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In the past three years I have been led spiritually to Colombia seven times now. My first journey was all about learning how people who claim to represent tribes and people must be researched and confirmed before dealing with them. They turned out to not be who they claimed to be.

My second journey was extremely fascinating as spirit led me to the people of La Sierra, the Mamos and Sagas, Indigenous of the region. For this journey, I was sitting in my living room back in Canada when all of a sudden it looked like smoke forming to my right. It took the shape of a man that then walked up to me. There he stood and I recognized him as being a Mamo because of how he dressed. For four days this would happen once a day, except each day there were more Mamos standing infront of me. Finally I went into a state where I could communicate with them and asked them did they have a message for me? The message was: “Come.” Two weeks later I received three emails from strangers telling me that I MUST go to the Kogui of Colombia. Well, within a short time after this all the details came together and I was gifted with the funds to travel, along with one other person to make the journey. It was amazing and the beginning of work to be done to bring about a deeper understanding of how we can support each other to protect life itself here on this earth.

Read more on that journey from a past post here.

Since then many journeys have been made and work has taken place to bring about that deeper dialogue. Here you can read where we traveled to New York and met with the Mamos and the Hopi.

In 2012 I took a journey to Colombia and as spirit would have it I was in the Mountains on Dec 21/2012. This was a powerful journey as well and also the Hopi were are that time in Ceremony. My prayer and thoughts were with the connections of the Sacred people all around the world.

From this journey a video was created; Unity consciousness is within you.

May of 2013 I found myself once again in Colombia but this trip was for personal reasons. I wanted to take some time out and rest, reflect, and slow myself down so I could center myself. It was a great blessing and have to thank Mr C… and Mr D for making that happen.

Very unexpectedly, I was offered the chance to meet some of the Kogui Mamos to continue to work with them and see how we can support each other in our paths for protecting life. With only days to have the funds come in I was unsure that the journey would take place but… once again the people came forward to give exactly what was needed. We are all very grateful for this gifting.

Lina and I, my friend and translator, traveled from Bogota to Santa Marta. Landing there was a shock to the system because of the intense heat and humidity compared to Bogota. We quickly left the airport in a taxi and found our way to the bus we needed to take us to where the Village of the Mamos is. When we got out of the taxi a man grabbed my bag and was quickly walking away. I tried to get him to stop but he would not. Finally I had to grab my bag and pull on it, finally, he stopped and let me get my jacket from the backpack. He was one of the men with the bus. Not easy when you dont speak spanish.

Once we arrived to the next location Lina began to talk to the man at the store close to the walking trail for the Village asking him for a place to stay. He offered his home because it was only for one night and then also suggested a little place just up the road that rented small cabins to people. We decided to check the place out down the road first. Upon arrival we decided it was perfect and really beautiful actually, we were well cared for.

We arranged for food to be brought up to the Kogui Village on pack mules the next day. So, the only thing we needed now was food for ourselves. We put our backpacks on and walked about 20-30 minutes to another area of this town we were in to find a restaurant of some kind. By this time it was dark and most places had no food left… sooo … when offered food we took what we could. It was this horrible hotdog with strange things on it… I was so grateful but really…. it was not what I expected at all. We each had a cold beer (better than soda in the heat) got some bottled water and a few snack foods for the next few days and off we went. Taking a motorcycle taxi to the place we booked for the night, backpacks on and me… only the second time in my life on a motorcycle was freaked out! hahahaha the driver was gentle with me and it was easy… I just held on and closed my eyes! (hope some of you are laughing imagining me with my eyes tightly shut!)

The next day came early, 5am we were awake and getting ready for the day with the Mamos. We were greeted at the entrance of the place where we stayed by a young Mamo and began to walk straight up the mountain. When we reached the Village, we were were joined by the mother of the young Mamo as we continued to journey upward. We were on our way to a Sacred site for spiritual work to cleanse ourselves before we began to talk.

It took hours for the walk to the site, sitting quietly with the Mamo and Saga. The natural world all around us speaking. Butterflies guiding us on the path, hummingbirds coming to hover infront of us, little insects coming up out of the earth, it was remarkable. We saw FOUR of the blue butterflies they have here in Colombia, they are huge and really, really beautiful. Lina and I both felt welcomed by the natural world as well as by the people.

When we finished we began to descend down the mountain. We were also blessed that there were clouds to cover the extreme sun and that it did not rain… at least not until we were finished our day and then the rains came.

We were welcomed into the Village with big bowls of fish soup that was cooked by the young women. It was amazing and I am always surprised how good the food can be with so little. In bowls made from the natural world we sat and ate in pure gratitude both Lina and I. Then we were given water with panella (a cane sugar) that is also very good. It was refreshing after a long day of hiking, preparing for the next stage of the work.

After eating we were led to where the Elder Mamos was to speak with him. This was where we sat with him for about 6 hours. Listening, sharing and talking about the state of the world. They have a deep passion for protecting the natural world, not only in their land but around the world.

They have been working hard to send a message into the world that we must pay attention to the natural world, to our Mother (Earth). There have been many messages coming from many groups and people in different forms such as videos, movies, statements, events, appearances, declarations … all coming from the Indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. All of these message have the same thread; We must protect the natural world, it is our responsibility as a collective.

Sitting with the Elder Mamo he sits very still as though he is the center of the Universe itself holding a balance. Not even eye movement or breathing can be seen as he sits so quietly…. listening and taking in the energy of the conversation, the natural world and the life that surrounds him. He is listening to how the natural world will reply to the messages.

Each of us spoke of our threads of work and how we view the issues we face in the world today and how we can support restoring the balance. Then we spoke in detail on how we can support each other in our threads of work and how it may be possible to join our work to build a stronger unified effort.

It was a very positive and productive meeting of which Lina and I were grateful and honored to have as an opportunity to build upon our communication with the Mamos. We ended the meeting with understanding that we would continue to communicate with each other and wait to see how and when we may meet again.

For now, this particular group of Mamos are working all over the world with many tribes to bring a message of unity to protect life… to protect “The Mother” Earth…. we are all working on this path in many ways, with many threads and we are all converging to the center where the balance depends on.

To those people who gave financial support for this very important meeting to take place we are all extremely grateful from our hearts.The Mamos are also grateful and may you be blessed in return for your support of holding the Sacred Life of this planet in balance and for protecting LIFE itself.

I have shared some photos of our journey on this trip. Also, I have included a few photos from past journeys as well.

With gratitude and honor to serve the Creator and Life itself,
Miriam Delicado

Miriam Delicado Colombia 2013


Walking with the Mamos 2013

Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

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Friends, The Hopi are in need of our unified support and prayers.

Please consider praying for the Hopi to have their Sacred Items returned home and stop the sale of the Sacred items at a French auction house. Here is the link:

Share this message with your networks, we only have days to stop this. The Sale takes place on April 12th.

Sign your name to demand that the French auction house stop the sale of Hopi Sacred items and return them to their rightful owners of Traditional Hopi people.

We only have a short time to support. Sign the petition to support the Hopi and return the Sacred home… to Hopi….

With gratitude we send back to the Creator for supporting us all in life and in maintaining all that is Sacred in this life.

Miriam Delicado

Here is the link to sign the petition: Neret-Minet Tessier & Sarrou Auction House and Drouot-Richelieu Gallery: Stop the auction of Ancient Hopi and Zuni “Friends” on April 12 in Paris

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More than 70 religious artifacts from tribes in the Southwest, mostly from Hopi, are slated to head to auction in Paris next week over ardent tribal objections. Read more here: Link to news article

The Hopi, like many other tribes around the world, are in a constant battle to protect their way of life, Sacred, Sites, the right to keep doing their Ancient Ceremonies and keep their land.

As a world community we have a responsibility to support them in anything they as of us. After all, they are the ones that are protecting the land, water, air and all life itself for the future generations.

Please, lets start an email campagne and send it to asking this auction house to respect the Hopi and support them to have their Sacred Items returned.

These items could never have been given away or sold accounting to Tradition in Hopi. So, whoever it was that did take them or give them …. was done illegally.

The auction house of to return these items.

With gratitude to each of you who are also doing your part to support and protect the Sacred in any way you are able to.


Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

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UPDATE March 04-2013. All the funds for this project contributed to the Hopi travel. With much gratitude from them, thank you!!!

March 25-2013 Cultural Exchange: Hopi travel Support needed.

Update March 29: Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this journey. In this time of chaos it is importnat to support all those who are holding the light and balance of this world. In a community effort we are able to support the Sacred and rebalance that which needs us most. with much gratitude, Miriam
March 28th we only need $135 dollars in donations. thank you everyone! In discussions today with the Hopi we learned that they are in need of our support for travel to Hawaii in only a few days from now, leaving April 03-2013.

The flights are currently taken care of, however, funding is still needed for Hotels, food and expenses.This will support three Hopi on their journey.

Through our Cultural Exchange Program The Great Gathering is asking for your support to bring the Hopi to Hawaii.

By sharing Hopi archeology it allows for them to protect the Hopi Way of Life, Culture and Ancestral artifacts. This journey also gives the Hopi an opportunity to have Cultural Exchange with other Nations, groups and people who are also working to maintain the ancient past in an accurate and respectful manner.

Link for the Society for American Archeology event:
Society Of American Archeology

We thank you for supporting this important opportunity to share culture for the purpose of honoring the Sacred ways of the Hopi.
For more information please email:
Phone: 928-237-3010
CE-001 Hopi Travel to Hawaii

♦ nonprofit established in 2011 ♦ 501c3 application process in 2012

Dalai Lama, Hopi, Colombian Mamos New Jersey 2011

Dalai Lama, Hopi, Colombian Mamos New Jersey 2011

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Greetings everyone. As you know I have agreed to begin sharing some of the strange and interesting experiences and writing from my past in relation to the Tall Blonde aliens/starbeings/ancestors/angels/great ancestors….etc… the names are many.

Today I share with you a strange experience I had in the late 80′s. After being picked up and taken on board a craft in 1988 with these beings for about two years the telepathic communication with them was very clear and powerful. In several of my experiences during this time they kept guiding me to physical things to show me that they were real and not imagined. What I am about to share with you was one of those times.

AS I walked down the busy street in Vancouver I heard a voice asking me to go into the Public Library. This library is huge as one would expect in a major city in North America. Walk in to the Library they told me. Then they directed me to floor of this library that was several stories high.

What do you want me to do here? I kept thinking and as I did they said, “We have something to show you, proving we are real.”

I looked around the floor, which is huge, with rows upon rows of books. Where on earth will I find what they want me to see I thought. Just then they began to direct me again, walk straight, turn left, then right…. look at the shelf I heard them saying to me as I now stood in front of the many books on the long display cases. It was then that I noticed I was the Physics department and all the books were on quantum physics and astro physics. Finally with some guidance I finally reached out and took one book off the shelf at which time I opened to to a random page.

Here the being that was communicating with me again gave me guidance for what page I was looking for. Back it said, not further back the voice said again. Now look and you will see that we are real.

It was then I saw the page with a small pen written note on the side of the page.

The note said: “I am going to the four I’ve checked off here first James, be back in 1993 your time. Love you lots. Take care of Nhung and my babies ok?”

Beside it was a list of stars and the distance from the earth.

After reading this I was so blown away that I was shaking. A friend was with me as I had this experience and she was completely freaked out by it. I was in shock and could not think straight as I ripped the page out of the book and put it in my pocket. I had to keep this, I had to… was all I could think.

What does this all mean? To this day its another one of those strange occurrences that happens to people like me who have had extraterrestrial contacts. These being were doing the best they could for me to keep from not thinking that I was crazy and by showing me physical things in this reality that were real….. it kept me from loosing my mind.

I knew then that it was real and today there is only calm acceptance that everything that happens in my life is real and not imagined. In order to understand this phenomenon we have to learn all the bits and pieces of the puzzle of any story. This is only one tiny piece.

With gratitude to all my friends and family who have stayed by my side as this experience continues to grow and expand in ways that could never be imagined or planned. Thank you all.. Love Miriam

Star distance

Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

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My spirit
By Miriam Delicado
July 16-1995

I allow the effervescent light of the Universe
to be part of my body
My feet are grounded
to my loving earth
My spirit lifts from within me
for it is the child
it allows me to play and sing
and dance upon the earth
My soul reaches upward
to see ahead, it is my teacher
with wisdom of a thousand lives
My soul begins to lay the path
which my spirit and body will follow
My body is part of the earth
My spirit allows me to live
and my soul nurtures me to learn
We are a part of the universe
as I am part of the light of this universe
I know that I create my universe
with guidance and love
from above, within and below….

Miriam Delicado Copyright

Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

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5 Photos: This object has been with me since 1988. It was a gift to me from the ETs. I was told to get off a bus in the middle of the city and go in a store they wanted to give me “something”. When I entered, I was told where to walk and look and… there it was sitting infront of me. I was told to buy it and that it would remind me that they were always close by.

All photos are the property of Miriam Delicado. This is NOT the gift that was given to me by the ETs that was then put in the earth in 1970.

This is NOT what was given to me that was put into the earth. That is something else.

This is NOT what was given to me that was put into the earth. That is something else.

From the top looking down

View looking on the bottom.

Side view

Side view.

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A very special and intimate conversation with Miriam Delicado. How did Miriam overcome being incapacitated after a serious car accident? How did she teach herself to change her speech pattern? What did her experience with the Tall Blonds teach her about how the human brain functions? How is she still using this method to continue to grow spiritually? What can we do to develop our brains to it’s fullest potential? Join us for this exclusive 2 hour long broadcast with an amazing luminary and global healer.

Part i of 2

Part 2 of 2

Your donations are needed at this time to continue this work. Together we have supported people from around the world. Although the work has been very quiet and without a great deal of fuss in the public, we have had impact on many people. With out your support my focus could not be with all of you, and on the Sacred Earth and humanity. With gratitude, Miriam

Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

Your generous donations make it possible for Bluestar to continue her work. Thank you for your support.

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UPDATE: Oct 13-2014 Thank you to everyone who gave donations last month while I was traveling in Colombia. I was literally supported by a small handful of people, one in particular, Sam, made it possible for me to have a safe and supported trip near the end of the journey. Returning on Oct 15th to Canada after which reports will be shared on this website as well as on the great gathering site, along with private reports for everyone who donated. With love and gratitude, Miriam DONATE HERE