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The experiences I have had with Aliens/Extraterrestrials/Star Beings/Great Ancestors have been positive and spiritually inspiring. I am fortunate not to have memories of a negative nature. Although my interactions with the (Aliens) Great Ancestors as I like to call them, have been extensive in no way do I feel I have all the answers. My goal in sharing these experiences with you is to help educate you in possibilities. It’s up to YOU to find answers for yourself that you can accept. The truth is out there if you have the courage to look.

Please note that due to the high number of emails I receive it is not possible for me to answer all of them, however, every email that comes to me I do personally read.

Many of you share your deeply personal stories with me after you hear part of mine. This gives me encouragement and support to continue sharing my experiences with all of you.

With gratitude and love,

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Miriam Delicado
#325-1027 Davie Street
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Canada V6E-4L2

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All email messages are read by Miriam herself. It is simply impossible to answer all emails. Your messages are however valued and appreciated. Thank you for your support and interest in the work being done through this website.

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