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NOVEMBER 08 Update: With thanks to this community for your support we were able to make a delivery of food to the Wiwa Community. Christian Castagno, his wife Tatiana L Llinas and his family were able to deliver 300 kilos of food and supplies on behalf of this community and myself yesterday to Mamo Ramon Gil and the Wiwa.They have been dramatically affected by a lightning striking their village.

We received a brief report from Chris on the state of the community. He was also able to take a few photos of the work done and took two video messages. One video is from Mamo Ramon Gil himself who is the Spiritual Leader of the Community and one from his son. These videos will be shared after they have been edited.

For now, what we know is that when Chris and his wife arrived the Colombian Military was at the Village delivering some medical supplies to the community. This is a good thing! They are no longer helping them with food and so our 300 kilos of food was welcomed with gratitude.

We asked Mamo Ramon Gil what the people needed and his reply was food, soap to wash clothes and cloth to make new clothes.

They are beginning to rebuild and this means planting new crops which will take time to produce food, building new homes and generally working together to overcome this hardship.

Your support is still very much needed to continue to help this community.

We currently have $150 dollars left for another food run next week. We need your help to continue to support the needs of the Wiwa community.

From Mamo Ramon himself, thank you for your support of his people.

Thank you to everyone who made this work possible.

100% of donations through this donation button will go to the Wiwa Community for support.

Here are some photos of the Journey and where your donations went:

Food Run

Mamo Ramon 3 Unloading

Wiwa 1

Wiwa 2

UPDATE: NOV 04 As a global community we have made progress in supporting and helping the Wiwa through this crisis. With the support that has been sent so far we have been able to help all the people who were in the hospital with burns from the lightening strike. We were able to deliver food and basis needs to the family members who came down from the mountain to the city, to be with their family members in the hospital

Now we have made arrangements to take food to the Community that the displaced Wiwa are staying in. From the information gathered at this time we believe there are at least 100 who need food since the Colombian Government stopped helping them in this way.

This journey to deliver food will be well documented and the information shared with you here. The first trip to the Village is being arranged now and hope to have it sent any day now.

We also are still supporting two badly injured men in what they call Indigenous houses in the city area. They have their families with them and the conditions they are in are not easy. They have no privacy and yet they can not leave because the men need so much care. Its very difficult. My contact will be reporting to us in more detail what this situation is once he goes there. We are supplying food to at least 10 people in both houses. We sent them two fans so these injured men can stay cool and comfortable in the heat that they are not used to because they live much higher in the Mountain where it is much cooler.

Also my other contact in Taganga has continued to help all the Wiwa that are coming to her for help with food and basic needs since they have heard that she may be able to help.

So many displaced people……. its hard to grasp the Crisis unless you are familiar with the people and the hardships they faced before this extra hardship was placed upon them.

I would like to ask you all to watch this video that was taken 4 years ago by myself, Miriam Delicado and Sabrina Montanaro. It is a message that was given to the people from Mamo Ramon Gil of the Wiwa. He is what they say is the Spiritual Authority and Spiritual Leader of the Wiwa people. LISTEN TO THE LAST LINE….

What happened that fateful night was that the men were all gathered in the Sacred house of the Wiwa to talk about the state of the world. Mamo Ramon Gil had just said….. that the world was falling apart and that the Mother (nature and the earth) were upset that we (humanity) was not caring for her. That we (humanity) would have to make a payment for this destruction. (pay as in make an offering) Then a moment later in the Sacred house after he said….. We will have to make a payment for this destruction… to restore the balance… then… the lightening struck.

Now watch the video…. it is a profound and prophetic statement. Remember, listen to the LAST line ….


Thank you to everyone who has donated. Please if you can send a donation 100% of the donations coming in through the donate button on this page are going to the Wiwa Relief.

With gratitude for your hearts in support,
Miriam and gratitude from Mamo Ramon Gil for helping his community.

On October 6th-2014 a lightening strike hit one of the Sacred houses of the Wiwa Indigenous people of Colombia. 11 people in this community lost their lives. 23 went to hospital and many more sustained injuries that they are still healing from.

100% of donations through this donation button will go to the Wiwa Community for support.

Link HERE for more information on previous posts.

Myself having just been in the mountains with the Indigenous of this area and having stayed in these homes during the journey, this hit hard to my own heart.

With the support of our global community we were able to collect donations to send money for food and basic needs to the Wiwa in the hospital and their families who came to be with them in the city.

As of today, Oct 28th I have learned that the last of the Wiwa has been released from the hospital. Two of the men who have been badly injured were released but not well enough to travel up the mountain to go home. They need our help. They have their families with them and so I was informed by one of the Wiwa leader representatives that 10 people need food and basic needs for a minimum of two weeks. They requested money sent to buy fans to keep them cool because they are so hot in Santa Marta. They are not used to the heat because they live so high in the mountain.The women of these two men and all their children are with them as well.

Also, we have another contact in a place called Guachaca that is asking us for help. One of the Indigenous that lives in this area is a woman who is a “Saga”. This is a woman who is like a spiritual authority of the Wiwa. The men are called Mamo, the woman are called Saga.

We are told that some of the women that lost their husbands are leaving the mountain to go to this Saga’s home and asking for help. They all need food.

You see in the mountain with so many deaths in the small communities the burden is tremendous. As it is … a family relies on the man to get food and cut wood each day for the fires they need to cook and stay warm. Without them they are left with nothing. Normally other family or community members would help. However, with so many having lost their husbands it is simply too much to be able to supply food and wood when every family is barely surviving as it is.

Its complicated. The Colombian government was only giving them food until this week and so these women are now looking for help.

I am waiting to hear from several sources for details as to how many need help in the area of Guachaca. Although, initial reports said 20 people, it could be more.

My goal… here at Bluestar… id to accept donations through the special donate button here in this post. 100% of the donations that come in through this donation button go to feed and support the Wiwa through this crisis.

We can at least help the people until they find solutions to the issues they face due to the great loss of life and health issues they now face from the lightening strike that killed 11, hospitalized 23 and injured dozens more.

With your support the Wiwa Indigenous community will continue to be supported with food to support them through this crisis.

They have also sent messages back to us sharing how grateful they are for our help and have asked that we continue to support them as they seek solutions to this situation.

From my heart thank you to each of you who has been able to share your support. For those sending prayers of support for strength of the Wiwa people thank you as well. All support is appreciated and honored.


This is one of the photos sent to us by Helena the contact in Taganga. Here are some of the Wiwa having lunch because of our support.

Wiwa lunch

This is a photo of what the traditional home looks like. The Sacred house they were in when the lightning struck is similar.

Link HERE for more information on previous posts.

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All over the world People are working together to protect and respect Life giving Waters. I have the honor to attend this event as we continue to share the importance of the Sacred Elements that give us life here on the planet.

This gathering is still in need of funding to bring Elders to the Event. If you would like to support this work you may do so though the Sacred Water Circle website.

I will be attending with a member of the Hopi people from Shungopavi Village.

Sacred Water Circle website here.

Donations are being accepted through a Canadian Nonprofit, Greenup. DONATE LINK HERE

Sacred Water Circle Vision:

Inspired by traditional Indigenous teaching and leading with hope and spiritual courage, the Sacred Water Circle sees a restored relationship between human communities and water.

Sacred Water Circle seeks to create dialogue around spiritually-based environmental issues, and to motivate communities and governments to act to set policy that will protect our water, by leading with prayer and walking together.

First initiated by Curve Lake visionary Dorothy Taylor, the Sacred Water Circle was formed in 2011 in response to a call from indigenous leaders worldwide to foster exchange and discussion, learn from one another and to build community around this important cause.

We consist of community volunteers from diverse cultural backgrounds, skills and spiritual beliefs with a common vision. Inspired by traditional Indigenous teachings and leading with hope and spiritual courage, the Sacred Water Circle sees a restored relationship between human communities and water.

Join the Sacred Water Gathering this May 2-4th 2014 to honor the sacredness of water with ceremony, keynote speakers, panel discussions, presentations, First Nations teachers, vendors, a traditional feast and other activities at Trent University Gzowski College, Petroglyphs Provincial Park and other locations in the Kawarthas. This dynamic three-day event is hosted each year by the Sacred Water Circle to bring together First Nations teachers and elders, with political leaders, students, youth, water researchers, those in the water industry and the broader community to focus on water awareness and solutions.

Your generous donations make it possible for Bluestar to continue her work. Thank you for your support.

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UPDATE: Oct 13-2014 Thank you to everyone who gave donations last month while I was traveling in Colombia. I was literally supported by a small handful of people, one in particular, Sam, made it possible for me to have a safe and supported trip near the end of the journey. Returning on Oct 15th to Canada after which reports will be shared on this website as well as on the great gathering site, along with private reports for everyone who donated. With love and gratitude, Miriam DONATE HERE