Haiti Earthquake Disaster: January 12-2010 reflecting back

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Recently I have been thinking about the earthquake in Haiti. Memories of that day in Haiti rolling through my mind not making the conscious connection that the anniversary date was almost upon us. With all the work for and with The Great Gathering days and weeks pass with no connection to the “time” or date in the world as I live in the moment.

Tonight I watched a program that was talking about that earthquake disaster in Haiti. It was really the first time that I was able to see the depth of destruction. In my eyes I had tears for the full hour, gently my eyes streaming the sadness into this world. It was like I was watching it all over again……. my heart connected with the people and the earth there.

In January 2010 about three days before the earthquake hit I was in Colombia high in the Mountains of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. I was standing in a village of the Aruhuaco, Mamos, (Traditional Peoples of the Mountain) with other several non indigenous. From out of no where I almost fell down and had to grab someone standing close to me so I would not fall over. My breath stopped just for a moment and shock entered my body.

Everyone was asking me what was wrong and I had to sit down on a stone wall close to where we were standing. As I looked up it took me a moment to be able to talk….. shaking my head, unable to speak, tears pouring out of my eyes. After a moment I looked up and said, “thousands and thousands and thousands of people are going to die.”

When the people I was with asked me what I was talking about I told them I SAW a HUGE earthquake coming in the next few days. Somewhere close…. it would be in a Country close to Colombia. The ONLT thing I knew is it would be within days and thousands would die….

Within those moments the vision came to me, I SAW the buildings crumble, I HEARD the screams, I FELT the pain of people being crushed, I FELT the fear and pain of all the people experiencing the earthquake in Haiti. Then near the end of this vision, I saw the destruction and the crumbled buildings…. and people… the pain….. the pain…. of all those who died moved through me in that moment. I could SEE them leave their bodies and moving through this world on the way to the next…. it was….. very painful.

Its been two years since the earthquake and my thoughts and prayers are still with the people and the earth in Haiti. In the moment of the crisis many people gave to have funding go to help the people and to rebuild. We as human beings are shifting our focus to creating balance in our world and caring for those who are suffering is part of that process. Not only in Haiti but around the world may I ask all those people who bought gifts for your friends and family to give to an organization or charity that YOU connect with. This is how to take a step to create real change.

In my life and experiences there have been many premonitions that have presented themselves to me. Some of the most painful to me were the ones that I had no control over at all. With some I have been able to prevent the disasters.

The most difficult premonitions for me to have experienced was the death of my brother in law. For two weeks I KNEW that a family member was going to leave this world. The last thing I every said to him was asking him how he was feeling, if everything was ok, if he was driving to work that day in the next town over. Because he said no he was not working that day I felt that he at least would be OK for the day….. that night he had a heart attack and died. My whole family knew…. weeks in advance that one of them…. would be leaving. He did come to me after he left and that was a real blessing with messages for my sister, kids and family.

Other premonitions that were painful to experience; a plane crash with over 200 people when I was 17 years old, the Tsunami in Japan in 2011, Haiti Earthquake in 2010, My brother in laws death. I saw the abduction of a young woman held for months by a crazy man and his wife, this was the Elizabeth Smart in 2002. I saw in detail her being held with all the details and this was a really hard one for me to deal with because of what I saw. Later when they found her….. every detail I saw was exactly right.

These are only a few of them. In fact I have them all the time but usually they are not connected to larger numbers of people dying, which I am grateful for. Often they are guiding me with the world and the work with the people that surround me or with the events of the world.

With so many premonitions in my life having been extremely accurate…. I also know that we are walking into a world that will change and become balanced between humanity and earth, as long as we keep making choices for the whole and for a sustainable future for our children. This too is one of my premonitions…. far into the future… right now we are making the right choices and are creating and following the right path to do this.

Keep up the great work…. all of YOU…. for making a difference in our world.

With great honor to be in service to humanity and the earth. Even if your work is not seen.. or understood, remember that we are all building the foundations upon which we will work to create a changed in our world. All we do will be seen more and more as we walk into the future… together….

May Creator guide us, give us strength and clarity in our daily lives,
Love and blessings, Miriam

Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

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