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By godaddy on October 7, 2008 at 1:45 pm under Sustainable Living Tips
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I’m currently reading Bluestar Fulfilling Prophecy, in fact I’m reading it aloud to my son, as he is equally concerned about what lies ahead.  Our family has experienced abduction from a viewpoint different than Miriam’s, and when questioning my mother and grandmother, it seems to have ties down the line.  We are not permitted to remember what has occurred except for just a few brief flashes that coincide with a lifetime of seeing crafts, as they are greys.  My son is now sharing his experiences, the brief things he remembers.  I wish it was a more similar experience.  What is similar, is the need for people to wake up and begin to develop spiritually, and with cooperation towards redesigning a better future, as well as a real need to provide sustainable pockets of living, throughout the lands.  My son is very interested in this.  In some way it bothers me that he very naturally accepted the possible ending of this age, and a new beginning.  He believes the future will entail natural living conditions with technology and advanced psi training.

The problems I see are simply how impossible it is for people on fixed incomes, who cannot even be assured of finding a suitable house to rent, at the going prices and hence do not feel able to garden in shared lodgings, the new way many children are living now due to extraordinarily high rents that are more than many peoples incomes.  So unless survival is a luxury item for the well to do, there needs to be some good planning done.  People living on fixed incomes are living on less than they need each month for necessities, and if there is anything left over, improving their nutrition is the biggest factor.  The thing about survival for many people is that they have to find ways to meet.  No one can alert or convert a world.  I’m trying my best to move away from the coast back to the Okanagan, where my family is.  My heart is always there, and in the end, if I can accomplish a move this year, I’m going to start my container garden by the end of January.  However, how many disabled people, as I am, or single mothers, as many are, or numerous others will be capable of acquiring land, getting all the right tools, or even buying the stuff needed.  The real need is to create, perhaps through meetup, groups in each area that incorporate the things each member can do, such as pooling resources and knowledge.  Not everyone needs tools for example, they can be shared.  A place to store technology, and our knowledge, so we don’t get sent back to the dark ages, projects such as radios and communication in case electrical is gone.  We can’t wake up a world, but we can help educate our communities through meetings, presentations, and public activities, where kids are tended with face painting.  We can create community webpages, and even with opensource programs, online local radio networks that do interviews.  And we can connect those communities with each other.

If sitx occurs, the land will be ours again to organize our communities on.  We have to get ready in bits and pieces, and ask ourselves what we can contribute.  Who can can foods, or has a dryer?  Who can build radios, or is mechanical?  Who can spin, weave, and create clothing?  Who can create medicines from herbs?  These things should not be promoted for those of means only, but meetups for everyone.

Miriam’s reply: I agree that it will take work to change the world. I know that the future will not be based on money it will be based on community and family. We have alot of work to do…together to change the attitudes of the people. I also feel for your story of how your son find the greys contacts normal….it is a concern for me as well. I send you love and protection light….Miriam

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