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Hi Miriam,

New to this forum but I’ve seen all of your videos from Project Camelot and just wanted to say thank you for your messages! I’m awake to what’s happening behind the scenes, regarding the control and manipulation of society for quite some time now but it’s time for me to look into the spiritual aspects of things.

I was just wondering if there was a way to establish communication with an ET Guide because from what a friend has told me, he received ET guidance from a friend of his who also communicated with an ET race but never really went into the details of how it happened.  Is this done through meditation? And if so, do you have any suggestions on how to meditate properly? There seems to be a lot of information on the web, but there’s just so many meditation techniques that I don’t really know where to start. Thanks in advance!


Miriam’s reply: ET contact often comes in dreams or meditation. Meditation is any form will work and you ask them to come to you. YOu ask them to come to you in dreams. You need to keep asking and keep asking. If you are ready then eventually they will come to you. I know people who waited years for them to show themselves in a sighting in this world and they finally showed themselves. You need to have no fear as this is a key to seeing them. Love Miriam

The Lakotah

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Hi Miriam,

A couple of years ago, I listened to your interview on Coast to Coast AM. I was really impressed by your dedication to “truth” and the bravery that you showed sharing your experiences!

This morning I watched your interview on Camelot and again was really touched by your “realness” and honesty.

Thank you for all that you do, I know it has been a long road for you, I kind of feel the same way at times! We probably are following the same sort of spiritual path at some level.

Wanted to follow up with you regarding the Lakotah tribe. Last month I was in a session with my Master Guides and they told me that I had a past lifetime with this tribe, and that we lived in Rosebud Nebraska, and that we had made a decision as a tribe to change form to help Mother Earth, as a collective entity. (Honestly, I don’t really understand how that happened, but I am going with it, nonetheless!) I really feel a strong connection to this tribe.

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I read somewhere that you mentioned an environmental event in 2010. Do you have any more information on this?

My mind has shifted recently and the ideas that you are expressing are drastically more clear in my mind recently. 

Happy Day

Miriam’s reply:
Great question. Yes I still feel that 2010 is going to be a big challenge for us. It is my view that late next year we will have an event that will change the world. Do I think that we need to live in fear over it? No not at all. Change always happens and we need to prepare for that change. Spiritually mostly.

I would like to share something really positive with you also. For all the years I have been talking with people I have shared this upcoming year as monumental. What is interesting to me is that on some level I know that we as humans have changed and so the effect that was originally going to be extream has somewhat calmed. This is great news!

What I DO know is that humanity is getting ready…ready for a shift in the way we are living on the planet. The mind of the human in awakinging and we are in the process of making change. All of us doing our part to bring about change and bring the truth to the forefront has changed the course we were on. The original plan of devastation has lessened. That however does not mean it is not going to happen.

Everyone keep doing what you have been because we are strong and getting stronger in our hearts and THAT really is what is going to change the world. So many people just cant see how unity will create change but it will.

I will keep you all posted on what I feel with this.

Great question. thanks.
Love Miriam

The Gathering

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First of all I wanted to say I just heard about your car accident and I really hope you are OK I wish you a speedy recovery and I am very glad you are still with us. Now I have not been keeping up with this site and now I have a new found interest in the sit. I have wrote you before on you see I have had experiences of my own and after my life changing experience last year I have been searching for answers all over the place joining groups trying to find like minded people. I decided to buy your book and some of your experiences sound similar to mine.  I have know for years that the 4 corners area was a safe area I think that’s why I moved to Arizona in the first place but I don’t think I am close enough. Last year when I had my encounter with the being in my room I was told again the 4 corners area was safe for certain people. I have been wondering about the gathering you have been talking about if this is only for close friends of like minded people I really hope to be invited it sound wonderful to me. Ever since my last experience I have been growing a garden and using herbs even recycling I even meditate a couple of times a day now it feels great if I forget to meditate I get kind off kelter it like a cup of coffee. I know there are many more changes I must make but little at a time. Oh I wanted to say I agree with you on the 2010 I know thing are going to start happening on a large scale next year.  Thank you very much again I hope you get time to respond to this or the email I sent to you.

Take care Mariam

Love and Peace


Miriam’s reply: The Gathering The GREAT Gathering is for ALL poeple and it is FREE. It is gathering of humanity as one people. I will have more on the website about the Great Gathering soon. Love Miriam

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Hi folks this is my first time on this site and i only found out about Miriam on youtube. I watched her video interview with Camelot and my God did that freak me out. She recounted  an experience she had while on her travels. While listening to it i thought how is it that she is recounting a similar experience that i personally had. I would like personally write to her before i make it public knowledge. So if anyone has her contact email i would appreaciate. Thanking you in advance. Keep up the good work.


Miriam’s reply: Highroad….. my email is

Know that you are not alone here and we are all in this together. I try to answer emails but there are far too many to reply to. I DO however read ALL of them.   Love Miriam

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Hi Miriam,


I stumbled upon your site from the Chamelot site/Youtube video….that was placed in a Bigfoot Yahoogroup that I am a member of….so I haven’t purchased your book yet so if you touch on some of my questions in there, I apologize for inquiring now.

So I understand that your connections have lead you to the Hopi people and to their mesas… Well I recall you saying that you had like 6 words written down that you didn’t know what language they belonged to and found out one to be “thank you” in Hopi.

I was wondering, have you ever heard of Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico? That is where I am from, although I presently reside in Washington State.  If you aren’t aware of it/us… our old pueblo village sits atop an almost 400 ft sandstone mesa and is considered to be the oldest, still inhabited village in the US.  We are very similar to the hopi people. If you have never visited this place, I strongly encourage you to do so… : ) (Google it and you will know…)

SO….is it possible that one of those words might be something from our language?? Just throwing it out there but I thought I would ask…

And the other question I have, was there ever anything conveyed to you that there is some connection with UFOs, these blondes, and Sasquatch (Bigfoot)??  I am part of a group that investigates, researches and gets out into their habitat to try and visually see them, to ultimately learn more about them and prove that they exist.  We have a lot of evidence….just nothing to compare it to.  So yeah, simply asked…are they in some fashion connected to UFO’s and other worldly beings??

Thank you so much for what you do!!!


Miriam’s reply: Walt, thank you for this post and sharing with us all here. It has crossed my mind that some of the words on the page belong to other tribes. i know that one was Navajo. Also heard a Mayan speak during ceremony and heard another one of the words. So there is a strong possibility that it may be from your people in New Mexico. I have heard of the Acoma but have not had any direct contact as of yet. Hope to at some point though.

I dont have any information on Bigfoot but do know they are in our world. There is simply too much proof and stories out there to think otherwise. I do not have any info of a direct link but…… that does not mean that is not there. If I ever get more information on them I will post it.

Nice to see you here. Hope you will keep checking in here as many changes for this site are in the works. Also, the Great Gathering needs to begin and my next big project is to really begin some groundwork to make that happen. Hope you will join us.   With love and gratitude, Miriam

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here is an interesting thread i have to ask, i read a lot of posts and i have read the following message, can you elaborate?

“…My apologies for a delayed return, it appears some of you are under the impression that I am ET. I am a human being like everyone else born on this planet but with a recollection of my pre-mortal existence and place of origin. My experiences have included traveling forwards and backwards in time among other indescribable off planet experiences to other worlds some of which I am allowed to remember and some of which have been blocked due to the human mind being incapable of storing such memories.

Adversaries of this world are ET’s that have manipulated and controlled the vibratory state of existence limiting comprehension to higher understanding and consciousness.

There is a set law of consequence and action, what we collectively sow on earth we must collectively experience and reap. In order for the elite societies (servants) of the draconian empire to maintain power over material manipulation on present events they must keep the collective consciousness of man low and deprived of higher positive energies found in times of peace, equality, human gatherings and love, raising the vibratory state of consciousness.

I cannot answer all questions at this time due to circumstance but will share what I feel you must know about October 11th 2011. The earth will stop rotating on this date as a magnetic pole shift will occur. Time will change as you understand it, a transformation will take place that will wipe out most life on earth this will take place in a matter of months going into the year 2012. The elite societies (servants) of the draconian empire have awaited this time frame and see it as a window of opportunity to re-organize the planet and exterminate those they deem unworthy to live ushering a new world order.

These events cannot be avoided and must occur in the same way all mortal flesh must see death through blood which keeps all spirit bound, a world transformation of consciousness takes place, as a snake views it’s world in darkness before shedding of it’s skin. The old world shall pass as a new world arrives dividing those who upgrade from those who downgrade.” (credit to abovetopsecret ET_man)…

this person states that this is important….  my name is ron, from arizona…

Miriam’s reply:  Not sure what kind of reply you looking for. Reading the first part of this post it seems clear and then moves into areas that I do not agree with. I find it difficult to believe that anyone can give a date to an event as major as the one mentioned. I dont care if this comes from another person, the Mayans, the Hopis the Pope. LIFE does NOT work that way…… LIFE is ever changing and ALL circumstances in life make up the whole of what is to come. That is why we are given clues into the future but to look that far in advance…… I dont believe many people when they give such exact information. I know as I have had many many many visions and I understand why we get them and how they come. They are given to us to assist us in changing the path we are on. Once we even begin to do that the time lines change.

My advice to all people is this: LIVE as though you will have a happy healthy long life…… just make the choices that will assist in change for our planet and maybe we will change the path. It is  my belief we already have begun to make the right changes that will change these time lines.

With much love……dont believe everything you read or hear but keep open to all of it.

Love Miriam

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hi Miriam

full of questions…

i’m looking for input on a few questions/observations i have regarding the Hopi and their prophecy.

1) my understanding is that the Hopi believe they are descendants of the Plaidians. can you confirm this?

2) if so, than what is the Hopi’s take on their ancestors and what effect have the Plaidians had on past and present humans? do you see them as good, bad or indifferent? are they related to what you call the tall blonds (or what others call the Nordics i believe)?

3) do you know when the symbols were carved on Prophecy Rock?

4) was anything added to Prophecy Rock at a later date?

5) according to William Cooper, the 4 corners area has a high concentration of underground bases (i assume military). if so, do you think there is any connection between these and the Hopi?

6) the way i understand it, the Hopi believe that we are past the point of no return and that there WILL be another world war which will lead to the last purification. can you confirm this?

7) i’m a bit unclear as to what i should be doing in the coming days and years and seek some guidance. i think i’m doing OK now moving toward a more spiritual path, but this seems to be a painfully slow process for me. still, according to what i’m picking up from the Hopi, i am one of those who is doomed to destruction, if you will. for the most part i have no problem with this — i’ve not been much of a friend to the earth for a good deal of my life, so if i am to be punished, i can accept this. if i return, fine. hopefully i can continue my journey, but on a “higher” path, so to speak. if i do not return, that is OK as well. what i wonder about though, is where i am supposed to be (not where i “want” to be) and how my physical location may change my destiny. in your interview with PC you said that, although the 4 corners area is a safe spot of sorts, that doesn’t necessarily mean that people need to go there (or any other safe places). according to what i understand from the Hopi, this area is a microcosm of the earth and what happens there has an effect (or is amplified) upon the rest of the earth. my initial perspective on this is that, if some “bad” people feel the need to go there while the purification process takes place, they may still be punished, or “used” if you will, in order to effect necessary change on the rest of the earth. on the other hand, i see the possibility that moving to a safe place may result in being saved from destruction, regardless of how one led their lives. do you have an opinion on this?

8) i would like to visit Hopiland. do you have any advice as to what protocols one should follow?

Miriam’s reply:

So many questions and so sad to tell you that I can not speak for Hopi in any way or on their prophecies. These things belong to them and my understanding of the Hopi is because of my contacts and many of the things I know about them i have shared in my book.

As for the number of underground bases in the area of 4 corners I do know that there are many. Some people have said its because of evil ETs but….. my thinking is that those who built them know that the area is special and that is why they are there. Do I think there is a direct link to Hopi and the bases, no I dont think so.

IF the world as we know it ends there will be another world…… even after Noah and the flood there was another world right……There is no need to focus on this information because it does not good for the soul. YOu are who you are now and that is what to focus on. Be the best person you can be today and it will lead to a greater tomorrow.

As for your personal path in life and where it will lead you…. that is up to you and your guides to address. What I can share with you is that in the time that I have been in body in this lifetime I have not been perfect either. Who out there can say they have been. If you are awake and aware of who you are then you will know that nothing is fixed in position. Everything is always changing and for this reason all things are possible. Dont look to much at your past but live TODAY in your heart for the whole and for earth. Be the person you want to be today and when tomorrow comes it will be a more beautiful world both personally and as a whole.

Allow yourself some freedom to live and experreince life knowing that YOU are the judge of your life.

With love,  Miriam

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