Kogi & Arhuaco of Sierra Nevada: The Black Line

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Recently while in Colombia I was fortunate enough to meet Frank Chavez G. along with two of his friends Juan David and Hector. While in the Sierra Nevada, Creator made it possible for me to join ten Mamos on a spiritual journey to the Sacred Points of the Black Line that surrounds their Sacred Mountain. During my time with these Sacred people I was allowed to share with them a message that there are many people in the world who have the same heart as them and are ready to hear their messages and work towards unity for humanity and balance for the earth. I gave this message from my heart….while holding you all with me….. together….. they heard our words and were happy to hear the message from us. You will see some of the mamos I spoke to in this film clip.

The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta or heart of the world is a group of mountains in Colombia South America that together form the shape of a pyramid.According to the vision and knowledge of its inhabitants the Spiritual Fathers of everything that exists dwell amongst these mountains.These invaluable treasures are protected by a magnetic circle called the Black Line that surrounds the mountain.This is where the the Sacred Spiritual people known as Mamos do their ceremonies to hold the balance of all life.This never before seen film clip is the creation of independent Colombian documentary filmmaker FRANK CHAVEZ G.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful seven minute film with us! With Love and gratitude, Miriam

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