Colombia part 4

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There will be more posts and pics coming on the trip to Colombia. Still uploading the pics for all of you to see. When its done I will let you know! Love Miriam

Here is more information on my trip to the Sierra Nevada. Sabrina Montanaro has been working very hard to bring the messages of the Mamos to the world for the past year. The reason I was able to travel and meet as many people as I did was because of her. She will be sharing new video from our trip with all of you when she has finished editing. Please take the time to go to her website to learn about the Sacred People of the Sierra Nevada, Colombia. 

The Sacred walk that I was privileged enough to take part in was facilitated by this woman Barbara Three Crow. I did not meet her in Colombia. Apparently she decided not to go. She wanted to give all the money they raised for The Elders Project to the Mamos and was unselfish by not using it for her personal use. On her website you can CLICK ON “ELDERS” on her homepage to find out more information on the project. Please know that the Mamos have requested them to continue the work in the Sierra Nevada.

The following video by Barbara Threecrow will explain The Elders Project. This was what the creator put me in the middle of and I was blessed enough to be a part of the sacred walk.

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