Wiwa Crisis Colombia Indignous : Lightening Kills 11


Sacred Water Circle May 2,3 and 4th, 2014 Ontario Canada

All over the world People are working together to protect and respect Life giving Waters. I have the honor to attend this event as we continue to share the importance of the Sacred Elements that [...]


Messages from South Africa Indigenous: Khoi-San people

Submission to the UNPFII, 13th Session (This was sent to me by a man whom I met in 2009 on the journey to South Africa. He has been working for his people to uplift and strengthen his people. He [...]


Travel to La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: Kogui Mamos Colombia 2013 / Miriam Delicado

In the past three years I have been led spiritually to Colombia seven times now. My first journey was all about learning how people who claim to represent tribes and people must be researched and [...]


Africa 2012 Miriam Delicado

In January of 2012 a blessing came that gave me the opportunity to travel to Burkina Faso. This was a moment in time of that Journey where new relationships began. When we understand each other [...]


The Khoisan of South Africa are recognized as a people, in part because of YOU.

Chief Stanley spoke to the South African Parliament to ask them to recognize the KHOISAN as first and original Indigenous People of South Africa. Also on behalf of over 6,000 Khoisan over the age [...]


Call for Prayer of Sacred Sites at anytime send your prayers.

Although the date has passed for the group prayer this listing shows us many Sacred Sites that need our protection and prayer. It may be good to send prayer to the site closest to you and focus [...]


Miriam Delicado: Indigenous Story: Get to Work

From deep in the heart of South America comes a story of interacting with the Indigenous people. The message is clear that as a whole, humanity needs to stop complaining and get to work. Many of [...]


Warrior Chief of Shungopavi Hopi Village: Historic Interview Monday 4:00PM Pacific July 02-2012

For the first time in history the Traditional Leaders of Shungopavi Village are speaking to the world. Radford Quamahongnewa, the Warrior Chief and Spokesman for the Leaders comes forward to the [...]


Hopi Meet the Dalai Lama with Colombian Mamos

In a historic meeting, the Hopi, along with their Liaison Miriam Delicado, traveled to NY to meet the Dalai Lama and the Colombian Mamos.

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