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What exactly is it that you do Miriam? This is one of the most popular questions that people ask me when I meet them. It usually takes a few minutes to answer because I do many things, for many people, in many different ways by being in service to others.

In 2007 I stepped out into the public for the first time as I nervously shared with the world that I was, and am, a UFO contactee/abductee. In the short time span of the past seven years since then, in many ways, I feel that I have lived several lifetimes through the experiences that I have had and through the experiences that came into my life. Miracles have taken place that strengthened me as well as hardships that have tested my very soul and its commitment to being in service for humanity, the earth and all life. ( I now share my book for FREE from my website in PDF format. LINK HERE.)

I am currently the Founding Board Member and Executive Director of The Great Gathering of humanity Inc. which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the state of Arizona. Building this organization took a great deal of dedication not only through my volunteer work but also dedication from many people who volunteered over the years in this community. Without the committed in this unified effort we would not have been successful in the creation of this nonprofit. Thank you, you know who you all are, for your hard work and commitment.

When and where possible I advocate for the protection and support of indigenous communities and people around the world. One of of our most valuable assets on the planet in my view are these traditional people who still maintain a balance with the natural world. In this regard I have worked with the Hopi people when and where they have asked of me.

Recently, in May of this year I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Peterborough, Ontario Canada with representatives from Hopi to attend a conference, The Sacred Water Circle. This was an amazing event and my experience there was very healing for my soul and strengthened work for the future. It was an unexpected gift and powerfully uplifting to witness the level of commitment of support and protection of Sacred Water by all those that attended, as well as the group that organized the event.

This was the first event that I have attended where I witnessed a true commitment of being in service in a unified group. There were people from all walks of life. Traditional Elders, traditional people, government officials, educators, water experts, water scientists, policymakers and more. This was about sharing from the heart of traditional people to support and educate on the importance of respecting and maintaining our water supply levels for future generations. Many people that attended were very quiet in observing and listening to the speakers and attendees for how collaboration would be made possible or built upon to become stronger. Visit the Sacred Water Circle website HERE.

Recently the Hopi Elders from Shungopavi Village released a statement for the first time in their history regarding prophecy. This prophecy was in regard to protecting and preserving water for future generations. Senate bill 2109 was defeated but the threat of Hopi losing their water is still very real. Here you may listen to the interview by Rob Simone that required several visits to Hopi before it took place. LISTEN HERE. They also agreed for the first time to release this information through a video that was supported by the Traditional Leaders of the Village. WATCH HERE.

Being at the Sacred Water Circle event, myself and the Hopi were able to make strong and positive connections with individuals who are focused on protecting and preserving water for the future. This was an extremely powerful and encouraging event to participate in. In the future I’m confident that we will invite some of the people we met in Canada to come to Hopi Land so they may share and support the Hopi people in protecting their water for the future generations of not only Hopi, but all people in the southwest.

The Hopi are no different than most indigenous people around the world today who are facing challenges from the surrounding world. This is taking place through exploitation of their culture, stealing their land, distortion of their ceremonies and prophecies and corporations who use any and all means to take over their land, water and all the while destroying their culture and way of life. These are issues of conflict. There are those who would argue that traditional people should not be engaged in conflict as a means of being able to suppress their voices and opinions. When it comes to the exploitation in the public of Hopi prophecies and culture for non-Hopi people to gain recognition or make money is sometimes when I work behind the scenes to protect what is Sacred to the Hopi People.

Right now for example there is one individual who is exploiting not only the Hopi but the Tibetans as well and it is a very difficult situation for everyone involved. As you are aware what we seen the public is not always the truth. For years I have been witness to the fighting and problems this person has created and all the while talking to the public about love and light and heart. Some people do not see the harm that is being caused by the actions of this individual so they choose to be blind and continue supporting them. It’s really a reflection of the problem we have in the entire world. As long as its not effecting the person they can choose to not say or do anything. When in fact, it all effects them when we look at the planet as a whole. Time to awaken and be responsible.

As a collective we have a responsibility to preserve the elements of life on this planet so future generations may thrive. There are thousands of ways of being responsible and each individual must choose which path and way is right for them to follow. In my work I have chosen to give a great deal of my time and energy through the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and financial means to protect, advocate for, educate and share the value of indigenous knowledge and culture both now and into our future if we want to survive.

For years now a great deal of the work that myself and a handful of key people have committed our lives to supporting and upholding the sacred balance of life. How we have chosen to do this is through building relationships around the world with like-minded people who are committed to the same value system of respecting life. Being respectful of the privacy of others it is often a challenge for me personally to share the depth of work that is currently taking place, while still respecting the privacy of those involved.

I can share with you is that over the past several months the work that we are doing has been reaching a broader number of people and groups who are working collectively and separately to protect life on this planet. It is individuals like you, who are reading this blog post, that truly makes the difference in the world.

Through this website Blue Star Prophecy I’ve been able to share some of the journeys and experiences that have taken place over the years. Being blessed several years ago by an individual who volunteered to help build the site and by doing so allowing me to have this portal to the public. Today with the new technology that we have in building websites I’ve decided that in order for me to share more with you about my work, my life, my insights and knowledge…… I need to rebuild this website.

This is another area that I have given some focus towards in the last several months. In fact, there is an individual from Australia who has volunteered to help create a website for “Miriam Delicado”. This will be more of a media website and I will rebuild Blue Star so I may continue sharing more information with you.

Everything that I do in this life at this time is driven by a deep inner knowing that we are all responsible for our future. A great deal of this insight comes from my contact with the tall blond extraterrestrials. In saying this, I still have a personal life in which I struggle and try to maintain balance while continuing to awaken further and grow spiritually to become a better human being. It is my belief that even those who were considered to be gurus and Masters also strive for the same goal.

I was fortunate over the past five months to have the opportunity to travel what seemed like all over the world. My journey began by leaving Canada and flying to visit friends in Costa Rica. This flight was paid for through airline miles that a friend donated to me. After this my journey took me to Arizona for two months where I was going to spend time with the Hopi people.

Hiking in Costa Rica. Stopping to see the coffee beans growing. Miriam Delicado

Hiking in Costa Rica. Stopping to see the coffee beans growing. Miriam Delicado

A great deal happened during this time and I must say that when I left, I left a changed person who is stronger, clearer and more confident than ever before in my life. This change came about as a result of a very difficult situation that I was placed in. I recognized something deep within myself that needed to change and it was a realization that in fact shifted my life in almost every way.

I realized that when I am surrounded by strong confident people, I am strong and confident. When I am surrounded by negative and dark people, I am dark and negative. When I am surrounded by happy and joyful people, I am happy and joyful.

Give and receive with respect. This will be my guide for the future of my life. Having this mantra helped me to see clearly that when I was being disrespectful to specific people in my life it was because of the level of disrespect that they were giving to me. What has changed within me and in my life is that I realize I do not have to engage individuals in this manner. What changed within me…… is an understanding that not only do I not need to engage them, I do not need to walk with them since they are choosing to walk a different path. Being compassionate sometimes means walking away and not supporting either our own negativity or the negativity of others.

I traveled with a representative of Hopi from Arizona to Ontario and the sacred water circle. Once again this journey was blessed to have been paid for through the organizers of this event. (Report on that above.)

Instead of flying me home to British Columbia, the organizers of the Sacred Water Circle choose to fly me to New Jersey where my friends had a place for me to stay before I continued traveling to Brazil. The flight to New Jersey was paid for through the generosity and support of the Sacred Water Circle.

As many of you know, I have not attended many conferences in person. When I received an invitation to attend a conference in Brazil and I saw the quality of presenters there would be attending I immediately said yes. Once again, I was blessed to have the opportunity to fly to Brazil through the generosity of the organizers of the conference. In my opinion after having this experience of meeting the Brazilian people I would have to say that they are the kindest, most humble and respectful people that I have met to date.

It was the first time that I’ve had the opportunity to meet Travis Walton, which I know many of you are very aware of his abduction story from Arizona. Another attendee was Debbie Jordan who is another very famous abductee. In fact she was my roommate during the conference. It was an incredible few days, with incredible people and very positive energy. During our stay we were all blessed to have a family that attended the event help myself and several of the other presenters every day we were there. They took us for dinner and lunch as well is helping us with any of our needs since none of us spoke Portuguese. It was actually very funny trying to communicate without having a single word of Portuguese. Next year if I’m blessed enough to attend this event I will have to spend some time practicing a few phrases and sentences to communicate with the people. My personal gratitude goes to all of those individuals in Brazil who opened their homes and hearts and allowing me to have such an amazing experience.

Brazil 2014 Miriam Delicado, Debbie Jordan, Travis Walton, Yvonne Smith

Brazil 2014 Miriam Delicado, Debbie Jordan, Travis Walton, Yvonne Smith

While I was in the city of Rio de Janeiro I was invited to stay in the home of a woman who was very interested in my work. She invited me to stay in her home for a couple of days before I returned to North America. During my visit in her home we spent hours talking about ufology and how it relates to the rest of the world. She was also very interested in my work with indigenous people and that included the Hopi. There were some very powerful connections that took place at the time of this visit. In fact, upon my return to North America I contacted the Hopi and shared some information that I thought they may be interested in. We are now in the process of continued dialogue between the Hopi, myself and our contacts in Rio de Janeiro. We hope to be able to support and participate in some upcoming work with the Hopi and some contacts in South America. I know that in the future the details of this work will be shared with the public. So in this regard I thank you for your understanding and continued support in honoring and respecting the Hopi as I do with respecting their privacy as well.

Sugar Loaf in Brazil. I went to this amazing view the day of my flight back to North America. The city in the background is Rio de Janeiro

Sugar Loaf in Brazil. I went to this amazing view the day of my flight back to North America. The city in the background is Rio de Janeiro

During the five months that I was traveling I did have some contact with the star beings. It’s interesting for me to have such faith in that inner voice when it comes to me and guides me on this path in life. Whether it is the star beings or my own inner guidance, both of them are very powerful. For many years now those individuals who were closest to me have witnessed the Miracles that take place in my life by following this inner guidance.

For example the synchronicity’s that we experience in our life can often does guide us to an incredible experience. What I have found over the years in following this synchronicity is that this synchronicity is something that many people fear. Even on this journey in the last few months I met one individual who was clearly meant to be a part of something greater and when they were surrounded by synchronicity they still chose to continue walking in the exact same way they always have. Excluding themselves through their own choice and free will to not have an extraordinary and profound experiences with what I call the Creator or God. They walk away because choosing something that is not familiar to them is fearful.

In order to take on any kind of responsibility in this world we have to accept that responsibility and be prepared for the work that goes along with it. This is one of the greatest challenges we have in this world today. What I find ironic is that many of the people who have crossed my path over the years have said they want to see change in the world and yet, they do very little to support that change themselves. Talking about being spiritual is not the same as being spiritual. Talking about being responsible is not the same as being responsible. Talking about supporting a cause is not the same as actual support to a cause. There are many ways to do this, financially, politically, socially, spiritually or religiously, to name a few.

I’ve been fortunate along this path to have a core group of people and supporters who surround me and have for many years. Through all of the challenges it is this core group that holds me together, holds the work together, and supports the cause that we are all working towards. Which is creating the future in which humanity still has clean water to drink, natural foods to eat, and an abundance of resources that allow for continued expansion and growth as a global society as an example. How we attain this is through the smallest of steps that grows into a larger and more unified movement of people.

I’m now back in Canada and already making new plans with people from four continents around the world to work together as we seek solutions to the issues we face today.

I would like to leave you all with a very positive message and thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.

The Star Beings often share insights and visions of the future with me. It was three years ago when they came to me and shared with me both insights and visions of what was coming. In fact what they shared was a very beautiful, powerful and spiritual connection that would be taking place between very specific people. When everything that they had shared with me manifested I was in awe and amazement at the power of the universe and the power of the Creator itself.

What took place over the next few years after this meeting was very challenging to watch as individuals who were filled with light turned dark and only focused on power and ego. The ego is a trickster and we always must be aware of it to see if this ego is supportive or destructive in its nature.

What happened in the last three months was almost an identical repeat of the events that took place three years ago. What this means for us as a collective is that the universe and the Creator itself is giving us a second chance. Meetings are now taking place with new individuals that are based in humility and respect. This is the path to the future.

In order to continue this important work we need your support. I am asking you to pray or meditate sending positive energy with protection, strength and clarity out into the world in all directions. Also asking you to recognize the value of sending this energy to our political and social policy makers assisting them to become clear in their priorities to protect life.

Collective prayer has a scientific impact and a physical impact on what we pray for.

Thank you again for your continued support of the work being done through this website. With your contributions through a donation it allows for me to continue doing this work in service to humanity and the earth. Right now the need has never been greater because we are at critical phase in the work that is being done. From my heart I thank you for supporting the building of a positive future for all of us in whatever way you choose to or are able to support.

May we all continue to expand and grow our awakening and share that awakening for rest of earth.

Remember who we are …. and others will follow…..

Collectively and individually we are making a difference.

With love and gratitude,

Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

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It is with great honor to attend this Conference in Brazil with many of the worlds top contactees such as Debbie Jordan of Intruders and Travis Walton of Fire in the Sky.

There will be guests from all over the world and I highly recommend that if you are able to attend then please book now before the tickets sell out.

Please take a moment to look at the website with all the guest speakers and register soon!

I am very much looking forward to attending this event, meet the people of Brazil and touch the earth of the land.

Watch video here.

Look at the Poster of Speakers here.

Register and learn more at the website here.

JOIN us on the Facebook page here.

With gratitude to the organizers of the event for this invitation and all the work to bring this important message and information to the world.

Miriam Delicado

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UFOs and Alien Contacts are important for the future of humanity. As the number of contacts and sightings around the world increase, so does the awakening of our inner questioning of what is really happening in our world. This reality not only questions the UFOs and Alien contact, it also questions the structures of our political, social, economic, environmental and spiritual worlds as well.

Often the first questions regarding a direct Alien Contact revolves around superficial information, such as: what did the craft and aliens look like? The deeper and more important questions are: Did they have a message for Humanity? Why do they want to interact with us? Were they helpful or harmful during the interaction? Why do the care about Humanity and the Earth?

I had an encounter in 1988 on a highway in British Colombia, Canada that changed me in every way imaginable. My understanding of the Universe and life itself was so clear that physicists of today are only beginning to learn some of what was shared with me during my physical encounter with Tall Blonde haired Blue eyed Extraterrestrials.

During the three hours that I was on board this UFO my friends were left in a car on the side of the road in the cold. These beings told me that they wanted me to remember all the information that they shared with me that night. From the moment I left that craft my memories of what happened began to come back to my conscious mind and it has taken me 25 years now to process and understand some of what they shared with me. More of this information continues to come back to me as it appears to be needed for my journey in this life.

One of the most fascinating aspects of my contact is the information that was shared with me from these Tall Blonde beings was that they were part of our history, our beginning and also interlinked with Humanity in ways that even I can barely comprehend at times.

What is clear is that these beings shared with me facts of history and of humanity that have continued to be shown to me as being supportive and helpful to us as a whole. They want us to protect the life we have here by caring for our environment, humanity and to awaken to our true potential as human beings . They insist that they want us to WAKE UP and remember who we are spiritually and reawaken the gifts we have access to such things as telepathy and healing to name only a few.

As a person who came face to face in the physical form with what we perceive as “Aliens” I can say that they are changing our world. The more people open up to me personally the more I hear the stories of how everyday people are having these interactions through sightings and direct or astral contacts. These people then are awakened and begin to support and protect humanity and all the life on this planet.

We are at a critical point on the planet and what we choose to do in our daily lives will determine if our world will continue to thrive into the future.

I prefer to call these beings the Great Ancestors to honor them for their true place in our Human history.
My contacts with them continue to this day through sightings and telepathic communication in my waking state as well as my dreams and meditations. They also have a deep connection with the Indigenous people of Earth and this is also one of the main messages they are sharing with me at this time; protect the Indigenous, they are the original caretakers of this earth.

From the Great Ancestors their main message is…… the future of all life is in our hands it is time to come together in our hearts and work together to protect the life on Earth.

Miriam Delicado
Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

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As I reflect on the past 25 years of my life I see a world that has changed. Never could I have imagined what my life would be like today and how my interactions with extraterrestrials could shape every aspect of my life. Being dedicated to bringing about a deeper understanding of these beings, advocating for responsible living and interacting with the elements of our planet such as water with honor and respect.

Humanity has changed, we have changed our perceptions, our beliefs, the way in which we interact with one another, all of which 100 years ago would have seemed like magic. So where are we heading? What kind of future are we creating and building with our thoughts, our actions and our associations?

The Great Ancestors as I call them, who go by many names such as star beings, extraterrestrials, aliens and many more… They’ve begun to shape the planet to awaken the souls of humanity to remember.

As a person who has met some of these beings face to face what I know to be the truth is that nothing that we experience, believe, perceive or project is what it appears to be on the surrface.

This profound and intriguing journey of interacting with these beings has taught me strength of my own personal spirit, through faith and belief in the greater good of all life and how to be in the moment trusting that all things are meant to be.

2013 was an extremely challenging year for many people all over the planet and it was a new beginning for many of us as we let go of old patterns and began to replace them with new ways of living our lives. As the new year begins many of us are feeling a sense of calm that has not been present for a very long time the sense of urgency that we once felt appears to be disolving.

What makes this interesting is that the Great Ancestors informed me that as a global society we would be releasing a great deal of these set patterns in 2013. So once again, the beings are sharing information with me saying that 2014 is a year of great transitional change.

This is the year to focus our thoughts into manifesting the visionary dreams of a future planet that until now was unimaginable. Just as it was 100 years ago… Our lives today were unimaginable. This is a reminder for us to not hold on to preconceived ideas. Allow for our lives to manifest what the Creator is asking for us as a whole. Live in the moment and have trust. For example, things such as freedom, peace, love, spiritual knowledge etc. the purpose of life… Is the human experience.

We have been denying ourselves the human experience.

Many people who have had contact directly or indirectly with these otherworldly beings have been awakened to this deeper level of the human experience. The experience of seeing the future, healing people, advocating for life and being connected with the unseen world such as inter dimensional beings and ghosts for example.We are… The future… We are here together to support the collective growth, expansion and acceptance of having truthful lives free of restrictions.

Our work as a collective is done by focusing on the tasks that lay before us as individuals. For example, advocating for indigenous people’s rights, protecting waterways, stopping the fracking of our earth, protecting the right and freedom to plant natural seeds. These are only a few examples of the work that the awakened are collectively doing to allow for that future in which we are free to have the human experience in which the freedoms and knowledge is limitless.

Collectively we are making a difference. Collectively we have changed the world. Collectively we will continue to transform the global society. The message that I am receiving from my contacts, the Great Ancestors, is that we will be successful, but we must be patient and persistent in our collective work as well as continue the transformation of our personal lives.

This is the year the transformation will begin to manifest our collective future. Remember that life is always changing and this particular year there will be many events that will shape our future. Live in the moment because your thoughts today will manifest what we see and experience tomorrow. Until then we as a collective are creating what our future is. This is also why it is important to remember to not focus on the negative aspects of information that may be brought into the public. Knowing the possibility of great destruction or change can help us to prepare for that possible future. But once we decide that is our future then it becomes our reality and manifests. So prepare for all things and remember that your thoughts in our collective thoughts… Create… And manifest… Our future.

Together we find limitless freedom,


Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

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The year began with being surrounded by great conflicts with people, governments, organizations, businesses, traditional people, progressive people and more. Standing up for the rights of land to not be taken, right to beliefs, rights to freedoms to choose, protecting ancient wisdom, ancient Ceremonies, Sacred Lands, customs, protecting LIFE itself.

This year I was on the land of the Hopi people in Northern Arizona where I had been for four months prior as 2010 ended. Moving into 2011 Hopi became a heated environment with people from all sides as a proposed new constitution was about to be voted upon. Govenment within Hopi doing acts that were against the rights of the people with no regard to law. These actions could have taken the rights of an Ancient People to be stripped of their rights to live as they have chosen to in the footsteps of their ancestors for close to a thousand years in this same location. Talk of money not being handled in the correct way, partnerships with big firms coming in to support what appeared to be take over of the political structures for personal gains.

This is where I found myself at the start of 2011, in the heart of the storm looking out at the world and I knew the same storm would begin to manifest everywhere on the planet. They say, what happens in Hopi happens in the world. Looking from this perspective we can see and somehow almost see into our future as we watch events unfold there.

Being in Hopi for 5 months in total was a great challenge to me in many ways. Living in a home with no bathroom, no running water, coal for heat, and trying give support to the Traditional people in any way I could. Many of the people began to join together and actually work together to stop the insanity that seemed to have taken over the government there as well as some of the people.

For my roll I worked to help get the messages out to as many people as possible and many of YOU sent your letters of support to Hopi as well as to the Secretary of Interior. Also, I helped along with other volunteers to create a website for them so they could get the information to their people. Media, celebrities, even political people in high places were getting involved through the efforts made by many of YOU and through the work of this website. We should all be proud that in this world of chaos and disrespect we supported and PROTECTED the Ancient rights and Traditions of the Hopi people.

It became so heated that I asked the Hopi that I was working with if my life was in danger as some Hopi had implied that maybe it was. Not only did the Hopi Chairman want me gone but the people who supported the proposed constitution were extremely upset with my presence as well. As we all know, its easy to do bad deeds when no one is looking and I focused on having as many people as possible see what was really happening with all the different groups involved.

This is what your physical and financial support and protected and from my heart, thank you! From the Hopi I know how much they were grateful to each and every one of you. As each email came in from around the world the Hopi became stronger, knowing the outside world was supporting them.

It was Ceremony time in Hopi and I was deeply honored to be living on the land. As always with every Ceremony they are doing I put my prayers with theirs to support the web of life and give energy to the Hopi for them to hold the balance of the universe. I was guided to go into a meditation and so I listened to that guidance. I went quickly into a very deep meditation. There I saw my guides the Tall Blonds. Know that it is not normal for them to come to me in meditation, when they come, its powerful.

While in the meditation I was shown water coming to land, houses, people, animals, wood, trees, cars, all bunched up in a very dark dirty water. I saw a tsunami… and felt and saw the deaths of many people in that moment. The moment I came out of the meditation tears moved into my eyes and I sobbed for a few minutes before containing myself. My eyes now red and puffy from tears a Hopi came by the home I was staying it. He could clearly see I was upset so I told him what I saw. When he asked…. when will this happen. I told him that it will be 2-3 months at the most. I was not sure where this would happen though. In fact, I thought it would be around Florida in the United States. Nothing to do, tell people and tell them what??? I had no location so all I could do is ask people to send calm into the earth.

Also during my 5 months in Hopi there were several times when people had stepped forward to put the Hopi in touch with the Dalai Lama directly. The Hopi being as humble as they are did not want to go to His Holiness for any support of this difficult situation they were in. It was my very personal view that Creator was trying to put the Hopi and Dalai Lama together. After FIVE threads of people coming to us to put them in direct contact they still said no…… its ok.

Just before I left I said to my Hopi friends that if the Hopi wont go to the Dalai Lama then the Dalai Lama will come to the Hopi. In the next few months dont be surprised if you receive an invitation from His Holiness himself as it is not the people but Creator who is acting to allow for you to meet.

I finally went home the last week in January and to be honest I was a broken person. In the center of such great conflict took its toll on me and it was devastating. One person in the area supported me with the use of her car, her home when I travelled to Sedona and food when she came to Hopi. Also the one other person that needs to be thanked always is my dear friend who chooses to remain anonymous sends me enough support each month to allow me to pay at least some…. of my bills. Without them both my work there would not have been possible. I was proud of the work WE ALL did but it took a toll on me emotionally, physically and spiritually. My first two phone calls at home were from bill collectors and what kept me going was the support from all of YOU through your emails of joy over the results that came when in the end, they did NOT pass the proposed constitution and the Traditions of the Hopi people were, for the time being, protected.

I came home and began to think about The Great Gathering and how I needed to get my focus back to this work. Wondering what people did I need to see next? Was there guidance from Creator and if so what would that be. The Dogon entered my conversations with people and it was then I began to send out messages to the Elders in Meritah, (Africa) of the Dogon tribe. I went to them in meditation and asked for them to find me, to come to me… to support the work of The Great Gathering. I travelled in the Meditations in a very specific way and then stood in front of them where we spoke to each other. I explained the situation that we needed to come together and told them I was in North America through my process of making spiritual contact.

For the next few months I focused all my energies on working on The Great Gathering with a small team of dedicated people who all believe in a world that has purpose, balance and peace.

My birthday is in March and for me, I do not celebrate holidays and birthdays like many people. I do not normally give or want to receive gifts for these occasions. The energies were strange around that time and on my Facebook wall for days I was asking everyone to talk with the earth for my birthday. Asking them to send love, balance into the earth. For two full days I was on my FB constantly asking for prayers and meditations to send calm and balance into the earth. My birthday is March 10th and in Japan it was already the next day when the Tsunami hit on March 11th their time. My thoughts immediately went to the vision I was shown by the Tall Blonds. For the next several days I did what I could to connect with other people in the public and we coordinated as to what we would ask people to focus on for the earth, the people and the radiation. Gathering with many others to put out information that would keep people calm and focused. We all know how our thoughts and energies effect the world around us and as a collective we could help the situation and we did that from around the world.

Within days the Dalai Lama released a public statement to the people in Japan. It was only a few days later that the Hopi also released call to Prayer for the people in Japan and the world. It was then I contacted a good friend of mine from Youtube and asked him to help share this beautiful message with the world. Very quickly the Hopi message was made into three youtubes in Japanese, English and Spanish. The youtubes are simply beautiful.

People began to question the message and were calling the Hopi directly to confirm that it was real. At first they were calling the government run tribe and they were telling people it was a fake. Then the Traditional Hopi contacted the tribe and told them it was real. After that, when you called the Hopi government tribe they confirmed it was in fact a real message. Thank You FelipeSparx29 on youtube for making these for the people of Japan and the world.

Below are the links to the videos:

ENGLISH Hopi message

JAPANESE Hopi message


Months later an email came to me from the Hopi. In it was the most amazing opportunity for the Hopi to participate in a gathering where the Mamos from Colombia would be attending. As well there was mention that there was a possibility that they could have a meeting with the Dalai Lama himself. Once again, Creator was speaking. Hopi knew that I had some prior contacts with the Mamos so they contacted me.

Over the next several days we worked to find details of the meeting to determine who was going. Not always an easy task. What we did know is that the Mamos of Colombia would be attending. Our question was; are they traditional or political?

After several emails and calls to Colombia we finally determined that although it started out with political Mamos from what I understood that changed and Traditional Mamos made the final decision to travel to this gathering in the New York area.

For the next 10 days I barely slept, trying to find funds for four of us to travel to New York for the meeting. It was very difficult because as with many things in my work, they are not public but the work goes on.

With only a few hours of sleep, 16 hour days for 10 days, at least 20-30 calls a day, the funding finally came in. One miracle at a time! Meanwhile I was being asked; Do we have the money to go? Yes I would say, YES! FAITH is always needed at a time like this and that is always what keeps me going. Every single month.

Just before we left to go to the gathering in New York, I sat again in mediation and spoke to the Elders in Meritah (Africa) to speak with them and tell them that I was in North America, that if they heard of this gathering to come, I would be there. Once again I had complete faith in Creator and the Elders that they would hear me.

Just a few days before myself and the three Hopi got on the plane to go to New York I was told that the some representatives of the Dogon would be attending the meeting. They did not want their presence to be known or announced. When I heard this, I said nothing to the man that told me, what I did do is sit again and contact the Elders of the Dogon in my meditation and told them we would be meeting at this event.

(there is more to this part of the story with the Dogon that will be released at a later time)

Finally the day arrived, I went from Canada to NY early and stayed with a dear friend. She took me out one night and we met with other friends of hers at a great cozy hang out they always go to. It was the MOST FUN I had in over a year! Just pure laughter, talking about things that were not so serious that peoples lives depended on it. Wow, that was amazing! To my friend in NY.. thanks for the break!

Two days later one of the Hopi arrived and another friend in New Jersey was kind enough to open her home up to us. The funding was tight and there were no funds for a hotel. A few hours later the second Hopi arrived and after picking him up at the airport a volunteer from the retreat center where the gathering was taking place picked up the three of us and off we went, heading north.

The next few days were filled with meetings with all the Elders. From my perspective it was clear that this meeting was made by CREATOR and we all soon found out just how much many of our personal stories of how it came to be were so detailed, profound and went back years and years. All those threads led each of us and the Elders to this one moment in time.

The meetings with the Elders was interesting as they each talked about who they were, who their people were, the struggles they have and some spoke of how we need to restore the balance. The Hopi themselves were very quiet in this time and spoke very little but when they did it was enough to make clear what they wanted to share. The whole time we were at this gathering I kept looking out at everyone and was so humbled and honoured to be a part of this amazing meeting. This was a public meeting but we as non Indigenous were were not given any space to speak or share in any way.

On the third day, the Dogon arrived. It was simply remarkable! It was like the earth itself moved for me. We were outside at the time and I took my shoes and socks off. I wanted to communicate with them directly like this. I knew they would be able to do this, after all they were real…. there were standing in front of me…in front of all of us.
(again more on this will come at a later time)

Me and my friend went onto the grass, I asked her to be with me as I kneeled on the grass to the Dogon. I knew they heard the message, I knew we had already connected, I knew how powerful they were already before our fist physical word was even said.

The next few hours were extremely intense for me on a deeply personal level. After all, here I was at this meeting with the Hopi, the Mamos and now the Dogon as well as many others that attended.

One of the Dogon that was standing in the receiving line they were in, leaned backwards towards me and my friend, he smiled and bowed his head to me, making direct eye contact. When I finally did go up and greet them it was like saying hello to family that I had not seen in thousands of years. It was….. profound….

Over the next few hours the Dogon and I spoke a few times briefly. They gave me contact phone numbers for them and said we will be talking, THAT I already knew, in fact, I knew that THEY knew…. somehow. After only a few short hours they had to leave and there I was.. saying good bye to these remarkable people. My emotions were high as I said goodbye and within I felt deeply humbled and blessed to have met them.

Over the next five days some of the Elders were still meeting and talking with each other. No…. nothing that was so secret that it cant be shared but it was powerful as they talked about the balance of the world. Over those days, I could HEAR the Dogon speak to me through telepathy. It was like they were standing right beside me. On the fifth night, I heard one of them come to me to say they would see me soon. That very moment I looked at a Hopi and said, “I just received a message.” Before I could tell him what that was, someone walked into the room and announced that the Dogon were returning. Humbled to my soul the message kept me going spiritually.

Not everything at this event went smoothly for me. People were actually cruel to me. One in particular would stand in the center of a room of people talking about me and telling lies to them as I stood there. Because they were an “Elder” there was nothing I could do. It was a sad situation. To experience this was painful but at the same time, I was there to follow CREATOR and the people who were acting in this way would not stop Creators work.

The following day the Mamos were to meet with the Dalai Lama. The days prior MANY people worked extremely hard to help get the Hopi in that meeting as well. Both the Hopi had gone through the screening to go in to meet his Holiness in case they could go in. Then 10 hours before they were to meet with him a message came not from the office of His Holiness but from someone else telling me that the Hopi could not get in. They told me I had to tell the Hopi. I refused to do this. I asked them to consider what they were asking to be done and to to consider brining in one Hopi and not two if the reason was really due to space in the room.

The Next morning, one of the Hopi did in fact go in to meet the Dalai Lama along with the Mamos.

It was a great day! Without my friends who I called to ask for funding from, from YOU, and from my own funds there was no way this would have happened. Spiritually, it was a proud moment and when this took place…. it was all of YOU that I send gratitude out to for always supporting the work. Supporting the process of creating balance, sharing knowledge and working for humanity and the earth. Truly we are all connected.

Two days later and the last day we were all together the Dogon returned. Once again it was a profound and beautiful moment. When they arrived I could again feel the strength of their presence. I spoke with them and said hello again as though my family had returned once again. It was this night the Dogon and I spoke and I learned that the Elders in Merita (Africa) foresaw me. WE will have to ask the Dogon to say what they foresaw.

Just like the first time I met the Hopi back in 2003, meeting the Dogon I KNEW my life was about to change. Creator had been leading and from my heart with gratitude to Creator, to myself, to all of you, I was able to follow.

All the things that are being shared with you here are already in the public and for this reason with humility and honour, I share them here.

Where is all this going? What is all this really about? Well, the visions that were shared with me by the Tall Blonds and the visions and dreams that come to me even today are what lead my every move. This is in my view is The Great Gathering beginning and the steps to restore balance to this earth. One step at a time.

After the gathering in New York I was guided to get a ticket to Colombia. Although I had no idea why. In fact I did not have the money to go but at the very last moment someone send me a donation that JUST covered the trip. When I got there it was not long before I found myself once again in The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the land of the Mamos in the Colombian mountains. Again, small foundations being laid for the future. All I needed to do was follow….

Finally I got home to Canada, two months after I left. Wow was I tired and I had work to catch up on with The Great Gathering.

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Nearly 620,000 people were displaced and 9.5 million “affected” across nine regions in Philippines. Send prayer, send financial support. They need our help from around the world.

Annie Lennox made a great list of organizations that are accepting donations for the Philippines and remember…. Give to an organization that is recognized and that you trust.
Here is the Facebook page with the listing. If you are using facebook consider sharing this page and link as well.

A city with 200,000 two hundred thousand ….. almost no building survived. This is only one place as well its everywhere… Dead everywhere, no clean water or supplies. We all need to support the people of the Philippines.

More photos to understand the devastation: Scale of Destruction Slows Relief Efforts in Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan survivors in Philippines desperate for aid.

Typhoon Haiyan/Typhoon Yolanda recovery: How you can help.

Scenes of devastation and some relief after Typhoon Haiyan.

… there at least 18 million people living in the worst affected regions and that millions more have been negatively impacted across the nation. Make donations to help. Scenes of ‘Utter Destruction’ as Crisis Grows in Super Typhoon’s Wake

CNN appears to have very good videos on what the dammage is and the condition of the people effected. Please note that it is very graphic. CNN VIDEO from Philippines.

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It has been almost 5 years since Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy was made available to the public. In that time the ALL sales of the book have gone to support the work being done to travel to Indigenous tribes, support a unifying path, share knowledge and information whenever and where ever possible and on several occasions support and help protect the Hopi from those who wanted to harm them. Thank you to each and every one of you for buying a copy of the book from me here at the website. On Amazon I only receive 26 cents per book sold. I am unsure of the number to books sold but I can say that far more were given for free than were ever sold and I have never said no to anyone who ever asked me for one for free.

More importantly is that over these years all the donations that were shared through this site, each person has received a copy of this book as a thank you. For any amount they sent even a single dollar and each and every person has been part of an amazing support system for work around the world.

Now…. it is time to share this book for free to all of you. I only get a few people each month who buy the download pdf from me at for $9.99 and I would really like to get this message out to as many people as possible. Sharing as much as I am able to as one person through the website here at bluestarprophecy doing what I can with so many projects going at the same time.

Below you will find a link to my book Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy. Click on it an and at the bottom right with your computer curser you will be able to download a copy for yourself.

with gratitude and for all we are doing as a collective to change the future to be on the path of balance and peace,
Miriam Delicado

Ebook- Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy

Please consider making a donation in exchange for the download of Blue Star. Every donation and every dollar contributes to continued work.Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

Sharing this book for profit in part or in whole is prohibited. To share this book on your website please link back to this page.
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All expenses from August have now been paid: Thank you! I will keep you informed of the amounts as they come in, and thank YOU! (your support is the key to success) At this time there are two people who have been carrying me through the work: DH and CM. Without them, my work would have had to end a long time ago. However, the added expenses of many things each month just keeps putting me further and further in debt. In order to get this back in balance I need your help. If funding does not become available for future travel the work will simply not be possible to continue. For this reason I have created a donation page and am asking for your monthly or one time support. At this time we are already looking at future travel expenses we need to raise while past travel still needs to be paid for. Everyone who makes a monthly pledge will receive private reports on exactly how the funds have been used to build our world community. With much gratitude and honor to be working with all of you, Miriam

Sept 20th : One time donation: $2005 Thank you! Thankful from my heart for all your support to have these backed up bills from August paid for. It was travel to Hopi, New Mexico and Arizona and it feels good to know that it will not add to my already HUGE credit card bill that needs to be paid at some point. Thank you all !!!

More monthly bills coming for all of September and funds needed for future work, travel.

Monthly contribution total: $50
August: total one time donation: $120

Thank you for supporting the work done by Miriam Delicado

There are several ways to give support. You may purchase a book or t-shirt or make financial donation of any amount.

My goal is to keep as much as possible free to everyone around the world. For this reason donations are needed to facilitate the work.

The focus of my work is to assist in bringing the indigenous people of the world together in the hope that they will share with us their knowledge and guide us into a peaceful, balanced world. Their messages and voices is what we need in this world to guide us back to center. I also work towards connecting people who are working all over the globe with one another so we can move forward in a unified, peaceful way that supports the natural world for a sustainable future with the technological world.

Please accept my deep gratitude for any assistance you offer in furthering the movement for change and unity for all people around the world.

Your support is needed and appreciate. From my heart I thank you!


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UPDATE: Oct 13-2014 Thank you to everyone who gave donations last month while I was traveling in Colombia. I was literally supported by a small handful of people, one in particular, Sam, made it possible for me to have a safe and supported trip near the end of the journey. Returning on Oct 15th to Canada after which reports will be shared on this website as well as on the great gathering site, along with private reports for everyone who donated. With love and gratitude, Miriam DONATE HERE