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Blue Star
Fulfilling Prophecy

How does a woman from a small town in British Columbia, Canada become involved in one of the most talked about prophecies on the planet today, The Hopi Blue Star Prophecy?

Learn how her life was completely changed after an encounter on a lonely highway with Tall Blond Aliens in 1988.

Miriam embarks on a journey into a world of secret governments, Clones, Russian Psychic Army recruiters, the Ancient Hopi People and Alien encounters.

Her path leads to the discovery of the family secret; her father is somehow involved with the Blond Aliens and has been since before her birth.

The truth that Aliens exist is only the beginning. Learn how they are connected to our world, to humanity and why they are contacting the people of Earth today.

They share warnings about a possible future in which our existence as a species is at risk.

The journey leads Miriam back to her hometown where both her sister and her remember an event in 1970 where the aliens gave Miriam a gift to bury. They both remember they were to keep it hidden from their father.

Pieces of this great puzzle are explained from why the book was written to how each family member feels about my contact. Sharing some of the messages the Tall Blond aliens asked Miriam to tell the world.

Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy is now FREE to DOWNLOAD in PDF HERE.

Mesa Verde, Colorado


(Cover art by: Corey Wolfe)

Blue Star Prophecy : Book Cover: Miriam Delicado

Shiprock, New Mexico


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