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“Every once in a while they (the ETs) gives one of us (Miriam Delicado) knowledge that is really, really, really important and when we are lucky enough to be in the place to be able to hear this knowledge, well it moves all of us to pay attention, very close attention.”
Bob Brown, Director and co-founder; International UFO Congress

“This book didn’t just start – it ‘exploded’ and generally when I am reviewing a book I will mark for points of reference every page in ten, however, with this book I was marking paragraphs and sentences on nearly every page to come back to and I can’t say that I have ‘ever’ done that with any book that I have every reviewed in my life and boy there have been a few. ”
Malcolm Robinson Researcher, book review for Ufo Digest Magazine

“I have read Miriam’s book, Blue Star, and believe in her E.T. experience that has been similar to my own. She is to be praised for energetically and bravely outlining the possible future scenario for humankind and the Hopi Blue Star Prophecy. All prophecies are warnings to be heeded and in this time of great transition on our planet we have the opportunity to raise our consciousness to higher frequencies of being. This will ensure that our future has a most positive outcome.”
Robert L. Nicole, filmmaker, Star Dreams-Exploring the Mystery of the Crop Circles

“ is impossible not to be convinced of the author’s transparent sincerity.” “ Whatever the underlying reality of these events proves to be, ufology needs to take account of them as another piece of the mosaic snaps into place.”
Warren P. Aston Book reviewer

“Miriam Delicado has taken a difficult step in going public with her contact account, never mind adding the additional controversy of the tall blonde’s message of the star prophecy. She has retained a calm thoughtful position on all the messages that she was instructed to disseminate twenty years ago, following her encounter.”
Flying Saucer Review Magazine

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