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  Your support goes towards paying for basic life needs, overhead costs of running the website and technology upgrades, phones, supporting others in the community, travel costs and continued reach to and for others around the world.

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Total donations for February 2017 listed above.
This system has been set up so you can clearly see how much money is being donated each month.
(Showing how much is being donated each month keeps people honest and allows for me to be as transparent as possible.)
Thank you. Miriam

FINAL Donations total from January 2017:

FINAL Donations total from December 2016:

FINAL Donations total from November 2016:

FINAL Donations total from October 2016:

FINAL Donations total from September 2016:

$300 dollars of this donation went to Hopi to travel to Standing Rock

FINAL Donations total from August 2016:

FINAL Donations total from July 2016:

Donations supported tech costs and travel as well as daily life.

FINAL Donations total from June 2016:

FINAL Donations for May 2016

From this donation, I was able to have a naturopath treatment to help heal old scar tissue from my car accident in 2006.
The cost of that treatment was $1000 dollars. I am very grateful to everyone who donated making this possible.

FINAL Donations for April 2016:

FINAL Donations total from March 2016:
From this donation total; $500 went to the KhoiSan in South Africa and $50 went to Mamos in Colombia.

FINAL Donations total from February 2016:

FINAL Donations total from January 2016:

FINAL Donations total from December 2015:

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