Caretakers Of Earth Interviews: Miriam Delicado 09/19/09

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Miriam Delicado is the author of Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy and Founder of
It must be noted that this interview took place in 2009, prior to the series of +7 magnitude earthquakes that began with Haiti at the start of 2010. Here she describes these “cataclysms” being shown to her while on the craft and how
“we will have a choice as to which way humanity was going to continue…”

Her experience with the “Tall Blonde” extra-terrestrials is deeply profound and life changing. In this interview she recounts with such elegance the messages that she received from these star beings and reveals what may be the keys to what the heart of humanity has been looking for all along.
Miriam’s story serves as a calling for all indigenous tribes, star people, and the rest of humanity to come together in what she calls “The Great Gathering.”

For more videos on Miriam’s Youtube: channel name: alienbluestar

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Miriam Delicado:

Kerry Cassidy & Project Camelot:
The Awake & Aware Conference

Crescent Moon Ranch State Park, Sedona, AZ

Neal Sickles

Associate Producer:
Yvette Beauchamp


“Svaynam Yoga Meditation”
Composed by Kataka Gara
Copyright, Temple of Perfection Music
Available on iTunes

“Swirling Drums and Didj”
Composed by Kataka Gara
Copyright, Temple of Perfection Music
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David W. Chace
“Tall Blondes” Renditions

Comet Holmes
Courtesy of A. Dyer, NASA/ESA/H. Weaver
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Milky Way
Courtesy of NASA

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