How can I meet an extraterrestrial? Are you sure you want to?

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The number one question I am asked is; How can I meet an extraterrestrial? In today’s video I explain that there are several ways in which a person can have contact. They are all very powerful and can have life changing impact on a person’s life.

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  • Rose

    Hi; I have few experiences about Extraterrestials. Will write one incident. Once I was taking a nap along with my husband and my daughter on our bed during an afternoon time. Very relaxed and sleeping. In between I just opened my eyes and I saw an Extraterrestial man (only the head part was there..
    someone looks like an Andromedian or so just a about two feet or so above me with two big eyes on both the sides of the bald head looking at my husband. Not sure wether it saw me or not… I did not felt anything ; neither fear nor happiness. Just I looked at it and went back to nap again thinking that; why it has come etc tec ????

    Do anybody has such experience … If so will write about my another experience later.

    Thank you.

  • Thomas Lim

    It is truly interesting to know about your contact with the Aliens and how they pass onto you the message for mankind and how the human race could conduct themselves to save planet earth from destruction. You must have gone through a period of changes and you now realize it is time to start the changes of humanity through the open heart communication amongst the human race irrespective of culture, race or religions. Time will tell as to how much your efforts you have put in will breed peace and love for all mankind on this earth. Knowing that it can only change for the better through each and every one’s efforts and love. The real basic ingredients to prevent earth from total destruction and annihilation of mankind is true pure hearts (free from hatred, anger, delusion), Loving Kindness, Compassionate and Joys. If humanity can adopt and practice these basic ingredients the world will be a better place to live in. But alas, mankind have turned their minds towards the age of darkness and light has dimmed off. War is inevitable for the third time and only after that will human beings seeing so much of destruction decided to put a stop to war and come out in togetherness and change the world for the betterment of humanity. This predictions was foretold by ancient Sage who had seen the future of planet earth and how it will change humankind into the age of Peace and Happiness. Then, comes the time the life span of human will reach the age of 100 thousands years old. One may laugh at this statement but it is the truth.
    In my own personal belief, Aliens have existed millions and millions of years; some from different levels of existency or dimensions. Their presence here on earth these days is because the period of destruction on planet earth has begun and they are here to tell us to wake up and don’t destroy the planet earth. Although I have never seen a UFO or flying saucer before but I know they existed when I was only 15 years of age when i read through some old newspaper which mentioned about little green man caught by our country authority. Since then, I have been very interested to know about the Aliens and their technology.
    It is wonderful that you have commenced the action plan to take planet earth to a better stage of living free from all encumbrances, jealousy, hatred, angers, delusions and adopt loving kindness to all beings, compassion, joys and happiness.
    This is the Universal Truth and all religions knows about it from time immemorial.

  • sherie mcclelland

    Hi my name is sherie, i do want to share an experiance,this experiance has been burned into my memory,and it happened over 30 years ago, I will share this in a couple of days,thank you so much for your inspiration,and your courage to tell your story and experiances, this last year I have been constantly thinking about what is going on with our planet and its decay because of the rape and pillaging that is going on,the total disregard to our land air and seas,to the animals and to humans,I also believe that we are at a tipping point,and if things do not drastically change, there will be extreme consequences. I am concerned also because i believe our government is holding back so much info, keeping a tight lid on things that the human race could benifit from,but they the people who are in charge are only wanting to take technology and use it for the worst kinds of weapons and not for the help and health of our planet. I have been sharing this on my social media lately,hoping that if i can start a conversation or a thought process that maybe a ripple effect could help more people to make changes.

  • raoul

    i believe i know you from the eternity in the universe you are trying to describe.
    when i go to the Supermarket Kaufland i think all the time independly of me , it was builded on your eternity style .
    is it a psychiatric disorder of me ?or can you concretise it?

  • Reinaldo M Brito (SOL777)

    Boa Noite Miriam. Quero dizer que admiro deu trabalho de ajudar a humanidade e de repassar seus conhecimentos. Sou médium espirita e umbandista, Reikiano, trabalho com energias da malha cósmica e creio estar preparado para um contato, e já a algum tempo tenho solicitado isto de varias maneiras. Já vi OVNI, já conversei um pouco também com eles via TCI (transcomunicação Instrumental) e já tive contato luminoso com eles. Mas gostaria de ter um contato mais direto, físico ou astral. Conheço bastante sobre frequências, dimensões e energias magnéticas, gravitacionais e quânticas. Poderia me ajudar? Desculpe a insistência em entrar em contato com você, ok. Grand abraço. namaste

  • Jenny Jozwiak

    One question I have had for a while: Why do ET’s choose to make contact initially with one person and not another? I am talking about folks who may not WANT to be abducted….they get abducted anyway. Why, when there are many who actually DO wish to have this experience? Sherry Wilde believes that an agreement has been made in the spirit realm beforehand to be abducted. You may wish to check her out. She wrote: The Forgotten Promise.


    • miriam

      This is most likely the case that the agreement was made on another level. However, I do not believe this is always the case. Some people are being taken by sources that are not friendly and that is a true abduction case and normally when the person having the experience is destroyed emotionally by it. I have seen this as well. Many who want the experience may not be part of the larger plan of evolution and they simply can not contact everyone. It is impossible. Thank you for the comment. Miriam

  • Zen Benefiel

    I’m not sure if my contact as a child was actually physical or a dream within a dream within a dream. I say that because I was able to watch my physical body from another place, and was aware that I was watching. I was able to watch up until the two became one as I entered the orange cigar-shaped cloud. It happened repeatedly for a couple of years and after each I’d wake up in bed and could not wait to go back.

    It felt like I was with those who felt much more like family than here on Earth. Now I was orphaned and adopted so perhaps it was a displacement of my desire for knowing my parents/family. Perhaps not. It certainly lessened the need for ‘seeing’ UFOs throughout my life and conscious contact has increased in myriad forms over the years.

    That being said, and there is much more too, I agree with Miriam in that humanity isn’t ready for mass contact. My understanding is that if/when we are encouraged from every aspect of off-planet consciousness and inner awareness reflection to demonstrate that we, as humans, can get along and support life on earth instead of exhibiting the aberrant behavior of separation and war. Simply put, our planetary civilization is in process of evolving as a natural path toward universal inclusion.

    Miriam, in very simple and direct ways, explains how various contact events happen. There is a consciousness involved that is perhaps beyond what we’ve been accustomed yet is undeniable in the experience. Cosmic consciousness (which we and they are condensed into form) and the localized awareness in individuated bodies happens in layers and over time. The ability to communicate/manage/travel in the ‘other’ realms comes with personal and planetary evolution.

    The mention of ‘demanding’ as well as the ‘negative’ contact is important to distinguish. ‘They’re’ edict, much like Google, is to ‘do no harm.’ Advanced contact events can seem threatening at first, and as Miriam offers, evolve over time to an understanding and shift in perspective. Often drastic changes in awareness do seem threatening and change is a challenge to most of us. We grow with further consideration and time.

    Like Miriam, only not as prolific in my sharings, I have a interview that covers much of my personal experience and edifies much of what Miriam states here. My experience, perhaps because it has been life-long, provides additional possibilities still to be rationally considered within the Ufology community and has, as yet, been avoided for the most part. Granted, it stretches the imagination and consideration of interaction with our star families.

    Thanks for being who your are and doing what you do, Miriam! It’s a pleasure to know you.

  • Allen S. Belgarde

    Hi Miriam. What are your thoughts on the current Planet X or Nibiru sightings and photos dealing with the planet entering our solar system at this period of time. Nibiru is said to arrive every 3600 years in its orbital trajectory around our sun. Some people are extrapolating the biblical end of times story to this planet’s arrival. The current trajectory from the south of our planetary orbital plane heading north and clockwise around the sun in opposite direction to the other planet’s counterclockwise revolutions around the sun is said to have dire consequences for our world in other words the end of the world prediction.

    • miriam

      The universe is on a cycle and some things are waiting to unfold as part of that cycle. There are ways to support us not going through them but the choice is up to humanity.

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