Extraterrestrial Information: From Contactee Miriam Delicado

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How Extraterrestrial Contact Is Changing Our World.

UFOs and alien/extraterrestrial contacts are important for the future of humanity. As the number of contacts and sightings around the world increase, so does the awakening of our inner questioning of what is really happening in our world. This reality not only creates questions regarding UFOs and alien contact, it also questions the structures of our political, social, economic, environmental and spiritual worlds as well.

Often the first questions regarding a direct, physical extraterrestrial contact revolves around superficial information, such as: what did the craft and aliens look like? The deeper and more important questions are: Did they have a message for Humanity? Why do they want to interact with us? Were they helpful or harmful during the interaction? Why do they care about humanity and the earth?

I had an encounter in 1988 on a highway in British Colombia, Canada that changed me in every way imaginable. My understanding of the universe and life itself was so clear after the event that physicists of today are only beginning to learn some of what was shared with me during my physical encounter with tall blond haired blue-eyed extraterrestrials.

During the three hours that I was on board this UFO, my friends were left in a car on the side of the road in the cold. These beings told me that they wanted me to remember all the information that they shared with me that night. From the moment I left that craft my memories of what happened began to come back to my conscious mind and it has taken me 27 years now to process and understand some of what they shared with me. More of this information continues to come back to me as it appears to be needed for my journey in this life.

One of the most fascinating aspects of my contact is the information I learned from them was that these tall blond beings were part of our history, our beginning and also interlinked with humanity in ways that even I can barely comprehend at times.

What is clear, is that these beings told me facts of history and of humanity that they continue to share with me today in an attempt to support and help to us as a whole. They want us to protect the life we have here by caring for our environment, humanity and to awaken to our true potential as human beings. They insist that they want us to WAKE UP and remember who we are spiritual and reawaken the gifts we have access to, such as telepathy and healing to name only a few.

As a person who came face to face in the physical form with what we perceive as “Aliens” I can say that these beings are changing our world. The more people open up to me personally about their experiences, the more I hear the stories of how everyday people are having these interactions through sightings and direct or astral contacts. These people are then awakened and begin to support and protect humanity and all the life on this planet.

We are at a critical point on the planet and what we choose to do in our daily lives will determine if our world will continue to thrive into the future.

I prefer to call these beings the Great Ancestors to honor them for their true place in our human history.

I still have contact with them to this day through sightings and telepathic communication, in my waking state as well as my dreams and meditations. These beings also have a deep connection with the indigenous people of earth and this is also one of the main messages they share with me for humanity; protect the indigenous, they are the original caretakers of this earth.

The Great Ancestors have a message: The future of all life is in our hands it is time to come together in our hearts and work together to protect life on earth. If we see ourselves as being limited in our interrelationship with the rest of the universe then we will only become more destructive.

If we can grasp the idea, the concept, the truth that we are not alone, then our actions become more relevant to our daily lives in how we are affecting life around us.

People who have direct contact experiences need to be supported for them to come forward and share the information and experiences they are having. Their experiences are directly related to the current state of the world and how we can overcome difficulties and thrive into the future.

The approach towards contactees in our recent history by professionals in psychiatry, psychology and the medical profession, etc., has been has been one of ridicule. We have been fortunate to also have UFO researchers who have been supportive to our personal and collective experiences. Each person that comes forward risks loosing their jobs, pensions, ability to find work, loss of family, possibly loosing custody of children and a life of hardship in some way begins due to this ridicule.

Each experience that contactees have has a thread of powerful similarities spiritually and physically. Often we find we can delve into the psychology and spiritual aspects of the messages from extraterrestrials and find that often, parts of the information is identical. At the same time, each individual experience also appears to have a custom design contact and interaction to impact the person having the experience, but all of it leading us to the same conclusions in the end; we are spiritual beings.

Without the support of researchers in the field of extraterrestrials, UFOs and the paranormal, we would not as a global society have reached the level of understanding that we have regarding this phenomenon. However, we need to also be cautious of the influence that these researchers placed upon the contactee and abductee. Being contacted often has a powerful affect on the life of a contactee and often, the first or only place to turn is to researchers to try to find answers. This is a blessing to have them as a resource. At the same time, researchers are not the true experts in the field of extraterrestrial contact, the fully awake and aware contactees are the true experts. (I strongly suggest caution in whom you follow when researching this subject. No one person has all the answers and with the complexity of the subject as well dealing with sometimes traumatized contactees, or researchers who are more interested in selling books, we need to keep an open mind and question the information. This includes me in this statement. Follow what feels right for you and what makes sense. Try to stay away from sensationalism.)

With more and more people today making claims of having contact with extraterrestrials we must be cautious about making assumptions regarding the nature of their/our/my experiences. It often takes years of introspective work in order to understand the contact or be able to share it in an intelligent way for others to understand.

For 27 years I have watched the UFO community grow and educate the world on this subject. There are many credible people in the public who are sharing their extraordinary experiences. There are also many people whom I personally feel are not credible and I believe mislead and lie to the public. To be respectful, I will not name these people. The reason I share this with you is to warn you that there are people out there that use this complex subject to make themselves rich and/or famous. This is why it is so important to look for people who are balanced in their approach to this subject. 

My experience of contact with the tall blond extraterrestrials in 1988, a fact that would change my life forever.

My name is Miriam Delicado, and I am an extraterrestrial contactee/abductee. There are people all over the world today that are saying they had contact with UFOs and/or extraterrestrials and I am one of them. My story began in 1988 when I was 22 years old. In order to fully understand how challenging and overwhelming this experience has been you would have to experience it for yourself. There is no way to accurately describe the true depth to which physical face-to-face contact with extraterrestrials changes and shapes someone’s life.

I was living a very average and normal life in the city of Vancouver in 1988. And after losing my job and leaving my boyfriend, I moved to a friend’s home. A week later, I decided to take a holiday to visit my home town with these friends. It was on the return journey that I was taken onboard a UFO and my life changed forever.

There were three other adults and a child in the car with me that night on our return journey as we drove south, towards Vancouver on a highway in Canada. It began to get late at night and I fell asleep in the back of the car and as I did, I went into a very profound dream state. While I was in the dream, a man and a woman came to me and said, do not be afraid we are coming for you soon. The next thing I knew, I woke up suddently as we were driving in the car.

Shortly after this dream happened we changed drivers. I moved up to the front passenger side of the car and the woman, my friend, was now the driver, taking over from the man who was driving. Shortly after we began traveling down the highway, we noticed two huge lights that were coming up behind us on the highway. They appeared to be driving very fast, so fast, that we took notice of them. We thought they were going to pass us but they never did. Every time we went through a town, past a house with lights on, or a car came towards us on the highway, these lights would fall back and disappear. Also, when the strange lights would come up to us as we drove, a strange radio station would come through the car radio. This was extremely odd because 27 years ago it was difficult to even pick up one radio station in these remote areas. As this went on we became increasingly more nervous.

Finally we went through a small town and I told the driver to just keep driving as fast as she could. Even when we came to red lights I told her to go through the red lights and just keep driving. The last thing I remember doing was turning around to look behind us to see if the lights were there. Because of the distance from one point to the other there is no possible way a car could have caught up to us at that point. Literally, the very next moment… everything… changed!! In the blink of an eye the lights showed up behind us! We didn’t see where they came from. The next thing I knew the strange lights turned on and off and I was screaming at my friend to pull over the car. She was terrified and said she didn’t want to and from out of nowhere I yelled at her, “it’s not you they want it’s me!”

It was at this point I watched as my friend tilt her head to one side as she slowly pulled over the car to the side of the road. The next thing I knew there was light everywhere and my friends all appeared to be asleep and not moving. My mind could barely comprehend what was happening. The two lights that had been following us for hours were now at the back of the car just hovering there. Light was coming from every direction. As I looked to the front of the car, there I saw on the road ahead of us was a small UFO. It looked like heavy mist was around the UFO itself. From within this mist there were small extraterrestrials walking towards me. They appeared to be approximately 4 feet tall, smooth looking skin, big round black eyes. (They were not the grays that some people report having negative experiences with. They were more robotic and childlike in their appearance.) In my mind I could hear these beings speaking to me, telling me, “Do not be afraid, we will not harm you, get out of the car.” It was at this point I watched as my own hand went reaching for the door handle as I stepped out and stood beside the car. Meanwhile my friends all appeared to be asleep and they were not moving. I was having a strong emotional response as I tried to rationalize what was happening. What I was feeling was fear and confusion as I my mind was trying to understand what was happening.

The short beings were now at that car and it was at this point that these extraterrestrials took me by the hand and walked me down the highway past the UFO that they had come out of. There, are on the left-hand side of the highway, was a huge UFO that had landed. We started to walk up an embankment and as I looked up, I saw two tall blond blue-eyed extraterrestrials standing in the doorway. For some reason I thought ‘why can’t you just leave me alone!’ Somehow it was a recognition of them from my past. As I walked up to the UFO and the beings that were holding my hand released me as I entered onboard the larger UFO with these tall blond beings. It was this moment truly that my life would change forever.

While aboard this UFO these beings had me sit in a chair that looked like it was made of light and in front of me was a holographic type of screen where the beings were showing me images. Through these images they explained to me in very simple terms the past, present and future of humanity on this earth. They explained some of the possible futures that we would have on this planet and why it was important that we as a species of human beings woke up and began to remember who we were and why we came to earth.

Many of the things they showed me had an impact on my life and still impact me today, 27 years later. At one point they said that if we did not change the way in which we are interacting with the natural world that we would destroy the future generations ability to live on this planet. This was extremely hard for me to deal with emotionally. It was not like watching a television and seeing an image that is outside of yourself, everything they showed me, everything they told me, everything they shared with me……was an experience they gifted me with. I lived each timeline, lived each positive and negative option humanity was being given and would potentially live. The whole experience was…… overwhelming and as I look back on my life now all these years later, I realize why it has taken me 27 years to really begin to feel comfortable with what I experienced and learned that day.

The only way I can described the contact experience so people will understand, is to use the example of rock climbing to describe it. If you read 1000 books on rock climbing  to learn how to rock climb and learn everything there is to know about it, you will still never have any true knowledge of it until you experience it for yourself. Until you actually go and climb yourself, you can never know the full experience of it. What these extraterrestrials did onboard the craft that night in 1988, was give me the experience of many potential futures on this planet. They also gave me the experience of traveling into the universe, through dimensions, experiencing and understanding the physics of how this universe and the very existence of life itself is woven together. This is almost impossible to explain because just like trying to learn how to rock climb, you must have the experience of actually doing it. One must actually have their own experience of connecting to the existence, only then is it understood. I walked off that UFO a changed person. In fact I did not even look the same after this experience. This was such a drastic difference that I even grew 1 and 1/4 inches overnight!

Just like with anything in life, a new experience has the potential to shift our views and our perceptions in life. Now close your eyes and imagine for a moment that you have been taken on a journey around the universe and back, being shown the true history of our world and humanity itself, and the potential beauty of our future as well as the potential destruction of our future, all of this……. being given to you as a gift of experiences in three hours!! No human being that has face-to-face contact with extraterrestrials is able to function in this reality and in this life the same as they did the day before the experience. Only those individuals who have had this face-to-face contact truly understand how devastating as well as enlightening these experiences are.

This subject is about humanity and who we are. Remember, that for every question you may have, the answers we are seeking regarding what UFOs and extraterrestrials actually are, what they are doing and how they connect to human life, will only create thousands of more questions that will remain unanswered. It will take time for us to learn the complete truth. When we accomplish this, is up to US! This is a spiritual awakening that requires leaping forward in our evolutionary process so we are able to fully accept our divine energy and knowledge of who we are and how we connect to all life.

Did I have any kind of experience before 1988, that could be related to the encounter in 1988?

Ever since I was a child, I knew that I was different. It’s very interesting how when I was on the UFO in 1988 the extraterrestrials showed me visions from my past. It was as though they placed the memories back into me, or, they remove the blocks from me remembering. One of the memories that came through very clearly was of me being in my crib as a baby and seeing these extraterrestrials over my crib bed. My father, a few years after that encounter in 1988, made a statement to me that confirmed this to be true. I was 25 years old when I first told my father about being taken on board a UFO and one of the first things he said to me was, “Why didn’t you tell me? The worst they ever were with me was 25 years ago. They were always around and would never leave me alone.” I was shocked by his statement, but at the same time, I also suspected he knew about these beings before we spoke. For me, his comment was a confirmation of my memory of me as a baby seeing these extraterrestrials because I was 25 years old at the time I told him about my experience. 

Another memory that was returned to me while I was with these extraterrestrials in 1988, was of a time when I was with my older sister in front of our house and we saw a UFO. I remembered that I was four or five years old at the time. My sister and I went walking out of our house into the farmer’s field in front of where we lived. There, across the field, was a huge UFO that was hovering over top of an old barn. A blue ball of light came shooting out of the UFO and came right over to us. It appeared to scan me and then went to my sister and scanned her. This blue ball of light then shot a blue beam into my sister’s head, at which time she turned around and went back to the house. What I remember next is being on board the UFO. While I was there, I was put into a similar chair made of light that I described in my 1988 experience, but this time they were doing some kind of procedure on me. The told me that they were changing my blood and that this would protect me from diseases that would be coming in the future. This was extremely painful and I remember it felt like being blown up like a balloon, although I didn’t physically see myself getting bigger. The other thing I remember about this time was that these beings gave something to me. It was small enough to fit in my hand and reminded me of a domino. It had markings on one side of it and I was told to take it home and bury it, which I did. 40 years later I went back to try to find this object but have not been successful. I know that it is there… and maybe one day… I will be fortunate enough to find it. What it was, why they gave it to me, what was the purpose? These are questions that until it is found will remain unanswered.

All this was confirmed by more than one person years later that this was in fact a real experience. When I asked my sister if she had any strange memories from our childhood, she told me she did. When I first asked her if she remembered anything strange from when we were kids, she replied, “Yes I remember the light that were hovering over the barn.” Six months later, I asked her again do you remember the light over the barn? She had no memory of it and she asked me what I was talking about. I waited many months and asked her the same question, “Do you remember anything strange when we were kids?” Each time she answered she would remember more of what happened that night. But her memory would fade in and out over the years. I believe it was aprox 14 years later she finally remembered the whole experience from that night because she wrote it into a story for a school project. I laughed at her when she shared this with me because I told her that this time she wouldn’t forget. She was surprised to hear that she had ever forgotten! It was shortly after this that the mother of a childhood friend also confirmed this incident.

Almost 40 years after this encounter at age 4, I told the mother of a childhood friend of mine about the incident that took place in 1988 with the tall blond blue-eyed extraterrestrials. At this point, she began to share with me information that shocked me. She told me a man who lived down the street from us who was an alcoholic, claimed to have seen a UFO hovering over the barn, the same barn, where I saw the UFO with my sister. The woman told me that this man tried to tell everyone who would listen that he saw the UFO and everyone ignored him because he was a very sick alcoholic. He claimed that this UFO hovered in the same location for several hours and that no one he could find was awake. This also is an interesting point that indicates there is a possibility that being as drunk as he was the technology they used to have everyone fall asleep in that area did not work on him!

Another encounter took place when I was approximately 16 years old along a logging road near the small town I lived in. Me, my boyfriend and his friend, went for a drive one night and then stopped on the side of the road. I remember this as clear as it was yesterday. We were standing outside of the car when we saw what looked like three falling stars or meteors coming to earth. They looked like bright red lights and we thought maybe they were comets burning up in the atmosphere. Just before these three lights hit the earth they changed direction and began to travel parallel to the earth! This is the last thing I remember. That night was very strange and for some reason as I grew up I could never get this memory of standing on the side of the that logging road and seeing the lights out of my mind. At the time of this incident I remember that when we got into the car to leave, it was freezing cold. We were wondering how long we had been out there and we all had the feeling of being very nervous. It was shortly after this night that I became very sick. Rather suddenly I became so sick that I could barely stand. When I went to the doctor they wanted to take some blood for tests, but when they tried to do this my veins collapsed. They told me I was so sick that if I didn’t start to recover they would have to hospitalize me. Within a few days as quickly as this strange sickness came to me, it also left. I don’t have any answers for what really happened that night.

Many people have asked me if I thought about getting hypnosis to remember what happened that night but my answer has always been and will remain for now, to not undergo hypnosis to recall these memories. For example: If someone was taken from the middle of the rain forest that has never seen a white person before and taken to have surgery to repair his heart for example, they would think they were being tortured. So when people have experiences with these extraterrestrials I caution jumping to any conclusion. We can’t say that everything they do is good for us, and can not say that everything they do is bad for us. There must be a more rational careful consideration of all the facts that are impartial to any one specific view. This is the only way we will find the truth and the answers to these very important questions.

How did the extraterrestrials communicate with me?

Communicating with these beings when I was on the UFO was very interesting. Although I did not see their mouths move, I could hear them in my mind as clearly as having a conversation with anyone today. Being inside the UFO and having this kind of communication was crystal clear in my mind. It’s difficult to explain. It was as though I not only heard them, but felt them speak as well. I also remember they spoke English to me. There were times when hearing their voices was actually soothing me and when they would say ‘do not be afraid’ it was as if I not only heard them speak, but felt them from inside my head into the rest of my body. It was an extraordinary experience.

Did I naturally remember the facts and all the details, or was it the result of medical hypnosis work?

When I was on board the UFO with these extraterrestrials one of the things they taught me was how the brain functions and interacts between the body, the processing of information, and the other worlds. Within the brain structure and how it processes information, it has a tendency to try to find answers to questions through association. With some people this is a very powerful aspect of their ability to comprehend and understand information that is being given to them. In the case of my memories regarding this encounter with the UFO and extraterrestrials, I did not have hypnosis in order to remember sitting in the light chair and the information that was shared with me at that time. It was clear that having hypnosis depending on the level of professionalism of the person putting me in a trance could in fact change or shift everything that was the truth or not truth within my own mind. It was for this reason I chose not to have hypnosis to recover any memories.This is also why I caution people who have had experiences with UFOs and these beings to be careful of who they choose to do a hypnosis session with. It’s been proven that through hypnosis a person can be led to a particular conclusion that is possibly not factual but a fabrication of an image or belief that is not true. I am very fortunate to have a great deal of my encounter in 1988 that I remembered immediately after I walked off the UFO. Since my contact in 1988 more memories have continued to come back to me over the months and years that followed. Some of these memories are coming back to me even now, 27 years later.

What I remember about being inside the craft. Things like materials, sizes, colors, shapes, sounds or emotions.

Being inside the UFO was like entering into another dimension, almost like being in a dream. My mind was trying to comprehend where I was because it was so different from my reality. The first few minutes that I stood inside the craft even the air that I took into my lungs somehow seemed to be different. My mind was struggling to understand what I was experiencing and my emotional state was heightened to the point where I felt like I was going to faint. The room that I stepped into was extremely bright. Yet the light did not hurt my eyes. I remember thinking in that moment, how could it be so bright and yet for some reason I did not have to squint my eyes like I do normally in bright sunlight. The color of the UFO walls appeared to shine with this light. It almost seemed as though the craft was alive. It’s strange and very difficult to explain what I was seeing. Once the door of the UFO closed it was as though we were in a sound proof room and everything became still. I remember thinking how could it be so quiet? Some of the extraterrestrial beings that I saw inside this craft were these tall blond haired blue-eyed beings. Yet none of them spoke to each other that I saw or heard and somehow they appeared to be communicating. Through telepathy, the extraterrestrials who met me at the door began speaking to me and told me that I would not be harmed and to remain calm. It was clear that they were all communicating with the same telepathic communication with the other beings on the craft at that point. 

How long did I stay on the craft and how many beings did I see, talk to, or have any kind of contact with?

I remember looking at the time as we were driving down the highway on that fateful night in 1988 and it was close to 12:30am, just past midnight. It was dark and there was hardly anyone on the highway driving or even walking on the streets in any of the towns we went through. It was shortly after this that the UFO landed in front of our car and I was taken on board the craft. After a couple of months I pieced together that we had approximately 3 hours of missing time and this must have been how long I was on the UFO. In the past, me and my friends had driven this highway several times and each time it took us almost the same amount of hours to arrive to our destination. Every time in the past we made this journey our driver needed 3 hours to rest before we could continue to drive straight through to our destination. On this particular journey we never stopped for that three-hour rest because we had two drivers. We also never stopped at any restaurants along the way because we wanted to get home as quickly as possible. So a couple of months after this incident I realized these two facts. Looking at the approximate location of where we were at the time we saw this UFO, and calculating the number of hours we were driving, as well as the facts mentioned above, I concluded we had three hours of missing time. I remember that during this time onboard the two tall blond beings were with me all the time. There were other beings/extraterrestrials on this UFO but I do not recall speaking to any of them or having any interaction with them as they went about their work. The small beings that were approximately 4 feet tall with big round black eyes appear to be the ones the ones flying the UFO. They were the ones communicating with the liquid electric like material that powered the UFO.

What were the extraterrestrial’s physical aspects?

During my time on board the UFO the two blond extraterrestrials that greeted me at the door from what I remember, were always with me overseeing my time on board the UFO. There was something that was very beautiful about them and that helped to keep me calm. And at the same time, they also were so completely different than human beings that I was almost terrified. Their skin was almost translucent with a slight pink tone to it. They had extremely long necks compared to human beings and they were thinner than a normal human being as well. When I was walking on the craft I remember having to look up to them as they towered over me and I would say that they were approximately 7 to 8 feet tall. Their eyes were the most incredible thing I have ever seen. When I looked into their eyes it was almost hypnotic. They had slightly slanted eyes and I don’t remember if they had pupils in the center or not. What I do remember is that their eyes were huge compared to human eyes and the brilliance of the blue was like looking into flowing water from the Mediterranean. On their foreheads there appeared to be something like a glowing light that came from it in from behind that light was the appearance of a triangle that was upside down. It did not appear to be coming from any kind of technology on their head, rather, it appeared to be part of their physical body. Their noses were smaller in appearance than human beings. Their face’s seemed seemed flatter than that of a human. Their nose’s were very different from ours and this made me wonder if they smelled the same way that we do. Their mouths had thinner lips and compared to humans it was very different. The clothing I saw these tall blond beings wearing were robes that seem to cover them all the way to their feet. I could not tell if they were actually walking or floating because of the ropes. Thinking back to that day in 1988 staring into the face of these extraterrestrial beings, I recall that their mouths never opened but in some strange way at different moments they almost appeared to have a slight smile.

Do I remember any kind of medical procedure happening during the time onboard the UFO in 1988?

During this particular encounter in 1988 I do not have any memory of having a medical procedure taking place. Although I recognize that something did happen that night. The reason I know this is because of a small mark I found on my body on the right side of my stomach area after I was on the UFO. It appeared to be some kind of puncture mark and it was red all around it. The mark is so small now, 27 years later, that it is difficult to find but it is still there. I’ve chosen not to have hypnosis to try to recall this incident.

There are many people around the world who claim that extraterrestrials are experimenting on human beings through medical procedures. This is a subject matter that is extremely complicated and frightening to most people. The greatest fear that can be placed within a human being is a fear of not knowing. In regard to procedures by extraterrestrials it has the potential to be the most misunderstood, misinterpreted and twisted aspects of extraterrestrial contact. Please do not misunderstand me, I believe there are extraterrestrial beings that are using human beings in negative and frightening ways. I also believe that some of the medical procedures that people claim to be part of that are not negative but misunderstood due to lack of knowledge. This subject requires a great deal of rational thinking and logic without jumping to conclusion because of personal views.

Did I received any information about the craft itself? What was it made of and how they piloted it?

While I was on board the UFO in 1988 I was fortunate to have been given a tour of certain parts of this craft. The most fascinating room that I remember was the control room. It was here that the entire ship was piloted. Everything that happened on the UFO was being controlled from this one room. It was fascinating, as I was able to witness both the tall blond extraterrestrials and some of the shorter childlike extraterrestrials working together to pilot this craft. In the center of this room there seemed to be an energy source that looked like electricity that was in the form of a strange liquid like substance. They explained to me that this liquid was alive and somehow the extraterrestrials onboard the craft were having direct communication with this liquid. It was through this energy source they were able to pilot and maneuver the UFO. It also required a minimum of three of these beings to be focused on the exact same request or task, in order for the energy source to react and carry out the requested task. It is extremely hard to describe what the inside of this UFO was like because it appeared to me that the walls of the UFO contained at least part of this extraordinary liquid like substance that seemed to be a living source of energy. I have a faint memory of them explaining to me that in the far distant past these extraterrestrials found this energy source in the universe and began an interconnected relationship with it. They said that not all of their UFOs are made of this substance and it is extremely rare in the universe itself. Somehow, this substance, this energy source, appears to be alive and aware of everything that is happening around it.

Did these beings tell me their names and where they came from? What planet or star system were they are from? Were they from earth itself?

When I was walking up the hill towards the craft and seeing the open doorway which is where the two tall blonde extraterrestrials were standing, I recognized them from my past. When I was with them I have no memory of being told names by either one of them. If I had a question, I simply thought about what one of the beings looked like and it was communicated to that specific being. This was a very easy process and for this reason no names were given that I remember. During my time with them when the image screen was up in front of me and the history of humanity was being shown, it was at this time they explained that they were connected to us as human beings. They said that some of them existed on other planets, but I do not recall the names that were given to me. They also said that some of them currently lived in locations around the planet that were under the earth as well as underwater in the oceans. I’m often asked what star system they came from because many people that have had interaction with different extraterrestrial groups claim they are from specific star systems. I do not recall from my time on board the UFO the name of any specific star system being shared with me. In fact one of the areas that I find upsetting in UFOlogy is the tendency for researchers and everyday people to make assumptions in this area. For example, if a person has an experience with beings they claim are from the Pleiades’s star system and they have been given information or messages to share with the public, then the next person who claims to have had contact with the Pleiades beings are put together in the same message. This is a dangerous way to approach the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials. There is no room in this subject to assume that because one contactee or abductee makes a claim or shares a story that the next person is having the same experience or information being given to them. It is because of this kind of behavior and assumptions that human beings have a tendency of following that has caused mass confusion and even harm to the truth behind what is actually happening with extraterrestrials and UFOs. 

This is also why I am concerned about certain people and groups that are making a name for themselves in the public at this time. Not all groups, organizations or individuals who are in the public are trustworthy. Please be careful who you choose to give your detailed information to. People and groups that collect data on contactees often have no respect for the truth of the facts of the contact and twist them for their own gain. Worse yet, they then become self proclaimed experts or leaders of our community. Please, use common sense regrading this topic and follow your personal intuition to determine who you find your information from.

Did they share details about what technology they used to travel? Is it through space, time or dimensions?

As these two tall blond beings stood on either side of me and I watched some of the images on the screen in front of my eyes, they tried to explain to me the physics behind how it was possible for them to be here on earth. These particular beings told me that they don’t often come to earth in a physical form the way that I was interacting them. They informed me they have the ability to actually travel through space and time, as well as jump into and out of other dimensional worlds. This was extraordinarily difficult for me to fully comprehend and still to this day, difficult for me to explain. They did say that time travel was in fact possible through the waves of light that exist within the existence itself. Physics as we know it today, has a tendency to look at the construction of our universe through the eyes of scientific understanding of protons and photons for example as well as streaming light. Although this is an accurate viewpoint it is also extremely limited and in the eyes of these extraterrestrials almost a child’s comprehension of what physics actually consist of. Just like the UFO that has a liquid like structure that appears to be alive and full of light, the universe is made of a similar structure. Within a stream of light that comes from the sun for example, we believe that there is light coming from this star to earth. But there are particles within this stream of light that the scientific community are completely unaware of because they move so quickly and are so small that the scientific community has not yet progressed far enough to be able to see this matter. It’s within these particles of light that we find the secret of time travel. It’s within these particles the secret of dimensional travel is also found. It is a light source that has the ability to penetrate almost any and all matter or antimatter within the universe within the physical and the dimensional worlds. It’s a very complex subject and one that humanity will require possibly thousands of years before they will be able to harness. This is also an energy source that the extraterrestrials tap into in order to create the UFOs that they then travel inter-dimensionally through time and space with.

Why me, Miriam? Why was I chosen by these beings to talk to and why did they share this information with me?

I remember in the first few years after being on board the UFO hearing people say that people like myself were the chosen ones. If we look at the literal terms of this statement than we really are the chosen ones. The question has always been why? We need to begin to find clarity in this community of the language that we use and how we express ourselves. Too much emphasis has been put on this statement in a negative way. This statement of being chosen is not one of superiority over other people but one of literal fact. Why were any of us chosen? Does this make a special? Does this separate us from the rest of humanity? Many questions come up in regard to why any of us is chosen and in my view this can never fully be answered. This subject is extremely complex. In terms of why specific people have these physical contacts and others don’t, brings us to an even broader range of philosophical, scientific and spiritual questions.

This question of why any of us were chosen begins to take us down a very deep rabbit hole of questions. Many of the answers I’m able to share from my perspective and knowledge are very much in debate at the center of the UFO phenomenon. For example one of the pieces of information that these extraterrestrials shared with me was the fact that human beings were in fact genetically created in part with their support. So as you can see, trying to answer the question of why any of us were chosen brings forward questions that are at the center of this phenomenon.

What I will try to do is to share with you my very personal view of why I specifically was chosen by the extraterrestrials.

I have a memory of standing in front of some type of counsel and beside me on either side were two other beings. I remember someone on the council looking at me and saying, “We have sent others in the past and they have failed.” My response to the council was that I would be strong enough to complete the task.

The council that I was talking to as well as the two beings to my left and right appeared as beautiful white light humanoid forms. The task that I was accepting was to come to earth in a new body and continue the work of supporting and protecting life here on the planet.

In the beginning of life on this planet, human beings were created in order to hold the soul, the spark of life itself from the God source. In the beginning of this process bloodlines were created with different DNA strands. The purpose of this was to allow those bloodlines to naturally evolve to a higher spiritual awareness. These bloodlines, families, have been followed by the extraterrestrials for thousands of years. Many of us, (contactees) belong to one of those bloodlines. They have been introducing new DNA onto the planet slowly as they try to perfect the ratios of energy for our bodies that will allow us to have a balanced amount of spiritual/psychic ability to tap into the inter-dimensional worlds, while still remaining on earth and having the experience here.

Knowing that an experience like the one I lived certainly changes someones life, what did it change in my life…. relationships, food, way of living? Can I imagine my life now without the knowledge and gifts the Tall Blonds gave to me?

After being on board the UFO in 1988 and walking off a craft a completely changed person, it’s hard to describe how different I was, and how different I am today. My perceptions about life went from believing…… to knowing……. that we were not alone on this planet. This one change in thought had drastic affect on every moment of my life thereafter. I tried very hard for a long time to just simply fit in to everyday society. Working at normal jobs and having friendships and relationships like every other person around me. But within me, my thinking, my perceptions and everything I knew to be different from everyone that surrounded me, that made life very difficult.

With a strong inner knowing that life was not as it appeared to be, there was so much more to life itself, how I related to other people was sometimes a challenge. For example, when I would meet someone that I thought would be a good friend the first question in my mind would be, I wonder how they will react to me telling them I was abducted by aliens? This was even more of a challenge when it came to having a relationship with a partner in my life. Having my personal experience has challenged me even in circles of people that consider themselves to be spiritual or metaphysical. Often I have felt separated from everyone because of this knowledge, this truth, this knowing, that life is not as it appears to be. This never goes away but there are many people out there that do know the truth now, this makes it somewhat easier today for me. Imagine having a belief in God and then all of a sudden God appears in front of you, how would this change you and your life? Please don’t misunderstand, I am not saying that these extraterrestrials are God. I’m simply trying to demonstrate the depth of change and perceptual change that took place within me after my encounter in 1988.

Immediately after my encounter on the highway, my personality changed as well. I stopped drinking any alcohol for a long time. I also stopped eating red meat and started to meditated every day as a few examples. (Today I do eat red meat and have a few drinks from time to time.) Over time, everything changed and I balanced myself after initially receiving a surge of very powerful spiritual energy from the extraterrestrials. I spent many years isolated, hiding my truth of this experience trying to blend back into society. (My experiences are shared in more detail in my book, which I now give away for free in a pdf download. LINK HERE.)

I went into a time of silence for many years regarding my contact and did not speak of it to anyone for a long time.

One day everything changed when was re-activated energetically by the extraterrestrials. This came in 2003 in the form of dreams and visions that led me to begin contacting different indigenous groups around the world.

Today, 2015, I cannot imagine my life and what it would have been like if I had not had this experience. As each year passes, I realize more deeply how blessed I am, and how grateful I am to have had this profoundly beautiful gift of experiencing the existence of life itself and the inter-dimensional worlds.

Now, almost everything that I do in my life is guided through a spiritual path that comes to me in many different ways. From having powerful dreams and visions while I’m awake, synchronicity, things I see or hear, and through signs and symbols that guide me. In my life I am guided through a spiritual expression that manifests if different ways. If my spirit and my inner self feels that the guidance I receive is positive, I will follow. This is what has led me to have extraordinary experiences throughout my life.

Realizing that there is so much more to this existence than being in this human body, pushes my spirit and soul to recognize the beauty of life here on this planet. Every moment is an experience and every experience is a gift. This I know to be true and this was my gift of understanding from the extraterrestrials.

Although my time with these beings was difficult because of how completely different they are, after careful contemplation and careful realization it has brought me to realize that my time with these beings was a gift to be cherished.

What did they tell me about the history of the humankind on the planet Earth?

What is the true history of humanity on this earth? My question back to the world would be; do you want to know the truth to this answer? My question back to the world would be; do you want to know who you are? My question back to the world would be; are you ready to hear the truth?

The question of who we are in the true history of humanity brings about the very question of God itself and what God is. Before I continue to answer this question I would like to state that I believe in “God”. This does not however mean that I have to be blind to what the truth is of our existence as human beings and how we came into being on this planet.

In the UFO community there are many encounters and stories of people who have had interactions with different types of extraterrestrials. What I know from listening to these stories is that these particular tall blond blue-eyed beings are not as commonly seen or interacted with as other races of extraterrestrials. (Not to be confused with the Nordics, tall whites, or any other group out there that people are familiar with. These tall blond beings are highly evolved spiritual beings.)

The reason I point this out is because of the position these tall blond extraterrestrials appear to have in relation to us as human and them as extraterrestrial. Who we are on this planet and what position we hold is what we must closely look at in order to find clarity and truth to this interactive relationship with the extraterrestrials, as well as our relationship to the other dimensional worlds. Human life is the only life on earth that has the ability to destroy every other aspect of life on the planet. Humans are the only life on the planet that is not living in harmony with the rest of nature. So how did we come to be on this planet? And why are we here?

This is why the subject of God is often intermingled with extraterrestrial contact and this is also why it can be an extremely complicated and often heated argument as to the true history of our earth. History of earth itself is one story, the history of HUMAN life is another, yet they are both interlink.

The tall blonde ETs told me that we are currently living in what they call the fourth world. In the first world here on earth, all life was given time to evolve on it’s own. But after a very long period of time, very little took place and there was a decision made to begin creating lifeforms with basic awareness and then allowing this life to evolve over time naturally. From what I remember, being on the UFO regarding the information they shared with me, the second world did not involve enough to become fully conscious. So a catastrophe came to the planet to wipe clean the life that existed here at the time, then they would begin again with new life forms. Yes, these tall blond extraterrestrials were the ones that help to create the life for us as human beings on the planet! I would caution anyone reading this to not misinterpret this statement. They did not create our soul of which God created. They created the shell of the body itself and the mechanism for which we are each able to reside on this planet in human form. So if you see this as being evil then I would say to the reader to be very cautious in this statement. Why? It’s simple, if you believe that these extraterrestrials were evil in creating these physical forms for us as human beings, then you have no right to be here and what you are saying is that you, yourself, is evil. I make this strong statement to encourage the reader to be very careful and cautious about making assumptions regarding what is being shared here. Anyone in human bodies chose to be here and chose to accept a place in the human bodies that these extraterrestrials created for all life. It was in the third world that the physical form of a human being was created and at that time the physics of how that body functioned was very different than it is today. One of the things that we were able to do in this third world was to have more interaction with the different dimensions and realities that currently exist side-by-side to this world today. Unfortunately, what happened in this third world was chaos and before the humans on the planet were able to destroy the planet completely or tear the fabric of life itself apart into the other dimensions, a decision was made to cleanse this planet and most of the human life here was destroyed. Then the fourth world was created. This is the world we are currently living in. In this fourth world, they continue to have the similar human forms that were in the third world, but with some modification. What the tall blond extraterrestrials did was create the human form that had the ability to slowly evolve over time towards a similar abilities they had in the third world. By allowing this process to take place slowly it would also allow for humanity to evolve into being responsible. This is why these tall blond extraterrestrials are interested in our evolving spiritual understanding and helping us to grow and awaken to remember who we are.

Have the tall blond extraterrestrials asked me directly to do something for the humankind? If so what was it and have I already begun this work?

There was a very clear message that was given to me when I was on board the UFO in 1988. This message was for humanity to awaken and remember who they are, to be responsible, to be respectful and honoring of life, to protect life and live in balance with each other and with nature. This was a tiny piece of what they asked me to share with the world. The task that they asked me to undertake is what led me to the work I am currently doing. Originally they said, find the others like yourself and bring them back together again. What does this mean? What they meant was that all of the awakened people on the planet have the same or similar tasks or jobs that we are following today and many of the readers of this article are part of that. It’s a very clear vision of how we need to come together in order to create a change that will allow for us to have a sustainable and positive future.

My work and my life today is dedicated towards bringing about education and understanding that we are not alone. I also have dedicated my life to being in service to humanity in any way that the Creator itself calls for me to do so. I work with indigenous people to advocate for their rights and also for their protection. Part of the message from the tall blond beings was to share the value and importance of indigenous people today. They hold keys and secrets to our future and to our past of who we really are. They also have knowledge and understanding of how we were meant to live on this planet in harmony with the natural world. These beings asked me to work with the indigenous to support them in any way that would then support the awakening of the planet spiritually, as well as protecting the resources and elements of this world for future generations. Sharing with the world the value of protecting our forests, are waters, the wildlife and every other aspect of life that we have here today. This is my focus and almost 100% of my time, energy and finances goes directly to this work. I am also the Executive Director and Founder of a Nonprofit in the USA called The Great Gathering LINK HERE.

What are some of our possible futures for the planet? Why is it was important that we as a species of human beings remember who we are and why we came to earth?

Every moment a human being is alive they have choices to make. Every choice made, changes the future for everything and everyone that exists in that future. Since human beings have free will this means that there are many possible futures and they are always changing. What we know from these extraterrestrials is that the future of humanity has great difficulties due to wars, diminished food supplies and lack of water and resources. This is one of the possible futures for our planet. This is also the focus of many people who have had extraterrestrial contact to educate people so they will awaken to this understanding and responsibility of protecting these resources for the future.

Each human being on the planet has a soul and this soul made a decision to come to earth at this time. Where they came from was another dimension before they incarnated here. Why we choose to come is because this planet is beautiful and the experiences we have here are unique compared to other places within the existence itself. Equally, the experiences we have in another dimension are unique to being there. It is for the experience that we potentially have here that we choose to come to the earth. The great thing about being in human form, is that we have the ability to be able to experience in a very concentrated way, anything that happens to us. For example if we had a conversation with a friend, we are able to focus on that one friend that we are speaking to. We can become very intense in the conversation and take in every aspect of the experience of sharing with this friend. The look, feeling, emotion, sensation, everything! In the other worlds and dimensions often this is completely different because we are much more attached to the whole of the existence. Therefore we lack the ability to fully experience one piece or one aspect of the experience or life. This is one of the gifts of this life, to not have the ability to see and know everything. Although we are working our way towards enlightenment, this seeing and knowing is very different than seeing and knowing everything that is going to happen in our lives. This is complex and is something the reader would benefit from contemplating.

Prior to coming here, many of us may have been one of these tall blond extraterrestrials or maybe another race of extraterrestrial. Maybe we only were in a form that was energy and never incarnated or stepped into any other form of being in our past. Each individual is unique and each individual is part of the whole. Therefore we are all connected and all a part of each other.

Being connected, also includes being connected to the tall blond extraterrestrials who told me that they were the caretakers of this earth. They helped to create the physical human bodies that we all live in today. They also said that part of the work they do with the planet, human life and all everything that exists on earth, comes from the guidance of God or the spiritual world of the Creator itself. Who we are is all of these things.

The UFO I was on was powered by a liquid that was alive and somehow the extraterrestrials on board the craft were having direct communication with this liquid.

It was through this energy source they were able to pilot and maneuver the UFO. There is energy sources within the universe that go far beyond the scientific or even the conceptual understanding of us as human beings right now. The energy source of some of these extraterrestrial UFOs is an energy that we as human beings could not interact with at this time. The reason for this is because of the physical makeup of our human structure is not being able to withstand the energy that it emits. This energy would be something similar to electricity there’s no other way for me to describe this.

There are many forms of energy that are used by the extraterrestrials to travel in time, inter-dimensionally and physically with the UFOs.

Energy is a key to understanding who these beings are, why they are here and what and who we are within the existence itself. Complex concepts, philosophies, science and spirituality.

In order for anyone to fully understand our place in the world and in the existence, one must focus on energy and the understanding of what it is, how it works and how we are able to access and use it to connect with everything around us. A great deal of my education that day in 1988 onboard the UFO was about energy. Physics to be exact. In fact, I have an understanding of certain aspects of physics that human beings are only beginning to understand. This has been challenging for me. It has been difficult to explain my knowledge without having the proper knowledge of words, expressions, math etc that is used by scientist and physicists today. However, I have had the opportunity to speak with different physicists over the years and if they had patience to let me try to explain my knowledge, they have been surprised by the concepts of what I have explained to them.

Do I think extraterrestrials are living here, on earth? Do I think our civilization ignores them? What did/do other human groups, in other times, know about them?

From all the information these extraterrestrials shared with me and in trying to find answers in this phenomenon, I have made some observations and possible conclusions. These tall blond extraterrestrials have an energy that is completely different than any other energy form I have personally encountered on earth. They did say that some extraterrestrials live among us walking around in cities and that we would never know who they are. These particular beings that walk among us could only be genetically altered in some way from the original tall blond extraterrestrial. There is no possibility in my personal view that they could walk among us in that same energy, shape and overall appearance. It is also my opinion because of an experience I had where they were are able to walk down the street in a city in their current form. (Read more in my book. LINK) While they are doing this, they are somehow projecting to everyone that sees them some kind of shield that allows them to look like normal people. I have had this experience in the past where extraterrestrials literally appeared and other people saw them. What they saw was a very strange looking person, but could never fully explain what they meant with any details. 

I was also told by the extraterrestrials in 1988, that some of them have homes under the water in the oceans. I am making an assumption based on everything that was shared with me that these bases they live in have the ability to hold this different energy that they have and somehow it is possible to coexist.

It is my opinion that there are people who are highly evolved spiritually who would be able to encounter this extremely unique energy of the extraterrestrials and be able to process it. The energy they have causes our bodies and brains to have an overload affect, like an electrical charge. This then affects our spirit, soul, perceptions and ability to connect to other worlds increases. The veils are then lifted to see into the other worlds and dimensions that exist.

So the question of whether they all specifically as a group have lived on this earth before I do not have the answer to. I do not actually believe this to be the case. What I understand is that these tall blond extraterrestrials have spent time with human beings in our far distant past, but they no longer have contact with human beings the way they did back then. Why this changed could be because it was a transition time between the third world and the fourth world. So it seems that in history from the information they shared with me they come to earth at specific times of transition for human beings as well as for the planet.

It comes back to the same questions, why are certain people chosen, why are certain groups chosen? I’m sure the answer to that is something that we as human beings may never fully comprehend or realize. Not until we are able to be open up spiritually and physically to the answers. These questions tie into the question of God and who and what we really are as human beings.

Why don’t the extraterrestrials choose a scientist to make contact with and transmit this kind of knowledge to them? Wouldn’t it be more efficient?

…they tried to explain to me the physics behind how it was possible for them to be here on earth. These particular beings told me that they don’t often come to earth in a physical form the way that I was interacting them. They informed me they have the ability to travel through space and time as well as jump into and out of other dimensional worlds.”

There are many brilliant minds on the planet that could more fully and completely understand the physics behind the technologies of these beings if they had direct contact themselves. They may even more fully and completely understand the physics behind the extraterrestrial inter-dimensional realities.

It takes more than a brilliant mind through earthly education to be able to comprehend the physics and interconnected realities of which we are part of. It is my opinion that if a top physicist was contacted by these extraterrestrials their greatest challenge in being able to understand the physics that was explained to them would be their spiritual belief system. I also know from experience that contact with extraterrestrials puts people into a super heightened state of spiritual awareness. If someone is more focused on the superficial analytical side of life, they may have a mental breakdown that possibly could not be repaired. Pathways in the brain may overload on a person who is not spiritual and cause harm.

Use of this knowledge used incorrectly, could and would, change the world and the very existence of life itself and potentially would be dangerous not only to this world, but for all the other worlds as well.

Releasing all of the information regarding the physics of how these extraterrestrials travel as well as the physics makeup of the beings themselves would vastly change every aspect of life as we know it today here on earth.

Throughout recent history we can easily see that one person has the potential to do great harm on this planet. (Yes there are those who have also chosen to do good deeds as well. In this case however we must look at the dangers of one person or one group holding such power.) An example of this would be the creation of the atomic bomb. Imagine the power one person would have if they knew the secrets to inter-dimensional travel, unlimited power sources, time travel to name only a few. Who would be worthy and trustworthy of this type of information? Who on this earth would have enough of a spiritual respect for life, all life, in all dimensions to use this knowledge wisely? So we can see that the information regarding some of the extraterrestrial technologies and energies are slowly being shared and integrated into this world through individuals like myself and many others around the world who have had these physical contacts as well as astral contacts.

Lets talk about “the divine brain”, what is it and how this knowledge can help us to “remember who we are”?

When we think about our brain and how it relates to the rest of our body, our thoughts, our intentions, our spiritual beliefs, our religious beliefs, our perceptions of the world around us, most human beings do not realize it’s importance.

The human brain has the potential to be able to make a connection between this world and other worlds. For example, when we meditate we are able to lift ourselves into a state of tranquility and awareness that then connects into the whole that exists. Within our brains there is an energy source that science has not been able to detect up to this point. This small energy source is like a light in the center of your brain. This light is actually the energy source that allows for us to stay in our bodies and to regulate all of the information that flows within our body itself. This energy source also has the ability to either create new pathways in the brain or to shut down pathways in our brain, thus opening us up spiritually or closing us from being open to receive spiritual enlightenment.

It is this aspect of energy that we utilize in our meditations and prayers for example. We are also able to access this energy source that can open new pathways of our brain that allow for us to connect with the inter-dimensional worlds. There are countless ways of being able to connect with this energy. One of the most powerful is through meditation and prayer. Another way comes from chanting or repeating Mantras or speaking aloud the message that you are trying to actually give your brain. This will then allow your brain to open a doorway to the information that you’re seeking. This is…. the divine brain.

There have been many times over the past 27 years that the tall blond extraterrestrials have come to me not only through telepathy but in dreamtime as well, to express to me the importance of concentrating to open up these new pathways from the center point of this energy source in my brain. For example when I had a car accident that caused serious damage to my nervous system they came to me and showed me through visions how I could repair this damage in my brain and to stop the flow of information from specific pathways to the point of pain. This was part of a process that I used to heal myself and become a walking miracle! The doctors informed me that I would never recover and that I would be unable to work possibly for the rest of my life. Understand that I am not perfect and still have great pain but I am able to function and have this under control through the re-patterning of my brain itself. In fact I told the doctors and physiotherapists that I would be using this method in order to heal myself, which I have. (Recently, October of 2015 I have taken new steps to complete this healing process. Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. With the financial and spiritual support I working towards completing this healing process and grateful to the people who have supported me to do so.)

The brain has everything to do with our perceptions of this outside world and this is why it is extremely important to not allow negative patterning to be placed in the brain itself. Meaning, all spiritual teachers talk about the importance of positive thinking as a way to express the importance of the divine brain in its relationship to the outside world and other worlds.

In the last hundred years the brain of human beings has changed and this is a scientific fact. The manner in which we process information and store it within our system has radically changed. This allows for us to be able to understand concepts that 100 years ago we were unable to understand. So the divine brain is continuing to evolve into a more active energy source and intermediary between the body and mind, the spirit and the soul.

When people think about their relationship to the earth they think about their physical body or maybe their spiritual body, but there are four aspects to the self. Those four aspects are mind, body (which includes the energy source that regulates it, the brain), and spirit and soul.

The mind, the physical brain, receives information from all of the worlds and then translates it into a basic understanding that is then given back to the physical body. This information is also shared with the spirit of that individual. The spirit being that aspect of the individual that can be best described as the personality or the spiritual aspect of that person that resides here on earth. The soul carries everything. The soul is the accumulation of every experience that the one being of who you are, and who you have ever been throughout history. The soul is also the aspect that has the ability to translate all of these collective parts of information into the bigger vision of all that is. So, it is through the divine brain, in this moment, that we as human beings have the ability to connect with all of the aspects of self. This self truly being all that exists in the seen and unseen worlds.

Being clear with our thoughts and our prayers and meditations helps to build patterning that we seek to have enlightenment. Without an understanding of how the brain works in relation to the other worlds, meditation and prayer is unable to enlighten the individual who is seeking enlightenment if the patterning or the opening of doorways that they seek is not taking place. This requires work and dedication to support those pathways to open.

The easiest way for this to be done is to imagine this light source in the center of your brain and then to imagine light is traveling out from that center point and spreading itself in all directions throughout your brain. This will begin to open new pathways. In fact, this is one of the things that takes place when people take hallucinogenic drugs. The drug helps to open those pathways with help from the plant medicine or through the man made drug. However, the problem with taking any kind of a hallucinogenic, is that unless you are trained in the amount of the hallucinogenic to take, and how it is to be taken, you could be opening pathways that will never close. Causing you to potentially damage your brain and have permanent psychological problems. Using these elements to awaken the mind should always be done with trained individuals that know and understand the brain, the spiritual world and how it all interacts with the physical body and mind. ( I have not used these methods to awaken my enlightenment process.) 

As we awaken the new pathways in the brain itself we are then able to access sacred knowledge from our past, our present as well as our future. Accessing the divine brain allows for us to have the reconnection with the divine world that currently exist around us. It allows for us to have a dialogue between ourselves and the plants and animals, the earth itself in everything that exists. The gift of this world, earth, is that we have access to all of this technology within us, as well as having all of the experiences that are possible here on earth.

All of this information is based upon what was shared with me by the tall blond blue-eyed extraterrestrials in 1988. There is so much more that myself and humanity are waiting to discover once we find and open our individule divine brains!

What is the Fabric of Life and how does it connect us all together?

The fabric of life is literally everything that exists. This is literally every molecule of the world you see around you, as well as all the other worlds that exist but are not seen and how they connect together. Every single molecule of life in it’s actions or lack of action, affects the entire whole of this fabric of life. This has been the contemplation of spiritual people throughout history in seeking enlightenment. This is an aspect of what we are able to tap into using our divine brain to understand how we are all connected. This connection extends to everything…. literally….. that exists. This includes all of the good and all of the bad we see in our world today. Contemplation of this aspect of life will most certainly bring about understanding of who we are and how we are all responsible.

What is the importance of the ancient cultures of people that still live on this earth, like the Hopi, and others in Colombia and in South Africa?

Many ancient cultures that still exist around the world today, indigenous people, are connected to this fabric of life and understand it’s movement and coexistence with our daily lives. We have a great deal that we could learn from them, but only if we are ready to listen with humility. They have knowledge to share with the world regarding one aspect of life that could change our entire experience here on earth. This one piece of information is how to live in harmony and balance with the world that we see existing around us. How what we do in our world reaches out into the world and changes all our lives, even though we do not have the ability to physically see the affect of our actions. This is the knowledge of how to live in balance with the natural world. 

What is the most important message from the tall blond extraterrestrials for humanity?

The most important message from these tall blond extraterrestrials is to honor and respect life…. all life. The message is the simple, respect life. Everything else that we experience, that we seek, is connected to this message. It also allows for us to find truth in any area of life that exists. Contemplate how to honor and respect life at all times and this is the ultimate message of the tall blond extraterrestrials. It is the key that opens the doors to unlimited knowledge. 

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this blog post. I appreciate that you have taken an interest in searching for answers to our collective existence here on earth in relation to our extraterrestrial neighbors.
Miriam Delicado

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