Earthquake: still feeling them to come

By Miriam on March 2, 2010 at 5:53 pm under Feature, Miriam's Blog
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So where do I begin in this post. I am torn thinking about what impact my words will have on everyone. After two days of thinking it over I have decided to share with you what I have been feeling.

There is so much earth movement that it is in fact hard to tell if what I am feeling is the aftershocks or it is in fact another quake coming. I have felt dizzy, faint and felt like I am swaying as well as banging into walls. All these things are signs to me that there will be an earthquake. Know that I have a high accuracy rate but I have on rare occasions been wrong.

Where will this happen if it does take place. This is my toughest question to answer. Again I have had some real accuracy regarding the locations but its tough. What I share here is not to put fear into you but to prepare you. To let you know that you need to take some precautions if you can. You need to help those around you and remember we are all part of the human family. We are here together. We are suffering together no matter where these events happen. Because of the strength of the sway I feel it is closer to where I am in British Colombia Canada. This would indicate North America or even Japan. My gut feeling is NORTHERN California, Oregon area. Again, use caution with my words as it may NOT happen. What I CAN tell you is that if this FEELING I am having happens then it will be within a week. That would mean no later than the 7th of March.

If this feeling eases off I will let you know that as well. In my Blog I have in the past few years predicted a few quakes. WE as human beings have the ability to feel them before they happen. We see them in our dreams to warn us. We have thoughts of them from out of no where to give us a warning before they take place. Many people do this, many of YOU have felt, seen, dreamed about this quake as well as others. We as human beings need to learn to listen to those who are having these insights as a collective. I may appear to be special but…. I am not…. WE are everywhere….WE could all warn the people……IF we had the FREEDOM to speak without ridicule. This is part of our collective lesson. Imagine… all these scientists trying to study and find warnings signs….. we already have the ability to know these answers. Some know more locations, some more the scale, some the time….. together we could prepare the people.

Listen to that little voice within you. It will help to keep you safe. Remember to help those around you….or they may not help you. Stay calm, it will help the earth to stay calm. WE DO have the ability to lesson the impact through our thoughts alone. THINK calmly and send that calm to the earth and to the people.

Love to you all… strength to all of you,

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