I have come to a point in my life and my work where I feel as thought I can start to share more with the world. Much more to come! Much more to share! Love Miriam

October 27-2015
I have been in deep contemplation the last few weeks. Thinking about my life, my work, my focus and what I want to accomplish. In this process I am able to see that everything has a divine purpose, even hardship and conflict. Being open to the spirit world is what keeps me light, grounded and at the same time, uplifted and in tune with life itself, in all it’s forms. Feeling grateful. Every day that I wake up, I realize I have been gifted this life. Today when I first became aware that I was awake, my first thought was one of gratitude. Realizing that my pain level has reached the tipping point towards being healed. If I am able to continue all my treatments my body will go back in time 10 years to before I had any car accidents! I am even looking younger in this healing work! VERY grateful to have this gift! Spiritually, physically and financially to support this healing process. With love, Miriam

October 26-2015
There are many issues in the world today that require us to be calm and heart centered in order to look at them with rational compassion and clarity. The Syrian crisis is one of those issues. We also must not be blind to what is clearly taking place in Europe. I personally refuse to be silent over this. This is a CRISIS with world implications. There are good people who are fleeing war, but there are also many agendas playing out in this crisis. Often in situations like this it is the people that are humble and heart centered who are placed in the middle of the conflict and the ones that suffer the most. These people are also the ones that are used by both sides for propaganda to further the cause of whatever side they are on. What remains clear is that there are agendas that are being carried out and we all need to ask questions. We all need to pay attention. We all need to help if we are able to in any way we can. I will continue to ask for everyone to keep asking questions, to speak out against injustice, to bring to light wrongdoings and to also be compassionate, understanding and support the people of humanity….. fleeing conflict as they look for a better life. Do not take sides. It is the most dangerous position one can take. Miriam

October 25-2015
A short time back, maybe one or two months ago now, I had a profound dream about a Master teacher who came to see me in a dream. It was so powerful that this visit has had a major impact on my life. This teacher told me he would help to open me up further to my true self. I often feel him watching over me now. What is most fascinating is that I did not know this Master until the night of the dream. When I saw a photo of him online, it looks exactly like him. His name is Paramahansa Yogananda. I am currently reading his autobiography and I am finding many of his experiences relate to my life. Grateful to him for sharing his life with us and having the opportunity to learn from his awareness. Since meeting him, I have been asking for his help to heal me and it was shortly after this request, the right alternative doctors appeared to me. I am now on the path to completely healing my body from trauma from almost 10 years ago. UFOs and extraterrestrials are only part of the existence. There are so many aspects and paths to enlightenment and in order to be enlightened, we must be open to experiencing all of the existence, not just one part. Today, I am reflecting on my life and how it connects to the rest of the existence, as well as what my purpose is here on earth at this time. Miriam

October 24-2015
Recently I made a decision to complete my healing from my three car accidents in 2006 and 2009. The approach I have taken is to look at the pain spiritually, physically and emotionally. Although the physical part of this process is painful itself, it is working and I am thrilled to see an end to the pain. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive in this healing spiritually and financially, allowing me to do this important work on myself.

My focus has been shifting to enable me to spend more time here on my Blue Star website as well as focusing on my work with The Great Gathering where I am a volunteer. The guidance I am having from the star beings is to share more with the public and this shift in my work will make that possible.

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