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This is a message from Barbara Three Crow:
(It is time to begin supporting the Sacred People of Earth. Please give your support as they are the holders of life in this world. Your act of kindness can assist in balancing the earth once more. Thank you..Love Miriam)

Mitakuye-oyasin – Miriam and all those who helped support the Elders Project to assist the Mamo on their sacred journey in the heart of the world Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta I thank each of you Today, Sept. 11th 2010 I want to alert everyone to the signs around the world of escalating volcanos four errupting within this past month, earthquakes and flooding in Pakistan – China – and the unprecedented drought and fires in Russia.
As most of you have read here on Miriam’s sight and my own about the purpose of the black line journey and the significance of the offerings (pagamentos) made around the boundary of the heart of the world based on the law of origins of the Kogi, Arhuaco and Wiwa Mamos, I feel it is important to note at this point in time, the importance of all our taking responsibility and to assist these elders who have for centuries have held all of life in harmony and who have asked for the help of the Younger Brothers (us) To be more specific, I have come to realize after my visit to the heart of the world and spending time with the Mamo, that although I pray most everyday, and make spiritual offerings to the mother earth that even that is not enough compared to what I was privileged to observe during my time with the Mamo.
Ever more we are being subjected to the changes on all levels of our lives, we hear more and more about the weather patterns as unprecedented throughout the world and often people say, “what can I do”?
We each are significant and each of us in our own way can support energetically the Mamo and others who are diligently praying for the earth her waters and all of life.
Upon my return from the SNSM I organized The Harmonizing The Earth Community. This is to bring like minded people together to focus our intention our love and voices for this very purpose, to offer our assistance from this part of the world, and to offer our own sacred works through the sacred elements I place in formation before us. These sacred elements we can gather to pray with as the Mamo have for centuries are crystals – amathyist – shells – stones – seeds – flowers – water – and any other which are gifts from the mother earth and that energetically when prayed with link directly to her, her waters, the high snow capped peaks, the laguna – the sap in the trees – the fish – animals and all of life. According to the traditional Elders law of origin in the Sierra these elements relate to various and essential parts of the mother, when offered as pagamentos they are food and sustenance for her. Some of these I will share, the laguna’s represent the eyes of the mother, allowing her to see all, the amathyist represent hail – the garnet represents the blood of the mother. Each of the thousands of shells, stones and other pagamentos that the Mamo gather and offer has its own representation for the purpose of harmonizing all of life. This knowledge is ancient and specific to the Mamo and without these sacred offerings and their fulfilling their sacred journey around the base of the heart of the world (linia negra) you can imagine the great loss and disharmony – As the Kogi tell us that for centuries from the beginning they have harmonized all of life and their law of origins and their purpose is as “caretakers of the heart of the mother (world) ”
Yes, there are other indigenous around the world who also have their purpose as caretakers, yet the Kogi have been uninterrupted – have been sheltered from western intrusion and therefore their law of origin and their sacred works have continued – but at this time you will view their concerns on the video of the sacred journey in January 2010 sponsored by the Elders Project at “the elders project” As now when taking their sacred journey access to some of these vital places have been denied or desecrated. Where they had once fed the Mother for renewing her life force they no longer are able.
Every other Monday of each month The Harmonizing The Earth Community Meditation comes together to offer our sacred works in support of the Mamo. Please take part in your own way with others or alone September 13th beginning 7:00 pm – 9:00
“let us sing with the soul of the Mother” Toning, prayers, loving intention for harmonizing, healing and balancing and renewing the mother earth and all of life. I have seen with my own eyes the dedication and love of the mother earth and commitment to us the younger brothers, I have seen the faith and fulfilling of their life’s purpose as a message and teaching for myself and each of us to not lose hope but to begin and continue our own sacred works as the Mamo have throughout time. .The Mother needs our help, lets not leave it up to others let us begin to assist “ALL OTHERS.”

Barbara Three Crow

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There are people who are attempting to harm the Traditional way of life for the Hopi through confusion, manipulation and lies to name a few in my opinion. Some of these people are directly connected to the current situation while others are simply too ignorant that they are being used.
The Traditional Leaders at this very moment are in threat of loosing one of the most important strongholds to keeping the Hopi way of life and protection of all that is considered Sacred by the true Hopi.

When we sit by and allow people to harm one another then we still have not learned what it is to be human. I choose to do my part to stand with the Sacred people of earth and not allow them to be destroyed out of the ignorance of mankind. This I choose to do with last of the Sacred People, meaning ALL Sacred People, all over the world. The only way this continued destruction of this world wide race of people is to stop is to stand together with them…….. and say… no more.

Indigenous people around the world have been the first to experience many of the atrocities of control, manipulation and destruction. They have lived through those times already and still they remain strong in their Sacred ways. We have a great deal to learn from them and if you choose to LISTEN then you too with learn the truth of life. Peace is possible if enough people come together to say ……… this is what we want.

All people are Sacred but one must choose which group, which location, which direction to focus attention. I choose the indigenous but my heart is with all people of the earth.

The Sacred People of earth know the truth of who we are, where we came from, where we are going and how best to walk into our future. Allowing their voices to be strong in our world today could mean the difference between balance and harmony or devastation for our future.

Now… the time to begin to step forward and stand with these people. Pay attention to what they are saying… they are trying to warn us in the hope that their words will wake someone up. It is not too late but….. we are running out of time before it is………..


If you are not familiar with this name then I suggest you educate yourself. THIS company is the number one controller of YOUR life and you may not even realize who they are. What they are doing to humanity and the earths plant life can only be described as destructive and dangerous. This does tie in with the indigenous world. They know this name very well in the Sierra Nevada of Colombia as well as around the world.

In Colombia, Monsanto has received upwards of $25 million from the US government for providing Roundup Ultra in the anti-drug fumigation efforts of Plan Colombia. Roundup Ultra is a highly concentrated version of Monsanto’s glyphosate herbicide, with additional ingredients to increase its lethality. Colombian communities and human rights organizations have charged that the herbicide has destroyed food crops, water sources and protected areas, and has led to increased incidents of birth defects and cancers.

Recently in Haiti this company saw an opportunity to take over the food supply with the appearance of generosity… this is my opinion. Take the time to research what is happening with Monsanto and then educate those around you. BUY your hierloom seeds NOW….before its too late. Plant a garden and collect the seeds at the end of the season. Education of self and your surroundings is the key to peace.

Read this link on Haitian Farmers and Colombia EXCELLENT information that explains the basics of Monsanto.

Read how a small group has chosen to take peaceful action.

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During my time in Colombia of January of 2010 I was blessed to have had the opportunity to be one of the guests of this beautiful event that traveled with the Mamos. When I returned to the Sierra Nevada, Colombia in April Rick had returned also to continue working on building the relationship with the Sacred People and create more plans for future work. It is simply amazing how much we in the industrialized world can learn from people who dedicate their lives to the Sacred work of ceremony for the earth, for humanity and all life. WE need to respect them for this and assist them in this work. From MY heart, I thank you all for your support of this project. I have seen the work being done, the intention of those assiting to organize the Elders Project and feel only the highest intention from all of them.

At the end of this report I have attached two videos. One is from Barbara Three Crow who was one of the people who took the initiative along with Rick Harlow to step forward and begin working to manifest what the Maoms had requested of them. The second is the work of Frank Chavez and is a great short film on The Black Line of the Sierra Nevada and what it means to the Sacred People.

Barbara Three Crow has more information on her website as well. Personally I find her to be a strong and beautiful woman and I am honored to know her. She is an inspiration. Barbara Three Crow website.

Thank you to all those associated with this project and the desire we all have to Protect the Sacred.


Mamo Sewkukuy

The Elders Project (TEP), on behalf of Mamo Sewkukuy and the delegation of mamos and apprentices who accompanied him, wishes to express deep gratitude to everyone who contributed to The Black Line Journey that took place in January 2010.

The Elders Project was born out of a series of meetings between the traditional authorities of the Koguis, Arhuacos and Wiwas of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (SNSM), Barbara Threecrow and Rick Harlow which took place during the nine days of the gathering of indigenous leaders from all over the Americas in Pasto, Colombia in August 2009. The elders expressed their desire to find funding for projects that would strengthen their traditions and support their spiritual work as “caretakers of the water and the life of the planet”. They asked for our help and we signed an agreement with them.

Signers of the agreement, Pasto, Colombia August 2009

This journey was the first and most urgent of these projects. Mamo Sewkukuy (Norberto Torres, a 90 year-old Arhuaco, known as the spiritual geographer of the SNSM) was grateful for the opportunity to pass along his vast knowledge to 2 generations of Kogui, Arhuaco and Wiwa mamos and apprentices. Among the delegation was one of Mamo Sewkukuy’s sons as well as a grandson. The fourth indigenous group of the SNSM, the Kankuamos, were unable to send a delegation because of ongoing internal meetings within their community.

Mamo Sewkukuy’s son and grandson

The journey began on January 16, 2010 in Valledupar at the site known as Pozo Hurtado on the Guatapuri River and ended ten days later at the same site. The group of thirteen mamos and apprentices accompanied by TEP support staff (and 5 guests invited by the mamos) made the journey around the black line, visiting a total of forty sacred sites or “points of payments” (puntos de pagamentos) where spiritual offerings were left in accordance with “The Law of Origin.”
Beginning of the journey, Guatapuri River The list of participants:

Mamo Seukukwi (Norberto Torres) Arhuaco
Mamo Vicente Torres Mamo Javier Torres Arhuaco
Mamo Jose Vicente Zalabata Arhuaco
Mamo Jose Maria Perez Arhuaco
Mamo Nestor Torres Arhuaco
Bienvenido Arroyo, Excabildo Gobernador Arhuaco
Mamo Jose Gabriel Alimako Kogui
Mamo Pedro Conchacala Kogui
Mamo Jose Maria Conchacala Kogui
Mamo Mayor Carmen Conchacala Daza Kogui
Catalina Daza Gil Kogui
Mamo Jose Ignacio Dingula Wiwa

TEP Support staff:

Nora Diaz, Secretary
Jesús Ortiz, coordinator
Rick Harlow, TEP coordinator, photographer
Jan Willem Meurkens, TEP filmmaker

Tragically, all is not well in the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta. The ancestral territorial boundary of the 4 indigenous pueblos, The Black Line or “La Linea Negra” as the mamos call it, is in great need of restoration. Many of the sacred sites have been severely degraded by abuse and misuse. Some sites have been paved over and are not accessible. Others are on private land being developed by government and private corporations. At Puerto Brisa the mamos were not allowed access to the sacred site and were unable to make their pagamentos. Frequently along the journey the mamos would point out the damage caused by development, mineral extraction, harmful agricultural practices, tourism, litter and graffiti. They insisted repeatedly that the Colombian Government return control of the sacred sites to them so they can properly care for and heal the damage.

Graffiti at one of the sacred sites.
Entrance to Puerto Brisa after being denied access to sacred site.
Power plant at the sacred site of Compañia.

A full report of both the Black Line journey, and the subsequent trip up the mountain to Mamo Sewkukuy’s village will be posted in the near future.

TEP continues to seek funding to support ongoing projects as requested by the traditional authorities. We have been asked to help with the following two projects, briefly outlined below.

The Black Line project

The mamos have reaffirmed their commitment to the spiritual work necessary to balance the damage to the cycle of water in the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta caused by widespread development. They have decided that a delegation of mamos representing the four pueblos should make four trips a year around the Black Line to make their “pagamentos” in keeping with “The Law of Origin.” The second journey will begin on April 20th 2010. The National University of Bogota has offered to fund this journey. TEP has been asked to sponsor the third journey to take place later this year, possibly in June or July.

Making pagamentos at Camarones
Guatiyna Iku Project (Arhuaco Women)

Arhuaco women under the guidance of Benerexa Márquez have reaffirmed their interest in addressing the plight of women in the villages and to take charge of their self- development. According to Benerexa, the importance of women in relation to “The Law of Origin” cannot be overstated, as they represent mother earth and hold power to balance nature in the SNSM. A project to encourage the women to take the initiative to reassert their position as AKUMAMU (female mamo, spiritual guides) has been outlined so they can fully participate in the spiritual work of the SNSM. It is also their intention that this project will open up a greater understanding of the relationship between “The Law of Origin” fundamentals and those which serve as a basis for human rights, particularly in reference to women’s human rights.

Benerexa Márquez meeting with Arhuaco women

TEP and the indigenous peoples of the SNSM are excited about moving forward with these projects and welcome your support.

All donations for this project are tax deductible.

Earth action a 501c3 organization is accepting donations on behalf of the Elders Project.
Checks MUST be made out to THE ELDERS PROJECT for the funds to go to the project.
YOu may request a tax receipt to be sent to you from your donation.
Earth Action website

Checks payable to “The Elders Project” may be sent to:

EarthAction /The Elders Project
PO Box 63, Amherst, MA 01004

Barbara Three Crow: Wonderful explanation of the Mamos, The Black line and more.

Kogi / Arhuaco The Black Line Sacred Ceremony : Film by: Frank Chavez G.

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Link to new photos on Flicker.

My Flicker account.

I went through the photos I have on my computer and decided to add a few photos for all of you to see.

Still waiting for a translation on a Spanish Video I brought back from Colombia, Sierra Nevada. Hope that you will all enjoy it once its posted. It will be up the minute I have the translation completed and I can add the English text so you will all understand what the Mamo from the Sierra is saying.

Love to you all,

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The Great Gathering website needs your help.

We are looking for volunteers to create the website from the ground up. The right person for this task needs to have a very good understanding and skills in building websites in the formats of WordPress and vBulliton if possible.

You need to have more than a casual understanding of website building in order to help in the creation of the site.

This would require time and dedication. We have had many offers to help but they have not had the level of skill we have needed or they have not had the time to commit to the project.

Once this website is built we can then begin to organize people from around the world for this event. Everyone is waiting and its time to make it a reality.

Please, if you are able to assist with this project please email me at:

It is important that you write : WEBSITE in the subject line. Please also let us know what level of help you are able to offer as well as contact information.

With much love and gratitude, Miriam

Your support of this project is appreciated and allows the work to continue. If you are able to give enough support for us to hire someone to create the site it would be a big step towards the creation of unity around the world.

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Recently while in Colombia I was fortunate enough to meet Frank Chavez G. along with two of his friends Juan David and Hector. While in the Sierra Nevada, Creator made it possible for me to join ten Mamos on a spiritual journey to the Sacred Points of the Black Line that surrounds their Sacred Mountain. During my time with these Sacred people I was allowed to share with them a message that there are many people in the world who have the same heart as them and are ready to hear their messages and work towards unity for humanity and balance for the earth. I gave this message from my heart….while holding you all with me….. together….. they heard our words and were happy to hear the message from us. You will see some of the mamos I spoke to in this film clip.

The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta or heart of the world is a group of mountains in Colombia South America that together form the shape of a pyramid.According to the vision and knowledge of its inhabitants the Spiritual Fathers of everything that exists dwell amongst these mountains.These invaluable treasures are protected by a magnetic circle called the Black Line that surrounds the mountain.This is where the the Sacred Spiritual people known as Mamos do their ceremonies to hold the balance of all life.This never before seen film clip is the creation of independent Colombian documentary filmmaker FRANK CHAVEZ G.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful seven minute film with us! With Love and gratitude, Miriam

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Heal the World Meditation

20 minutes a day:

Find a quite place ( put on soft music, find a meditation video on youtube or sit outside under a tree)
you can sit in a chair with arms and legs uncrossed,
or sit on the ground cross legged hands in lap or on thighs,
any position that you are comfortable in.

Grounding & Centering:

Imagine the roots of a tree leaving your spine & connecting and grounding to the inner earth from opening your heart (simply breath). Imagine those roots moving down your legs and out your feet reaching the center of the earth and holding on. Connect ground into earth.
Now imagine a ray of light flowing out the top of your head (crown chakra) up to the stars connecting to all universes~ Remembering to breathe from your abdomen. Imagine this ray as a pillar of light & perfect love that shoots out of your crown chakra moving further and further out connecting to all the levels of consciousness you can imagine in your mind. Imagine in your stillness you are simultaneously everywhere at all times.
Then bringing that energy back down… into your body and allow it to flow all the way through you, through the roots you have created & into the center of mother earth, through your feet as well as your spine roots.

Imagine & feel this energy sending calmness, love & creating balance to cool. You are thinking about relaxing, imagine being in your favorite chair or being in a nice relaxing bath, these calming effects get stronger and stronger, keep breathing, imagine, feel…… the connection and create….. Then use this universal energy to heal and calm our sacred mother earth using any & all living creation…..sending that healing and love to co-create Balance & Peace for all of life.
The seen & the unseen, the earth & the universe connecting in balance and harmony. FEEL this within and so it will be.

As the energy is becoming stronger and brighter you begin to feel more of the oneness and start to imagine the energy and light extending from your center of self out into the universe as well as connecting into the earth core.
Now begin sending the cooling universal energy, the light, the balancing thoughts, the love and feelings and visions of calm, through your body from earth to universe, from universe to earth, up and down your spine and into the planet.
Imagine scanning the core of the earth for places of red lava energy and of pain, send that calming cooling, loving energy to the core of our planet to then see this balance and calm move out to the rest of the earth
and calm the movement of the earths crust.


To co-create balance with our beautiful planet…By connecting with her in love and peace. Helping mother nature so wars and upheavals around the planet subside. The love created in our togetherness, restructuring balance of all life, & no longer affecting her growth and natural life process.
She has given us so much, it is imperative at this time we connect back with her and be participants of this life.

You have received this information from a meditating group of 11 people please pass this on to 11 more & continue
to share by paying it forward.

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This is a link to Photobucket where I have uploaded some of the pictures from the travel in the Sierra Nevada, Colombia.
Pictures of the Sacred people: Wiwa, Arhuaco and Kogi.

Click here for link to pictures.

Your generous donations make it possible for Bluestar to continue her work. Thank you for your support.

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Special Announcement

UPDATE: Oct 13-2014 Thank you to everyone who gave donations last month while I was traveling in Colombia. I was literally supported by a small handful of people, one in particular, Sam, made it possible for me to have a safe and supported trip near the end of the journey. Returning on Oct 15th to Canada after which reports will be shared on this website as well as on the great gathering site, along with private reports for everyone who donated. With love and gratitude, Miriam DONATE HERE