Earth out of Balance: Barbara Three Crow: Colombian Mamos

By Miriam on September 9, 2010 at 10:56 am under Feature, Important
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This is a message from Barbara Three Crow:
(It is time to begin supporting the Sacred People of Earth. Please give your support as they are the holders of life in this world. Your act of kindness can assist in balancing the earth once more. Thank you..Love Miriam)

Mitakuye-oyasin – Miriam and all those who helped support the Elders Project to assist the Mamo on their sacred journey in the heart of the world Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta I thank each of you Today, Sept. 11th 2010 I want to alert everyone to the signs around the world of escalating volcanos four errupting within this past month, earthquakes and flooding in Pakistan – China – and the unprecedented drought and fires in Russia.
As most of you have read here on Miriam’s sight and my own about the purpose of the black line journey and the significance of the offerings (pagamentos) made around the boundary of the heart of the world based on the law of origins of the Kogi, Arhuaco and Wiwa Mamos, I feel it is important to note at this point in time, the importance of all our taking responsibility and to assist these elders who have for centuries have held all of life in harmony and who have asked for the help of the Younger Brothers (us) To be more specific, I have come to realize after my visit to the heart of the world and spending time with the Mamo, that although I pray most everyday, and make spiritual offerings to the mother earth that even that is not enough compared to what I was privileged to observe during my time with the Mamo.
Ever more we are being subjected to the changes on all levels of our lives, we hear more and more about the weather patterns as unprecedented throughout the world and often people say, “what can I do”?
We each are significant and each of us in our own way can support energetically the Mamo and others who are diligently praying for the earth her waters and all of life.
Upon my return from the SNSM I organized The Harmonizing The Earth Community. This is to bring like minded people together to focus our intention our love and voices for this very purpose, to offer our assistance from this part of the world, and to offer our own sacred works through the sacred elements I place in formation before us. These sacred elements we can gather to pray with as the Mamo have for centuries are crystals – amathyist – shells – stones – seeds – flowers – water – and any other which are gifts from the mother earth and that energetically when prayed with link directly to her, her waters, the high snow capped peaks, the laguna – the sap in the trees – the fish – animals and all of life. According to the traditional Elders law of origin in the Sierra these elements relate to various and essential parts of the mother, when offered as pagamentos they are food and sustenance for her. Some of these I will share, the laguna’s represent the eyes of the mother, allowing her to see all, the amathyist represent hail – the garnet represents the blood of the mother. Each of the thousands of shells, stones and other pagamentos that the Mamo gather and offer has its own representation for the purpose of harmonizing all of life. This knowledge is ancient and specific to the Mamo and without these sacred offerings and their fulfilling their sacred journey around the base of the heart of the world (linia negra) you can imagine the great loss and disharmony – As the Kogi tell us that for centuries from the beginning they have harmonized all of life and their law of origins and their purpose is as “caretakers of the heart of the mother (world) ”
Yes, there are other indigenous around the world who also have their purpose as caretakers, yet the Kogi have been uninterrupted – have been sheltered from western intrusion and therefore their law of origin and their sacred works have continued – but at this time you will view their concerns on the video of the sacred journey in January 2010 sponsored by the Elders Project at “the elders project” As now when taking their sacred journey access to some of these vital places have been denied or desecrated. Where they had once fed the Mother for renewing her life force they no longer are able.
Every other Monday of each month The Harmonizing The Earth Community Meditation comes together to offer our sacred works in support of the Mamo. Please take part in your own way with others or alone September 13th beginning 7:00 pm – 9:00
“let us sing with the soul of the Mother” Toning, prayers, loving intention for harmonizing, healing and balancing and renewing the mother earth and all of life. I have seen with my own eyes the dedication and love of the mother earth and commitment to us the younger brothers, I have seen the faith and fulfilling of their life’s purpose as a message and teaching for myself and each of us to not lose hope but to begin and continue our own sacred works as the Mamo have throughout time. .The Mother needs our help, lets not leave it up to others let us begin to assist “ALL OTHERS.”

Barbara Three Crow

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