Green underworld

By websupport on April 16, 2009 at 4:06 pm under Ask Miriam Questions
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I started this thread, because of what you mentioned in another thread you saw in an astral travel.

Now, I think I’ve heard this before, so can you please tell me, everything you can remember about this place?

I don’t know if you ever read the book Andreasson affair , but in there this woman Betty Andreasson, described being taken in 1967, through some cave-like tunnel into a “green realm”. Where there were oceans, and shores, and a city in the distance. Two beings gave her a tour of this place, and the floated around in air on some track suspended in mid air. She saw a couple of pyramids below on the ground, and something floating in the air which looked like a floating fish, it might have been a vehicle of some sort, in the distance.  There she was shown some kind of symbolic presentation of what seemed a phoenix bird, and then taken back home the same way. But some remarks she made remind me of what you said she said:

-that it “felt” as if it was inside Earth

-there was no sun

-there was greenish sky

-the were oceans with some mist over it

-the beings toled her it was “a higher place” , and when asked if it was on some planet they said “it’s not a planet it’s a place” whatever that means.

-though she never had seen any “blonds” there, she did meet them later, and they revealed themselves as the masters behind all her experiences she was shown. They were described as androgynous extremely tall beings with blue eyes, white skin, and white hair, in white robes.

Also, can you tell, me. When you say you saw “blonds” living there. Do you mean people with yellow hair, like human blonds, or white hair (you mentioned the ones in 1988 had white hair).  Do they have gender? The reason I ask for gender, is I’m trying to figure out if it’s the same beings as described in the Andreasson case. Her “white beings” claimed they are neither male nor female, and were most probably so called “light beings” instead of physical beings (which is why they had no gender , and no need to procreate)..

And also did you get a sense that these blonds you contacted are physical or part of the astral/spirit world (as in projecting their forms, or light body or whatever)



Miriam’s reply: Sorry I only have limited time and simply cant answer this in detail. The underworld had what appeared to be a large body of water like a massive lake or ocean in appearance. The grass was exceptionally green and there were green clear crystals everywhere.

There did appear to be some kind f light source like a sun but it seemed to be easy to look at. The ETS there were very tall with blond hair and blue eyes rather human looking. They were beautiful. Miriam

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