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What is the Blue Star?
The Blue Star is a Hopi Prophecy and is part of one of the most accurate prophecies ever told.

Who are the Hopi?
They are the indigenous Native American Indian people of the American southwest. Arizona to be exact.
They prefer to simply be called the Hopi People.  

What will this book tell me about the Blue Star?
The book explains how the appearance of a Blue Star will warn the people of earth to prepare for a cataclysms and change on the planet as prophesied by the Indigenous Hopi people of the American southwest as well as many other Indigenous tribes around the world.

Is this a true story?
Yes. That is what makes this book amazing. This author has shared with the world a story that causes us to question everything we believe in.

Is she saying this Prophecy has happened?
No. She says that we need to pay attention to the Hopi people’s messages and that they are the same as the Great Ancestors (Alien) messages. Comet 17p/holmes that came close to the earth in 2007 may have been the sign of the Blue Star as it became the biggest known object in the Universe and was visible from earth with the naked eye. She shared this on the Coast to Coast Program in January of 2008.

What is this book about?
Blue Star is the real life story of a woman who claims to have had lifelong contact with Tall Blond aliens and the messages they asked her to tell others.

What are the messages?
These messages are that we are not alone on the planet as well as warnings of potential cataclysms that may lay in our future here on Earth. It was clear to her that all these scenarios were only POSSIBLE futures and we were being given a chance to avoid or overcome all of these timelines.

You’re telling me this is about aliens? You’re kidding right?
The author has had an amazing life filled with events and encounters with these Tall Blond aliens. She tells a compelling story that will make YOU question your own beliefs. It’s truly amazing!

Why would I want to read this book?
Because it will blow your mind. There is no other story that links every piece of knowledge about this subject matter into one book. It may leave you questioning your own beliefs.

This sounds like a fiction story.
I can tell you that the author, Miriam Delicado, has written this book that is compelling with one of the most important messages of our time. She writes how other people who enter her life corroborate everything she has experienced.

Who is this author?
Miriam Delicado is an author who self published her book Blue Star. For three years she looked after her mother in the last years of her life and it was during this time the book was written. Miriam is an average person who has had extraordinary experiences with Tall Blond extraterrestrials. Currently she is living in Northern British Columbia Canada. It took a long time for her to come forward with this story and this was due partly to fear of ridicule. She knew that unless people were ready to listen to her story with an open mind the task of sharing this important information would have no meaning. Since she came forward into the public eye she has dedicated her life to sharing these insights and information given to her from these extraordinary beings. She often says, “Together we can make a difference, if we move into our hearts anything is possible.”

This book talks about real life Tall Blond aliens, MIB’s, men she calls the clones and secret Russian Psychic recruiters.

It teaches us that the greatest teachers on our Earth are the indigenous peoples of this planet. If we extend an open hand to them maybe they will share with us knowledge that has been hidden for thousands of years waiting to be shared at the right time. This knowledge is a key to our current lives and can show us how we will move into the future.

Although this book may seem like a work of fiction the author tells us a compelling story that makes most people that read it look at life just a little differently afterwards.

People all over the world have seen these same Tall Blond aliens and are receiving many of these same messages as Miriam talks about in her book. The question is; when will we begin to listen.

Since 2007 the story continues to unfold. In fact the experiences have only become even more fantastic. Almost unimaginable incidents have taken place in the last few years for Miriam and she hopes to one day be able to share all the details of her experiences with the world.

For now, she is once again waiting for the right time to come forward with the next chapter to her life story as well as sharing more of what these beings shared with her.

Miriam’s Quote: One Voice One People One Earth…………we are all connected. 

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