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This is a new Movie that is being released this week. The trailer for the new film says that it was an experiment on sleep that turned into alien abduction. Contact of the Fourth Kind.

From the brief trailer being shown this again it is a film that will induce fear into people. Many of you may be aware that years ago many of the researchers began by coming into contact with people who had alien contact of the fourth kind by the study of dreams and hypnosis. So once again the snippets of truth are being used to only give one view of fear and fear and fear……

Many people are contacted through dreams but it is not always negative!

I will be watching this film The Fourth Kind so that I can see what kind of information is being brought to the public. I can then do my part to bring the truth through more information to the public.

The real question I have is what will happen when disclosure does come? Will we be told the WHOLE truth? I think not. From all the fear films and TV shows about alien contact coming out right now it may be an indicator of what we will be told in the future FEAR THEM….will be the message when in fact we do not need to fear all the aliens.

We need to fear our food being taken from us, our right to clean water, our right to free speech, our right to heirloom seeds, our right to grow a garden, our tight to pesticide free food the list is long.

Who will you fear? Those that tell us to be aware of these issues and make changes to correct them? Meaning the Tall Blond aliens giving us this message to the people of earth to wake up and be aware of what we are doing to the earth and ourselves. The Tall Blonds tell us to remember who we are. To learn about what is happening in our world

They WANT you to fear the aliens……..the aliens I have contact with ask us to WAKE UP…. to the truth.

You must be the ones that educate yourself…. do your part and be responsible.

Love Miriam

Movie Website to watch the trailer

Movie Review: Food Inc.

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This movie is a must for people to watch. I found this film to be informative in many areas of world food production and consumption. It really puts into perspective how controlled the worlds food supply is through the FEW and how we need to be aware of the crisis that is being created by such control.

Many of you are aware of my focus on heritage and heirloom seeds and the importance of everyone having those seeds NOW. Well, near the end of this film they began talking about heirloom seeds and Monsanto. I was sooooo upset that I could barley watch the film. We MUST take a stand on this subject and we MUST do it NOW before its too late.

Food Inc. is a fantastic film that you can show anyone! It is not a film I would lump in with conspiracy films that tend to only be understandable by those who are already educated as to what is happening in our world. This film would be a great film to show your family and friends to educate them and you would not have to say a thing to them except : “Lets watch this film about food it looks interesting.”

I guarantee you that whoever you show this to will have their eyes opened. This is a film that helps to open the door to more people becoming aware of these important subjects. THIS is the type of film that assists us to bring more people into the circle of those that are awakened to the truth.

Please, find this film and watch it and show it to others.

So many people ask me how can I educate people as to what is going on without scaring them off. This film is a tool you can use on those people that you are not sure how to approach things with. It is an excellent door opener.

Monsanto, educate yourself! Monsanto, the end of your right to food. Monsanto, the destroyer of eco systems and freedom. Food…… and who controls it controls YOU! Your health, your right to life and more. Get your seeds NOW.

With Love Miriam

Food Inc website

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Last night on the History Channel the new film by James Fox and Tim Coleman was aired. The name of this movie was: “I Know What I Saw”

What an exciting time we are living in. It seems that the truth is getting to mainstream media and slowly we are making progress towards disclosure.
With the first film “Out of the Blue,” James Fox made a breakthrough film that opened the door for Larry King Live to talk openly and seriously about this phenomenon on national television.
I for one as an individual who has had direct contact with these beings THANKS him with all my heart! We, meaning this community, needs more of this kind of work being done to assist the change we need in this world.
Just the last year alone I have met several documentary film makers that are doing some extraordinary work that is well rounded and grounded. The flashy style of looking into this phenomenon I hope is over as it was never a benefit to anyone.
One step at a time we are creating awareness to that fact that we are not alone. I have seen the beings that were on one of these alien craft and I know that it changed my entire life. People like me are looking forward to the day when people will not ridicule us and listen to our stories of contact and the messages we were given by these extraordinary beings.

Peace is possible through the hearts of human beings……. we are all connected here and beyond.
Love Miriam

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