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This is a great website that my friend found. With one order you can have enough heirloom seeds to plant an acre of food.
I dont know this company personally but thought I would pass on their information to you.

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This is THE most important youtube clip you could watch on seeds of the earth.

It is now time to prepare.

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Acres, USA is a great magazine I first became aware of back in the 1980′s.  I still have the magazines from then even though I have moved to three different states. 

Even though they say that they are “A Voice for Eco-Agriculture” and “Acres U.S.A. is North America’s oldest, largest magazine covering commercial-scale organic and sustainable farming” they do have great articles like about saving seeds and getting heritage seeds.

It was from this magazine that I got the books on alternative medicine also.

Check it out at: 


Anita Mathews


Miriam’s reply: GREAT! Thanks so much for sharing this. It is always nice to have many different areas of information to draw from. Miriam

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Miriam’s reply: Excellent !! Thanks love this. Miriam

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Some folks may not have much space to grow food or much experience with it, but there are many veggies that will grow in containers.

I came across two products that make the gardening effort easier, if one has the money to buy the gear. Check out or, for a less expensive version, to see these garden kits, which will work well on an apartment balcony, rooftop, or your backyard, so long as there is enough light.

I have no connection to these folks but had a dream last night about seeing one of these boxes, and I went surfing on the internet and found these, with good testimonials to back up their usefulness.

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Hello to all of you from around the world.

There are so many of you here from Australia so a special hello to you.

 I have been working in my garden… much as I can…. and having fun out playing in the soil and talking to the plants.

Now that my bush beans are growing and are about 6 inches high I have planted my second planing of beans. Doing this gives me fresh green beans until October! I also do this with peas as well.

 My corn has popped out of the earth and I was  out there today weeding around all the beautiful plants.

It is so amazing to be a part of the creation process of a garden.

Here is something rather interesting. Now that the price of gasoline has gone through the roof many of the people that have been watching my plant my garden are looking at it with more thought. Comments about how they will come to my house to grocery shop has become common. It makes me think I may have someone raid my garden!

The thoughts and ideas that are running through the minds of so many people today and STILL they don’t take the time to plant something. This is what is disturbing to me. These people COULD plant but they simply don’t want to…because they are spoiled and lazy!

I keep talking to everyone who will listen to my banter about buying seeds NOW. So many people simply have no idea as to the truth of what is happening around them it is frightening. I think to myself……what will all these people do when the price of food rises to the point where they cant afford basic food supplies? I know that those who are the spoiled and lazy today will be the first ones to be affected. They will simply not know what to do.

I had one person whom I know very well tell me that they did not care about what may happen. They would simply starve if that is what it came down to. I think not! They will be the first one to beg for help and they will STILL not want to work for what they need. They will then do anything they have to in order to survive. It is this type of person who become the most trouble in times of hardship.

Please….plant your garden, buy your seeds, build your knowledge. The Tall Blonds are warning us to change the path of our lives. Is it too late? I think not…..yes I stress to you…


Get involved and help educate those around you. Share what you have learned with anyone who will listen. You  don’t have to tell them all about the aliens…….tell them what you SEE……..and know to be happening.

Alex Jones: Endgame…..look it up. Zeitgeist The Movie…….look it up. Two very informative videos.

Be aware….. of who you are and your surroundings…… Remember Who YOU Are…….

We can make a difference.

Love Miriam

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Hello everyone,

This past week I have been outside trying hard to get some prep work done so that I could plant my garden. I still have to hire help or else I would not be able to plant a garden at all considering my neck still is in recovery. I tell everyone that I pray every day that that the next day when I awake I will be healed. One day……

 So, this year my mother bought some top soil to put into the garden. It needed some nutrients to help the soil as it has been years since she added anything. I a really looking forward to seeing how it impacts the vegetables.

In the front of our home I made a new flower bed and in it I planted flowers at the back of the bed and the rest….vegetables. Lettuce, kale, parsley, swiss chard and more. All I will have to do is walk outside, take two steps and poof….. I have everything I need to make a salad. Also it will give people something to think about as they drive by. FOOD and gardens do not need to be massive. Plant in small spaces and you still help the worlds food supply.

Below is a picture of PART of the garden. To the left there is more space that is ready for planting. I also made a bed for strawberries this year…with help of course. The boxes are to make some raised beds with the new soil I had delivered to top up the garden. My root vegetables keep having so many worms they wont grow. With the new soil in the raised beds from cardboard boxes they should grow very nicely. The cardboard boxes have twine around them several times so that they stay together. Then at the end of the year you cut the twine, release the soil and the cardboard becomes compost!

The other things you see behind the boxes are what I made out of old wood for my tomatoes. I have the plants under them and cover with plastic. Poor mans greenhouse. It worked very well last year! Also a tip for anyone out there who does not have a greenhouse; cut the top off big clear plastic bottles, then punch holes in the bottle use these to cover a plant to give it a greenhouse effect. When the plant is bigger take it off. By then it will be hotter summer times anyway and the plant loves it!

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Hello everyone,

I would strongly recommend you check out this link and read it. Loads of information about the world seed banks and what is really going on in the world.


Your generous donations make it possible for Bluestar to continue her work. Thank you for your support.

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