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Over one year ago a wonderful woman by the name of Yoshiko from Japan contacted me through email. She had purchased the book Blue Star from my website and was so moved she began to translate the entire book to Japanese.

Since the devastating Tsunami in Japan Yoshiko has requested that the book be put onto the website so that the people of Japan may also be part of the great circle of people with knowledge of the Star Beings.

The messages of hope of these beings and the guidance to move to a more simply way of life has been the messages that Yoshiko shares on her blog in Japan. The people of Japan and around the world recognize more today than ever before the importance of living close to the earth and being in touch within spiritually.

As we move forward with time it is clear that in order to overcome any hardship one of the key elements to do this is respect. Respect for each other in order to work in unity to overcome. The people of Japan most certainly showed the world how respect for each other in times of crisis can be achieved.

This also has been one of the cornerstones of the Star Beings whom I have contact with is to have respect for each other, the earth and all life while still being completely human in the process of learning to balance these world. In reality this also means that we have do not become complacent and simply walk away from being a good person, working on ourselves or working for each other in service. We stand up and use our voices to share our thoughts and share our insights with the world. When we see something that needs work in order to create balance and respect we give our support towards a positive, peaceful change.

A few weeks after the Tsunami in Japan I received a message during my sleep that told me that they (Star Beings) would be showing themselves all over Japan. They told me at the time that they would be in the area monitoring the earths movements in the area as well as any contamination that may be taking place. The message was clear that they were going to be seen by many people and there was no need for fear. They would also be helping to stabilize the earth as much as they could in the area.

It is with great honor and gratitude to Yoshiko for her long hours of translation that the book Blue Star now is available in Japanese. Please note that all the proceeds of the book go to continuing the work being done in unity with people from around the world.

Many blessings to the people of Japan in the rebuilding of the devastated areas. May we all be humbled and learn from their great honor and respect the Japanese people showed to other as they continue to rebuild and move forward in life.

Love and many blessings,

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