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A Poem

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Hello everybody!

Just want to share one of my poems Divine Love

Divine Love is floating through me now, making all the cells in my body vibrate with the essence of God.

Higher and higher my body vibrate on the levels of the Universe, mighty Divine frequency I receive.

Mighty is the Force within filling my body with unlimited Love and Power.

This Eternal Force of God is cleansing and clearing my body, mind and Spirit of all negative influences and filling me whith the Power of the Lord.

Only the Power of Love radiate from my being, only Love I share with mankind.

My Unlimited Power of Love is clearing this planet of all evil, My Love wipes it all out.

Only Unlimited Eternal Love is my reality, I walk in Unity with the Lord.

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Below is an extract from my diary…

19th May 2009

Time of event – 23:15

Tonight I finished Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy. The book by Miriam Delocardo.

At the above time I switched off my light and went to shut the window to go to sleep. I looked out at the stars as I have recently done. I thought they are so bright and clear tonight. To my right I saw a light moving to the left quite slow. As it got closer I could see it was a UFO.

I was so excited! My heart was pounding. It came very close just outside my window over the back field. It was quiet and still. I had left my window slightly a jar and I didn’t hear any sound at all. It was disk shaped (I have drawn pictures, it’s hard to explain). It had a light glowing around the circumference. It also had a blue light, like a laser beam that looked right at me!

I kept thinking and saying “thank you, oh thank you, thank you” and “peace, love and light” (sending it as well). I felt so grateful that they were showing themselves to me. I felt so blessed. I was just so happy and pleased. I wasn’t scared or frightened at all. I didn’t want to leave my window to take pictures or get someone as I wanted to relish every moment.

I was so amazed, it moved so slow, gliding. It had moved right to left, then vanished. Not quickly in a blink of an eye but as though it flew off at light speed. It just went into the distance in a matter of seconds. The night sky was so clear! There was no wind, rain or clouds. I feel like I need to write this down before I go to sleep.

I told my parents the next morning. They said when they had taken the wheelie bin out last night the sky was so beautiful and clear, with so many bright stars. They said that approximately that time that I had seen the UFO the dog was acting strange, scuffing up the rug and walking up and down the hallway and stuff.

I believe the blue light reflects an observation window and to observe my vibrational frequency, and was there solely for me. I think I have a spiritual link with the Hopi not an ancestral one, which means that although I’m not connected to them by blood, I’m connected to them by spirit.

I no longer believe in coincidence and I’m beginning to notice life’s synchronicities more and more.

However, I have been very ill since this event. I have a number of things wrong with me and I am going to see an ear, nose & throat specialist, among others. I recently had an aura chakra reading. My root chakra is practically minimal, I would say my sacral & solar plexus are average/normal. My heart and throat chakra’s are huge, and my third eye was very bright with a big white light, a halo coming from it. The guy was so shocked and said that he had only seen it with his Brother Bear and asked me if I was hit my lightening. I later told him about my UFO experience. I think that this may be connected to my health, but I’m really not sure. Even though I am doing what I can to improve my health, life is still extremely difficult. There is a possibility that it may not be related at all. Many thanks for your time.

Has anyone got any thoughts on this? I’m really grateful for any comments or insights.

Peace, love & light x


PS, I loved the book, really resonated with me, couldn’t put it down!

Miriam’s reply:
Jodi. Wonderful post. Thank you! It sounds like they wanted you to know that they are with you. The blue light is often seen in encounters with people. It sounds like they gave you some messages within that either you know on a conscious level or that you were changed on a subconscious level. Either way, you had a positive experience.
As for you being sick, it does not sound like it its related but one can never be sure. It may have been that they knew you would be sick and came to give you something to help you also. YOU are the ONLY one who can truely know if it was a result of the contact or not.
If people have suggestions for her as to how to recover please post a reply. With love, Miriam

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It has been a long time coming, for the ones to come forward, in sharing the depths to our experiences, and the truth beyond our own knowledge. There are no coincidences…. it is why i know i have come to be connected with you all.

Time is of the essence yes…Miriam…there are many who have been waiting for this day….and days yet to come, to the curious…be hopeful, and believe in the knowing. I do…Hmm…I was given the name Blue Star Woman…few yrs back, it had come through from my ancestor’s (spirits) and they had a name giving for me un announced, i was to just show up and thats how the spirits intervened.

So that was how i was connected from the ET’s, little did i know it would lead me to these extraordinary sites. Some of the few experiences with them were…only i witnessed, that this blue star on certain nights through my road trips, i spotted several times…a blue star in the sky that would zoom in towards me, then stop…shine for a few seconds then disappear instantly, i was told that someday, i would learn more about my name and the story and  the meaning behind it.

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Just sharing this one

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This is not my encounter but I want to share it. It’s an
experience of my Aunt & my Uncle. When my Uncle retired they decided to
move elsewhere & had them construct a new house.  I remember Miriam’s description of her
contacts. Tall & blonde. 

Anyway, the story goes like this. My aunt & uncle  which is already an elderly couple had the
place constructed but during the night as the construction workers go home, they
noticed that they were losing building materials during the night.  I mean the little cash they had from the
retirement was pretty much what they had left. 
And as few more weeks passes by they kept losing more & more
materials at night & they know they barely have anymore money to replace
them.  My uncle being a Christian asked
for prayers.  My uncle is a very astute
individual by the way.

So one night & at a very late hour, they  got a phone call from one of the neighbors
where the house was being built. Saying that there are a couple of very tall
men that are blonde with long hairs just standing on the entrance of their
property.  Like security guards!  The neighbor thought just that they should

Funny enough that the robbing & disappearances of
construction materials stopped since that night.  Their home was completed at ease & had been a
very pleasant home for their family & their grandchildren ever since.

I just wanted to share this story because when I tell this to other people, People look at me as if a tree landed on my forehead. I have no direct
experience with it. I just said it the way it was told me by my cousin. It makes
a person wonder & become appreciative of certain beings out there.
I just wanted to share this one

Miriam’s reply: You know anything is possible. It sounds rather odd that they showed up right after he prayed. Maybe it was them. Stranger things have happened. Thank you for sharing this. Love Miriam

nice thoughts

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Hello Miriam,
Here’s a question. Sometimes I get these very clear thoughts, I have come to call them “nice thoughts” and they just sort of pop into my head. These are clear thoughts without any associated baggage or chatter from my busy mind. When I get them, I am often surprised because I will get an almost instantaneous reinforcing reply from the outside world. (like a street light going off, or a very relevant phone call)

Here’s a story, a few years back I had a “nice thought” that my little town needed a crop circle. Nothing I labored over, it just popped into my head. I thought that this would be nice, it would be fun, and it would shake things up a little here in this sleepy corner of Idaho. The next day I bump into a friend on the street, and she tels me there is a crop circle in the next town over!

I’ve learned to trust these “nice thoughts” and act on them.

Do you understand what I’m saying? I’ve heard this from other folks who claim the contact experience. Any insights?

Huge thanks,

Mike Clelland!

Miriam’s reply: Well…these kinds of ‘nice thoughts’ are what I call intuition, insight and premonitions. It is called being open to the energy of the Universe and with that comes the ETs. This happens often with people who have had contacts. We simply ……know things before they happen often without even realizing it ourselves. Love Miriam

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Important Information Everyone Should See
By Ethen Kane on September 28, 2009 at 6:50 pm under Your Alien Contacts

I understand that this post might not fall into the same category as most of the topics but I am trying to bring this information to as many people as possible.
I came across some information that I’m sending to as many people as I can. It’s about the horrible side effects of the H1N1 vaccinations that they are pushing through. First off it has been confirmed that only 32 people have died world wide from the flu; meanwhile over 500 people ,and this number is rising, have developed Gillian-Barre (this causes swelling of the brain resulting in paralysis) from the vaccine.
Also a test of the vaccine on a Naval Ship in April 2009, left only 5% of the crew members with out horrible side effects. Out of 350 crewmembers only 17 were not hospitalized as a side effect. The captain and several others dies within hours of receiving the shot, a few members are, to this day on life support, and the rest contracted the virus from the shot.
Another man in the States received his vaccine from volunteers at a local mall, 2 hours later he suffered a stroke.
During clinical trials in Germany a test subject who received their vaccine began showing signs of illness as soon as 3 hours later. 3 days after this person began suffering from what seems to be kindey faliure, other side effects consisted of coughing up blood.
Newer reports are coming in that people who have taken part in clinical trials of the vaccine have developed AIDS since they received their shot.
This is what is about being shipped to all the schools Nation wide, to be given to Hundreds of Thousands of children and teenagers. What is about to be given to every Hospital, and every work place. People are being told if you refuse the vaccine you will be fired. I have also heard reports that for the parents who chose to keep their children from being vaccinated the government will have CPS come into your home and remove your children from your custody. Just today I had Health Canada phone my home and request that I tell them how many children live in my house hold and ask if I planned to have them vaccinated for the H1N1.
FEMA has quarantine encampments built allover Canada and the United States; which, has been investigated and described to be almost identical to the concentration camps used in WW2. {Make sure to watch the 2nd video from this link} it goes into detail as to how the U.S. Military and RCMP plan on escorting numerous people to these camps. As well as forcing the population to take the vaccine.
This coming week in Winnipeg Canada their will be a meeting conducted by the major health officials of Canada to decide the “Best course of action” for them to take as their response to help vaccinate ALL of North America.
I am sending these links to as many people as I can, hoping that maybe it will make a small difference. I know you have your families and friends to consider. Please look over the links and help get this information to as many people that you can. I feel it’s very important everyone should know about this.

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Have you found the internet beneficial to sharing your story? What I’m getting at is that your extremely important story would (quite probably) have been ignored by the mainstream media, and it that is no longer an issue. You can tell your story without going through the filter of the former news services. I see this new chapter of communication is essentially required if the events in our near future (the 2012 prophesy) are to play out with any positive outcome.

There – to me – a new found ability to share ideas.

Any thoughts?

Mike Clelland

Miriam’s reply: What is important is to use any and all means to talk with one another around the world so that we can understand the real issues we all face in this life. As we learn of one another we will then understand that we are all the same and finally…. we will unite as one. This will not  be overnight but we must continue this flow of education. The internet most certainly does create a great place to find unity but we must do it in person and in our hearts daily. Miriam

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My story begins with me questioning who I was at very young age… With no memories before 5 but knowing of course this was my mom and dad because of physical characteristics but I felt different… As though I knew something that others didn’t. I always felt a strong connection with the stars and planets and was drawn to the Orion Constellation automatically. I remember being sensitive to the spirit world. Age 6 I can remember the first time I could feel and hear the spirit of my grandfather move throughout my grandmothers house it was like clock work every night. Avoiding two serious accidents, Age 6 a car accident with myself in the backseat unbuckled with my mom and dad in the front-seat. They had a head on collision with a drunk driver and I literally bent the front-seat of the 82 Buick… I can remember seeing the car and what was about to happen but knew nothing would happen to us although the other driver not as lucky… After the impact my Mom couldn’t believe the seat was like a banana. At age 8 by I was hit head on by a 4-Wheeler and my body being tossed in the air and flipping 6 feet landing on my back… All I remember is the grill of the vehicle and I knew I was going to be okay… When I opened my eyes, like a blurred picture becoming clear, the awe on my cousins and neighborhood friends faces completely shocked that nothing was wrong with me… The one thing I can remember about the “Black Out” if you wanna call it that was this surreal peace I had as though being guided… At this same time in my life I was very creative with imagining living in the days of “Wizard & Warlock”… Being fascinated with Greek Mythology and then finding a fond connection with the Egyptians and later with the Maya. In school when we had art classes I would always draw castles and with holes in the walls, while my classmates drew normal drawings ha-ha… Growing up in a small rural southern town and of course being heavily involved in church. I went to church all my life up to age of 20. I was raised in a Nondenominational Church that was Holy Filled, Holy Ghost. Meaning the belief in the “Speaking in Tongues” and “Shouting” which I experienced at the age of 16. I have a hard time when people make fun of these types of churches because they haven’t experienced this energy within us… When you “speak in tongues” its basically having no control of whats coming out of your mouth. Within your mind you can hear whats going on but you can’t respond. Same way for “Shouting” you can’t control your body, within your mind you know whats happening but you can’t control it. Although then only knowing that one perception of energy, God, I knew I was different… more aware of what was to come. It was then I began to feel some major changes happening within and I told my close friends and family I don’t believe I’ll make it to age 30. I knew when I told people this they would automatically think of death, but I knew at that time frame major changes would be occurring. Later in life at the age of 21 I was very intrigued with the Wicca/Pagan beliefs. I loved how it was all about harmony with nature and earth. Something we all need to improve on. As I read various books I noticed that people were being drawn to me. Especially for the area I live.  Weird thing is that it felt as if I could feel or feed off their energy. I had several nice Pagan witch’s tell me I have a unique “Old Soul”. Age 24 is when I really began to experience things bizarre and I had no one to talk about besides some close friends who then thought I was going a little bonkers. I started having what i believe to be some sort of physic connection, but i had no control over it. One example was I could be heading home from my 30 minute commute and I would pass a car head on and in my mind a flash of their face would come up and could feel their emotions and sometimes faint voices. It was a trans-like state I would automatically go into. This occurred for almost a year, at random times and places. The last 4 years were real quiet and normal for the most part until my birthday… I really felt a huge change within myself in October.  That’s when I started really looking into ancient civilizations, intrigued with both the Egyptian and Mayan Civilizations. Religious beliefs and comparing text. Also sparked a need to learn more and more about Aliens and the UFO phenomenon. Then on the Brightest night of the moon… It was as if I lost time, only minutes but it was very strange. As I looked towards the moon… There where clouds moving across from left to right, then a bright light flashed across my eyes then when I blinked the clouds that was on the left side of the moon was now over on the right side.. It automatically stunned me that in a blink of a eye this picturesque moonlight night I was observing in awe was now completely different, right before my eyes. Since, I have been getting several different visual scenes in my mind along with experiencing telepathic messages… Not sure if its future events or past lives. One visual is myself being struck by either lightening or a bright beam of light. What is interesting is how my body is, straight arms and bent knees arched in mid air as though levitating and the beam is intensely bright on my chest shooting skyward. Another is myself looking towards a gray cloud lined sky and having the feeling as if I am or can control the weather. Also will get picture visuals of a landscape with rolling hills and rocks but with a darker blueish sky it is much deeper color than earth. I believe its a different planet but not sure because the atmosphere seems different, more dense but not sure why or how I know this. Another  picture is large sandstones type of rocks cascading down into a deep canyon, between these rocks is a narrow path… On top of the canyon (My view) is breathtaking… The canyon is floor is a bright with a gorgeous colors of gold, yellow and orange colors with a deep blueish sky. Now the final experience I am having are these telepathic messages. “You will save my people” “You are the one” “You will be more powerful” “You are one of us” “You must transcend” These were the first messages I received within the last year… More recent ones are “Can you remember” “It’s been a long journey” “We are coming for you” The thing that really overwhelmed me was when these messages start you have these strong and powerful emotions that rush through you. Three weeks ago I was trying to discuss with a close friend of mine how I believed everything is connected and all religions believes in the same thing, thier god… The “One”.  This energy is responsible for all life, We all are apart of this journey and We have chosen to be here. We all have a purpose to fulfill. What will you choose?                                    “You must believe… The gathering has begun”

Miriam’s reply: It sounds to me like you have made contact on many levels. Its beautiful to hear that you are hearing the messages so clearly. Beautiful!!!  Please share more with us here as this post shows how connected one can be.  Love Miriam

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