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A friend of mine, Rob, is selling his off grid home in Arizona. If you are interested in this house please look at contact information below with links. Please advise the agency and seller that you found the information on the home here on this website. If I was able to to, I personally would love to live in this home! To the person who ia able to move there and enjoy the land I am sure it will be a blessing being so close to Sacred Land.
Good energies to you,
Miriam Delicado

Off-grid and self-sufficient cabin with solar, rather than generators, as his primary energy source. With spectacular views of the highest mountains in Arizona, the San Francisco Peaks. 

28-acre lot in Coconino County’s Howard Mesa Ranch, located between Sedona, Ariz., and the Grand Canyon that borders a national forest. 

Minimum amount of power to support the water pump, low-amperage apartment model refrigerator and a few lights and small appliances.

With two 80-watt panels, four 12-volt batteries, an 1800-watt inverter, a digital controller mounted on a pole on the roof which tracks with the sun and a 7,000-watt Honda generator for emergencies.

Plenty of wind in the area, so a turbine is a serious option down the line.

The lot is situated on dry, open grassland sprinkled with pinion pine and juniper. Herds of elk and antelope can often be found grazing in the area.

More information can be found here: Green Homes for sale.

For information on purchase of this home: Arizona homes real estate.

OFF GRID home for sale in Williams Arizona

prayers for the world

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id like to other everybody my best wishes & prayers for improvement in everything that humanity & animals alike need help & love with i send all my blessings also our earth too In particular id like to offer blessings & ask for blessings for everybody thats been targeted with black magic as i have been to id like everyone to offer prayers of love to all who are targeted by this stuff love & peace to everyone thank you trev

Colombia Eagle and Condor

Posted by godaddy under Misc Comments
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On Dec. 20, 2009, two days before your appearance on Coast to Coast, I had a short vision of eagles and condors flying together.  The condors were training the eagles to fly with them on a great mission, for life on Earth.  Then, on Dec. 22nd, I heard you on the radio.  I was amazed!  I knew there had to be something to my vision, when I heard you tell your story about going to see the Hopi; and their prophesy of the eagles and condors coming together!  I soon found your address and wrote and sent you a letter.  Then, I found out that you were going to be gone for the month of January, without access to the internet. 

I was wondering how you are and when you might get home, to get your mail.  Thank you.  I do hope you enjoy yourself and your journey!

Love to all,


Miriam’s reply: Thank you Richard. Yes I am home now with a great deal of small details to catch up on as always. Looking forward to sharing more of my trip from Colombia as I am able to put it together. Love Miriam

Sierra thank you Miriam

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I have now read your blogs about Colombia and the Sierra Nevada.  Thank you for sharing that information.  I’m glad you have learned and experienced a lot, even if some of it was sad and painful.  It does help to know the truth about things.  Now, perhaps, this will help you in your work.  May you be blessed in getting funding.  That is such an important tool for being able to do good work, in these times.

May you find peace and closure, after the transition of your mother from this world.  Peace be with you.


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To help set our intentions for the Great Gathering, I thought it would be a good idea to have a group meditation or pray at midnight tonight. What a perfect way to ring in the year 2010 by focusing our intentions and goals on the work towards the Great Gathering that we are all going to be preparing for.

My intentions are to gather and inform as many people as possible within my network of people and hope that it spreads out even farther. My desire is to create a gathering in my region of Oregon.

I hope you will all take a moment at Midnight Tonight 01/01/2010 to sit and set your own intentions for this New Year.

Thank you for being here
(If there is anyone out there in Eugene, OR or anywhere in Oregon and want to help me plan a gathering please do not hesitate to email me)

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Important Information Everyone Should See
By Ethen Kane on September 28, 2009 at 6:50 pm under Your Alien Contacts

I understand that this post might not fall into the same category as most of the topics but I am trying to bring this information to as many people as possible.
I came across some information that I’m sending to as many people as I can. It’s about the horrible side effects of the H1N1 vaccinations that they are pushing through. First off it has been confirmed that only 32 people have died world wide from the flu; meanwhile over 500 people ,and this number is rising, have developed Gillian-Barre (this causes swelling of the brain resulting in paralysis) from the vaccine.
Also a test of the vaccine on a Naval Ship in April 2009, left only 5% of the crew members with out horrible side effects. Out of 350 crewmembers only 17 were not hospitalized as a side effect. The captain and several others dies within hours of receiving the shot, a few members are, to this day on life support, and the rest contracted the virus from the shot.
Another man in the States received his vaccine from volunteers at a local mall, 2 hours later he suffered a stroke.
During clinical trials in Germany a test subject who received their vaccine began showing signs of illness as soon as 3 hours later. 3 days after this person began suffering from what seems to be kindey faliure, other side effects consisted of coughing up blood.
Newer reports are coming in that people who have taken part in clinical trials of the vaccine have developed AIDS since they received their shot.
This is what is about being shipped to all the schools Nation wide, to be given to Hundreds of Thousands of children and teenagers. What is about to be given to every Hospital, and every work place. People are being told if you refuse the vaccine you will be fired. I have also heard reports that for the parents who chose to keep their children from being vaccinated the government will have CPS come into your home and remove your children from your custody. Just today I had Health Canada phone my home and request that I tell them how many children live in my house hold and ask if I planned to have them vaccinated for the H1N1.
FEMA has quarantine encampments built allover Canada and the United States; which, has been investigated and described to be almost identical to the concentration camps used in WW2. {Make sure to watch the 2nd video from this link} it goes into detail as to how the U.S. Military and RCMP plan on escorting numerous people to these camps. As well as forcing the population to take the vaccine.
This coming week in Winnipeg Canada their will be a meeting conducted by the major health officials of Canada to decide the “Best course of action” for them to take as their response to help vaccinate ALL of North America.
I am sending these links to as many people as I can, hoping that maybe it will make a small difference. I know you have your families and friends to consider. Please look over the links and help get this information to as many people that you can. I feel it’s very important everyone should know about this.

Aztec Ruins

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I was at the Aztec ruins today, where there is an extremely large Kiva that’s about two stories high and the size of a church!  The ranger said something interesting- among the bodies they’ve found in the area, there were some around 6 -1/2 ft tall which didn’t “belong” with what they’ve found elsewhere within the area.  I don’t know who these people were, but it is something to think about.

Miriam’s reply: How wonderful for you to share this as it does cause us to question who these “people”/beings were. Keep questioning and eventually you will find the truth.   Miriam

Just wanted you to know

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I hope all is well with you. It was so great meeting you at the conference. I know we will see each other again. Until then I will continue to send good energy your way.

Your friend,


Miriam’s reply: It was a real pleasure to meet so many people at this conference as it always is. To be surrounded by star family and old friends of lives past. It is remarkable how we are able to recognize each other and bond so quickly.

I accept that good energy and then share what I have that is extra with the world.

With love,    Miriam

Your generous donations make it possible for Bluestar to continue her work. Thank you for your support.

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UPDATE: Oct 13-2014 Thank you to everyone who gave donations last month while I was traveling in Colombia. I was literally supported by a small handful of people, one in particular, Sam, made it possible for me to have a safe and supported trip near the end of the journey. Returning on Oct 15th to Canada after which reports will be shared on this website as well as on the great gathering site, along with private reports for everyone who donated. With love and gratitude, Miriam DONATE HERE