Earthquake in Chile and Japan

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On Feb 24th in my forum I posted under Live Chat with Miriam. It is worth mentioning that I felt the quakes in Haiti days in advance and the other two large quakes that happened in the same week while I was in Colombia. I feel earthquakes in advance and if you go through my posts you will find that I have a high accuracy rate. Only once when I posted did the quake not happen. Sometimes I can tell the location or general area other times I cant but I will know the size. For this round of earthquakes there is more to come….. be prepared. For over two years when speaking with the public I have stated that 2010 would be the beginning of the earth changes. Please…. pay attention to what is being shared by people like myself. WE collectively have insight that may have the potential to change the path of our world to be a better path.

My Forum post in the thread: Live Chat with Miriam
Woke up this morning and wanted to share with all of you part of my dream: It was about an earthquake. Now please dont get all freaked out……. stay calm….it was a dream… about being PREPARED for an earthquake. So that is what I want to ask ALL of you to do no matter where you are. Do you have containers to carry water? Do you know of a water source close by? Do you have a PLAN with your family? Do you have some food set aside? Plan what you can. I have been feeling movemt this past week…… under my feet. I was waiting for another sign. Still not 100% that this means another big one coming.
All you need to do is be prepared and aware….THAT is your job. I hope to talk about this on the live chat!

Love to you all… I will keep checking this thread every day from now until the chat. Start asking questions if you want to now…. Love Miriam

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