Did you have hypnosis to remember this experience with the Tall Blonds?

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When I was on board the UFO with these extraterrestrials one of the things they taught me was how the brain functions and interacts between the body, processing of information and the other worlds. Within the brain structure and how it processes information it has a tendency to try to find answers to questions through association. With some people this is a very powerful aspect of their ability to comprehend and understand information that is being given to them. In the case of my memories regarding this encounter with the UFO and extraterrestrials I did not have hypnosis in order to remember sitting in the light chair and the information that was shared with me at that time.

It was clear that having hypnosis depending on the level of professionalism of the person putting me in a trance could in fact change or shift everything that was the truth or not truth within my own mind. It was for this reason I chose not to have hypnosis.

This is also why I caution people who have had experiences with UFOs and these beings to be careful of who they choose to do a hypnosis session with. It’s been proven that through hypnosis a person can be led to a particular conclusion that is possibly not fact or truth.

I am very fortunate to have aspects of this encounter that were remembered immediately after I walked off the UFO as well as more memories that continue to come back to me over the months and years since I was with them.

Miriam Delicado


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