Will UFO Disclosure Happen Soon? When? By Who? 2017

When and how will disclosure happen? This is the number one question I have been asked for almost 30 years. It is a complex question which requires a complex answer from many people. We still [...]


Archive: The Dream World Seminar with Miriam Delicado and Bernard Alvarez

Miriam and Bernard discussed how to use one of the most powerful tools in working with your dreams; how to find answers to questions in your physical life or your spiritual life. Learn basic [...]


Premonitions and Feeling Earthquakes Before They Happen.

How to predict an earthquake and understand the precursors to a quake taking place. In this video, Miriam Delicado shares insights into how people feel, see and sense earthquakes before they [...]


Archive: Extraterrestrial Disclosure Online Summit: January 2016

Archive: Miriam Delicado joins Portal to Ascension, along with speakers from around the world to discuss Disclosure. January of 2016. Here is the archive video of that event.