Hopi Life and Monsanto the destroyer

By Miriam on May 11, 2010 at 7:52 am under Feature, Important, Miriam's Blog
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There are people who are attempting to harm the Traditional way of life for the Hopi through confusion, manipulation and lies to name a few in my opinion. Some of these people are directly connected to the current situation while others are simply too ignorant that they are being used.
The Traditional Leaders at this very moment are in threat of loosing one of the most important strongholds to keeping the Hopi way of life and protection of all that is considered Sacred by the true Hopi.

When we sit by and allow people to harm one another then we still have not learned what it is to be human. I choose to do my part to stand with the Sacred people of earth and not allow them to be destroyed out of the ignorance of mankind. This I choose to do with last of the Sacred People, meaning ALL Sacred People, all over the world. The only way this continued destruction of this world wide race of people is to stop is to stand together with them…….. and say… no more.

Indigenous people around the world have been the first to experience many of the atrocities of control, manipulation and destruction. They have lived through those times already and still they remain strong in their Sacred ways. We have a great deal to learn from them and if you choose to LISTEN then you too with learn the truth of life. Peace is possible if enough people come together to say ……… this is what we want.

All people are Sacred but one must choose which group, which location, which direction to focus attention. I choose the indigenous but my heart is with all people of the earth.

The Sacred People of earth know the truth of who we are, where we came from, where we are going and how best to walk into our future. Allowing their voices to be strong in our world today could mean the difference between balance and harmony or devastation for our future.

Now…..is the time to begin to step forward and stand with these people. Pay attention to what they are saying… they are trying to warn us in the hope that their words will wake someone up. It is not too late but….. we are running out of time before it is………..


If you are not familiar with this name then I suggest you educate yourself. THIS company is the number one controller of YOUR life and you may not even realize who they are. What they are doing to humanity and the earths plant life can only be described as destructive and dangerous. This does tie in with the indigenous world. They know this name very well in the Sierra Nevada of Colombia as well as around the world.

In Colombia, Monsanto has received upwards of $25 million from the US government for providing Roundup Ultra in the anti-drug fumigation efforts of Plan Colombia. Roundup Ultra is a highly concentrated version of Monsanto’s glyphosate herbicide, with additional ingredients to increase its lethality. Colombian communities and human rights organizations have charged that the herbicide has destroyed food crops, water sources and protected areas, and has led to increased incidents of birth defects and cancers.

Recently in Haiti this company saw an opportunity to take over the food supply with the appearance of generosity… this is my opinion. Take the time to research what is happening with Monsanto and then educate those around you. BUY your hierloom seeds NOW….before its too late. Plant a garden and collect the seeds at the end of the season. Education of self and your surroundings is the key to peace.

Read this link on Haitian Farmers and Colombia EXCELLENT information that explains the basics of Monsanto.

Read how a small group has chosen to take peaceful action.

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