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I have just returned to Canada from being in Arizona for two weeks. During this time I had three meetings in Hopi working towards different projects that I am supporting. One of those projects is to bring Clean water to the Village of Shungopavi. It has been a very slow process just to get correct information needed in order to move forward on this. Patience most certainly needed when working in a complex environment. Finally, I feel we are clear on what is needed from the Hopi in order for us to take the next step of writing a proposal of what we can offer in regard to a filtration system to remove arsenic from the water.

Earth in Hopi

This journey had many purposes and the main one was to facilitate projects with Hopi. This also required me to travel to New Mexico to meet with others who were offering possible support. I was picked up in Phoenix, drove to Flagstaff and stayed with a friend. From there, one night in Hopi for meetings and then back to Flagstaff. The following morning I had to pick up a rental car and drive to Santa Fe New Mexico. Wow, was I tired by this time!

Arriving into Santa Fe I was greeted by an amazing woman who has been in contact with me for the past two years. We have remained connected through emails and phone calls sharing updates of the work being done around the globe. Small projects can have huge impacts on people, the land and the wildlife and this is what she was most interested in hearing more about. We talked until after midnight when time caught up with both of us and we had to sleep.

The next morning, that aspect of life we all know too well of chaos struck and this amazing woman was thrown into a very challenging and personal situation that required her full attention. This was a dissapointing moment when it was clear that we needed to continue our work/conversations at another time. So, the following day… I drove back to Flagstaff. Tired beyond words I stopped at a motel 6 and got a room to rest afraid that if I continued I would have an accident. (we all do not want to go through that again with me or with anyone!)

Arriving back to Arizona I informed all the people I work with that the meeting would have to take place another time.

A few days later I was invited to watch the Flute Ceremony in Hopi. Myself and a friend were taken into the Village and allowed to have the great honor to stand on a rooftop that is only accessible through someones private home. It was, as always, a Sacred and special time. Standing there watching the Hopi as they join their energies in the Plaza is when I always realize how “small’ I am in comparison to these people. How ‘limited’ I am and how humbled I am to have the opportunities with them that I do.

The Ceremony touched my soul …. as they always do. Watching the energy shift, change and become vibrant like in a dream. I find myself almost in a trance with the song they are singing… my body becomes alive and feeling like I am going to lift off the roof. Energy building and then its like I can see it expanding. THIS is when I always think of YOU….. the people in this community….. and my heart and mind and soul allows the energy to simply move through me and on to you… to the world… to the earth and finally the universe. Like being in another dimension when you stand there … in the Plaza…. humbling….. and always an honor.

During the rest of my stay in Arizona I took the rental car back so I did not have the added expense and only had one other day that I had to rent a car to return to Hopi when I could not use my friends car.

I did travel out to Hopi on a couple of other days to complete some important work and get direction and clarity on what work needed to be done in respect to Hopi that could take place from home here in Canada. During one of these trips, I had a chance meeting with Len Kasten, author of “Secret History of Extraterrestrials” . It was great surprise….. !

Here is the photo of Len Kasten and myself at the Hopi Cultural Center restaurant.
Len Kasten Miriam Delicado in Hopi

For the rest of my time in Arizona I was able to work with an amazing man from the UK who has graciously begun to give us support to complete the website for The Great Gathering. This ….. has been a start and stop project and throgh great challangens we have now been blessed to finally have the team in place to get this job DONE ! This is a huge … relief for me and many others since we have been patiently waiting for far too…… long…. with gratitude to Creator for putting us all in our places now to get moving!

Came home from this journey renewed for an even more clear path into the future. Great work being laid out with many people and the connections between different groups and people from around the world becoming stronger and more in harmony with life itself.

Sacred Hopi Corn growing now with the rains and support of all the Elements.
Hopi Sacred Corn

Hopi beans…. growing in the amazing sand of the land.
Hopi Beans

Thank you again to everyone who is working to support what is Sacred and supporting Life on this planet for the balance of all life.

It truly is an honor to be in service to others and have the opportunity to support and protect life along with all of YOU.

Your contribution enables and supports many people and projects that we are building together as a community. Thank you all from my heart… to your heart…


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In January of 2012 a blessing came that gave me the opportunity to travel to Burkina Faso. This was a moment in time of that Journey where new relationships began. When we understand each other and respect one another is when restoring the balance will be possible.

Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

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As a community we have just supported the Hopi to travel to Hawaii to a conference. Allow them to meet with other nations and people from all over North America that are working on protecting and maintaining the Sacred Ancestral past in the way that is honoring. Thank you so much. This was funding directly to The Great Gathering.

With my dear friend in Vancouver and her community as well as the community here at Blue Star we were also able to bring in funding for a project to bring Clean Water to Hopi that is free of arsenic. That project is still being worked on and when I am able to travel to Hopi we will have more details to report to you on this. Thank you again for being part of this project, again, through The Great Gathering.

All this work, and so much more, is made possible through your generous support of donations.
With much gratitude and love…. thank you from my heart for all your doing to give the world community.

Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

Traveling to Colombia to work with the Indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Kogui, Arhuaco people who still live in the ancient ways of their ancestors. They are the guardians of Water in our world. We have supported them many times in their travels to meet with other nations of people.

IN the past we have supported the Hopi with funds and flights to New York where they met the Mamos of Colombia and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Dalai Lama, Hopi, Colombian Mamos New Jersey 2011

Dalai Lama, Hopi, Colombian Mamos New Jersey 2011

Last year your support made it possible to film the Hopi with an importnat message to our world of a Prophecy that was beginning to come to pass. Their water being taken from the Hopi means that the water of the world will dry up.

Radford Quamahongnewa

Radford Quamahongnewa

In January of 2012 through the support of all of you a journey to Africa was made possible. In our time there the relationships of the first people there began as a foundation for future work. As a world community we are all joining together those who are here to support the balance of our world.

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March 01-17th total donated: $625 Your support is appreciated. Last month a report on upcoming needs were shared with you regarding travel to Australia as the next phase of this work. I am extremely happy to report that airline miles were donated allowing for the flight, (which is extremely expensive) to be free now due to airline miles.

Cost of the journey is still needed in order for the travel to be possible and prior to going I will be returning to Arizona for a few weeks to continue working on projects there. These projects include, clean water for Hopi, building in Hopi for the Traditional people to have a place to gather that is open to the public.

Last month a total of $980 of support came in. Monthly donations are needed to sustain this work to pay for living and work expenses. Thank you to everyone who was able to keep things moving by your generosity. Please remember that every dollar that is not needed in the moment for the work is shared with others within our world community to protect the Sacred, share the wisdom and care for the environment. Your contributions make that happen.

As we move into March I will need to rent a car while I am in Arizona. No public transport there to get around. Being on Tribal lands means vast roads with very little on them. Also as you can imagine, gas, food, a few nights in a hotel and other expenses that always come up when traveling.

Going to Australia will require funds to support other indigenous people to travel with so we can journey to the outback and all over the country together. This as always requires food and transport for everyone who is involved in the work and this can be very expensive.

Thank you again from my heart for your continued support. We are a small community making big changes in the world… and together we are making a difference.

with honor to be of service,

Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

Colombia Mountain Road

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UPDATE: Total for February: $980 dollars donated. Thank you! It’s been a really powerful time building up to 2013 and there was never any doubt that we would all still be here after Dec 2012. Welcoming this year is exciting and at the moment its clear that the last five years of my life have been a very important aspect for my work to take shape. Building relationships with very specific groups and people around the world that are willing to work together to create change, to support each other as we find solutions for our world is becoming very strong and clear now.

The process of connecting people from around the world requires dedication, respect, patience and an understanding of why this is so important. This is only one aspect of the work that is being done quietly and diligently by myself and others who understand the importance and can see the outcome of this particular task.

One of the most important things that has become clear through this process is how easy it is for human beings to become caught in the distractions of ego, power, money and control. At key moments when it becomes clear to others how important our work together is they seem to want to take charge of it, rather than understanding and respecting that the Creator is in charge. We are only here to serve the Divine world, to be of service to the earth, humanity and all the life that exists around us.

Over the past four years I have had my life physically threatened, spiritually being attacked, slandered and on almost every level imaginable people have lied, manipulated and twisted facts in an attempt to remove me from my roll in this work. ALL of this did not find success and I must give thanks to the strength, clarity, respect, knowledge and dedication of the Hopi that I work with, those who are in balance within this work, those who are in service and those who support our world communities as well as their individual communities, my friends and colleagues who support and strengthen this work in unity.

Being so connected to the Spiritual world my whole life it has been one extraordinary event after another. With each passing year those experiences only become more profound not only to myself, but those who are close to me who have the opportunity to see first hand these events and experiences manifesting. With limited time and resources its difficult to share more. (I wish I could answer more emails and letters you all send in. With love to each of you for sharing your personal journeys.) I know that one day all these experiences and knowledge will be shared either by me or by those on my inner circle with the public.

For now, its clear that we have work to do as a collective. Time to step forward and work on our personal paths to connecting the Sacred threads of this world with everything that exists around us, from our friends, within ourselves, to the unseen worlds. Each person has a different roll and its best to accept that not everyone is on the same path with the same insights and goals. Its good to know that you don’t have to be like others, you can be who YOU are and who WE are….

This next year will reveal many things for us as we continue into this transition period. This did not happen on a few days such as in Dec of 2012, it was happening long before then and will continue into the future. I am sure you all can feel these changes within your personal thoughts, visions, understanding of the Divine and how it is reflecting back to us now. Its more clear now than ever before how we really are connected to one another and to the rest of life. Knowing this helps to support our understanding of the need to change, to continue growing and of being in service to others to make these connections deeper and more meaningful.

This year my focus will be to complete The Great Gathering non-profit and website. Wow, what a long time this has taken! I am grateful that I have not given up on this after all the challenges along the way. Also, I will continue to travel as much as possible to those who are the true carriers of knowledge in this world, and asking them to come and support us out here in the material world. They are a critical part of our growth on the planet and this work. It is the work of speaking with respect and honor of the essence of life itself and asking these people to support us and our community to join together in building and educating our world on how we can transition into a thriving future. We must do this in balance and in unity.

Myself and a handful of dedicated people are working on many projects at the moment. Here is only a few: Getting Clean Water to the Hopi that will remove the arsenic; to give directly to this project here is the link on Gofundme. We sent a message to the Hopi to let them know our progress today and they are very excited to hear that we are looking at possibly spring or early summer to install the equipment. For the people of South Africa we are starting a website for them to support their Sovereignty. We began talks to have access to hundreds of rare interviews of Indigenous from all over South America to share with our english speaking audience. Starting interviews for The Great Gathering radio show. Recently supported bringing a Sundance from North America to Colombia. Starting a project to create ECO housing in Hopi. Plus, the main portion of my work of course is to travel to those who still remember and hold the Original teachings of our world to support them in any way they ask of me and to team up our thoughts on how they will come forward to all. This year I am also focused on being able to document and share more of my journeys. I finally got a small hand held camera to film so this is why I was able to film in Colombia and share that experience with you all. Thank you!

This work is not possible without your financial support and my commitment is not possible without these needs being met.

Travel to Australia is one of the next journeys needed as well as to India and these are expensive trips. Also on both I will need to have others accompany me for this very significant work. If you have airmiles, airline miles of any kind please email me as this would be helpful and appreciated. Needs for expenses, hotels, food, basic daily life at my home in Canada is also desperately needed at the moment. Any amount of donation will have a PDF of my book Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy sent to you with gratitude. Every dollar counts and is appreciated.

If you would like to be part of this amazing process and know that you are supporting people around the world your support has never been needed more than at this time in our evolution. We can only be a success if we do this in unity and in service to others as a collective.

Looking for big backers right now as well to step forward. Without YOU…. the people with the funds, WE….. in the community are not able to be a success in our work. We are all working towards this goal together and being a part of this process is what we all came here to do.

Keep up the pace of supporting one another and changing your personal environments spiritually and physically. We are creating great positive, peaceful change.

With honor to be of service to the Creator, to humanity and to all life…..
with humility and respect….
thank you all from my heart to your heart.

Miriam Delicado

Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

I could barely breath in the mountains in Colombia. It was beautiful but also a challenge. We were on our way to a Sacred point of the River of the Feminine energies. When there, my prayers and thoughts were to ask for forgiveness and to say that many of us out here in the world are working to protect the Sacred. You were all with me in my heart and mind……

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2013 is here and welcomed with happiness: The idea of 2012 began many years ago in the ancient teachings of the Maya people. In recent history these stories of the Mayan calendar were shared with visitors to the Maya and then those teachings were translated, interpreted and shared with the world.

Sadly, these prophecies, predictions and interpretations were not shared with any accuracy. Books were written, lectures created, seminars to attend and teachings to sell. All this was not to share ancient knowledge but to make money and it put fear into people around the world.

As the year 2012 approached I was receiving emails from around the world asking me if we were all going to die? Would the world end? Where should they move to be safe? Should they sell their home and leave their jobs, even leave their families behind. Pure fear……

What I found most amazing is that people who claim to be Elders from many other nations and tribes also began to talk about 2012 and saying that on these days of December 21-2012 that the world was going to tip over and that many people would die. How appalling this was to listen to these Elders speak, what I saw was that they too were also manipulated into thinking this. They took on another persons teachings also and left their own faiths and teachings behind to follow the mass media and those who sell the Sacred. We watched the world movement of those who sold the idea that we would all have three days of pure darkness and that we would move into light bodies. This movement grew with the help of these “Elders”. As I witnessed this personally I was deeply saddened at the level of dishonor to the real teachings of the Ancient ones.

Who are all these people and what were they really doing?

I have always apposed this thinking and said so publicly on many occasions. The Prophecies of the Maya are not understood by even many of the Maya! These matters must be spoken about by those who have had the original teachings passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years. It is these people who understand this prophecy and what it means. There is great meaning in this prophecy and it is this knowledge the world needs to understand. Not misinterpret and then created to sell books and make money. This is what is wrong with the alternative news movement, and yes, I am a part of that movement. This is another embarrassment to us as a community when false information is sold to make money and it makes all of us look bad and at times even crazy when we speak of high level spiritual matters.

Many of us that were concerned about the level of fear that was being put into the public regarding Dec 21-2012 and we all began to make our own campaign to share with people information to state that this date was not a date to fear. All of us working in our communities and circles talked openly about this date being an opportunity to connect the meditation energies from around the world to shift the planet and humanity to balance.

It is time for clarity to begin. Time for truth to be know. Time that this handful of people who travel the world, write the books, sell the seminars on the Sacred teachings of the Traditional People of this world…. time for them to stop. They have no rights to do this and have proven they have no understanding of what they sell as teachings.

Remember who these people are and remember ….. do not follow any one person…. follow your self and your inner guidance. Inside you have all the answers to the universe. All you need to do is focus yourself and look within….. everything you seek is there.
With honor of the Sacred Life….
Miriam Delicado

Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

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How to Check Out Charitable Organizations

If you have the means and ability to give some support to the millions of people in the Caribbean and United States that are now in need please make a contribution.

Please note that making a donation you need to be careful of on line scams at times like this so donate to organizations you are familiar with, you agree with the work they are doing and have seen results in the past from them.

Please note that I have made some inquiries to ask which organizations others have given to and here is a list of a few. Please, do your own research on each of them to be comfortable with your decision.

American Humain Association

International Rescue Committee

Feeding America


Haitian Relief Organization. J/p HRO

Please remember this is not only about New York… this is about the Caribbean as well.

Give from your heart and make a donation to your favorite charity with love in your hearts. SEE the difference you are making with your donation. Its not only giving its the intention of that energy that goes with it.

Send your prayers and meditation energies to the people for strength and the earth for gratitude that it was not worse than what it was.

With gratitude,

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As spiritual people we know that our thoughts and actions have an effect on the world around us. For this reason lets join together in clear thought and prayer for the east coast to support the earth and humanity through this storm.
Settle your mind and visualize the storm passing through with very little water or wind. Ask the earth to support your heart request and to carry your message to the storm through the earth, the wind the air and the people.

May we join in our hearts and minds and put our energy to allowing the storm to pass with ease.

Click here to find LIVE STEAMS of the storm on Ustream

Click here for a detailed crisis map.

May Creator guide the storm to soften and become gentle.

Praying for humanity and the earth …..


Your generous donations make it possible for Bluestar to continue her work. Thank you for your support.

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UPDATE: Oct 13-2014 Thank you to everyone who gave donations last month while I was traveling in Colombia. I was literally supported by a small handful of people, one in particular, Sam, made it possible for me to have a safe and supported trip near the end of the journey. Returning on Oct 15th to Canada after which reports will be shared on this website as well as on the great gathering site, along with private reports for everyone who donated. With love and gratitude, Miriam DONATE HERE