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Nov 28-2010 here is the link to the interview that has been made by The Just Bernard how on Youtube. Miriam Delicado/Just Bernard Show. When the heart of one man woman or child is destroyed we only destroy ourselves. All over the world in all corners of the earth we as human beings are harming one another through judgment, hatred, greed to name a few. Although it is not possible to save everyone, to save everything we can CHOOSE to support those groups and organizations that are working for humanity and the earth. All life is equal, the birds, the trees, the people as we all share this great ecosystem of planet earth. We as people have a choice…… for where we are going to walk into the future and where we lead our children and grandchildren to live. If you make the choice to become involved on any level, choose from your heart.

Interview today at 1:00pm Eastern standard time. With Dr. Bernard A. Alvarez D.M. on the . The Just Bernard Show is will be an hour filled with insights and information on the current critical situation happening to the Hopi people in Arizona, USA. They are faced with the challenge of protecting their way of life, Traditions and right to practice their religion.

WHY this such an important issue for us all will be shared in todays program. Please note that in order to assist the Hopi in their struggle donations will be accepted for the funding of Attorneys to help protect their rights. ALL the money donated through this site when using the donation button below will go directly to the Hopi for legal help.

If you like you may also send messages to the Hopi that will then be passed on to my contacts in Hopi. Simply email me at: miriam@thegreatgathering.org and in the subject line please write: FOR HOPI

Also please take the time to read the other posts on this subject on this site for how you can help by sending emails of support to the Hopi. One has been copied and listed below.

Donations for legal fees for the Hopi that will go directly to the Attorneys.

With gratitude and support for Hopi thank you!

Who are the Hopi? Why are they so important? What great secrets do they hold? Why are they important to YOU?
What effect do the Hopi have on the world, on life itself? Why have they remained silent regarding their knowledge of the Sacred? So many questions that could fill books and books all seeking something… that people from around the world want to know… want to learn.. want to understand.

The Hopi people are the most talked about, written about, studied, and sought after tribes in the world. They have one of the most complex societies on earth and are one the most mysterious groups of people on the planet. Who they are may never be fully understood or known unless you were born into the Hopi tribe and become a part of their complex Traditional Way of Life and Societies.

There are those who have come from the outside to Hopi in the past and even today who spend time with these mysterious people and learn only a single grain of their knowledge in the vast entire desert of what they hold. They use this knowledge to sell books, lectures, seminars, Tv shows, and so much more. There is one particular man that states he has the right to share Hopi Prophecy with the world…… as though HE himself carries this great wisdom from past generations of the devoted Hopi to Massau the Creator. He claims there are no Traditional people left in Hopi and by doing so contributes to the destruction of a Sacred People and their CHOSEN way of life and belief. This kind of disgraceful action is what allows people who do seek to destroy the Hopi Way of Life more opportunity to do so.

Within Hopi itself the name HOPI is used as though it is a commodity to sell and promote anything and everything. WHY does the name alone hold such power? Why does the name Hopi instill a feeling of something greater in people? Could it be that the people of Hopi that follow the Traditional Hopi Way of Life really do hold the secretes to LIFE itself? This can and should only ever be answered by the most Sacred of people within the Hopi Traditional world itself.

When you see the dancers in the Plaza within Hopi…. under the bluest of skies as far as the eye can see …….. come out of the Kivas throughout the day….. CREATE rain clouds that then circle the Plaza and release the rain of life itself upon your head….. then you beleive……. then you see and experience the respect, honor and dedication of the Hopi people to Creator. This is who the Hopi are…. they are the holders of life, of balance of understanding the energy of life itself. They deserve to be respected by the world…… not revered…… not put on a pedestal, but respected… for their choice to the Hopi Way of Life.

No outsider that is not a part of this complex Traditional world has the right to put limits or restrictions on HOW they are to live. They live simply, they live dedicated to ceremony, they live with nature and with balance. They have respect for the earth and they only ask for the right to live in the way that Creator laid out for them, the way their Ancestors have lived from the beginning of this world.

What right does a person who is not a part of the Hopi Way of Life have to dictate HOW these people are to live, what to follow? How can they understand exactly WHAT they are telling these people to let go of and turn their backs on LIFE itself. Even within Hopi those who do not follow the Hopi Way of Life do not have the ability to understand the complexities, commitment, devotion, ceremonies, culture, religion of the TRUE Hopi People.

When those who seek power, money, fame, position and control set out to destroy the Heart of a people that have chosen to live simply and with respect and hold harmony in life….. We as people need to take a stand and support the those Hopi whos only request is to be allowed to follow their Hopi Way of Life now and into future generations.

Who are we as human beings to deny the rights of these people? What are we destroying if we ALLOW their way of life to be destroyed and denied? Could it really be possible that they truly do hold the balance of the world, of life itself? Could this be why the world is in chaos itself as the reflection out to the planet? When you witness miracles and manifestations in Hopi it only takes once to beleive that they do have special knowledge.

They say that they hold this for the world, for the people, for all life…… do you want to risk allowing them to be destroyed? It your future they are protecting………

Those who come from the outside world and from within Hopi itself who seek to destroy are only destroying themselves in the process. We have an obligation to these committed Hopi to show gratitude for the lifetimes of dedication for months of Ceremonies they hold for us…. to give back to them…..

A self destructive Tribal Chairman within the Hopi Tribe itself has set forth an agenda to bring a proposed new Constitution to the people. This proposed Constitution would destroy the Traditional, Hopi Way of Life that has been carried on for thousands of years. In the blink of an eye their Way of Life would no longer be possible. Those who support this proposal are NOT informed and many not Traditional. These people can not make an informed decision as to how this proposed Constitution would destroy a way of life they themselves do not understand.

There is a CURRENT Constitution that the Hopi have had since 1936 that has been in place with language to PROTECT the Hopi Way of Life, Ceremonies and Religion. To bring in this proposed Constitution is a violation of the Civil, Constitutional and Individual rights of the Hopi people in itself to their Way of Life.

In this matter, these are my observations. These are the things I know to be true in my heart and they are shared out of a deep respect to the Hopi People.

From my heart, for the Center of the Universe and the balance of all life I call on all people, in all directions, from all Tribes, Religious groups, Spiritual people from around the world to join in protecting the Hopi people from the destruction of their Way of Life and by doing so join in protecting life itself.

One email……. five minutes…… and you could be saving the Hopi, the planet and all life…… who are we to say that the reason that they have remained so True to their beliefs is because the know something the rest of the world does not…. maybe…just maybe they do hold the balance of all life……. do you want to risk this question?

Please email the Secretary of Interior and ask him to HALT the proposed Constitution and uphold the RIGHTS of the Hopi people. All it may take to save the Hopi and possibly save ourselves from destruction is ONE email …..

feedback@ios.doi.gov contact the U.S. Department of the Interior, Secretary Salazar

Please cc the following in Hopi:


Mailing Address:
Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240
Phone: (202) 208-3100

Calling all Tribes, all people to stand as one………

with gratitude for all my Hopi friends…….

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