Archive GIC Radio: Will UFOs land at the Olympics?: July 30, 2012 No!

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30 minutes into the program, Miriam joins Bernard Alvarez on the Global Illumination Council’s BlogTalkRadio station to discuss whether there is a potential for a UFO disclosure announcement to take place within the next few weeks.

GIC Radio July 30, 2012- “Preparing For the Shift”

Many of us have felt and are feeling the way the world is simply moving into a new consciousness and paradigm. Yet, as we move through this shift many of us are getting confused, frightened and anxious, cutting off our connection with the flow of energies being sent to us through the universe and benevolent beings.

Today we hope to sort some of this out and aid you in adjusting your energetic connections to better allow the flow of the new paradigm.

Link to Interview on GIC Radio

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