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About the Blue Star-

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I first heard about the Blue Star through Barbara Marciniak (SP?) I think the book was ‘Bringers of the Dawn’. (or something like that)

Her take was that the blue star was a collective of cosmic planet healers.

I’ve been getting intuitive messages that the scouts are here and the rest of them will show up very soon.

Are there more than one blue star(s)?


Miriam’s reply:

It is my belief that there are many interpretations of the Blue Star. From all I know that the energy of change is seen by some in the form of a Blue Star. So the answer I would say is yes…. because there are several interpretations all of which I think are truth. Miriam

Your message

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Hello Miriam,

I have registered in your website just after seeing your videos in youtube, and other sites in the net. The honesty and feelings you put on all of your speeches is remarkable.

I felt truth on your message, and the love to share them with all the humanity. Only a great courageous human would put herself through this Enterprise. The Tall blonde beings surely knew who to pick.

I have participated in some spiritual groups, and the messages received from light spirits are very similar to your message. Also the fall of the last world have been told in those groups. And also the explanation that if man does not get back in the right path, things will get more difficult for man.

Your message is a “light” that invites all those who wish, hope, and want to believe that this world can be better, much better. And that it is a mankind decision to do so.

All the best.

Miriam’s reply:

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here! Love Miriam

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Dear Miriam,

When I was very young I used to have the same dream about driving in a car that no one was driving. I was always in the passenger seat and the car, sort of, drove itself. In the car I was going down the road outside of my home and it was always either very early morning or twilight and in the sky a disc-shaped UFO would be following alongside the car.

I would also sleep-walk a lot and often would be told I was found standing at the door and weeping that “everyone left me”, but I never could remember what I was dreaming of or who it was that left me.

And then, one more dream I had as a child: I was in my home and suddenly something terrible was happening. I ran outside with my family members and saw what I thought were meteorites crashing down from the sky and into the earth. I was standing, watching as these things, meteorites or perhaps even satellites were descending down and destroying our planet. Then, suddenly, I was being pulled upwards and my feet were over me and I saw the stars at my feet. I was being pulled to the stars…

From what you’ve shared and your experiences, I was curious as to what you might think about these dreams I have had. I am not sure if it is a very good question to ask you, as you are so very busy, but I did not see the harm in sharing these three things and asking for your words…

Thank you, peace and light,


Miriam’s reply:

Fei, thank you for taking the time to ask this question.
What I can tell you is that many people that contact me have similar dreams, visions, or nightmares. How you view them can sometimes be more powerful than others. The repetitive dreams are often warnings of things that are to come. This most certainly is a dream that MANY people have had with the meteors coming to earth.

What I can share with you is that it would be good for you to watch the video I just posted today on Heart Sharing on 2012. WE can change this if enough of us join together. Know that NOTHING is certain… so pray and hold the positive energy and see them moving away from the earth. Hold this in your vision and your heart….

Love Miriam

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Hello Miriam,

I want to ask you, what do you think about the human consumption of meat, milk and eggs?. What do you think about our relationship with farm animals?

Thank you for your answer,


Miriam’s reply: First allow me to apologize for such a long wait for a reply.

I feel that the relationship between humans and animals is one that needs to find balance. I do eat meat and eggs however…. I do not believe that everyone can or should. I think that for many people it is something that is not even a thought for them to devour the life of another. I know that every time I eat anything… I give thanks! Most people do not do this. Most indigenous people have a good balance of eating meat products and their lives. Looking at them as the example I dont feel it is wrong. I will admit though that the Tall Blond ETs told me back in 1988 NOT to eat RED meat for their toxins that were in the meat. Disease they said that was in the meat and not good for the body. I have heard this from other contactees as well.

My view is that YOU as the individual must ask the question of your self and then listen. For example I eat organic when I can afford it and try to as much a possible stay away from the unnatural foods of ANY kind that I can.

With love,

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I just finished your book and had a question about one of the things you put in the messages section.  In this part you ask are you living in a safer area.  What exactly do you mean by that?  What makes an area safer than another?  I look forward to hearing from you.


Miriam’s reply: What I was told is that there are areas on the earth that are “safer” than others. They will have less earth movements for example. The other reason they are “safer” is that they will be areas where like minded people will be connecting and creating communities that are focused on working together in all ways. This is important if a disaster does happen to assist EVERYONE and not create fear and fighting. These areas are all over the earth. One is the four corners area of the USA but….. this does not mean YOU are meant to be there. Most of this area is land that belongs to tribes of that area. Be respectful of that. They will not “take care of you”. WE all must be responsible and take care of ourselves. Love Miriam
Love Miriam

Mind Control

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Hi Miriam,

I came across two separate statements and wanted to know your thoughts on whether they have any correlation to one another?  I heard 15% muted as being the percentage of the overall population are immune from mind control technologies.  I wondered if that had any bearing on types of blood group?  In that many believe the ‘o’ type blood is not from this planet!

With that in mind do you think there is a link between the two and if so what?

Your thoughts are extremely welcome.


Miriam’s reply: I know that part of the population IS immune to mine control. If that has something to do with the type of blood is good question but one that I am not sure of. I would think it may have something to do with the flow of energy in the body and so it is plausible. Love Miriam

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I have an interesting experience with that mountain and I’m curious to know the significance this mountain has in your life. Can you please elaborate on the importance or significance it has on your journey?

Miriams reply It is copmplicatedand long to explain. I am in Colombia at an internet cafe for only a few minutes. This may be the m}last time for a month that I am on the net.

The best thing to do is look up the mountain for the ancient stories of the Hopi and Navajo. Thast may give you some answers.For me it was a sign of sorts to tell me where I was meant to go according to the Tall Blonds. I know others who have had the vision of Shiprock….as I always tell people we must go within to find the ultimate reason why we have had the expereince. Until then we guide each other to our own complete inner truth. The stories of Shprock is in the book and it is LONG to tell it too long for this blog at the moment. It helped me to accept my path through this vision. Love Miriam

Norway: Blue Spiral in the night sky
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Hey Miriam, I hope you are doing fine!

My question is about this amazing blue spiral sighting seen in Norway on December 9th by many people even as far away as 1000 km!

Maybe some already asked you about this..

I understand some are saying it is a failed missile launch by the Russians.. But seriously if you look at all the footage, it seems Out of this world! Others say it is a portal, a black hole, a Ufo…

Here is a short youtube video that shows clear footage.

I was just curious to hear your view on this :) Thanks!


Miriam’s reply: SOOOOO many people have asked about this. I feel from just viewing it from a galnce the first time that it was a hole that was created for the purpose of travel. I do not think that it was a missile as was what was said after this took place.

A missile could not create this kind of an energy that would then create the perfect spiral effect that took place in the sky.

What exatly it was I am unsure of. If I meditate on it and get an answer I will let you all know.

What I do feel is that we will see this again. Love Miraim

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